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Deal: Sony Class 10 Micro SD Cards and Other Flash Memory 70% Off

Amazon is hosting one of their regular flash memory sales today, where they have slashed prices on micro SD cards, regular SD cards, and flash drives by up to 70% off. Sony is featured in today’s deal, which is a little different than normal, since we typically just see SanDisk and Samsung.

So you can grab 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB Class 10 UHS-1 cards $8.99, $15.99, and $32.99, respectively. Those are insanely low prices.

Amazon Link

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  • TC Infantino

    One of the few things I miss since getting the Droid Maxx is having a removable SD card. I really hope that the new Motorola (Lenovorola?) brings back the SD card in their phones. While still making a phone that is high quality and competitive, can’t forget that.

  • OF

    The need a better naming scheme for these cards. MicroSD XC 1 U1 Class 10….Oh Please!

  • mcdonsco

    I’m always tempted to pick one/some of these up when I see these deals until I remember the multiple 8gb, 16gb & 32gb (both std ans micro) cards I have sitting in my desk drawer collecting dust.


    • jamdev12

      Want to give them away? I could use some since they are just collecting dust in your drawer.

    • EBay? If you’re not using them sell them.

      • mcdonsco

        Working on kids here eventually…so future new cameras (still/video etc) so saving them plus no point in ebaying for a few bucks in my opinion.

        • Brian Folks

          By the time your kids are using electronics there will be new tech. I remember saving the mini floppies for my kids to use. I offered a thumb drive to my son and he laughed and mumbled something about a drop box.

          • mcdonsco

            Not for kids to “use”… For the various recordings OF the kids to come etc. Its highly unlikely in the next 2-4 years SD cards will be made obsolete.

  • Bryan Mills

    Got 64gb for my new G3 aka phone of the year

    • is june

      • Bryan Mills

        No other phones are coming. You can’t count the 7in Note 4.

        • X+1 and Nexus.
          and the Note 4 is still a phone lol

          • Bryan Mills

            X+1, i could buy a GS4/G2 and get the same specs.

            Nexus 6 isn’t confirmed or even been rumored yet.

          • Well if we’re going by specs, the Note 4 will almost surely compete with G3. But I’m just saying there’s a couple phones still coming out (Nexus hopefully!); not just trying to pointlessly argue haha

            Plus I def think the G3 is a beast, can’t wait to play with it! But I REALLY want to switch over to a Nexus (GS4 currently).

          • B!

            Same specs maybe, same performance, doubtful.

    • d-rock

      IF the US gets a SD card slot, removable battery, and wireless charging…..

  • Nick

    Newegg has 32GB for $13.99 and 64GB for $28.04 with free shipping for their ‘Merica sale: http://promotions.newegg.com/NEemail/June-0-2014/Pre-July4th_27/index-landing.html

  • toonz333

    Stupid question. Can I use these for my Galaxy S5?

    • Dave

      If it takes an micro SD card (which I believe it does) then yes you can. Just an FYI, there’s no stupid questions.

      • Bryan Mills

        Yes there is. Asking if a device with an SD lot takes SDs… Yes.

        • Dave

          I’m sure what they meant to say will their S5 read the micro SD card.

          • Bryan Mills

            Uh huh

    • mcdonsco

      In my experience Sammy phones tend to not work reliably with non sammy cards.

      I’ve had an n2, two n3’s, and an s4 and none of them worked reliably with any card but a Sammy (cards showed ejected and reinserted all the time even though they weren’t…eventually the phones just stopped seeing them).

      After doing some research on it online I bought a 64gb Sammy card, which worked flawlessly in the phones. Dont know about the s5 as during my brief time with it it had that 64gb Sammy card in it but I’d imagine it likely has the same issue.

      • Mike Sims

        Never had a Sammy card, never had an issue….

  • T4rd

    Nice, 64GB (non-micro) SD cards are $30. Wife needs some for her D800 as 32GBs aren’t cutting it for wedding shoots.

  • MicroNix

    This is why SD cards =are= still relevant!

  • JBartcaps

    Just bought the 64GB card 🙂

    • jamdev12

      Time to barge into a Fry’s store and ask for matching price. I live in Cal so no matter what I still have to pay taxes.

  • Joe J

    Why is “made in korea” larger than the sony logo lol

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      • B!

        I heard the webcam business was booming.