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Pebble Partners with Misfit, Gains True Fitness App

Health tracking has long been touted as the perfect function to fit the smartwatch form, which makes it all the more surprising that Pebble lacked a true pedometer. Luckily, that shortcoming was remedied this week through a partnership with fitness company Misfit, makers of the Shine.  

As part of the agreement, Misfit has released an app on the Pebble store. It is pretty barebones at the moment – it merely displays your activity and steps – but Misfit hinted that capabilities like sleep tracking would come in future updates. As you’d expect, any information recorded by Misfit can be synced with the companion app, letting you to set workout goals and track your progress.

Pebble has ambitions that extend beyond the app – it said this is just the beginning “in an ongoing partnership and collaboration between Pebble and Misfit.” For fitness enthusiasts, that is great news.

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  • crazed_z06

    Pebble lulz…

  • Bill Anderson

    My Misfit vs Fitbit results from yesterday: http://imgur.com/Eqr2zWj

  • BigTimeTimmyJim

    Not sure why all the hate for Pebble. The watch does what its supposed to and does it well.

  • yummy

    What is a peeble? Does it wobble but not fall down?
    Not keeping up with tech has never been more fun. Set the Moto360′ to wake me when its released, the rest…Atari Landfill

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Wait did anyone tell pebble? . . . Do they know?

  • Pebble vs Android Wear.. Android wear makes this “smartwatch” look like crap. Should be on sale for $50

  • jordeninghamego

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  • Tony Byatt

    Replace the Pacers with Pebble…After yesterday Jeff Van Gundy’s answer fits perfectly…


  • mgamerz

    *for iOS*

    • mamiecharbonneau325

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    • Tony Byatt


      Why is this article on this site?

    • DKDigitally

      What are you talking about? Misfit has an app for Android as well. I use it with my Shine all the time https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.misfitwearables.prometheus they always update the Android app last so Pebble support will come in time to Android too.

      • mgamerz

        They edited the article. It used to say it was only for iOS.

      • Dany Mansour

        Except the app is missing the silent alarm feature,

  • Bye Bye Pebble. Sorry Eric from pebble but you refused to offer something good in a market were now Samsung, LG and Moto rule. Android Wear and Samsung Tizen will crush Pebble. The only going good for pebble is the IOS use. But apple will be changing that.

    • Andrew

      Pebble still blows away the competition with battery life and durability (waterproofing).

      • Those features will be gladly overlooked for style and functionality. This thing is now considered basic. I was never a fan.

        • Android_09

          Well they got on it early and made their money for sure. Nothing wrong with that. Who knows maybe they will come out with a more advanced model that makes use of android wear.

        • d-rock

          Style? The Samsung/LG watches are gaudy in size. The pebble is still a great option. They need to adjust their pricing though to be more competitive. Moto 360 may be the overall winner though.

          • So you’re trying to tell me the pebble can compete with Android Wear?? Really?? And just because you don’t like the style doesn’t mean everyone else thinks its gaudy. I don’t think the pebble stands a chance anymore.
            Edit: you do realize the pebble and the watches announced yesterday are the same shape?

    • jb

      i wouldnt say they didnt have something good….up until android wear, they had the best smartwatch solution

    • kilbasar

      I still love my pebble. I have yet to see any good use cases for having any of the extra functionality of the gear/360 on a watch, other than “oooh round displays are pretty”. Show me my notifications, give me custom watch faces, make it look classy (I have the Steel), and go 4+ days on a charge, that’s all I need out of a watch. Also, for those of us living in cold-winter locales, a touchscreen watch is useless unless you also buy special gloves.

  • Pebble might as well just quit but I am sure Google has already reached out to them to start developing for Android Wear. I sense a crappy watch coming from them in the future.

  • T4rd

    I was hoping with the release of the Android Wear watches, Pebble would drop their prices so I could get one. I want a Steel, but don’t think they’re worth $250 when the other Android Wear watches will be $200-$230.

    • I wouldn’t buy one at all but if I was interested I wouldn’t pay more than 50 peso or 75 baht

      • Android_09

        I’d go as high as two bitcoins and then raise you two yin!!! Hell I might even throw in a rupee