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Google Makes “Ok Google” System-wide Hotword Detection Official

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Yesterday, after downloading the newest version of Google Search (3.5.14), we discovered that a new setting for system-wide “Ok Google” hotword detection had been placed inside of the application.

Previously, users would need to be on the home screen of their compatible Android device to use the hotword, but with this new feature enabled, users can say “Ok Google” within any app to initiate a Google search, and even on the lockscreen. 

As it was, even if people updated their Google Search app yesterday, the setting was not appearing. Now that Google has made the feature official, it looks like the company has server-side enabled this for all users, so if you have already updated the app, go check your Settings menu inside of Google Search once again. If it’s still not there, Google states that it will be rolling out over the course of this week.

Check out our video below to see this feature in action.

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Via: Google
  • ROB

    Just activated on my N5. Will see if it kills my battery.

  • Splendor Thought

    If you are having problems getting the features to show up and you have a side loaded GEL launcher.. Uninstall it and then go to the Google setting. It worked instantly for me. Then I reinstalled the GEL launcher.

  • Justin

    Check now, I just got the OK Google hotword detection system wide and audio history enabled.

  • iceburgh

    I just received a Google search update. However still no “Any screen’ on my Verizon S3.

  • xxjehuxx

    I just downloaded the newest version on my phone LG G2 and my nexus 7. I get the “Any Screen” option on my Nexus 7 but not on my G2…..So it is not by account! Any other ideas???????????

  • imaletufinish

    I have a Note 3 on Verizon and have all the updates, but I still don’t have the “Ok Google now” from any screen or lock screen option. Any ideas?