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Android L Features: Interacting With the New Lock Screen

Up next in our tour of new features in Android L is a detailed, on-video look at the revamped lock screen experience.

If you have used Android at all over the years, a lot of the new concepts will make sense once you see them in action. There are quick swipes to launch into the camera or dialer, ways to expand out notifications, and access to your settings toggles should you need to adjust brightness or get on a WiFi network. 

With that said, things have changed around quite substantially. Notifications are no longer hidden away in a notification drawer – they are presented on the lock screen without the need to swipe anywhere. There is no longer an unlock circle – a swipe up anywhere on the screen gets you unlocked and to your home screen. If you want to access the camera, you will find a similar swipe on the screen to the left, but Google has also added a swipe to the right to get directly into the dialer. And that’s not all.

To see the full tour of the new lock screen setup, hit up the video below.

  • weremet

    Android Lollypop

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  • wmsco1

    I for one can’t wait to see what the Android Community does to L on a customized Rom. With 3layers or more in the beautiful screen we have now. I may be out of the ordinary, but I don’t like flat pastel colors or icons. I like dynamic colors and unique icons and designs. Themes are wide open with the 3 layer indepth screen, like maybe the clear glass computer screen in matrix the movie for example or many more. Do like the many features they have added. Just don’t like the stupid color’s and flat icons. A little Erie that Google Now will always be listening? The Google Wear pretty cool, but here again needs to be dynamic in it’s eye candy. Just my Opinion.

  • coolsilver

    Can they at least move the Emergency Dial button away from the bottom of
    the damn screen so I don’t bump it after hitting my home button on S4
    trying to grapple the phone out my pocket? Please?

  • Patrick Lahni

    Has anyone found how to enable trusted devices yet to bypass a PIN? I see trusted agents but no way to populate it with a GPS location or Bluetooth device.

  • L is for Lollipop 🙂

  • Tom Koeppel

    i don’t like the fact i can’t bulk clear useless notifications anymore

  • green_dolores

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  • Ssl0408

    Love these iOS features that android now has.

  • JSo

    The one thing they took away though is when listening to music, you don’t get the nice album art on the lockscreen with music controls. The notification is still right there but the other way looked nicer. But hopefully thats just a feature they havent gotten to putting back in yet.

  • honestly….not the biggest fan…i dont want all my stuff on blast for everyone to see…thought that was the point of locking the screen…if you have a pattern or pin does it hide these or no? is there a way to hide these?

    • JSo

      Yes, you can hide them in the sounds and notification settings.

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  • mrjayviper

    a feature acquired from iOS?

  • StankyChikin

    I played with it for awhile.. It will be really nice when finished.. Flashing back to 4.4.4 until then.

  • Brian

    Am I the only one who wants the the lock screen to be more, well, lockish… I have kids in the house and I have no interest in them taking pictures or making calls from my phone.

    • Brian Koppe

      You can still add a passcode to the lockscreen to prevent others from doing things you don’t want them to do.

  • Aaron C

    Anyone know how to swipe away all notifications at once? I figured out swiping on the clock to get the tiles pulled down, but I can’t figure out how to close all notifications or all recent apps as well.

  • 2Berad

    It would be cool to see active display features built in like the moto x and droid lines. Hands down one of the most useful features in current phones.

  • Flat_Stanley

    How does this work when you have security settings enabled (pin, pattern, etc)? Can anyone comment?

    • Patrick Smithopolis

      Here you go:

      • True Radiant Free

        If that’s the final view that looks horrible and redundant, just saying

      • turdbogls

        since you have this installed. how does it handle persistent notifications…like tasker or lightflow? would be so annoying to see those on the lock screen every time i power on the device.

        also, are lock screen notifications optional?

        • Patrick Smithopolis

          I have power toggles enabled in my notification shade and it’s persistently showing a lock screen notification. Perhaps the apps have to be updated so they don’t do that or Google has to do something about persistent notifications.

          • turdbogls

            thats a bummer. but yes, hopefully this is something “in the code”…that would be so annoying to see lightflow and tasker on my screen every time.

  • Gavin

    So if swiping to the right takes you directly to the phone and swiping to the left takes you directly to the camera, does this mean Google has done away with the lockscreen widgets in L-Version? If so that is very disappointing.

    • Patrick Smithopolis

      I just installed the preview build. There’s no lock screen widgets. There’s no full screen album art on the lock screen. You can’t use the two finger swipe to get to the quick toggles. I can pin power toggles to the shade but it also shows up as a notification on the lock screen. When you swipe up on the notification shade it doesn’t close it immediately. It closes each notification first and then the final swipe closes the shade. The multasking looks pretty but it’s slower in comparison to kitkat; It’s going to take some getting used to.

      • True Radiant Free

        No Full Screen Album Art, wow a mishap by Google, that was one of the best features of KitKat, they better bring it in the final 5.0 official release.

        • Brian Koppe

          I’ve read elsewhere that the full screen album art will be in the final release, they just aren’t finished with it yet.

        • Nexus1

          Guess that means DayDream is gone to.

          Also the swipe gestures mimic the exact features of lockscreen swipes, just minus the widgets, but this is a preview and NOT the full developed version

  • If Android L isn’t true beauty, I don’t know what is.

    • Nikuliai

      designer porn

  • aznmode1

    I like how google forces you to guess on how things work. It would be nice to have it say “swipe down to expand” then a “back” button to go back to compressed mode, etc.

    • Wall Breaker

      Where is the fun in that ?

    • True Radiant Free

      Like Samsung?

      • aznmode1

        Nope. Samsung gives you an intro when you first set up your phone. In some apps it shows you how to use it and there’s description of what the feature does. And they have a help manual app built in

    • Higher_Ground

      Yeah that was a complaint of mine way back with the droid eris and I guess most HTC phones. Sure, swiping up is fairly simple, but it’s not intuitive. The circle immediately tells you “press here.” I think I’ll end up putting some sort of custom wallpaper that has a circle/arrow on it, just to remind me.

      • turdbogls

        if you need something like this to remind you how to unlock your phone
        a. you have issues.
        b. those guides wont be of any help anyway.
        c. seriously?

        • Higher_Ground

          No, I don’t need anything to remind me on my phone, so no, that part is not serious. I just recall when android first came out and every manufacturer tried to differentiate themselves and as a consequence made things more complicated for people not familiar with that particular phone. It’s a moot point because I use a pattern lock anyway, but thanks for the douchebag response.

          • turdbogls

            it wasn’t a d-bag response. if you were really going to make a wallpaper with an arrow telling you which way to swipe to unlock your phone EVERY time, then my responses were legit

            sarcasm doesn’t translate well over text

          • Higher_Ground

            My apologies for the name calling, as I could and should have reiterated my point without it.

  • kashtrey

    So awesome. I’m loving everything about L so far. I just hope that there aren’t too many exclusive for Play devices like how local search was disabled on certain phones in the dialer.

  • JonathonFlores

    L is for Love. I love where Android/Google is going.

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  • droidrazredge

    Android “L” new lock screen plus notification system has me deciding wheter or not keep using Dashclock extensions.

  • Can you guys, like, totally do a video with the new pulldown not-a-shade notifications?

  • Marikel

    I love my HTC One M8 and I like Sense 6. I hope HTC leaves the lockscreen like this when they update it. I’m not a fan of the current lockscreen.

    • Wall Breaker

      Well Android Silver will be here Next year so maybe HTC will have a Silver device.

  • Wall Breaker

    Proof the Nexus Line is Not Dying and that Anroid Silver is a Completely different thing.


    with that said I am excited for Android L, the Nexus 8, Nexus 6 and maybe even a Nexus Smart watch?

    • good read/news, thanks for the link!
      haven’t thought about a nexus smart watch. that would be interesting! def looking forward to nexus 6 though!

    • brkshr

      Just a little off topic…

      • Wall Breaker

        So are the People that yell ‘FIRST!!!”

        • brkshr


  • FIRST! lulz