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LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live Available Today on Google Play

We are only an hour into the keynote for Google I/O 2014 and have already seen a number of massive announcements. We’ll have more on all of that soon, but wanted to quickly point out the first hardware announcement of the day – Android Wear watches will be available later today on Google Play.

Google didn’t announce pricing just yet, but the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live can be purchased this afternoon. 

The Moto 360, unfortunately, will not be available until later this summer. That news, as you can imagine, drew all sorts of sighs from the crowd. But hey, Android Wear today!

More coming!

google io-2

  • Wall Breaker

    I prefer a futuristic look to my tech. So I don’t Understand all the hating on Lg and Samsung watch.

    The Premium Tech Standard is getting annoying. Metal doesn’t make a device beautiful the Design does. G Shock watches are proof of this.

  • Tucker Nebel

    When will they be available? I know they said later today but does anyone know around what time?

  • Chuggowitz

    God that samsung watch is nasty.

    • 213ninja


      • Laki S.

        It looks huge and clunky.

        • bkosh84

          and the Moto 360 and LG G Watch doesn’t? lol, okay then…

          • bkosh84

            I just want to point of the LG G Watch is thicker/heavier… Just saying….

          • Laki S.

            The LG and 360 look more like watches someone would wear everyday with different outfits.. The Samsung looks a little too utilitarian to me. And it also looks like the bands aren’t swappable, and I don’t want to wear a plastic watchband with my work clothes.

        • 213ninja

          it looks identical to the Gear 2, but with no home button. it’s large, but slim…if that makes sense.

          EDIT: and i’d go as far as to say a small smartwatch would be unbearable to read/use….

          • Laki S.

            Different strokes, I guess. I’m a chick, and the Samsung just doesn’t look like something I could coordinate easily. I’m sure it’d look damn good on a man’s wrist, though.

          • 213ninja

            oh, it does 😉

            i think all of these smart watches are rather large as it relates to wristwatches in general though….all well over 45mm bezels….which i would consider large for a regular/designer wristwatch. i think they have to be large though, so the display is legible/usable. i assumed that Samsung would allow band swapping on the live, as you can with the gear 2 and gear neo.


          • Laki S.

            Interesting. Do they take any watchbands, or are they Samsung specially made? I like larger watches; I own a men’s Tag, but again, for me personally, from the pics, the Samsung looks just a bit *too* utilitarian. The white LG looks like something I could dress up and I will buy that 360 on the first day it’s available, sight unseen.

          • 213ninja

            any 20-22mm band….that link i posted above is a forum where people are sharing pics of bands they put on.

            i mainly replied because your OG take was that it’s too huge and clunky, and it’s not any more huge or clunky than the others, that’s all. not liking the look is obviously just personal taste, although i do think the black LG looks quite similar to the samsung.

          • Laki S.

            I just checked it out and noticed a woman showing her watchband off… It’s actually pretty nice. I’ll still stick with the LG, and later the 360, but I take back the clunky reference. You’ve partially won me over 🙂

          • 213ninja

            ah, nice to know i only partially wasted my time 😉

            that 360 does look pretty nice. i hope it functions as sweet as it looks.

  • Simon Belmont

    I’d be interested in the G Watch at $199. Anything more, and I’ll probably wait for the Moto 360.

    Either way, it’s an exciting time for wearables. Yay.

  • BeejRich

    The perk to this is that they can be a guinea pigs and the experiences had with these will help me decide if I REALLY want the Moto 360.

  • ckeegan

    I yelled at my TV (streaming via Chromecast) when he said “later this summer”. It seriously better not mean end of August. The fact that they didn’t pin down even a month either means they’re having production issues, or Moto wants to reserve the announcement and make their own big deal about it. Spread out publicity of Android Wear.

    • On2Vegas

      I thought Motorola said later this Summer from the beginning for their watch.

      • 4n1m4L

        Probably about the same time that android L comes out. Useless till then

      • ckeegan

        I thought it was always just “summer”.

        • On2Vegas

          Yes, but technically that’s anywhere between May and September, but I’m hoping it won’t be much longer. 🙂

  • 4g63mark

    I’d take the G watch over the Moto 360.

    • viper1549

      Your also a minority with that being said.

      • 4g63mark

        That’s certainly fine by me. Being in the minority has always been my thing. That’s why I bought the original Droid a long time ago and never followed the crowd to the iPhone. So by definition I’m more of a unique free thinking individual than a minority. 🙂

        • wolfedude88

          Or clearly you were on Verizon and didn’t want to go to att

          • 4g63mark

            I still won’t leave Verizon. Where I live on the central coast of California, I have been able to go wherever and almost never lose LTE since 2011. While still to this day no other carrier provides LTE to this area. AT&T has a couple places in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara that have spotty LTE, but that’s it…….. So yeah, leaving the best isn’t something I usually do.

          • wolfedude88

            Yeah I figured, that is why I am saying you probably went with the droid, us Verizon folks didn’t have a choice in the beginning.

        • viper1549

          Hey I hear ya, I never had an iPhone and also had the original Droid but choices were limited back then. To me, buying a square smart watch screams attention whore and with the 360 you get to be discrete and enjoy new technology at the same time, not to mention the style is fantastic and not last year. Just my opinion.

          • 4g63mark

            Absolutely bro. 🙂 I hear ya. Different strokes for different folks. I probably won’t buy either because I don’t really have a need for a wearable yet. Plus it wouldn’t stay nice for very long at my job……. I would be between a rock and a hard place if I had to choose though. My tablet is a GPad 8.3 and my phone is a Moto X. Lol. Go figure

          • Guest

            Or clearly you were on Verizon and didn’t want to go to att

          • viper1549

            No I was anti Apple a long time before android.

  • Sigh.

  • RobertLWilliams

    We are only an hour into the keynote for Google I/O 2014 and have already seen a number of massive announcements. We’ll have more on all of that soon, but wanted to quickly point out the first hardware announcement of the day – Android Wear watches will be available later today on Google Play http://x.vu/hyLsq3

  • Marikel

    Anyone else notice how Android One seemed VERY similar to the rumored Android Silver program?

    • chris125

      That’s because it is, just for developing markets

      • Bryan Mills

        So android silver will be Android Two.

        • chris125

          Nope it will be android silver

    • StrattHacks

      Anyone else notice it’s another thing called One? seriously, this needs to stop…

  • JSo

    No one wants those. lol

  • Stephen Wesner

    That groan from the crowd when the moto 360 wasn’t available today.

    • Bryan Mills

      Half will buy the LG one then sell and buy the 360 most likely.

      • Patrick Crumpler

        That’s my plan. Got my phone and Chromebook ready.

        • Miguel

          Yep, unless Moto comes out later on today and says the Mx will be available in two weeks I’m buying the LG.

          They missed a great opportunity here unless Google had an agreement with LG.

    • WAldenIV

      The only way either of these two watches will sell is if they are released before the 360.

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  • Alix8821

    “later this summer”…. FAAACCKK!!!

    Was SO excited. I just graduated college, Bday is on July 8th, & rumors say “official release date” of july 7th…. FML.

    1st World Problems, i know….

    Well, Wear still looks awesome. So does “L Version”

    • Simon Belmont

      Later this summer. FACKWORS.

      I heard the crowd groan at that during the keynote. Hahaha.

  • Bryan Mills

    No prices? Lame