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AT&T Will Sell The LG G Watch “In the Coming Weeks”

Wearables are big, so it’s hardly a surprise wireless carriers want in on the action. (Insert joke about mobile payments and ISIS here.) AT&T announced today that it will begin offering the LG G Watch as an “accessory” in the coming weeks, presumably when the device launches in brick-and-mortar stores early next month.

Strangely, AT&T made no mention of the Samsung Gear Live – LG may have signed some sort of exclusivity deal. And the carrier isn’t taking preorders. 

Still, it’s possible a presence on the shelves of AT&T stores will help persuade people to buy G Watches.

Picking one up?

Via: AT&T
  • jsz3us

    Any news on the Android Wear app?

  • dannyWHITE

    Getting it!

  • BAM1789

    Maybe offer a deal with a G3? I’d be down for that.

  • Shane Redman

    With a G3 perhaps?

  • jimt

    Not from AT&T

  • KCCO

    hodor hodor hodor moto 360 hodor hodor

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  • Razma

    Moto 360, that is all