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Source of Yesterday’s Encased Moto X+1 Render Outed as Incipio Hard Shell Case for Verizon’s Motorola “Victara”

Yesterday, a reported render of an encased Moto X+1 made the rounds, but no one could help but poke at the fact that the phone does not look all that good. For starters, there appears to be no front-facing camera, the phone features a massive chin on its front side, and this now-known Incipio case covers up any LED the device may have. These things led most people to believe that there is no way we were looking at Motorola’s next flagship device.

This morning, thanks to another leak from @evleaks, the exact source of yesterday’s render is now known. As we can see in the full image below, this case is designed for Verizon’s Motorola “Victara,” which has been a standing codename for the Moto X+1. 

This leads to two, if not a few more possible outcomes for Moto fans. Either the Moto X+1 is just a very cheap phone, similar to a Moto G or Moto E, or if this is Motorola’s next flagship, it does not look all that promising.

Still, we have to remain somewhat hopeful, given that the hard shell case pictured takes a lot away from the actual design of the device. Under that case could be a beauty.

Full render down below, and give us your thoughts in the comments below.

Motorola Victara

Via: @evleaks
  • IIEE_Master

    Am I the only one around here that actually sees the flash that is blatantly around the camera? I mean, I know not everyone is an engineer like me, but come on, spotting something like that shows who thinks logically and who thinks from incredulity.

  • Vijay Nlsn Raj
  • NorCalGuy


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  • Jimmy

    Would be cool if the led flash was around camera bezels. Make it appear like a BMW angel eyes look. I doubt the technology is there yet.

    • Charles Angelo Duran

      Ring flashes are old news buddy. Like a year ago. Acer Liquid S2

  • patstar5

    This can’t be in moto x or g line! No front camera and no rear flash, must be moto e variant for verizon.

    • Charles Angelo Duran

      The flash is around the camera. Look harder. Ever heard of a ring flash before? Ring flashes are old news, though not that common.

  • hkklife

    Perhaps it’s the new Moto Sarge—-an ultra-ruggedized device that comes with the Incipio case already installed and with specs to rival the Devour!

  • Higher_Ground

    It seems like fate is doing everything it can to keep me from picking up a motorola again. I don’t know if I should be angry or grateful.

  • paul_cus


  • Dave

    The Moto X minus 1?

  • AxemRed

    There’s no way this Moto’s new flagship. The bezels are huge, there’s no front camera, and there’s no camera flash. It’s either a budget model, or it’s a bad render.

    • Nikuliai

      Most likely Moto E CDMA

    • Charles Angelo Duran

      The flash is right there. It’s a ring flash. It’s AROUND the camera lens.

  • droidrazredge

    @kellex:disqus Motorola “Victara” is most likely the codename for the CDMA version of the Moto E for Verizon and not the Moto X+1 or a new Moto G or Moto E. Currently the Moto E is only available on AT&T, T-Mobile, US GSM, and Global. Sprint and Verizon lack a version and this can be verified on Motorola’s Website. In the current picture I attached you can see how this phone resembles a Moto E so much and this is why I feel this is Moto E for Verizon, the current Moto E lacks a front facing camera, has a big chin, and has the same looks for camera placement on the backside of the phone as this leak does.

    • niuguy

      I concur.

  • AxemRed

    It’s also possible that this is a shoddy render based on an even shoddier, non-working demo unit that was meant to show the case manufacturer the dimensions but not necessarily the screen size or all of the features.

  • Cael

    For all we know, Verizon might not even have any official X+1 photos and is using the Moto E as a placeholder image + the fact they are calling it by a codename, this could all be subject to change.

  • hyperbeatser

    stop saying it’s the X+1 when it clearly isnt!!!!!

    • Yaniv

      Ofc it isn’t. Unless Moto wants people to NOT buy their phone.. well, that’s a different thing.

  • Yaniv

    Guys guys, but… but.. .it has activeDisplay and Touch less Controls and and.. Give me a break. If this is the next flagship from Moto, those excuses from the
    Moto x won’t do. The Moto x was a low end device and if this one is indeed their next flagship it’s also ugly as hell.

    • blix247

      Geez, it could just be a placeholder…

      • Yaniv

        Why would Incipio showcase their case for a phone that won’t be under the case they’re showing? Makes no sense.

    • Captain D

      lol… this guy has never used a Moto X.

      MORE SPECS right?

  • ROR1997

    Behold the Motorola X-50

    As In they’ll give you 50 bucks to take the phone off their hands

  • Moto E Google Play Edition?

  • Joseph A. Yager

    Could this just be a bad render? I feel like the fact that the nav and status bars aren’t transparent is a little strange, too…

  • Matt G

    Does anyone actually believe this Motorola’s next flagship? Highly doubt it

  • Chris Dickson

    Looked at the image in photoshop, barely has a 4 inch screen. We’ve been told the X+1 has a 5 inch, so this is probably another low end phone.

  • chris125

    Could be a lot of disappointed x lovers if the follow up is a low end device…

  • hkklife

    Possibly an ultra-affordable device for VZW prepaid to slot in below the G? Offered at an everyday price of $50 (attached to the overpriced Verizon prepaid service, of course). Or a semi-ruggedized phone based on the E also for prepaid but targeting the “Nextel crowd”? Either way, this thing does not at all have the look of a flagship device.

  • Droid Ronin

    It’s gotta be a budget phone. What flagship phone nowadays is missing a front facing camera?

    • hkklife

      Moto’s last device on VZW released without a FFC was the Droid X2 which came out exactly 3 years ago. The Droid 3 had one, as did the Bionic and every release after that.

  • tylerc23

    That phone looks like it’s extremely old

  • Martin JoFX

    That’s not the x+1… Probably a moto g successor. Take a look at this video with a real leak. Moto x+1 leak 2 of 5 a better look: http://youtu.be/cLXS9xSZYpg

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      This guy is a clown. I highly doubt that is the Moto X+1 either.

      • Richard Gao

        TK means business dude. He paid 25k to get it and he says that this is likely a cheaper version.

        • Bryan Mills

          That just means he’s an idiot.

          • Richard Gao

            Believe what you want, but he’s also the guy who leaked the S5 Active

          • Bryan Mills

            I don’t care what he leaks. Anybody who spends $25k is an idiot, or liar.

          • Richard Gao

            Man he used to play in the NHL, he has cash to spend

          • PoisonApple31

            The NHL is still around? Could have fooled me.

        • Cael

          He should compare it to Moto X so we can see the supposed differences.

        • I like how your reasoning that this is a “real” Moto X+1 is that he has a lot of money so we should believe him. :v

          That’s sad trolling.

          • Richard Gao

            I’m sorry, do you even know what trolling is? If you don’t agree with me, I really don’t care. Just putting out the most likely scenario.

          • You don’t have ANY proof that this person is telling the truth.
            You don’t have ANY proof that he has all this money.
            You don’t have ANY proof that he was in the NHL (at least, you haven’t posted it).

            So yeah, you’re a troll. A troll being that you’re saying stupid crap just so you can get a laugh because you’re a sad little boy on the other side of those words.

            So yeah, you’re a troll who can’t back up his words with actual facts. :3

          • Richard Gao

            Dude. Chill. If you want these actual facts, check his YouTube channel and twitter (TK TECH NEWS). Report back to me after checking those places.

            I still don’t think you understand what trolling is, because I’m not laughing. This isn’t a humor site. I’m trying to legitimately comment what I think is true, and like I said, you don’t have to agree with me.

            I have run out of fucks to give with you, so go do some research. If you miraculously learn that I’m not “trolling”, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s great too, because maybe one day you’ll understand you’re unconsciously being the troll here.

            I’m not saying it’s definitely a cheap X+1, could also likely be a VZW Moto E. But he’s been successful with previous leaks and I trust his track record.

      • No, it’s true! He’s got SO much money so it has to be true! ;D

  • Pikachu

    It’s a Moto E.

  • glove4

    Take a gander at these Moto E cases from Incipio’s site. Looks identical. So Verizon will release the Moto E under a different name. So ridiculous.

  • r0l

    Definitely not their flagship phone. this looks more like the X-2.

    • grumpyfuzz

      I have heard someone say this version is the cheap Moto X +1, and there will be a premium version.

      • Nikuliai

        heard the same rumor, and a man can dream rofl

      • David Narada Brown

        its more in line with the moto E, LTE version perhaps. this thing doesnt even have flash!

        • George264

          Actually you could be right. Moto E LTE version would be a perfect 0$ down phone Verizon could advertise. Not only would it give them boat loads because it’s 129 off contract and people still pay 90$ a month, it fits right in with Verizon’s lineup of iPhone 4S and crap phones as the 0$.

        • Charles Angelo Duran

          That flash is obviously around the camera. How the hell can you people not see that?

          • David Narada Brown

            uh! since when has this started taken place? where exactly do u see flash around the lens my friend? just so ur aware, the Moto E doesnt have flash and looks awfully similar to this pic.

  • T4rd

    Wouldn’t you assume it’s just a Moto E for Verizon? It looks pretty damn close to the Moto E. No way it’s the Moto X successor.

    • aamd11

      Exactly. Like the X+1 is just gonna forego a front facing camera…

    • abqnm

      I actually believe it to be a cross between an E and a G. This I based on the photos (bezels and all) and the dimensions listed (which are for the case, so obviously the phone will be slightly smaller). Taking the case size into account, this would be nearly the exact same size as the Moto G, with the exception of being marginally thicker.

      So, my deductions are as follows:
      4.5″ HD display
      Dual-core Snapdragon 200 (maybe quad core 400)
      1GB RAM
      5MP Rear cam
      No front facing cam
      Front facing speaker (bottom grille)
      Android 4.4.4
      2000-2200mAh battery
      Verizon CDMA 1xEVDO & LTE compatible

      • Marco Polo

        Did some work on the image to determine it is 4.6″ display…

      • mustbepbs

        So..the Moto F? That’s between E and G.

        • abqnm

          This is Verizon. It will have some stupid name since it isn’t a Droid line device. It very well could be the name from the title.

    • Cael

      Everyone forgets that Verizon gets ALL the Motorola phones.

      • Nikuliai

        nah, they don’t have the E neither on Motorola’s nor Verizon’s site, so it’s possible

        • Ralph Bretz

          It’s got to be Verizon’s version of the E. Wasn’t there a post somewhere about a CDMA version of the Moto E coming soon.

    • kixofmyg0t

      It is a Moto E. It’s hilarious to see everyone thinking it’s X+1

  • Ethan Besbris

    Under that *beast* of a case could be a beauty.

  • JBartcaps

    Massive disappointment if this is their next “flagship”, but who knows what the future holds. (Apparently plenty with that chin)

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    I don’t care what is underneath the case.. Those bezels are massive and ugly.

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