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Minuum Working on a Circular Keyboard for Smartwatches Like the Moto 360

If it wasn’t already exceedingly apparent, the team behind Minuum wants to slap a keyboard on everything. Not content to fiddle with Google Glass or the Samsung Gear 2, the developers behind the predictive keyboard for Android revealed a new project today – a keyboard designed for circular smartwatches like the Moto 360

The keyboard, as demonstrated by the GIF below, moves letter keys along the bottom half of the screen and places word suggestions at the top. A backspace and shift key are the only other adornments, which is good because space is at a premium on screens of this size.

While the keyboard is still in development, the folks behind Minuum believe it could be perfect for situations where voice input is not viable or appropriate. Whether typing on a smartwatch is much of an improvement, however, remains to be seen.


Via: Minuum
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  • coolsilver

    I need a Google Play Credit Card to buy all the things.

  • Guest


    • ReturnOfTheMack

      The rotary phone is making a comeback, it will live on your wrist haha.

    • Aardvark99

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  • John Davids

    Explain to me again how typing on a 1″ to 2″ round screen attached to my wrist is better than typing on the 5.2″ screen in my pocket? This makes about as much sense as using the touchpad on Glass to type.

    • needa

      it is still a pretty cool idea. i would imagine one to five word texts are quicker than pulling out the phone. especially if the predictions are decent. faster typing can happen with good auto correct.

      • John Davids

        Sure, a robust canned message system would be fine, but that does not require a fully functional QWERTY keyboard. Anything outside of 1-4 taps or swipes to accomplish it and you have already lost the time-savings vs pulling out your phone. The whole point is ease-of-access and non-intrusiveness. If I have to spend any more than 5-10 seconds interacting with a smart watch to get it to do what I want, it has already failed.

        • needa

          i am more optimistic about it i guess. i will for sure give it a try.

  • Curtis

    Please say it ain’t so!

  • I think that Minuum doesn’t understand that the point of Android wear is to spend less time interacting with your devices and focus on the stuff that really matters like spending time with friends, family, whatever you’re working on. A keyboard on that small screen would only take you away from reality for longer and it would probably be faster to reply on your phone or with your voice.

  • D Vicks

    I think the Lenovo 360 is large enough for a full sized keyboard.

  • j

    Voice commands.. I wouldn’t dare voice half the crap I’m searching for or typing in public 😀

    • coolsilver

      hehe 😀

  • cadtek91

    All of this is assuming keyboards will be allowed on the Android Wear platform.

  • enigmaco

    By the time you finish typing out a message on that you could have pulled out your phone and completed it.

  • On2Vegas

    This won’t work on the 360 though. As has been pointed out on a few other sites, this design does not account for the sensor area on the watch. The bottom would get cut off.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      They’ll just adjust the layout.

    • needa

      i always thought they couldn’t do a completely round screen. they had to have that area for the connections.

      • On2Vegas

        I think so. There are suppose to be 1 or 2 sensors in that area.

  • Tony Byatt

    Not sure I’d use it but I’m really excited about the Android Wear devices…

    Can’t wait to see one in action…

  • Ryan N

    Looks like crap. But when android wear was announced I threw together what swype my look like on the device. If to do nothing but prove the feasibility.

    • Ryan N

      The first one wasn’t showing…

  • Guy Pierce

    The concept and design look incredible!

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  • JSo

    I would rather just speak my message to my watch. Otherwise, I would just pull out my phone.

    • MicroNix

      Agreed. Like its not hard enough to type on a 3.5″ phone let alone a watch. Keyboard on a watch = fail.

  • Alec

    I still think voice commands are the best option right now. However, Android comes with choice so I’m happy there’s another option as well. I just see it for very limited messages or else it’s a pain in the ass and I don’t know why I wouldn’t just take my phone out instead.