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Deal: Nexus 5 16GB for $334 and Free Shipping From eBay

The Nexus 5 deal we have seen on numerous occasions is back today through eBay. For those who haven’t seen this one before, you are looking at a brand new 16GB model for $334.99, which includes free shipping.

The 16GB model of the Nexus 5 currently retails for $349 through Google Play, but Google’s cheapest shipping option stands at $9.99. So basically, you are looking at a discount of around $25 should you go with this eBay deal. While that isn’t a substantial discount, it is a discount.

It looks like only the white version is left.

eBay Link

  • Yaritza Miranda

    Led Lampen is cheaper

  • Anthony Johnson

    The deal is pretty much interesting. It is
    almost more than half year for the launch of Neux5 and I could say that it is
    still the best Smartphone available on android platform till date. I just recently
    updated the latest 4.4.4 kitkat version on it. Now the performance of its
    2300mAh battery is somewhat improved that after fully charged on qi wireless charger, runs throughout the day with normal use.

  • charesa39

    Meh. I’d rather spend the extra $25 to have the one year warranty through Google. My friend already had to RMA his for a faulty battery, and it was painless going through Google. I’ve heard having to go through LG was kind of a PITA.

  • 50% or GTFO

    DL uses the word “Deal” far to loosely.

    • Richard Gao

      Fitting username lol

    • PamelaGreenersy

      to I looked at the check that said $4911 , I didnt believe that my father in
      law woz like they say truley receiving money part-time on their computer. .
      there uncles cousin has done this 4 only a year and as of now paid for the
      mortgage on there apartment and bought a brand new Fiat Panda . this


  • Tony Byatt

    This was up yesterday…

    The 32GB is available in all three colors for $385


  • Arnold

    Buying any Google product the day before I/O is a bad idea.

  • Bryan Mills

    I could get a 64gb OPO for $16 more if they ever made it public.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I can get Vapor for free. **Walks Outside**

      • ToddAwesome

        Clearly you’ve never seen The Lorax. O’Hare purified Air, please breathe responsibly!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Google really needs to work on those shipping costs. Most places you order from online offer free shipping. And most of them sell Google products…See Amazon. I Always avoid buying directly from Google because there is no upside.