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Cyanogen Brings On New Executives to “Build a Global Phenomenon”

Cyanogen Inc. announced three new executive hires today, filling new roles for VP of Product, VP of Engineering, and VP of Global Partnerships and Distribution.

Cyanogen’s new VP of Product is Dave Herman, who previously held roles at Amazon, Hulu, as well as Microsoft. According to the press release, he helped to pioneer many “loved” products. Tyler Carper was appointed to VP of Engineering, with his past work experience being Director of Engineering for HTC, where he led the team that “built many software innovations.” 

Finally, Vik Natarajan from MediaTek, will take over as VP of Global Partnerships and Distribution. He has vast experience working with SOCs, as well as managing global ecosystem partnerships.

Each new hire has big experience in the industry, and should be able to help Cyanogen towards their goal of global domination.

New Hires

  • VP of Product is Dave Herman, a talented consumer services veteran who previously held leadership roles at Hulu, Amazon and Microsoft where he pioneered a number of loved products.
  • VP of Engineering Tyler Carper, most recently Director of Engineering at HTC responsible for the team that built many of their software innovations. He also ran a tour of duty at MSFT focused on Xbox.
  • VP Global Partnerships & Distribution, Vik Natarajan who joins us from MediaTek where he was VP Corporate Marketing, managing ecosystem partnerships globally for one of the worlds leading makers of SOCs. Prior to that he spent a number of years at Broadcom.
Via: Cyanogen
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  • landon

    Can’t believe they would support Mediatek. I guess it is beneficial to Asian countries though. http://www.xda-developers.com/android/have-you-paid-your-linux-kernel-source-license-fee/

  • Ann E

    Not a good sign. Wonder if delays in one plus due to CM was a reason? Oh boy, one from htc, now that is a successful company. What a joke.

    • Phantom

      Just because a company is not succesful any more. HTC was very successful before iOs / Android. Particularly during the old Windows phones. Sony has lost money for 6 years now. Would you call them a joke? What about Nintendo?

    • The joke is your post, right?

      A poor vehicle for good ideas does not make those ideas any less good. HTC may be performing poorly as a company right now, but they’ve still managed to create one of the most highly-rated devices and OEM “skins” in the ecosystem.

  • chris125

    Now just release the one plus on every carrier

  • I’m still shocked Droid-life hasn’t made one mention of the Heads Up feature CM found buried inside AOSP code and is now enabled in CM roms. In my opinion it’s way better than Hover

  • Jason Purp

    It’s amazing how a legitimate company has been made from what started out as a simple ROM for Android over on XDA (or whatever other site the first CM ROM was originally posted on). A ROM that was simply stock Android with some custom tweaks.

    I don’t mean “amazing” sarcastically either

    • True it is amazing.

      • KleenDroid

        I agree… Amazing

    • PamelaGreenersy

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    • morgan boyle

      I support this. they are getting ready for the big show and i hope they launch in the US well. Next step really is a buy out. maybe Google snatch them up to offer Cyanogen Mod Editions of popular phones…

      • Mitch Joa

        The Android Silver program is actually Google shipping flagships with CyanogenMod O.o

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  • silver_arrow

    It would be a really good idea for CM to work with Vik Natarajan to get CM on Mediatek devices as that would open up Asia for them which could be huge.