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LG G3 Global Rollout Starts on June 27, US not Included

LG announced this evening that the global rollout of their new flagship G3 will begin on June 27. Unfortunately, that date does not include the US unless a carrier comes forward and surprises us. LG said that the next in line to receive the G3 outside of Korea are Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines, followed by the rest of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East in July. As you can tell, the US was not even included in the press release we received. 

On a related note, LG confirmed that the G3 sold in European and Asian markets will include wireless charging, but that this additional feature created for “convenience” is not in all variants. In other words, the US is more than likely never going to see built-in wireless charging because carriers like to charge extra for cases. That shouldn’t surprise you, since carriers have been doing this for decades. Should you happen to live in a wireless charging market, here is a brief highlight video of LG’s new charging stand that actually seems all sorts of American.

So yeah, the LG G3 is coming to all sorts of new markets on June 27, you likely just don’t live in one.

Via:  LG
  • Would any of the international models work on US LTE? I know the Korean variant doesn’t but what about other countries?

  • Kerb

    I want one, but I think I am going to wait until September for the Note 4!!!

  • NoBullFitness

    If they wait too long I’ll just wait on note4. Anything after 7/15 I’ll wait it out

  • CoreRooted

    Honestly, the manufacturer bashing is hilarious. It is not the manufacturer’s fault, but the carriers in the US. Plain and simple. Want to raise up the pitchforks and torches? Direct it to the carriers. We have seen it time and time again in this country; Flagship phone is announced and released quickly in other countries (where the carriers aren’t in charge). Here, we wait… and we wait… There is nothing that any manufacturer can do to put pressure on the carriers. Samsung, Sony (which has basically given up on the US market it seems) and others. Look at Asus… The Padfone JUST released in the US after being available in other countries for years (in other iterations). Granted, the Padfone is an odd device (I’m having a love/hate relationship with mine), but for a device to take close to half a decade to be sold in a major market like the US goes to show that most manufacturers don’t enjoy dealing with our carriers.

    Because of the power that we have given the carriers and allowed them to continue assaulting us with bloatware, locked boot-loaders, outrageous rates and even having to bring the government in to say that we can SIM unlock devices THAT WE OWN, we, the citizens of the US, have created the delay. We have allowed carriers to rape and control us for decades now and this is the price we pay for it. Period. Plain and simple.

    In this greedy market, does anyone REALLY believe that any manufacturer
    wouldn’t love to have their devices flying off the shelves as quickly as

  • Kris

    LG is lame.. any shot at profitability in the US for LG would have been if they had released the phone soon after announcement and well before September (like right now).. Come iphone 6.. LG doesn’t stand a chance for a few months.(as does the other vendors).. . by which time it’ll be really old news.

  • John

    Did the G2 sell so terribly that US will almost be last to get it? I’ll wait the 2 months to see what the Note 4 has to offer. Only Apple is allowed to make people wait on line for months.

  • SplashMTN

    LG is shooting themselves in the foot waiting this long to release. It would have been great if they could/would have done what HTC did with the M8

  • paul_cus


  • Justin Hall

    ok fellas.. my buddy works @ Sprint.. nothing solid yet.. but he said rumors or July 27th.. which we have heard already.

    Told me he would know for sure when their playbook for the next month comes out tomorrow.. so what i hear i will post over this way.

  • Jprime

    my decision to just grab the moto x for $0 back in april is looking better and better as this is the only other phone i would have wanted.

  • joe23521

    I’m going from being impatient to being pissed off now.

  • DanThompson87

    I can’t wait to get rid of my GS5 :/

  • OF

    Lol This phone….

  • Soon

    Just wait on the G3, it’s coming sooner than later!

  • jasonlopez789

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  • d-rock

    I have a sick feeling they are going to cut out the removable battery, SD card slot, and wireless charging for the US phone and give us an 805 processor. I’ll keep the 801 and keep the other features.

    • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

      That’s what they did with the G2.

  • Man screw this phone. I’m going to go pick up the Note 3 then the Note 4

    • joe23521

      I echo the feeling. Part of me wants to “punish” LG and buy a GS5. Then I realized I’d just be punishing myself.

      • Hate_US_carriers

        u do realize this is not LG’s fault but the US carriers. Im sure LG would love to sell to the US market on June 27th and earn money, the problem is the carriers want their bloatware installed, their other requirements and maybe even have the LG play to their time table for phone releases. LG wants to sell it as fast as possible it is the US carriers that are preventing them.

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  • flosserelli

    I think DL should do a poll:
    Which vapor phone to US market first? LG G3 or OnePlus One?

    • DL POLL

      And another POLL

      Did you Pre-Order the G3?

  • Eclipse

    Yeah well I gave up on this phone and bought an M8 and am extremely happy with it.

    • KleenDroid


  • supremekizzle

    Who needs the G3 anyway? My G2 with Optimus G3 ROM it’s more than adequate. It’s the perfect mix between size, aesthetics, and non-overkill screen…

    • KleenDroid

      I sure hope they do not patch the ability to Loki bypass on the G3. I have a Loki bypassed S4 running a google play edition ROM. It is getting more and more difficult to get a phone that you can bypass the boot loader or Loki on Verizon. If they don’t patch this ability the G3 will be my next phone.

  • Tyrone_83

    This is really starting to piss me off. First Samsung saying there no Galaxy F being made yet pictures of the actual phone and bloggers and cell phone news sites have it on their site and now this with the G3. I’m so close to buying this phone on eBay heck even if it’s the Korean Model.

    • needa

      you don’t want to be doing that. just be patient. you want your phone tuned for the right bands. we have huge things happening over the next few days. soak up all of the excitement there. by the time all of that cools down and we know where everything stands… the g3 will be in the states.

      • joe23521

        Who’s “we”?

        • needa

          we is everyone. i did not know i was speaking in code.

      • Tyrone_83

        The wireless provider i’m with only has HSPA i’m sure that would be fine if I was to get it.

  • Danmheadache

    Would these wireless charger work with other phones?

    • Luke Ackerman


  • Ron_Swanson

    This is disappointing……I feel like tossing people out of windows like Jack Bauer.

    • needa

      oh hell. that came on tonight. i was taking an old person nap.

      • TopXKiller

        DAMN IT

        • needa

          luckily my tivo knew i had been watching it, and i gave it a triple thumbs up rating on week one. so it recorded it for me. needless to say the season pass is now scheduled to record the rest.

    • needa

      seriously… i had to hit pause and dance a jig.

    • SG

      wouldnt hurt you to say spoiler alert .. luckily ive seen the episode already but who knows if others have

      • Ron_Swanson

        Jack Bauer said it was ok to spoil it.

  • SG

    “Global” … so how is it that the US is not considered as being included in that word?? is it not on the same planet?

  • Matt G

    It is ridiculous that the US is one of the last markets to get this phone. Moto X+1 let’s see what you have to offer

  • Ray

    Hahaha! Now all you US folk know what it’s like to be living in Australia when Google releases “something” and excludes every corner of the planet except the US.

    Suck it princesses!!

    • supremekizzle

      That’s your fault for living ‘down under’…mate. And besides, Australia is like USA V2.0. Second fattest country and all…

      • malcmilli

        true, but we also are pretty diverse, its nice being able to hit on 5 women with 5 different ethnicities in one bar… all with pretty decently sized chest

        • supremekizzle

          The US is called a melting pot for a reason. We have a ton of nationalities, but most bars in my city are pretty black and white. Not much diversity to be seen. Mostly ethnic groups stay with their own in their own establishments… They hate white people…. Oh, and who cares about chests? It’s all about that backside for me lol.

          • malcmilli

            where do you live? I live in NYC, so i guess my experiences may be a bit atypical. We have a ton of bars that cater more to lifestyle over ethnicity. Lol I’m an equal opportunist myself. The top and the bottom get equal love.

          • supremekizzle

            Minnesota. The major ethnicities are Hmong, Hispanic, and Samoli. Samoli being the largest. I actually think MN is Samoli capitol USA. They typically don’t hang out with or date outside their own. I could’ve guessed NYC. The diversity must be incredible.

          • AussieLimited

            the US has people from every single country in the world living here, even mongolians. We have more ethnicities than any country in the world and then some if you include ALL the mixed races as well.

    • you’re an idiot

      • Ray

        Thanks. I appreciate it. Anything you want to tell me that I don’t know already?

        • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

          Don’t listen to him, you are not an idiot.

      • Android_09

        you’re a moron

    • Ray

      Hey buddy im the only Ray aloud in these parts!

      • feztheforeigner


      • Android_09

        but you’re ray gay he’s just regular ray.

        • Ray

          Thanks I love being Happy!

          • Android_09

            I meant guy as in plugging another man’s butthole with your genitalia, rather than happy which no one refers to as gay.

          • coolsilver

            Wow you have a fascination for all things anal.

          • Android_09

            I take after your mom.

          • coolsilver

            Yea well good to know. She yaps a lot too.

        • smells like teen crap

          i love you xD LOL

  • dannyWHITE

    Those Knock Code videos are hilarious!

  • Mike H.

    Fine! I’ll just make my own phone company. Make phones with awesome specs, decent pricing and ONLY sell them in US Canada and Mexico!

  • ROR1997

    I’m getting sick of waiting. I’ve had to go back to using a Thunderbolt. A F’ING TBOLT. NOBODY SHOULD EVER HAVE TO USE A TBOLT. EVER

    • Matt G

      I would rather go back to a flip phone than the Thunderbolt

    • Tyrone_83

      Try using an Alcatel M’pop you should be cool you dont have to put up with that cheap POS. lol

    • Eclipse

      Give up on it and get an HTC One (M8)

      • Eclipse

        and no I dont work for tmo, I just really like the phone and got really tired of waiting for a date for the G3

      • I got an M8 but returned it 3 days later. A phone larger than the G2 with a smaller screen, worse battery life, and horrible camera.

        • Android_09

          Camera is not horrible. I traded my moto x for it and the photos are substantially better. I put Viper ROM on it and the battery life has been great. I think the speakers make up for the .2 inch display difference between the g2. You’re exaggerating the quality of the phone quite a bit. Let’s not forget that the g2 feels like a baby’s toy when comparing the build quality to the m8. The only way the g2 is even remotely nice looking is with an incipio feather case. Plus the way that LG is botching this release for the US, it makes me not even consider getting the phone. If we are gonna be their last option then they will be mine as well.

          • MicroNix

            “I traded my moto x for it and the photos are substantially better”

            That’s not saying much. You normally don’t even see Moto cameras compared to other phones.

          • Android_09

            Well the moto x takes decent pictures at best but the m8 is definitely a step up from that. It’s just like with the specs for the moto x. People get caught up in the numbers game and don’t actually use the device themselves to get an opinion. They just look at biased reviews like on Droid life that praise certain devices because people pay them too. Droid life was butt hurt that they didn’t get an early release of the m8 like some other sites so they gave it a mediocre review. I’ve had many devices over the past 8 months and the only phone that truly and noticeably took better pictures was the g2.

    • WCM3

      haha…i switched back to a Thunderbolt a couple months ago. Lasted probably two days until I ended up buying a moto x. They are honestly horrible.

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  • Justin Everett

    Pathetic that they are excluding the US from this, it’s like they don’t want all the sales they’ll get here.

    • Luke Ackerman

      US carriers are delaying the phone.

      • joe23521

        Delaying is one thing, delaying indefinitely is VERY frustrating.

        • Luke Ackerman

          Only 2 days to go til release in the UK.

  • RoboCop

    Really I need to see more of these out there so I can stop worrying about the overheating screen brightness thing everyone has mentioned in their “hands on” videos…either way I ain’t spending $650 for this unless they get a Google play edition cuz I’ve got unlimited data

  • Ryan Chapman

    I am only giving a date announcement about 2 more weeks before I just settle for another phone…Have been patiently waiting 2 months and still no end in site…

    • Bryan Mills

      2 months? It was announced less than a month ago

      • Ryan Chapman

        Yup, but it had been rumored for a long time with leaks coming everyday.

        • Bryan Mills

          As with any phone.

          • Ryan Chapman

            Yup. Doesn’t change the point that I have been waiting patiently for 2 months since my upgrade was due for this phone.

          • Eddie Spageddie

            It has been 2 months since my contract came up for renewal too, but getting all upset about it won’t improve things and it doesn’t change the fact that it has been your own decision what you’ve done for the past 2 months and your own decision what you will do in the next couple of weeks…but whining won’t help your situation. If you want this phone as much as it seems you do, patience is a virtue.

          • Ryan Chapman

            Lol you put a lot of thought into your post that completely was off base of what I said. All I said was that I had been holding out for the phone, but I’m ready to upgrade and in two weeks I’m choosing a new phone if there isn’t a release date. Not a whine, just a simple comment. But thanks for your thoughts I guess.

          • Eddie Spageddie

            Your frustration is obvious because you wouldn’t have posted your original comment if you weren’t. I have 2 weeks and 3 days to go before I can pre-order on Verizon, then a week after that is the end of the waiting game for me.

          • Mark Mann

            So you’re giving him crap for doing exactly what you’re saying (it being his choice and all)

          • joemama


          • Eddie Spageddie

            It seems you’re missing the point. You mad bro?

          • Mark Mann

            Not hardly, just stating an observation,

          • Eddie Spageddie

            It seems you missed the point…you mad bro?

        • LG Sucks

          They also started PreOrders in the US.

          Who the EFF is going to preorder a phone and wait 2-3 months for it?

    • dannyWHITE

      I’d hate to be you after those 2 weeks

      • Ryan Chapman

        Me too.

    • r0l

      I’m with you, i was ready to give this a shot. But if it isn’t released before the X+1 is announced I’ll probably wind up passing.

    • joe23521

      From all the hints I’ve gathered, all major US carriers except ATT will have it in the second half of July. ATT will be early August, for some reason. I am already out of patience, but sadly, nothing else on ATT really appeals to me at all. So quite a bit more waiting for me.

  • gotya

    i’m getting tired of waiting!!

  • Andres V.

    AAAHHHH I got SO exicited then saw the “US not included”….

  • Krunksky

    I hate you Samsung. They’re def the ones stonewalling LG. And their phones SUCK.

  • Ray

    I can’t wait

  • TopXKiller


  • Kane Desousa

    At least imported ones will become cheaper because of this.

  • No Canada either. Hmph.

    • Nasty Nate

      Alright dude, settle down.

  • Lgglove

    Because USA getting the snapdragon 805 version….

    • Bryan Mills

      You mean the Titanium 9 thousand extra quadruple core Snapdragon metal liquid 5000.~

      • Ki Lo

        Compared to the 801, that is a valid description.

  • ya thought so.

    Because US market is busy making the 2/16 model and taking the wireless charging off. So they can charge more on the accessories or whatnot.

    • anon

      No its going to have the 3/32 version. dont talk on what you dont know.

    • dannyWHITE

      You couldn’t be anymore wrong

      • anon

        Considering I’m using one your right. Your ignorance is showing. You are the reason I don’t waste my time to divulge secrets. Because of you I won’t share specs or a launch date of the g watch.

        • anon2

          Unfortunately, from the documents I’ve seen, the major carriers (except T-Mobile?) are indeed going to get the 2GB RAM version.

        • dannyWHITE

          So u work for LG I assume. You probably shouldn’t release secrets since Create will probably fire you.

    • Fred F

      Maybe LG is holding off until their 801 chip is two generations behind instead of just one. At this rate, the Samsung Note 4 with the 805 will beat the G3 to market.

      • anon

        your right. But the 805 has severe overheating issues. Hence why the G3 has an 801 not an 805

        • malcmilli

          this is the first time im hearing this

        • malcmilli

          i’m also pretty sure it has the 801 because it wanted to launch before the 805 was ready