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Is This the Moto X+1 in a Case?

Moto X+1

According to one well-known leaker, the above image is of Motorola’s upcoming rumored device, the Moto X+1. However, what we are seeing is the device wrapped inside of a protective case, meaning any real grasp on the device’s design is still mostly unknown

As it stands, the device reminds us of a Moto E, with its rectangular bottom grille, but has a mix of the Moto G Google Play Edition as well. Plus, with the case on, there is no visible LED flash on the backside.

With that said, it’s still pretty early to start calling this “confirmed” or validated as being the Moto X+1.

Give us your take on the image below in the comments section. Is this the X+1 in your eyes? Just a retooled Moto E? Opinions are always welcome.

Via: @evleaks
  • Razma


  • JSo

    I don’t know why people are judging the look of it. It’s an obvious render and it’s in a case. Come on people.

  • Michael Harrison

    No flash…placement of the side buttons indicate a pretty small phone. The Chin is huge. No, this is not the X+1. This is something low-end. More like an E+1.

  • If this is the new Moto X, all you X fanboys are going to be really pissed off.

  • lgreg64
  • Federico Simionato

    I’m going to trade in a lot of performance for less bezel please. Thank you.

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    • ja

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  • Mouli Jayanthi

    moto e twin :O

  • Vishal Khedkar

    But the lower bezel is too big. It doesn’t look good. The current one with the Moto X is small and looks pretty.

  • Vishal Khedkar

    Did I just see dual speakers?

  • fernando

    nope that looks more like the moto e forte

  • acras

    Kids, its a render, why are you getting this worked up about what it may or may not have? Diagonal shade line from the lower left to the upper right that changes the transparencyof the google search bar and the color of the hangouts icon, but doesnt change the shade of the “case”? @evleaks just wanted to be talked about again so he threw this out, mission accomplished.

    • ROR1997

      Evleaks just had a huge argument with Shatner. He’s being talked about more than ever. He wouldn’t throw out a fake image now of all times.

  • Chuggowitz

    Holy chin bezel bat man.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    This got me thinking of future phones coming with an led ring flash around the lens instead of a spot next to it.

  • onDroid

    Seriously? This is obviously not the next Moto flagship. What flagship would be missing an LED flash and a front facing camera? This looks exactly like the Moto E. Why would we think it is anything else?

  • TimXer

    can you say HUGE bezel

  • Brian Winning Jr.

    Clearly not, this just screams low-end device.

    • Nikuliai

      I heard it may be a budget Moto X-ish device and that it also may be announced at Google I/O, dunno if it’s true but I buy that (mostly because I hate the looks of this phone)

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    It looks like a Moto E in a case.

    No FFC.

    No LED flash.

    Thick bezels.

  • iamme

    No flash… Not x plus 1

    • Nikuliai

      I just heard something interesting, that this leak MAY be a budget version of the X+1, something like an E+1, if they go with a Moto E with active display it would be nice for our wallets, but I don’t think it would be good for theirs… Nonetheless I think it’s interesting

  • Bowen9284

    Looks like the Moto E to me, just with a black mic and earpiece.

  • Aaron

    As an owner of an original x… That is hideous and I will be thoroughly pissed off if I held off on s5 and possibly G3 for this. I’m sure it will have a rear flash tho so im not really 100% buying that this is it…despite who the source is. The bottom chin is ridiculous. Hopefully that is not it.

    • Nikuliai

      I wouldn’t take this render that seriously, on the other hand if the bezel is like that I’m probably not gonna buy this phone either (no real need for an upgrade, right now I’m only buying things because of hype)

  • TopXKiller

    You sure HTC didn’t buy Moto?

  • David Hayden

    I’m pretty sure this is just a GPE Moto E.

  • grinfff

    Doesn’t seem legit. No way they would exclude a flash and the nav/status bar are black instead of kit-kat-clear. Seems fishy…

  • BenG

    This guy dropped 25k and supposedly has Moto X+1 in hand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEyuU2z4g8c

    • Deez

      Aren’t all Motos nowadays budget models? All they make is low end phones. The X included lol

      • Nikuliai

        well that would be a better reason for a guy being able to get the phone early for 25k

  • ROR1997

    The Moto B

    B for Butt Ugly

  • ROR1997

    Y’all gon make me loose my mind
    Bezels here
    Bezels here

  • Elwin Gill

    I am on the edge of moving away from Motorola… that is hard to say, I have never owned another manufacturers phone, although my family has had at least one or two other OEM’s phones, my girlfriend loves her S5 and Gear, my daughter loves her M8. I am not sold on Ultrapixels. As I sit on this ledge, I keep seeing the G3 and I start to drool… That phone is so nice from all I have read here on DL. I have big hopes for the X+1, but these leaks are not helping. Cheers!

    • Nikuliai

      Don’t take this leak seriously… it looks a long shot at the best, to me it’s a bad render of the Moto E.

      On the other hand, if you drool with the G3 go for it, it’s an excellent device and the camera is WAAY better, but take into account how much would you miss the X8, I actually can’t think of myself using a device that does not have active display and touchless controls, the G3 is a beast (best of 2014 imo) but it still doesn’t make me drool (I mean it’s a good device and the pin and users are amazing features, but I’d rather have touchless than any of those)

  • kixofmyg0t

    No. It’s not.

  • Josep Reyes

    i highly doubt and hope thats not the x+1

  • Keepfiring

    Looks nearly vertically symmetric from the front. Would be interesting if it can be used upside down when answering calls. volume buttons would be in a weird spot, but if they did 2x earpiece and mic, you’d be all set.