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Aviate Launcher Becomes “Yahoo Aviate,” Receives Update and Goes Open to All

Aviate is alive and well, in case you were wondering. The third party launcher that was acquired by Yahoo at the beginning of the year, became open to all while receiving a new name and major update today, to show the world that Yahoo plans to keep the app around for the foreseeable future.

For those new to Aviate – which is officially called Yahoo Aviate going forward – this is indeed a third party launcher, but it’s different than most in that it tries to provide you with smart setups to simplify your life. It automatically and “intelligently” organizes your phone by trying to give you the information you need when you need it most. It puts together apps by type, recommends other apps you might like, shows things like dinner tips when you are out, brings up music apps if you plug in headphones, and has all of your work stuff available when you arrive at the office. 

Thanks to this newest update, Aviate will now tell you how to dress should the weather change dramatically from one day to the next, track your sleep, give you shortcuts for things like conference calls, and estimate commute times. It also pulls in your favorite contacts into a fancy new, hidden screen that is accessed via swipe up on the home screen.

But maybe most importantly, Aviate is now open to all. Up until today, Aviate was in closed beta, so the only way you could play with it was if you had an invite. If you have yet to give Aviate some run, now is your chance.

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Via:  Yahoo
  • Even i use this launcher on my phone. It has some good points but has some drawbacks too, read at: http://wp.me/p4Ko3X-28

  • MikeSaver

    its cool and all, that battery life though..

    • Lee

      What about the battery life? Has yours been good or bad? How has it been different from your regular launcher?

      My problem is, I have an LG G2 on Sprint and, thanks to Kit Kit, and the Sprint Spark update, my battery life has gone from between 18 and 38 hours to 12 to 16 and any where in between.

      So, I really can’t tell if aviate is negativly affecting battery life.

  • jasonlopez789

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  • carl rainey

    I think that the music widget is the best part. I also like how twitter and songkick feeds are integrated so you get updates on concerts and news for bands that you are listening to.

  • StankyChikin

    Still can’t create your own collections. Bizzaro

  • Scott Tilney

    I’ve tried every home replacement app since the beginning, I hated them all. this, however, is awesome!

  • Chris Gatley

    So instead of swiping down to get to the collections you have to swipe to the right. And wouldn’t you know, when Yahoo! includes itself in the name there is a magical “Suggested Apps” button at the end of every collection now.

    The dark theme is still very pretty though with the ability to have icon packs. Also, why cant you give more grid size to the widgets though? Or adjust photos? Why am I asking this thread instead of the dev team?

    • zurginator

      There was always a “suggested apps” button – it just used to be a simple “+”.

      • Chris Gatley

        Really? I guess I never noticed! Have you noticed any performance problems or your maps not working correctly when launching directions from the options (it has an option to navigate home when the in transit card is up)

        It kept locking up my gmaps app and it wouldn’t load properly

        • zurginator

          I haven’t gone home in a month, so I can’t comment on that. 😛

  • Steve Rosner

    It’s asking me enter a code.

  • PhilD41

    hummm, not compatible with my MotoX Not sure why that would be. Oh well, I played with Aviate a while back… thought I would give it another shot. I guess not.

    • TheDrizzle

      Works fine on my rooted VZW Moto X. I am running 4.4 though

  • TheDrizzle

    I love Aviate! I use it as my daily driver. It’s not as customizable but it’s quick and already setup for you. You just have to do some tweaking. The only feature I really wish it had, was syncing data between devices. I want my collections to be the same from device to device. I just hope Yahoo doesn’t make it bad.

  • WestFiasco

    Does it track your sleep automatically, or do you have to enable it when you decide it’s time for bed?

  • Kevin Kinney

    So read this as ‘Aviato’ Launcher.

    • Chris Doerman

      Were you on a mushroom-induced vision quest in a gas station men’s room when the name occurred to you?

  • Carl Bonenfant

    Still requires Code not updated to open for all yet !!!

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  • Kenny Woodard

    Can’t honestly get into this “recommendation style” launcher craze. To me, it will always be easier to just go find the app you want on a homescreen or in a folder. Tried out Terrain a couple weeks ago, and it was a decent launcher, but it just wasn’t perfomance based like I prefer. Nova shall prevail!

    • TheDrizzle

      I agree… sometimes. That’s why I like Aviate. You have three different pages with three different styles of getting your apps. The first one is your home page app collection that is always there. If you hit the home button on the homepage, you get your location specific apps. The next page is all your collections (folders) based on activities/time of day. And the third page is all your apps sorted alphabetically. What’s really nice about this third page, is that it has all the letters along the side of the screen and you can click that and jump to whichever letter instantly. Between all those options I always find the app I need easily.

  • Greg DeBrun

    Old Aviate version installs, even though Play indicates it is Yahoo Aviate

  • SJ

    I think zLauncher is better, sadly… Just not widgets I can see.

  • DanielMena9

    Has anyone tried both Terrain and Aviate?

    • JH

      Yes. Aviate is much better

  • Mordecaidrake

    I liked Aviate, until Yahoo bought it 🙁

  • chris kilps

    apk? still getting the old version

    • Sean

      Same issue here

      • Chris Doerman


        • Scott Tilney

          Worked fine for me

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I really like Aviate. I’m not really into launchers as much as I used to be, but Aviate is unique. I used it for a while.

  • Shane Redman

    Still not into the whole contextual homescreen, but it looks like a good update

  • Carlos Lopez

    Well i guess its worth a shot again

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