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Thursday Poll: What’s Keeping You With Your Current Wireless Carrier?

Back in late 2012, we asked the community what the reason was for sticking with their current carrier. At the time, LTE networks and coverage dominated the vote, with a growing percentage suggesting that nothing was keeping them with their current carrier, and that they would be moving on as soon as their contract expired.

Here we are almost two years later, T-Mobile has gone all Uncarrier on us, smartphone payment plans are taking over, 2-year contracts are dying, and almost everyone claims to have a massive LTE network. So let’s ask again, to see if anything has changed.

Why are you with your current carrier?

What's Keeping You With Your Current Wireless Carrier?

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  • JGLives

    None of the above. I want to keep my current number, but the carrier I want can’t distribute or use phone numbers from my original state. I leave in a new state now that the new carrier supports, but the old state is not supported…yet

  • zurginator

    I’m with AT&T for their USABLE coverage. I’m constantly changing location and frequently in the middle of nowhere, and Verizon’s data coverage just didn’t cut it.

    T-Mobile and Sprint weren’t even in the running though.

  • Chris Hannan

    Yeah, well I don’t have Internet and my only option is AT&T. The cheapest Internet package they offer is $30/month for only 3/0.5 Mbps, which is the same price Verizon charges for unlimited hotspot. I’d have to sign a year long agreement, then the price goes up.

    I only have 2 bars of LTE in my apartment, but that still gets me almost 15/2 Mbps, and I can cancel at any time. I’d feel kind of bad if I jailbroke my phone to tether this much, but since they offer unlimited for only $30/month, I figure why not.

  • StankyChikin

    I don’t live in the middle of nowhere therefore I use T-Mo with it’s unlimited data 🙂 Coverage has been right on par with Verizon and is almost half the cost…

  • robert alexander

    Where’s the “because T-Mo kicks ass” option?

  • Roger W Turner

    No option for unlimited data so I picked pricing.
    (Only one UK operator has unlimited data although our wonderful regulator allows them all to claim it. For me it’s the principle not the price.)

  • Higher_Ground

    I said coverage, but I’d be willing to take T-mobile up on their offer to test drive a phone for a week. The employee discount helps, as it basically offsets the higher cost of VZW’s plans.

  • Gerard Lelionis

    Went with coverage because contract wasn’t a valid answer lol We have a shared data plan with Verizon. Had T-Mobile in the past and their service didn’t live up to Verizon, my wife had Sprint for almost a year and their service was downright horrible.

  • Tony G.

    company pays for service

  • T-Mobile is the best option for a number of reasons. Plans, network, phones, no contacts, speeds, VoLTE. They have REAL unlimited service.

    Verizon and att have overages. Why? Lol. Their plans are way overpriced, and the only people happy are the one still on old unlimited plans.

  • AMTrombley89

    In terms of coverage, which carriers have the best building penetration?

    I work at an air force base, so no Wifi. My coverage is mostly good off base, but hate using my phone on base. I’m on Verizon now. Considering how bad my coverage is for the majority of my day, I’m starting to not be able to justify paying premium Verizon prices.

  • steveliv

    #1 Coverage. #2 Unlimited Data

  • I ditched T-Mobile (after almost 10 years, most of which not under contract) for AT&T last year because I could no longer handle the craptacular T-Mobile coverage area. I’m paying a bit more but at least I have signal when I go to use my phone.

  • Kevin

    Unlimited data with Verizon. That’s it.

  • Mick

    I might think about leaving “Big Red” if they ever pry my Unlimited Data Plan from my death grip. Outside of that, its still the best coverage and speed around here.

  • Raven

    I had to go with Coverage, but Unlimited 4G LTE is a close second. In my area there is only Verizon and AT&T, no T-Mobile or Sprint. So far I have no compelling reason to leave my unlimited data on Verizon for AT&T and the others are not even an option here.

  • KeepItReal

    It’s really not as simple as picking one of these. I’m with T-mobile. It’s cheaper. I have unlimited 4g LTE. I have the JUMP option that lets me upgrade every 6 months as well as insurance being rolled into the option. And, in my area, I have much better coverage in the areas that I frequent. In Fact, at my house, I get very strong LTE servers where as with AT&T or Verizon, it’s not available. So really, I’m with T-mobile for of the above reasons.

    • hoosiercub88

      It is for some people.

      Coverage is a simple choice for me, where I live/work/play.. Verizon is the only carrier that has LTE here, not to mention solid coverage going from place to place. AT&T is EDGE/HSPA, Sprint is EVDO, and T-Mo is EDGE.. so it really is as simple as picking one of these.

      In addition to that, I have unlimited still, and I have a nicer phone *Moto X* so I couldn’t be bothered to move to a different carrier. Yes my bill is too high, I know that, but at the same time, my phone actually works for me, as opposed to how it would be on another carrier.

      • KeepItReal

        Sorry, didn’t mean for everyone. I was just speaking about my particular situation.

  • AlexKCMO

    We can’t select multiple, but really it’s two for me. Unlimited 4G coverage and service that works EVERYWHERE.

    I travel for a living. My next contract could be in the boonies, could be in a great city. If I switched to T-Mo, I’d be fine if I was in a big city. If I ended up in a BFE city with no airport that takes 2 hours to drive to, I’d be screwed.

    Hate on VZW all you want (I know I hate them), you can’t take away that they offer the best product when referring to cell phone coverage. For people who rarely travel and are always on a Wi-Fi network, good for you. For those of us who rely on service being available, Verizon is the only realistic choice – even when compared to the other giant, AT&T.

  • hkklife

    #1 Grandfathered unlimited
    #2 Coverage/LTE footprint
    #3 Amount of friends,family, coworkers and colleagues also on VZW
    Other than the above, there are NO reasons to remain on VZW. Unfortunately, 1&2 are pretty major factors.

  • SJ

    Where’s the “My wife wont let me change to save money because she buys into the media propaganda that Verizon beats every carrier in every market for coverage”, button?

    • hoosiercub88

      It’s not propaganda if for a lot of people it’s actually true. The only propaganda is that T-Mobile will work for everyone.

      • Guest

        See map..

  • teknologikl

    4 person family plan with VZW and it will be pretty much impossible to get everyone to switch at the same time.

  • jetknife

    The $30/mo T-Mo plan. No other carrier comes even close. But the great thing about prepaid is that if someone else does beat T-Mo’s pricing, there’s no contract to stop me from jumping ship.

    • Reed Kerr

      That plan only comes with 100 minutes, right?

  • Alexander Garcia

    Gonna give that 7Night Stand a shot and make a decision based on that

  • CapnShiner

    I’m staying with Verizon for none of the reasons offered in this poll but coverage seemed closest, so I went with that. The reason I stay with Verizon is reliability of their network. I don’t want to miss any calls or drop any calls because of poor service. My friends who use Sprint take forever to reply to SMS messages because they are so delayed by the crappy network.

  • BoFiS

    Unlimited Verizon LTE, duh

    • Eurasianman

      Coverage is part of the reason. Unlimited 4G LTE without throttling is the main reason though.

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  • Joe J

    Being an ex t-mobile cingular sprint nextel verizon att dealer I can tell you t-mobile is the only one that somewhat cares about the customer. The other carriers would love to rip everyone off more if t-mobile wasnt around. T-mobile took care of me and always paid me premium. Its also nice to be located near tmobiles us headquarters.
    Thank the cell gods for tmobile and hopefully sprint doesnt buy them or its rate plan hike time!

  • Chris Hannan

    I’m still with Verizon for unlimited tethering. No other carrier offers that.

    • Eurasianman

      ^ This.

  • omitsolutions

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  • XvierX

    I switched to Verizon from Tmobile to get the OG Droid years ago and I still have unlimited data. I used the loophole in Best Buys online upgrade system to try out the Iphone 5s just because. I sold it for twice what I paid and am still on my Droid Maxx. I came so close to leaving Verizon just so that I could try the N5 but in retrospect I’m glad I didn’t. I buy and sell devices all the time mainly because I like trying out each of the flagships. I get an employee discount so I have no real reason to leave. I know it’s highly unlikely but I would reaaaally like to see the Silver line on Verizon.

  • saimin

    T-Mobile $30/month for 5GB of LTE on my Nexus 5. Coverage is fine for me. Never going back to a $100/month contract.
    Really disappointed that Amazon did not come through with their rumored “Prime Data” service plan that rivaled the T-Mobile plan.

  • MichaelFranz

    Coverage for Verizon but it really is grandfathered unlimited

  • knightracer

    Unlimited Verizon data

  • Kenny Larson

    I switched to prepaid from Verizon and could not be happier with my service. Never ever, signing a two-year contract again. And even more so, never going CDMA again.

  • Hector Abreu

    My contact with Verizon expired last December and I still have my unlimited data.. that plus the coverage is why I’m there oh and the discount I get through work on my plan

  • Trevor

    ATT – good prepaid plan pricing (works for me anyway), best coverage GSM/LTE provider that allows unlocked phones on their network (AKA Nexus).

  • M3D1T8R

    Coverage (only carrier I can get reception with where I live) plus still being on unlimited data and relying on it for my home internet (no other internet options where I am), keeps me with Verizon until they force me off. Hopefully by that time there will be some other option for me.

  • Justin Kos

    Contract free for 2 years, feels great

  • Donald Motley

    What’s keeping me with T-mobile is the same thing that drew me away from Verizon– unlimited 4GLTE, with no throttling, and with my choice of phone.

  • cole

    Still on Verizon unlimited, only reason

  • M Singh

    This poll’s options are incomplete. I already have T-Mobile…that probably skewed results quite a bit.

  • unlimited data and cheaper price- t-mobile

  • Shifty

    My real answer is inertia. I’m just unwilling to make a change.

  • UNLIMITED POWER!!!!!!!!! errr data. I meant unlimited data with Verizon

  • Jose Garcia

    Sprint may suck, but where I work, live, work, and hangout (I have two jobs, not bragging,just that they are very far apart) they do have Not better, but more reliable network than the one I’m looking at to switch (t-mobile)

  • mcobb1205

    When a carrier match my Verizon coverage and I can get unlimited data I’m gone! Verizon try’s to control there customers too much with not being able to buy a unlocked device and so much more. I’m still thinking of leaving and giving up my unlimited data plan. If Verizon was a government they would be Russia or North Korea.

  • longhairbilly

    T-Mobile $30 plan. I’m very satisfied.

  • dizel123

    I’m sticking with Verizon because of pricing, plan, coverage and phones, but I can’t choose more than one. That kinda sucks.

  • roosterk506

    Should have been a choice for unlimited data. That’s why I’m still with Verizon.

    • dizel123

      Because “Plan Options” doesn’t cover…plan options? Or is your unlimited data plan not a plan?

  • Reed Kerr

    $25 a month for unlimited 3G will keep me on Republic Wireless for quite a while. Plus, if I decide I want some 4G speed, I just switch the plan right on my Moto X to $40 a month, then switch it back when I’m done. I do wish my Android updates weren’t delayed, but that’s not a deal breaker by any means. I love Republic.

    • ki11ak3nn

      I like the idea of Republic Wireless. Since I’m on wifi for the majority of my day. I’m only worried about when commuting to work and using GPS. And I wish I could use a phone that’s bigger than the Moto X.

      • Reed Kerr

        When you’re not on WiFi the phone uses Sprint’s network, which in my area is strong. If you find yourself somewhere without any Sprint coverage, the phone roams on Verizon at no charge to you. I’ve had my phone since November and between WiFi, Sprint, and Verizon, I’ve never once been without coverage.

        I can understand the desire for a bigger phone. I would like to upgrade to something slightly bigger when my Moto X starts showing its age, but I would assume that as time goes on, Republic will continue to add phones to their offerings. For now I’m highly satisfied.

      • Reed Kerr

        Even if you need mobile data while you’re on the road, Republic still has the best deal in town. $25/month gets you unlimited 3G, or $40/month gets you unlimited 4G, plus you can switch plans up to twice a month. The phone will use Sprint if you’re in a Sprint coverage area, but if there’s no Sprint anywhere to be found, it will switch over to roaming on Verizon (still unlimited, with no additional charge).

        Moto X is the best phone currently available on Republic, which I know is a deal breaker for many, but I’m satisfied. Sure, if I was on another carrier I would be pining for the G3, but I’m happy to be saving a bunch every month, and the X still is a great device.

  • Justin W

    “lack of a better option” AKA I have AT&T And Verizon, both suck. Want T-Mobile.

  • BrianCherry

    I will only stay with a GSM carrier since that means I will pretty much get every phone that comes out.

    • ki11ak3nn

      If I had money to get every phone that comes out, I would be a very happy man. Hahaha but I do love the phone freedom you get with he GSM carriers.

  • John Kitchen

    Coverage is the name of the game. Sprint and T Mobile don’t exist where I live. AT&T is just now getting LTE around here. Verizon is the only practical choice. I have a $60 1GB single line plan that seems to do me okay. That said, I really appreciate what T Mobile has done to fire up the industry, even though I think Legere is a clown. The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room.

  • Quint

    My unlimited data plan is what is keeping me on Verizon. I would have fled to AT&T and GSM eons ago, otherwise. It is just cheaper to stay put and pay retail for phones.

  • Neil Fujiwara

    For me customer service is important both at the corporate store level and over the phone. Verizon has exceeded my expectations in that sense. I have dealt with CR at ATT, Sprint and T Mobile where the service was notable worse. My preference is Disneyland to Knott’s, Costco to Sam’s Club, and Amex to Visa. The reason why with each former, I am getting the better customer service experience, which for me is part of the cost.

  • Aaron C

    Uncarrier 1.0, baby. I paid my ETFs after 12 years with Verizon, just because I admired what T-Mo was doing. Uncarrier 2-6 have just made me happier to be a customer. Oh, and HSPA+ speeds were faster than my Verizon LTE. $uck it, big red!

  • Rodeojones000

    Coverage. It’s why I don’t mind paying Verizon’s rates.

  • Dana Alan

    Unlimited data…

  • Brandon Ewert

    My speeds may be slow and coverage six.. But I got unlimited data with sprint and I’m only paying 60 a month thank my job for the discount

  • PooCaster

    No option for – “Dad is still paying the family plan bills,score” =)

  • jbod

    I’ll stay with tmo for the price and plans, but I really miss vzw’s coverage…

  • Blake

    Everyone saying “unlimited grandfather plan” is missing the point here. You can get unlimited with T-Mobile ($80/mo). It has to be a different reason you’re staying with Verizon then – coverage, your grandfathered plan is cheaper than T-Mobile, or you like Verizon’s phones more. It doesn’t make sense to say you pick one thing over another for a feature both have. That’d be like saying “I’m with AT&T because they have the iPhone”.

    • Quint

      My plan happens to be discounted, so I am paying similar pricing. I don’t need unlimited talk or text. So I’m happy. I realize that not everyone has a discount, though.

    • Eurasianman

      Is T-Mobile data truly unlimited and not throttled regardless of how much data you pull?

    • PoisonApple31

      Or the fact that Verizon’s unlimited grandfather data plan allows you to have unlimited tethering!

  • Michael Burnham

    had to file bankruptcy last year, so i just dont wanna pay a 900$ deposit to move 3 lines over..

    • jimt

      More reason to be on Tmo, it is cheaper so much so that the new phones you have to buy will pay for themselves in a year. Tmo pays for any ETFs also.

  • Matthew Bringhurst

    Unlimited data! Love to be with Verizon or att…but they just like to nickel and dime you. Data is going to be more and more important than just calls. I’ll Stick With T mobile Until Verizon/Att Wake Up And Give Consumers What They want…Unlimited NO Throttling High Speed LTE data

  • Antoniojr Avellanosa

    Att-uverse/mandated/decreedbyfate/official_dont go for the unsolicited,no rank gadgets.

  • CasperTFG

    I interpreted “Plan options” as ‘grandfathered unlimited data plan’.

    • jimt

      That’s not a plan its a prayer.

  • TC Infantino

    I picked Coverage, but mine choice to stay is really driven by multiple reasons. 1) I am grandfathered in on VZWs Unlimited data, and I use a lot. 2) I live and g to places that vary from urban to pretty rural, so I need a carrier that has excellent coverage away from cities. 3) I really like the Moto Droid line, from the Droid Razr up to my Droid Maxx. They are only offered on VZW.

  • jbenderhof

    I just want to keep my old number…

    • Blake

      Port it out. Be free.

    • jimt

      Check out google plus I still and will always have my same old number.

  • droidrazredge

    I am not sure which plan category this falls under but the reason I’m staying with Verizon is because of my grandfathered unlimited data plan.

  • JMonkeYJ

    $43/month for unlimited talk, text, and data on StraightTalk, so it’s definitely “price” for me. I’ve been using them for 1.5 years and am very happy, but I’m always keeping my ear to the ground for a better deal.

  • cpeter753

    I have a prepaid plan so literally nothing. Bought a nexus 5, left Verizon, went to AT&T. Now i pay half my bill I used to on Verizon and have the same plan which I can leave whenever I want. I lost my unlimited data like 2 years ago through some BS so Verizon lost my business.

    Side note: Not very happy with my Nexus 5 so may have to jump ship to the new iPhone if its impressive. Would be a first for me since I’ve had android phones since the OG Motorola Droid.

    • JMonkeYJ

      The selection of Android phones available now or in the near future are pretty great, so if you don’t want to switch to iPhone there’s no need to. If you just really want the iPhone then that’s a different issue 🙂

      • cpeter753

        Valid point. I just hate skins on android. Anything other than stock Android bothers me like you wouldn’t believe. I have a GS4 mini as a work phone and can’t stand the skin. And in regards to the iPhone I’ve never had one because I used to do so much on my rooted Android phones that I couldn’t even think of using an iPhone. Now I only text, call, and use a few apps. I never even rooted my Nexus 5 so I don’t why I wouldn’t at least check out the new iPhone ( if it really does have a bigger screen.) The major issue is the lack of widgets on the iPhone. That might be a deal breaker right there.

        • JMonkeYJ

          For the first time ever I haven’t rooted my latest Android phone (Xperia Z2) which I think says a lot about how far the OS and apps have come. I’ll continue root my tablet for the foreseeable future because I can’t live without Sixaxis for gaming.

  • Unlimited data so I picked plan option. Verizon.

  • Ianxcom

    Grandfathered unlimited data.

    • Blake

      Considering you can get unlimited data from T-Mobile, that’s not a reason to stay with them. You’re staying for another reason (coverage, cost, devices – vs T-mobile then).

      • Chris Hannan

        It’s multiple reasons. Unlimited is just one. Coverage is another.

      • PoisonApple31

        You can’t get unlimited tethering on T-Mobile like you can Verizon on that plan.

  • Mark Luna

    Nothing. I’m still linked up to my parent’s plan…

  • Matt

    How about just regular old apathy?

  • mcdonsco

    Where the heck is the unlimited data voting option? Figured that would be a given for a selection in this poll?

    Its certainly the only thing keeping me with big red.

  • Hector Abreu

    On a month to month with Verizon and unlimited data so I’m not going anywhere.

  • Kenny Woodard

    None of the above, unlimited data.

  • Shockey62

    Employee Concession line with Verizon.

  • mbagasao

    I’m currently using Flash Wireless (uses Sprint network) – a no contract plan that includes unlimited 4G LTE data, talk and text for only $47 flat, no data caps. If any of you are interested and want more information, please let me know. Current Sprint customers can bring over their devices and convert.

    • Willie D

      Why would anyone want to go back to any company that uses Sprint ? That’s the worst network around, hell even their press releases say they have the worst network.

  • DanWazz

    I put price, but I enjoy what Tmo is doing and I get good coverage and quick data speeds on LTE.

  • Willie D

    Everyone says unlimited data then mentions Verizon, but we forget how their unlimited option works, and two other carriers still offer unlimited data as a major selling point. So staying with one carrier isn’t about unlimited data. For many, coverage might be key, but do they mean at home, at work, for those what ifs on the road, or do they mean in building coverage, which is important to many ..
    For me, it was about getting more for my money. I was paying more on Sprint than I did on TMobile, had less minutes, and the worst service and zero help from customer or tech support. It actually caused a blood pressure and heart rate issue for me, so I switched and felt better since.

  • Orion


  • Carlos Morales

    Verizon unlimited data ,

  • Daryl

    I switched to T-Mobile after the uncarrier shift.
    I love it. I have the best coverage and the best speed. I previously had Verizon, and Sprint.
    T-Mobile BLOWS them away.

  • Keith0606

    No option for can use nexus 5 on their network.

  • Bionic_Pags

    You left off “unlimited” on the last poll, and then you did it again! Answer – UNLIMITED!

    • d-rock

      You can get unlimited with tmobile too so that’s irrelevant.

      • mcdonsco

        No, its not when it is absolutely 100% why a lot of us are still with Verizon.

        • d-rock

          Why are you paying loads more on Verizon when you can have unlimited with tmobile?

          • jimt

            He might be challenged.

          • Oh I don’t know, perhaps some of us like having coverage? Or we are just sick of only having 2G available to us.

          • jimt

            Coverage is a reason not unlimited.

          • You asked why we are paying more for Verizon when we can have unlimited on T-Mobile. Coverage is a reason…

          • I’m paying about 80 bucks for my unlimited data on Verizon. Costs about the same for TMobile, without Verizon’s network. No thanks.

          • Yup. I only pay $65 after tax for Verizon unlimited data, so anything else is a lot more.

          • Hector Abreu

            Why are you guys paying so much for unlimited data. I have Verizon and only pay 29.99 for unlimited LTE with unlimited text and 900 min my monthly bill is $90.. screw T-Mobile and their $80 unlimited I’m happy where I’m at.

          • Haha dude, $65 and even $80 is a steal for unlimited Verizon LTE. is your $30 plan part of a family plan? I have NEVER seen a single greatest plan with those options for $30/mo

          • PoisonApple31

            That could very well be one of those Alltel plans. I remember I came across one once that was so good, everyone in the store would tell them to never get rid of it. Some sort of Connect plan I think? I cannot remember those Alltel plans anymore.

          • mcdonsco

            Same reason as everyone else: Coverage.

            Not everyone lives in and rarely leaves metro areas bubs.

          • d-rock

            Then you stay with Verizon for coverage…if you lost unlimited data, would you switch from Verizon?

          • mcdonsco

            If coverage was what was keeping me I’d go to at&t with better phone options…but at&t doesn’t have unlimited data now do they? Hence I am staying with Verizon for UNLIMITED DATA AND COVERAGE.

            GET OVER IT.

          • Yes.

        • Blake

          But you’re not staying with Verizon for Unlimited then – you can get that with T-Mobile. You’re staying with them for some other reason – either for their coverage or because your unlimited with Verizon is cheaper than the $80 you’d pay T-Mo. In either of those cases there’s an option for that.

          • It’s a mix of things. We stay because of unlimited data, but there’s a reason we don’t switch to T-Mobile or Sprint, usually because of coverage and nationwide LTE.

          • Blake

            If you’re staying because of unlimited data – T-Mobile has that, so does Sprint. It’s a moot point. “Won’t switch” = reason for staying. So your reason for staying is “coverage and nationwide LTE”.

            Arguing for unlimited data is like arguing that you’re staying for the iPhone. If you can get the exact same criteria met by someone else it’s not a reason for staying. May be a reason leading to apathy/indifference but it’s not why you’re staying.

          • No, I’m saying it’s a MIX of things. Not one piece by itself warrants us to switch or stay. But have unlimited data, Verizon’s superior LTE network, and coverage is keeping us with them. If they removed unlimited data, most of us wouldn’t stay simply because of coverage and nationwide LTE.

          • mcdonsco

            Yes, coverage…however if Verizon ditched UD a lot of us that still have it, myself included, would bail on Verizon in a heartbeat (if it happened now I’d likely go to at&t…if I’m going to pay more for data with SOLID coverage, might as well have better phone options). Where I am; Portland Oregon area, at&t and Verizon have almost identical coverage…really no difference at all.

            We stay with Verizon because of unlimited data AND coverage; hence not going to T-Mobile (and yes, I have tried tmobile VERY recently…voice and SMS networks were fine…the lack of data coverage was intolerable).

          • Blake

            I see your point but you also make mine. Coverage is the priority here for you, not unlimited data. Arguing you’d go to AT&T with no unlimited data over T-Mobile makes that clear.

            I’m not saying it can’t be A reason, merely that it’s not THE reason or even for many people the most pressing reason.

          • No dude, you just don’t understand us Verizon UD users. We stay because Verizon doesn’t throttle, has the best nationwide LTE network, and the most coverage. However if they removed unlimited data we’d sacrifice some of this to go to a carrier that better meets our needs. The fact that we can still get this on Verizon makes it the best option for most of us. I would also go to AT&T if Verizon ditches UD.

      • PoisonApple31

        You can’t get unlimited tethering on T-Mobile though – so “unlimited” is very relevant. I find it funny no one gives a damn about Sprint and their unlimited data.

  • James Christopher Brown

    I still have a Grandfathered Verizon Unlimited Data plan and I got my Razr replaced with an Ultra through Asurion. So pretty much stuck there for coverage.

  • Unlimited Data is the only reason I’m with Verizon. That and coverage!

  • Brandon

    Pricing and options, also future enhancement since I left Verizon to go with T-Mobile.

  • Cody Seger

    I live in small town Nebraska and Verizon is the only lte option for me so I’m keeping my unlimited until they make me leave hopefully more networks will be available by then and I can actually choose who is best for me

    • Tojen1981

      yeah, for some reason, none of the big boys except for verizon have bothered building out in Nebraska/South Dakota.

  • paul_cus

    Staying with AT&T because I can use whatever unlocked phone I want on their network.

    • Willie D

      You can do the same on TMobile, more now since HSPA is refarmed on 1900Mhz (same as AT&T)

  • d790

    None of the above

    Currently with Verizon on a grandfathered unlimited plan (off contract). i haven’t made the move yet because currently there aren’t any phones that catch my eye.
    so my answer would be, Just waiting on the right phone. I’m hoping T-Mobile gets the Z2, then i’ll probably make the switch. otherwise if the note 4 or the Nexus 6 are released sooner those would probably make me switch.

  • Viet Hoang-Tran

    Unlimited Data on 4G LTE. Its really the only reason I’m on Verizon. No option to select that… :p

  • Tim Buchanan

    No option for “My work pays for my phone if I stay with Verizon.”


    Unlimited Verizon

  • J Davis

    Unlimited… period

  • David Dudovitz

    Verizon unlimited data

  • chris125

    Unlimited grandfathered data, picked coverage because that is only thing keeping me back from switching to tmo

  • teevirus

    Switched from Verizon to T-Moble. Saving $20 a month and I get unlimited data. I also have Jump though I am so new that I have not gotten to use it yet. Down Side on road trips and at the beach the service is spotty. Even the voice/ text service which was surprising. Not at all thinking of switching back.

  • Sergio Meraz

    Coverage & Unlimited Data

  • Droid Ronin

    I have been with T-Mobile for the last 9 years and have all the more reason to keep them as of today.

  • SuperTongue

    So far it’s the coverage on Verizon, but I got a penny unlocked Moto X to test drive T-Mo’s network and so far it’s covered in all the right places. Heck, I even get faster 4G speeds than I do on my Verizon phone.

    Just have a couple more spots to test out and if the results are decent enough, I’ll be saving $50 a month for our two phones. And that new music announcement really has me hoping these spots have okay coverage 🙂

  • rob

    unlimited data on Verizon

  • WORM

    Need a “grandfathered unlimited data” option =)

    • Jose

      I think this should have been a separte option to vote for.

  • Jeremy Buro

    Nobody compares to Verizon coverage….above allllll

    • Willie D

      Do you live and work in the sticks?

      • James

        Exactly. Perhaps Jeremy does, in which case I understand. But a lot of people love to boast about their Verizon coverage, never realizing they could pay much less on another carrier with comparable coverage. Other than deep rural areas, there are now lots of solid (i.e. LTE) options beyond Verizon almost everywhere.

        • Willie D

          Exactly. My roommate wants to go back to Verizon cause she travels a lot, and while able to roam via Sprint, she found that since Sprint is inept, her roaming rarely is able to activate and will keep holding onto a horrible Sprint signal over a strong Verizon one. Without ways to force roaming, she’s left begging for service on one bar of Sprint versus 5 bars of Verizon (her boyfriend uses VZW) and all this in what is “roaming” area where that sleazy barely noticed Sprint signal with no real backhaul seems to connect to the device. Ugh.

          Quality of signal is the issue here. Verizon quality of strength is beyond anything Sprint has or ever will.

          • James

            Right on. It all depends on the type of travel. I travel a lot on major highways, and T-Mobile performs just fine. If I’m going off the grid, I’m fine with a weaker signal or slower data for the little time I’m there, considering the money I’m saving.

        • Jeremy Wray

          I get great service at home and at work and Tmobile has similar coverage but i I head about 20 min in the opposite direction tmobile coverage doesn’t exist and its not uncommon i am out that way since many friends live out there.

        • epyon

          I don’t live in a deep rural area. I have 4 bars of Verizon 4G LTE at my house, and I know AT&T has 4G LTE coverage here, too. T-Mobile’s coverage, on the other hand? “Service Provider.”

        • Deep rural areas aren’t the only places you lose a signal. A lot of older buildings cut signals almost in half. And guess what.. my Verizon phone is still rocking almost full bars when coworker’s T-Mobile and Sprint phones are barely responsive.

        • Mike

          I tried out T-Mobile for two months over November and December and realized that (At least in the Pittsburgh area) their network is still nowhere close to Verizon’s or AT&T’s. I only care about getting a signal at work and home and I could get barely a 2G signal at home and absolutely nothing at work (Both areas I get great 4G LTE coverage with Verizon), and would very often drop calls when driving around even only a mile or two outside of Pittsburgh.

          Also, I went with the T-Mobile unlimited everything plan and it came out to a little over $100 (With a work discount). I could get 4 GB of data from Verizon for the same price with the same extra features (Unlimited talk/text) and even push that to 6 GB with the same work discount. I know it’s not unlimited but the funny part is on Verizon I average from 5 – 10 GB per month, both months combined on T-Mobile I hit a little over 3 GB because I was on WiFi basically the whole time due to not having a signal.

          I’m not trying to tell people to stay away from T-Mobile, by all means give it a go, but it’s not the end all be all that a lot of you make it out to be. Some people just want service everywhere they go and not have to worry about it. Others aren’t as worried about it and can live with fringe data in a lot of areas, so I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s a personal / where you live kind of thing.

      • Taylor Abrahamson


      • So many large towns and small cities have zero or just 2G coverage on T-Mobile, and Sprint is worse in many areas. Just because we only have service with Verizon doesn’t mean we live in the mountains of Montana or on a 1,000 acre farm.

  • ki11ak3nn

    Unlimited T-Mobile LTE plus saving $100 a month on my family plan over Verizon!!

    • epyon

      Is this pre-paid or post-paid? I compared my current grandfathered unlimited Verizon plan with 2 lines vs. an unlimited T-Mobile plan and I’d only save $3/mo. And this assumes that I bring my current phones, so I wouldn’t get 4G coverage. Although, not like that would matter considering T-Mobile’s coverage is “Service Partner” at my house and on my entire commute.

      • ki11ak3nn

        My wife was the only one on our old family plan with grandfathered unlimited. I had 4 gb and my mother-in-law had a 2 gb plan. Yet we all paid the same price for data!! Our bill, even with my corporate discount, was about $230-$250 for 4 lines. Depending on if I went over on my data, which I did alot. Now my wife and I have unlimited and the in-laws have 1 gb of data, unlimited texts and minutes and we’re paying $160 plus taxes on post-paid.

    • Love T-Mobile. So much bang for your buck and I get fast LTE where I live!

  • Alan Paone

    1)I’m in a 3 year contract, but’ll stick around because:
    2)Every network that isn’t Bell is absolute garbage.

    • Poor Canada, those damn 3-year contracts. 😛

      • Alan Paone

        The prices only go up, so being on the same bill 3 years at a time isn’t so bad. also I only paid $150cdn for a galaxy nexus right after it launched.

      • Weren’t 3-year contracts retroactively shortened to 2-years per the Canadian Wireless Code implemented last year?

        • Alan Paone

          that would’ve pushed me out of contract, and my bill would’ve dropped by $15, so there was probably some kind of timing restriction.

  • pubasnacks77

    Unlimited on Verizon’s network. As much as I hate them, the other 3 major carriers are just not an option

    • James

      Have you actually tried them? A serious question – in my experience, most people cling to Verizon more about of belief about coverage than actual experience.

      • RyanAndTammy

        I’m also on Verizon and have been for years and all though I haven’t used AT&T or T-Mobile all of my friends and family members that live in our area can attest to the spotty coverage in our area. Every time we have people over that aren’t on Verizon they ask how we have any coverage at all since their phones barely have 1 bar. We only live a couple of miles out of town where the T-Mobile coverage is much better. I really do wish they had better coverage in our area though because I need reliable coverage for work and would not mind switching to save some money.

        • Blake

          The bright side is you can try it out with Test Drive and see for yourself if you ever want to.

      • pubasnacks77

        No I haven’t, but I know people who have and they constantly complain about network problems

  • Arian

    T-Mobile is cheap, but I live in like a forest. Someone in our family plan is an on-call doctor and can’t risk losing coverage for a minute. And I metro often. Sticking with Verizon no matter how much people complain.

  • Coverage above all. Without it, it’s a brick. Then plan, then phones.

  • Brett R

    Being a resident of North Dakota, it’s between AT&T and Verizon. Ideally I’d go with Tmobile, but there is 2g coverage in the larger (for the state) cities I am usually in. So that’s not really an option.

  • J. Gilbertson

    I picked LTE because T-Mobile appears to have good coverage in Arkansas at least in NWA and the River Valley but only NWA has LTE.

  • NeilOMalley

    I picked covered because I live in a pretty remote area yet am still covered with Verizon 4G almost everywhere. Even up in the remote mountains. Also still have Unlimited so that’s nice.

  • Off-contract unlimited data with Verizon + employee discount.

    • I miss those days of the employer discount…

      • Hanging on for dear life

      • jimt

        I don’t miss those days of having an employer.

      • Taylor Abrahamson

        Wait what? I still have Verizon unlimited and have employer discount

        • Jeremy Wray

          I believe he means himself, being self employed for this blog he no longer gets a discount as he likely previously did when he worked for XXXXXXX retailer or whatever

      • Jonbo298

        I miss the days of New Every 2 upgrades. At least I am holding onto unlimited data and employer discount until I’m forced out of it.

    • Silver Veloz

      On-contract, Unlimited data (Verizon) + discount through work. Moto X

    • Thiissssss

  • crazed_z06

    No option for “Unlimited 4G LTE,” so i picked just 4G LTE. Verizon for life.

    • duoexo

      I did the same. Thats the only reason im sticking it out for now. Tmobile is tempting me thou

      • jimt

        You are aware that Tmo has ” Unlimited 4G LTE” So why wait? I left Verizon in December and have saved $500.00 up to now and have a Nexus 5.

        • Ralph Bretz

          Location. T-Mobile is only in a few markets with LTE. I’d sign up in a second if they covered my area.

        • crazyg0od33

          Unlimited and throttled.

          • jimt

            NO unlimited without throttle, really unlimited like the unlimited I had at Verizon six months ago. Unlimited period.

          • shooter50

            wrong, you’re spewing false information. Tmobiles top plan is unlimited 4G LTE with no throttling. you seem to have an agenda, but do some research before posting inaccurate info

          • crazyg0od33

            I don’t have an agenda. Didn’t know one post meant an agenda. My friend has t-mobile unlimited and is throttled at 5gb. That’s all I was aware they had. Didn’t know there was anything else, but at that point, 80 bucks a month is too much per line for my family to switch anyway.

          • KeepItReal

            He has the $70 plan. That one is unlimited LTE up to 5GB, throttled there after. For $80, it’s unlimited LTE, no throttle.

          • crazyg0od33

            Thank you for not being a dick about it. Now I know.

          • KeepItReal

            No Problem. You know, this is one thing I don’t like about T-mobile. Their data offerings change and are often inconsistent. If i go chose a new plan, it get different options than if I go into my current plan and change. So a new plan, I can pick either 5GB LTE and 5GB tether or Unlimited LTE and 5GB tether. But, If I go to my current plan, what I had originally purchased, which used to be $50(plan) + $30(Data), is now 50/20. And the tether changed from 500MB to 3GB. Something I can’t chose with a new plan. In addition to those, I can add 5GB and 7GB tether for 50/30 and 50/40 cost. Even weirder, if I walk into the store, I have even more options than I can chose online. I can get a 20GB tether plan from the store, that I can’t chose online. It’s been inconsistent like this for as long as I can remember and options change all over the place. Even different phones have different options provided to them. Like in the past for example, the S5 would have different available data plans than a note 3 would. It’s currently consistent but it will change at times. A little annoying and I have to log in every so often to see what has changed and to see if I have something different offered to me for a better price, or more services i wasn’t aware of.

          • George

            I had to go the month of December with no home internet so I used 4G LTE for everything and I hit 18GB with no throttling.

          • velocipedes

            T-Mobile is not throttled.

    • James

      I’ve posted similar thoughts several times before, but I’ll say it here again. I couldn’t be happier to have switched to T-Mobile. I sold my Verizon unlimited data on eBay for a ton of money, and now pay less than half what I did with Verizon for comparable coverage.

      I know there are people who need Verizon’s coverage because of their location. However, I suspect there are many, many people who would do just fine on another carrier and pay much, much less. And with T-Mobile’s new tryout period, there’s no reason not to test the waters.

      Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with T-Mobile or any other carrier. I just hate to see big companies gouging customers, who just don’t know any better or are afraid to switch. I was there once, and am glad for the people on here who convinced me to think outside my comfort zone.

      • James

        Oh i should also mention I also have unlimited 4G LTE, although it is throttled after 5 GB (which I never reach).

        • crazyg0od33

          I just hit 4.5gb on Verizon this past month without streaming music. I can’t have throttling. I pay for 2gb data, but just found out they made an upgrading error for my line and I’m getting unlimited back. Time to stream everything!

          • Eric R.

            That’s awesome

          • George264

            There’s a T-Mo plan that’s 80$ unlimited LTE, no throttling and you get 5GB Tethering as a bonus. I LOVE it. So happy I switched from Verizon in January. I no longer have to care about Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, anything.

          • evltwn

            I’m with VZW, but I’m going to give T-Mobile a try. If I like what I see, I just may switch. Free test drive, can’t pass that up. Are you sure about that $80 plan?

          • George264

            Positive. The last month, I’ve switched back and forth from M8 and 5S, and here’s a screenshot of 5S alone. 53 GBs. I’ve just been carelessly streaming(World Cup B| ) and Netflix. I’ve also been browsing extensively.
            I live in NYC so coverage hasn’t been an issue and if you live in a metro area, you will love, love Tmobile. Don’t think I can ever go back to Verizon.

          • Chris Hannan

            Couldn’t do this without jailbreaking on T-Mobile. This is since October.

          • Dustin

            It is true. I also have the $80 unlimited plan with 5 gig WiFi Hotspot. It’s great.

          • GuidZilla

            I wanted to stick with this so bad when the N5 came out… ran it for a month on T-Mo while I kept my gnex with vzn(unlimited)… Coverage just wasn’t good enough in my area so had to sell it and stick with Verizon(now moto x). Booooo.

        • Tojen1981

          So you have a 5GB cap at speeds up to 4G LTE, then its throttled down to unlimited EDGE speeds.

          • M Singh

            No, 5 GB of tethering. The phone is not throttled.

          • KeepItReal

            They changed their unlimited LTE plan. It used to be, if you chose unlimited LTE, you only got 500MB tether. If you wanted more Tether, like 5GB, you were limited to 5GB or data and after that it was throttled. But now you can get the $80 unlimited LTE data plan and it comes with 5GB tether.

        • Captain_Doug

          I used 50gb of data on simple mobile (tmobile mvno) before I was throttled. If you plan on going over, use as much as you can quickly. It takes awhile for you going over to register.

      • Brandon


      • Gary Graf

        The price difference between verizon and t mobile for me is less than $10. So, I’m sticking with Verizon because their coverage is a lot better where I live. However, if something ground breaking like say just for example the Project Ara phone came to t mobile instead of verizon, I’d leave.

      • Timothy Anderson

        I agree I love T-Mo. The only trade-off is the coverage, but where I go, I never seem to notice the difference. My T-Mobile is faster than Verizon as well. I pay half as much. They doubled my high speed data after I had already become a customer … I did not have to do anything, they just doubled it. Plus Verizon was doing nasty stuff like disallowing mobile payments, they were stopping Android’s ability to tether (I had to download a third party app), etc, etc, etc. T-Mobile does not pull that crap. Instead, they just keep making the plans better, not worse. … and they apply it to existing customers, not just new ones. The streaming music is just another example. So, if these people like Verizon, I am happy for them. They can have it.

      • Verizon is Telsa and T-mobile is a Nissan Leaf.

        • Sean

          No, Verizon is a Ford F-150 and T-Mobile is a Nissan Leaf.

      • Jose

        Sounds like a bad decision to me.

      • BobButtons

        I’m one of those people you mentioned that “need Verizon’s coverage because of their location” otherwise I’d switch in a heartbeat. The upsetting thing is I’m not even out in the boonies. I live between Madison & Milwaukee and unless you live downtown of one of those (and never leave) you get essentially non-existent coverage (2G or ‘service partner’). I’m currently paying $10 to be on my parents’ VZW account with $30 for unlimited data. So until VZW kicks me off or T-Mobile realizes people actually live outside of metropolitan areas, I’ll be completely on board with switching.

    • Zachary Wood

      same here! rocking the S5 with unlimited 4g lte!!!

    • i have unlimited data through verizon with LTE i just had to pay full price on the phone, use it for everything especially when i have my pc connected to it when downloading games on steam lol

      • mcdonsco

        So you are one of the peeps we’ll have to thank when Verizon eventually throttles us or yanks UD all together…thanks in advance; putz.

        • Tojen1981

          Basically, but hey, big bad verizon is the one who is screwing you. lol

        • velocipedes

          It’s not him who is forcing Verizon’s hand. There is no “scarcity” of data. The scarcity is in bandwidth, and he may or may not be using more bandwidth than others, but that’s not how Verizon chooses to monetize their service. Can’t blame him when Verizon has so little competition to begin with.

          • Sean

            Exactly. Verizon already has a contingency plan in place for dealing with data hogs: when a tower is saturated, it will give priority to VoLTE and to users who are using less data at the time. If you’re downloading a 5 GB game on Steam and someone just wants to check their email, the tower will slow you down a bit to let the person check their email (assuming the tower is 100% saturated; otherwise you both run at full speed). This is perfectly reasonable.

        • Steve

          Don’t blame the decision of a company on someone using what they bought and paid for legally, as part of a contract, how they see fit.

        • SJ

          This is what “they” want you to do, believe that other people are costing them too much money. The real reason we don’t have unlimited data, or that it costs so much is simply because the carriers cannot profit from calls and texts when that market is going over the internet. They have to charge you for something and if it all goes over data now, that’s how they will make their profit. The market changed and they are trying to get ahead of it. If they didn’t change, they couldn’t be making the profits they are currently enjoying.

      • Sean

        I’m with you. My Verizon unlimited LTE tethering is so good, I don’t even have a landline internet connection. The only option I have at home is overpriced 7 Mbps DSL (from, you guessed it, Verizon) that drops out completely when it rains. I can get 35 Mbps downstream, 20 Mbps upstream on LTE on a good day — many times faster than the DSL they’re selling, and much more reliable. In 2006-2007, Verizon was hanging flyers on our door, sending us mail, calling us up on the phone, telling us that FiOS would be “weeks” away. Well, it’s been several hundred weeks since then, and we still can’t get FiOS. I’ve barked up every tree they have in their corporate oligarchy and they simply will not bring FiOS to my door, despite advertising it EXTREMELY aggressively for two years, and they continue to run commercials constantly on TV and radio. Every time I see one of those commercials I give the TV the finger. I happily use 50x-100x more data than the average LTE user because Verizon simply leaves me with no viable alternatives. If they don’t like it, I’ll happily allow the FiOS contractor in my house to install the ONT.

    • d-rock

      Until the day of throttling comes!

    • Annduhroo

      I marked 4G as well. 32gb used a month, on average, in downloads and streaming. That’s not wifi tether either. I’m on my fourth Android phone with unlimited data by juggling upgrades on other lines.

    • dapbmonkey4u

      I would be in this category

    • Bingo.

    • Dobies

      Same reason I said “Plan options.” There aren’t any better plan options than true unlimited on 4G LTE.

    • Andrew

      I have unlimited data on verizon and only pay $57 a month for my bill (30 is my data plan), I use it as my home internet connection. I am not giving it up

      • Sean

        Right on, man. Although I pay $30 more than that for the legal hotspot feature.

    • Naibas

      Unlimited Data Plan is my #1 reason for sticking with VZW as well, but I chose ‘Coverage’ because even if I lost my udp, VZW still has the best 4G LTE coverage in Indiana, but I would be tempted by AT&T as they’re closing the gap quickly.

    • bogy25

      Agreed – Verizon Unlimited Data plan for both me and the wife – holding out as long as we can…..

    • san q

      Hell yea n no throttle