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Thursday Poll: What’s Keeping You With Your Current Wireless Carrier?

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Back in late 2012, we asked the community what the reason was for sticking with their current carrier. At the time, LTE networks and coverage dominated the vote, with a growing percentage suggesting that nothing was keeping them with their current carrier, and that they would be moving on as soon as their contract expired.

Here we are almost two years later, T-Mobile has gone all Uncarrier on us, smartphone payment plans are taking over, 2-year contracts are dying, and almost everyone claims to have a massive LTE network. So let’s ask again, to see if anything has changed.

Why are you with your current carrier?

What's Keeping You With Your Current Wireless Carrier?

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  • JGLives

    None of the above. I want to keep my current number, but the carrier I want can’t distribute or use phone numbers from my original state. I leave in a new state now that the new carrier supports, but the old state is not supported…yet

  • zurginator

    I’m with AT&T for their USABLE coverage. I’m constantly changing location and frequently in the middle of nowhere, and Verizon’s data coverage just didn’t cut it.

    T-Mobile and Sprint weren’t even in the running though.

  • Chris Hannan

    Yeah, well I don’t have Internet and my only option is AT&T. The cheapest Internet package they offer is $30/month for only 3/0.5 Mbps, which is the same price Verizon charges for unlimited hotspot. I’d have to sign a year long agreement, then the price goes up.

    I only have 2 bars of LTE in my apartment, but that still gets me almost 15/2 Mbps, and I can cancel at any time. I’d feel kind of bad if I jailbroke my phone to tether this much, but since they offer unlimited for only $30/month, I figure why not.

  • StankyChikin

    I don’t live in the middle of nowhere therefore I use T-Mo with it’s unlimited data 🙂 Coverage has been right on par with Verizon and is almost half the cost…

  • robert alexander

    Where’s the “because T-Mo kicks ass” option?

  • Roger W Turner

    No option for unlimited data so I picked pricing.
    (Only one UK operator has unlimited data although our wonderful regulator allows them all to claim it. For me it’s the principle not the price.)

  • Higher_Ground

    I said coverage, but I’d be willing to take T-mobile up on their offer to test drive a phone for a week. The employee discount helps, as it basically offsets the higher cost of VZW’s plans.

  • Gerard Lelionis

    Went with coverage because contract wasn’t a valid answer lol We have a shared data plan with Verizon. Had T-Mobile in the past and their service didn’t live up to Verizon, my wife had Sprint for almost a year and their service was downright horrible.

  • Tony G.

    company pays for service

  • T-Mobile is the best option for a number of reasons. Plans, network, phones, no contacts, speeds, VoLTE. They have REAL unlimited service.

    Verizon and att have overages. Why? Lol. Their plans are way overpriced, and the only people happy are the one still on old unlimited plans.

  • AMTrombley89

    In terms of coverage, which carriers have the best building penetration?

    I work at an air force base, so no Wifi. My coverage is mostly good off base, but hate using my phone on base. I’m on Verizon now. Considering how bad my coverage is for the majority of my day, I’m starting to not be able to justify paying premium Verizon prices.

  • steveliv

    #1 Coverage. #2 Unlimited Data

  • I ditched T-Mobile (after almost 10 years, most of which not under contract) for AT&T last year because I could no longer handle the craptacular T-Mobile coverage area. I’m paying a bit more but at least I have signal when I go to use my phone.

  • Kevin

    Unlimited data with Verizon. That’s it.

  • Mick

    I might think about leaving “Big Red” if they ever pry my Unlimited Data Plan from my death grip. Outside of that, its still the best coverage and speed around here.

  • Raven

    I had to go with Coverage, but Unlimited 4G LTE is a close second. In my area there is only Verizon and AT&T, no T-Mobile or Sprint. So far I have no compelling reason to leave my unlimited data on Verizon for AT&T and the others are not even an option here.