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Thousands of HTC Shareholders Show Up to Annual Meeting, Grow Frustrated When They Don’t Receive Free Phones

After a few quarters of disappointing sales numbers and returns, HTC is in the middle of a pretty big slump right now. For this year’s annual investment meeting, I’m sure HTC wasn’t expecting a warm welcome, but they certainly were not expecting to be bombarded with the question: where is my free phone? 

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that nearly three hours into the meeting of nearly 2,000 HTC shareholders, the crowd was still pestering them about whether or not they would be receiving a free phone like they did at last year’s meeting. Instead, this year they were given a thermos, fruit juice and bread, but there was a raffle to win one of 200 phones for everyone in attendance.

The rest of the meeting still went off fine, with HTC’s projections predicting a profit for next quarter in hopes to quell some of the stockholders’s fears. That being said, stories like this show the magnitude of the situation that HTC is in currently. The company has gone from one of the top Android manufacturers in the world a few years ago to stockholders arguing with the company management about whether or not they would be getting freebies at their investment meetings.

If you were one of the HTC investors at this meeting, would a free phone be the first thing on your mind?

Via: WSJ
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  • Deon

    I never see Tim cook give investors free iPhone tho

  • Brackstone

    To be honest this is commonplace. I’ve known a few wealthy people and they would often tell me that they would go to meetings, pitches, etc, just for either free money (They would be paid to show up) or for stuff.

  • A thermos, fruit juice, & bread???

  • Jacob Dagenais

    Hey I hold stock in my carrier. Wheres my free service….? -_-

  • digitalicecream

    I hope they had to pay to get in.

  • Joe J

    the ultrapixel and htcs camera guru has probably cost htc about 3-5 billion in sales.

    • Matthew Merrick

      Seriously that’s so true. I know so many people who would have bought a HTC One /one max/one m8, but were scared away by the 4 MP camera

  • yummy

    HTC, taking multiple flushes, it circles and circles, but it never goes down. Dont you hate sh*t like that?

  • duke69111

    I guess you have to try to get back your investment somehow.

  • MH

    HTC Plz Go.

  • rawr

    “by HTC stock” indeed o_0.

    Stockholders are important for traded companies, they exist because of them. Like a democracy exists because of it’s people. If they want free phones they get free phones. Otherwise they pull out and HTC has neither investors nor profits.

    Thanks though.

    • panicswhenubered

      Me: “Hello stockbroker..I would like to sell my 50 shares of HTC stock.” Stockbroker: “Lets see, at $133 per share… here’s your 9.5 HTC One’s.” <– That about how much sense your string of comments make.

    • Dan Owen

      If only your dad had pulled out.

      • michael arazan

        Too bad his Dad didn’t Invest in Trojans

    • AMTrombley89

      The only thing they are entitled to is share price increases. Free phones =/= share value. Just because they own part of the company, doesn’t mean they can Lord it over the for freebies and hold them hostage if they don’t get them. If my potential investors decided with how much free crap I gave them, I wouldn’t want them as investors. If there isn’t a law against paying share value with products or items, there should be.

      • asten77

        They’re not even entitled to that. It’s fair to have expectations, but being a shareholder entitles you to one thing and one thing only: a vote. There’s no guarantees of /anything/ else, not even your investment back – much less appreciation of that investment.

        • AMTrombley89

          That’s why investing is a RISK. Nobody HAS to invest in anyone. They invested in HTC thinking they would succeed. They haven’t lately, so their risk backfired on them this year. That’s on them. You’re absolutely right. They’re not entitled to ANYTHING

    • Chris M

      Wait….so Ford owes me a car??? why didnt you say something sooner???

    • Macalee Harlis Jr.

      your comments prove only one thing.., the greed is real.. #firstworldproblems

      • trumpet444

        stop with the “firstworldproblems” crap.

        • Macalee Harlis Jr.

          or I can do what I choose with my keyboard. I suggest you do the same sir/madam and have a nice day!

    • CoryDobak

      But stocks, past the IPO, offer neither investments or profits. Once the initial sale goes off, and HTC collects the money from that sale, they stop getting all funds from those stocks.

      Lawl at your “If they want xxx, they get xxx”. If anyone were entitled to a “free phone”, it would be the person that bought the stock at the time of the IPO, not now. You can sit there and use all the jargon you want, doesn’t mean you’re right.

  • paul_cus

    I mean, they could have hooked them up with the leftover firsts.

  • mustbepbs

    They should send them all Thunderbolts.

  • Hakim Leveille

    They will fold son, by 2016 I think Samsung will have bought out HTC

    • hfoster52

      It’s all about the patents. So who will benefit more.

      • Hakim Leveille


  • Hell no. I would want to know were my money is going. But a free phone is still nice.

  • ROR1997

    If LG really isn’t making the Nexus, then HTC has to make it because they’re in a lot of trouble.

  • ROR1997


  • Caveman

    Can I be like Mr. Deeds and buy 1 share of HTC, then demand a new phone every year. Sounds like a good deal to me.

  • Ryan B

    I purchase stocks from companies like these, I never even get invited 🙁 sad day.

    • Maybe you have to buy a certain amount. I’m not sure as I don’t own stock in anything (don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing).

  • Cael

    HTC is not gonna get a profit next quarter. LBR, HTC.
    Can’t even afford to write off 2000 phones. The struggle is real.

  • Dave

    1000 free HTC phones hitting the market in a day would probably have been the largest market saturation ever for them. Yes I kid….but not really.

  • Matt G

    I’m sure they have some Thunderbolts lying around somewhere

    • Cael

      I’m sure they have every single phone they’d released since the Thunderbolt ready to go to a landfill.

    • Best comment lol

    • MichaelFranz

      I’d take an OG Droid Inc….but has to be a first production run, the one with with the AMOLED screen. Loved that phone

      • Steveo

        I skipped school to wait in line at Best Buy to buy the OG Incredible on release day. So began my obsession with Android…

    • hkklife

      Some Rhymes would be even better. I bet there are TONS of those sitting in a warehouse somewhere!

      • Cael

        Call them and the jewel will light up to find them

    • No no no no, the HTC First. 😀

  • HTC, Hardly Thought Competitive

    Living up to the joke!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    What kind of an idiot do you have to be to march into a meeting as a shareholder demanding a free phone when the company isn’t making you money? I thought this story would be about the frustration of the shareholders and demanding answers from HTC…they’re more interested in a free phone?

  • Craig Armstrong

    People are for lack of a better word, dumb. If I was invested I would want to know what was going on with my money more than a damned phone.

  • tylerc23

    Wow. So greedy. Buy your own damn phone

    • Cael

      they can’t. HTC is losing their money.

  • Tony Byatt

    Give them some Rezounds…

    • Mike Aurin


    • Mikey

      That phone had an awesome camera, especially with the dual flash!

      • Tony Byatt

        I had one to…Unfortunately I don’t think it did well…

        • Cael

          Snapdragon S3 and the battery killed it literally.

          • Actually the s4 pro does exceptional, I’m using my HTC DNA right now, very good picture and video recording quality, playback is good on this 5″ 1080p screen, battery lasts all day, comfortable fit in the hand similar to the moto x, does everything I need it to do.

          • Cael

            The Rezound had an S3 even though it was released late enough they should have given it an S4

      • T4rd

        Camera was pretty bad when my wife had it unless you were in perfect lighting conditions, same for the front camera.

        In fact, everything about that phone was pretty bad except for the display. Fortunately I’m not ignorant enough to hold grudges and am now the happy owner of a M8. But I blame a lot of the Rezound’s (and Thunderbolt’s) shortcomings on its lackluster support due to it being a carrier exclusive on Verizon. Which is why I wouldn’t even consider the DNA.

      • trumpet444

        It was ridiculously great in sunlight. Indoors it was terrible, no matter the lighting

    • Bryan Mills


      • Cael

        i Just got this. LMAO

      • Tony Byatt

        Wow, I completely forgot about that disaster…

    • Cael

      They just need to replace that S3 with a S600 or even an s800/801 and omg…”mini” phone of the year!

    • feztheforeigner

      Or some of their extra Thunderbolts. I’m sure they have plenty left over.

  • BeHereNow8484


  • gintoddic

    probably shouldn’t have given out free phones in the first place.

    • jabarri2

      or at least not an an annual event, you then have to top it the following year. at least this years meeting will be easier to top next year haha

  • S9779

    Lol not getting your free phone is the least of There shareholders worries

    • logic? Nah…

      That was going to be my comment, pretty much.

      If this free phone is their biggest worry regarding this company, HTC is obviously headed in the right direction…


  • zmr333

    No, that’s just greedy. When you know a company is going downhill you don’t sit there and beg for free crap from them

  • MichaelFranz

    so wait….you company is somewhat struggling financially…and you want something for free…..the greed is real…

    • Austin Goebel

      Give them last years flagship lol

      • Dan_17z

        ….. and tell them its the M8. They will probably never know. lol

    • Ray

      Right so you dropped thousands on stock but cant purchase your own damn phone in the company your invested in Huh…

      • Bryan Mills

        Entitlement runs rampant all over

        • rawr

          Entitlement isn’t when you invest large amounts of money and expect some kind of ROI you idiot.

          • d-rock

            So a free phone is ROI? Last time I checked, share values were ROI, not freebies at investor meetings.

          • rawr

            HTC isn’t giving them value through stock. Isn’t surprising they would want at least a piece of hardware.

            It isn’t like HTC is selling them to consumers, they have plenty in the warehouse.

        • michael arazan

          The top ten percent have 81% to 94% of stocks, bonds, trust funds, and business equity

          Entitlement mainly runs with the wealthiest. All the other things Right Wingers call entitlements are actually called safety nets so the poor don’t die

    • Scott Martin

      give ’em an htc first

    • Dark_Laser

      They probably want to sell them on eBay—it’s their only source of dividends.

    • AndroidUser00110001

      What about all the bonuses that are paid to the executives? I am sure giving away 1,000 phones is a lot less than the bonuses paid.

      • d-rock

        Then let them fight that, not free phones! and btw..thanks for all your work with the G2!!

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