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T-Mobile’s John Legere Apologies After Last Night’s Lambasting of AT&T and Verizon

Throughout T-Mobile’s Uncarrer event last night, CEO John Legere acted as he typically does during his company’s press events – like the renegade leader of a scrappy wireless company who holds nothing back when it comes to talking about the practices of his competitors. He can be vulgar and borderline offensive, but up until now, his act has mostly just generated chuckles from media and consumers. Last night, though, some would argue that he took things a little too far. Actually, even he is admitting it. 

Legere tossed out references to doobies, called Verizon and AT&T “greedy bastards,” talked about being “sick and tired” of coverage maps, laughed at Sprint’s Spark network, hated all over Pharrell’s “Happy,” decided he was his own best friend, and even dropped a “What the f*ck do I care about all that?” None of that was caused his apology today on Twitter.

It wasn’t until Legere made reference to AT&T and Verizon “raping you for every penny you have” and also noting that “the f*ckers hate you” that things were pushed over the edge. While I personally am not easily offended by much, I could see how those couple of lines could offend people.

So because people were offended, Legere issued this apology.

john legere apology

If you want to watch Legere’s highlights from last night, including everything we just mentioned, hit up The Verge’s video below. It is indeed R-rated, so we will have to label this NSFW.

Did he take it too far?

Via:  @JohnLegere | The Verge
  • Dale Burke

    No wireless company had to go with tiered plans, they did it JUST to make more cash. To Hell with what is fair and right. I lost my Unlimited Plan as well. The only reason I have stuck around with “BIG RED” is for the Motorola phones. Our wireless plans could be half what they are and the companies would still be making billions, and from what I hear 4G costs them less than 3G did to provide and you know the equipment was probably paid for with a Government grant. Carry on Dude, no apology needed……

  • Mr Silly

    Both networks are rubbish compared to their European counterparts with outdated business strategies operating as monopoly entities and selling customer data off to the NSA.
    Honestly, I’ve felt less violated spending a night in a Greek drunk tank while dressed in a kilt than being a short-term customer in the USA.

  • Higher_Ground

    Doesn’t bother me in the least. It’s not my style but I don’t think they guy is out to hurt people with his choice of words.

  • jar

    Love what he is doing – I think we live in a world that most people need you to say sorry, hold there hand and bow down. Nope!

  • JRomeo

    Is it just me or does he look like Grumpy Cat?

  • Naibas

    None of T-mobiles faux-cool impresses me to make me want to switch to them and I loose even more respect for a company that has to try to build their image up by putting their competition down. It just tells me the company is too lazy beat their competition by the numbers, which is the only thing that matters in my book. Of course the CEO of T-mobile is tired of hearing about coverage maps because T-mobile’s coverage map is lousy compared to VWZ & AT&T—I’m not going to pretend that maps are not stacked for marketing appeal, but unfortunately for a phone company, coverage MATTERS, and the CEO should know that!

    However, that said, the only good I see out T-mobile’s ‘renegade facade’ is that is puts the pressure on the VZW, AT&T, Sprint to address the other concerns of consumers (plans, phones, and pricing). I do give them props for trying, but T-mobile still no more than a little ankle biting yapper dog to me.

  • Floyd

    I hate when people apologize for being correct

  • jgemberton

    People shouldn’t be so quick to assume the worse. Rape has several meanings, not all of them sexual, or offensive, in nature. Plundering and violent seizure are 2 of the definitions of the word and I’m sure that’s what was meant, not violating us sexually in an attempt to take our money. And as far as the use of the F-bomb in reference to Verizon? I’m sure we’ve all used worse when talking about them.

    • Adrynalyne

      Rape is a negative and inappropriate word in every context and meaning.

      • jgemberton

        Well, nickel and dimeing people is a negative action requiring a negative term to describe it. There’s nothing wrong with negative…don’t confuse it with offensive. Offensive is always negative, negative is NOT always offensive.

        • Adrynalyne

          Rape is an offensive word. Use it all you like, it does not belong in the vocabulary of a business person addressing anyone but personal associates. There is no context where the word is appropriate in business.

  • Ryan Hume

    In my eyes why is he apologetic, he told the truth to people and sometimes the truth hurts. I had Verizon for many years and after customer service acting like i mean nothing to them and the bill being over 200$ for two lines a month I was done. I will stay with T-Mobile as long as he keeps doing what hes doing. Im with Legere all the way.

  • Kris

    I don’t see anything factually incorrect with what he has said.

  • Josh P.

    That’s very… Carrier.

  • Maximus

    He’s just pissed at the fact that HIS AT&T bill too is too damn high!

  • Kevin Phillips

    Quite honestly He is right “Those F*ers do like raping and raking us over the coals. Its why I left their asses and joined the Un-carrier. AT&T can eat Shyte and die!

  • yummy

    Never apologize to your fans. F everybody else. Take em down John, no apologies. You think big stupid red cares you grovelled before them. Get off your knees, dust yourself off, and stop saying you’re sorry.

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  • Jon Rojas

    I get raped every month by AT&T. Let’s call it what it is.

    • AndySamberg

      i’m on straight talk, my ass no longer hurts.

  • Joeygueez

    He can say whatever he wants, But T Mobile network is the worst of the 4, the slowest of the 4 and their plans are f**king stupid. You’re raping youc customers by not giving them options. People still to this day would rather sign a 2yr contract instead of paying full price over 20-24 months. Instead, People only have 1 option and it’s not even a good option. T-Mobiles network sucks PERIOD

  • verZion

    seriously, changes happened in the wireless industry once legere implemented the uncarrier plan, both at&t and verizon came down on price. he might have gotten carried away, but a lot of us do on a daily basis.

  • Mike Starling

    Nice of Legere to apologize but truth hurts doesnt it 😀

  • Donald Motley

    Hyperbole and dirty words aside, I’m hardly offended by frankness and honesty in the business world

  • Rambocombo

    Im an ATT customer and maybe we went a little to far but I think he needs to start producing from the ARPU is on par with ATT and Verizon. Tmo has not made any money in the last couple of Qr although theyve added tons of Subs. The question is long term can they sustain all of these perks the investors are gonna wanna start seeing a return. It makes sense why Deutsche Telekom wants to drop them and sell them and out of the US market. Ive had Tmobile and until they treat thier small business subscribers better switching is out of the question. I love being able to use Mobile share as we have tons of devices and With ATT I get my own dedicated business rep ,they let me upgrade every year, and I get all of the same promotions that normal customers get i.e bogo offers, refrub handsets online ect. I could not order devices online when I had Tmobile Business nor could I get the same promotions. Below is a map of Verizons current 4GLTE coverage , ATT planned coverage by Q3 2014 and sprints /tmobiles network if they were to merge. They have ALOt of catching up to do then we cant talk.

  • John Kitchen

    This dude is a clown

  • Quin

    I love it. Every company should have free music streaming. Tmo needs to focus on adding coverage though.

  • FreedomCostsPlenty

    His target audience of illiterate hipsters will love this.

  • Simon Belmont

    Ha. Good ‘ol Legere. I always liked the role of the scrappy little guy. In this case, T-Mobile, being lead by someone with that persona.

    Frankly he’s right, though, on pretty much everything he said. Using rape in that context was pushing it a bit too far, though, I agree.

  • Robert Boluyt

    Sums up my thoughts on this.

  • harrydevlin

    LOL, no wonder he doesn’t like coverage maps. Anyone that has T-Mobile as their carrier is not fond of coverage maps. Try visiting national parks like Yosemite (95389) on T-Mobile. Verizon and Sprint roam onto Golden State Cellular, AT&T has their own tower, T-Mobile has nothing. If you never leave home then T-Mobile is a great deal.

  • Rodeojones000

    I wish he and T-Mobile cared about coverage maps the way Verizon and AT&T do. Maybe then there’d actually be T-Mobile coverage outside of metro areas.

  • CasperTFG

    He didn’t take it too far. Verizon is a piece of sh*t company.

  • Hiran

    I think T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere took it waaaaaaaaaay too far. I do NOT like T-Mobile, I dislike T-Mobile, because of 2 things the Service/Network and the CEO. I have Verizon and I like the service and better customer support. I also like Verizon’s Coverage Map. T-Mobile, my archenemy works at T-Mobile and he and I got in a fight. I think John Legere should get fired or kicked off becoming the CEO of T-Mobile because of his fowl, big mouth. He is disrespectful and a bully and he needs to set a lesson. T-Mobile should NOT MAKE ANYMORE CHANGES. They are fine. I would like John Legere to be off T-Mobile.

    • Aaron C

      The only bully’s are the corporations who keep adding fees and taking away your unlimited data while charging you twice as much for cell service as they do it.

    • Stone Cold

      Get over yourself

  • Defenestratus

    There are people in this country who sit around all day waiting for the opportunity to demonstrate their faux outrage. I’d imagine that he’s taking more heat for the use of the word “rape” outside of the context of a sexual assault felony context.

    There are groups that will jump down your throat for even using that word outside of its textbook definition because for some reason they feel that using it in another way therefore diminishes the impact of rape on its victims. I think its silly. Its more language policing. Clearly Legere didn’t mean that Verizon and AT&T were committing sexual violence on its customers in a literal way, but he didn’t mean to imply that rape itself isn’t a serious, life changing event for its victims. Any reasonable, intelligent person can realize this – but that doesn’t matter to the PC police who want to try and project power over you by bullying you from using the word in other contexts.

  • NexusMan

    he’s a clown

  • chris125

    He’s only sick and tired of coverage maps because tmo shows where it really lacks in those. Come on tmo spend where it really matters, coverage outside of large cities

  • Shawn John

    Actually makes me respect him more, if you understand the message, you shouldn’t be offended.

  • crazed_z06

    Cant believe people are buying into this schtick lol

  • Colton

    Realistically, are we going to see much better coverage in the next year? Two years? Five? Ten?
    Serious question.

    • Shawn John

      Wait for the failed merger with Sprint, they should get more billions and spectrum as the failed merger with AT&T provided. Patience…

      • Colton

        Good call, I had forgotten about that. I want that spectrum…

    • Paul Hansen

      Considering about 80% of this country lives in 10-15% of its area (read:urban) They have the right idea. Unfortunately if you live outside these metro areas…

  • Mike Lee

    Anyone else see Grumpy Cat in that shot of Legere?

  • androidkin

    No apologize needed for saying the truth.

  • Mike

    To bad T Mobile costs almost as much with absolutely horrid coverage outside of major metro areas

    • Shawn John

      Define almost? it either is or isn’t not almost.

    • Paul Hansen

      Except my vzw bill is about half after taxes etc now with tmo

  • James Briano

    There’s a problem when the video of a CEO of a major corporation is labeled: NSFW

  • Tojen1981

    So he’s taking trying to woo in potential customers by calling them stupid?

  • androiddddd

    It’s easy to be cheaper when your network is the smallest of the major carriers. The reason AT&T and Verizon are more expensive is because they invest WAY more into their networks. If T-Mobile had the coverage or the number of customers that the other big guys have, their cost would go up as well. Also, it’s easy for them to brag about LTE speeds when they barely even have LTE and the don’t have enough customers to have to worry about network congestion. It’s like Yugo taking pot shots at Ferrari.

    • Aaron C

      I dunno. Verizon in my area got saturated VERY quickly. LTE was lit, and very quickly it slowed to a crawl. Meanwhile, all these new T-Mo sub’s in the past couple quarters have done jack diddly to my speeds here in NY.

      • androiddddd

        Well granted I can’t attest to where you live, but my town of 250k has roaring fast speeds on VZW LTE and no coverage at all with T-Mobile. T-Mobile seems forget that cell phones are a mobile solution. Even if it worked in all major cities, which it doesn’t, that still isn’t the point in a cell phone. If I was never gonna leave town I would get a landline and stick to wifi for internet. Cell phones are more expensive because way more costs go into maintaining the network than a landline, and because you are supposed to be able to use it anywhere. Even Sprint does it better by at least lining most major highways and interstates with coverage. When you look at the cost to benefit of T-Mobile to any other carrier it’s a ripoff. Worse customer service, a worse network, all of which equals a worse overall experience.

        • Aaron C

          Coverage is their #1 issue, definitely. The new 700Mhz spectrum will address that. Realtime stats have shown that where there *is* coverage, T-Mo is better than Verizon. In the northeast, we’re basically covered everywhere by T-Mobile. I’m glad, because I love everything Legere is saying (well, except perhaps for the “rape” comment). But I admit if I was in another area of the country, I’d probably still be with Verizon. In the Northeast though, anywhere you don’t get T-Mobile, we’re still covered by AT&T towers. Their customer service has been much better than Verizon in my experience, for the two times I’ve had to use them. Once the 700Mhz spectrum rolls out, the complaints about coverage will minimize. Will probably take 12-18 months though. I think for now, T-Mobile is happy to cover the areas they do and continue to steal Verizon, AT&T and Sprint’s customers.

          • androidddddd

            I’m curious about your comment about customer service with T-Mobile. Historically, T-Mobile’s customer service hasn’t been ranked anywhere near the top. Like I said, I wouldn’t change over because of the coverage, but I’m curious anyway. Verizon has always been amazing to me and has always seemed like they care about me as a customer. I’ve never had at&t but again, I’ve always gotten the impression that they try to benefit the customer when they can

          • Aaron C

            Two issues — one with data issue, one with data plan. When I first signed up with T-Mobile, I was having issue using data and it wasn’t a simple issue. The rep found the issue within a couple hours (called me back) and I was very happy with the resolution. The other was when I wanted an additional 1GB of LTE data for just one month (I was on vacation). I accidentally changed my plan. I called, the rep not only changed me back to my original plan, but pro-rated the extra days I hadn’t noticed. I asked if I needed to upgrade my plan since I was going on vacation, and the rep told me no, if you are going over, just upgrade then and then we can go back the following month.

            When I was with Verizon I had several billing issues that dragged on for months. They would continually tell me the issue was resolved, and I’d get my next bill and sure enough, it wasn’t.

  • Tony Byatt

    Apologizing was his only mistake…

  • trixnkix637

    He has to remember that being in the position he is in, he has to be more tongue-in-cheek & less hammer on the nail. With that said, I wish him nothing but success. His ideas have been GAME CHANGERS & I for one wasn’t offended nor disagree with anything he said.

  • EC8CH

    Personally I find VZW’s press releases more offensive. It’s offensive to try and sell their money grabbing anti competitive practices as pro consumer.

  • BobbyG

    Too bad they have crap service

  • regkilla

    The people that got most offended were Verizon and AT&T customers.

    • EC8CH

      nah… they’re all just wishing T-Mo had better service where they live.

      • Paul Hansen

        Yeah. Metro areas are fine with tmo. I’m actually much better with tmo in terms of reception and speed here in Chicago than I was with vzw.

        • Aaron C

          Same in NY – even T-Mo HSPA was faster than Verizon LTE here.

  • Mastdog

    He should care about coverage maps. If they had coverage outside of major metro areas then what he said would be relevant. Otherwise, he is just an overpaid clown in the wireless circus.

    • jer85008

      I thought I was in for lots of dead spots and coverage issues when I switched. But I’ve been all over Southern California, including out in the boonies and only found one remote place that I had no coverage but Verizon/ATT did. I’ll happily sacrifice my service in those spots to save $1200 per year. I know this isn’t the case for some, but probably most folks fall in this category.

    • harrydevlin

      Very true. Look at the coverage maps, especially if you’re in the western U.S., and you see why people stick with Verizon despite the much higher cost. If you never leave urban areas then T-Mobile is okay. We like to go to places like national parks, and take back roads. T-Mobile has very poor coverage in those areas, they don’t even try to cover them or have roaming agreements.

      • As an Idahoan, this is the gospel truth. I enjoy the culture of T-Mobile, and what they’re building. But there are definitely times when I miss the amazing coverage I had with VZW.

      • charles rogers

        The truth is nobody really cares about the people who live where we do. The real reason Verizon and AT&T bothered was so their maps would look good on thier commercials for the however much higher % of the country that lives in metro type areas.

    • Quin

      I switched from Sprint to Tmo 6 months ago. Tmo is awesome. Then I took a road trip in Northern WI and had no coverage for 30% of it. That was scary with a newborn and the wife. I wasn’t even able to make a call. So now Im with Att and I took the same trip with 4g coverage. However I have to watch my data now which sucks. If Att does the free music streaming I’ll be happy that’s all I really use data for.

  • You can’t just throw around the word “rape” anymore.

    Personally, I don’t care, but look anywhere on the internet and you’ll see it’s a big deal. Smart move on his part to apologize.

    • hkklife

      Agreed. other than that choice of language, no apologies necessary. If nothing else, T-Mo has shaken up the industry at least slightly over the past 2 years and that’s still a pretty major accomplishment seeing how things have only gone from bad to worse for consumers in the wireless industry over the past couple years.

      However, I still want to see them dramatically improve their coverage in rural and less urban areas.

  • monkey082506

    I like that man, I’m going to sign up for the test drive and see how well it does. That is a fantastic idea.

  • Tojen1981

    This guy talks so much crap its funny. Like he would be doing things any different that the current AT&T management if he was in their shoes. Anybody who believes he “cares” about you is just being naive. He wants your business plain and simple and is extremely desperate to get it.

    • monkey082506

      Apparently what he’s doing people like, AT&T, or Verizon isn’t stopping him and they keep loosing people. He’s winning…Sheen style.

      • Tojen1981

        At&t isn’t LOSING subs. The bulk of sub adds for t-mo are from people leaving Sprint, Verizon, or other smaller carriers.

  • merle

    Hey Verizon could you run me through the burger king drive through because i like to be fed before I am F%&ked!

  • gintoddic

    oh boo hoo, taken too far my ass. Stop turning this country into a bunch of bitches.

  • Cruz R.

    He doesn’t need to apologize. He said it like it is. And sometimes the truth hurts. I work in a phone company that caters all carriers. And I’m amaze how carriers hog tie their customers with the way plans are. Its gotten a little bit better since Tmobile shifted things around. But not by much. They just cant compete with Tmobile. There was a time where every week of the month the other carriers were changing their plans. I had to learn the new plan every frackin week. But what amazes me is the amount of money people pay for their monthly bills. On plans that offer almost nothing. We all know that devices are cheaper then what they sell them for so we know plans can be cheaper. But carriers will dangle that to their customers as bait. Google did one good thing with the last two Nexus devices. So manufactures cant say they cant make a really good phone at a reasonable price. Well that’s just my opinion…

  • Droidzilla

    “I’m sorry, Verizon and AT&T . . . that you suck balls so hard.”

  • akingsfan

    He simply stated what all of us are thinking! Good for him.

  • bathroom guy

    Can you please stop including giant pictures of his ugly face in your gigantic article cover images?

  • Chippah

    Calls other carriers out on “maps”
    Ask him about Adding service outside cities, he says no.

    • Defenestratus

      I wondah if he likes an atlas or sumpthin…. *snort*

  • Orion

    I have no problem on what he said whatsoever. He speaks the truth. He’s the only one that has the balls to speak his mind. I refer to him as the people’s CEO.

    • K

      Same here and at the same time though there are a lot of people on twitter that get offended rather easily so I understand why he felt the need to apologize.

  • Chippah

    LESS Acting like a jealous Bitch.


  • Chippah

    Cries like a girl about Amazon – ATT Exclusivity.

    His own service = Only Exclusive to Urban areas.

  • King of Nynex

    I don’t have an MBA, but if you’re head of a major company, you should probably avoid using the word “rape.”

  • InvaderDJ

    His character is wearing a little thin. I really want to love T-Mobile, but until they get some damn coverage outside of a few enclaves it is just words. No matter how good of a deal it is, if I don’t have reliable voice and data coverage in even medium sized cities and suburbs T-Mobile isn’t worth it. Hopefully their wideband LTE and expansions come quickly.

    • spunker88

      This, travel 10 miles outside of a city and you fall back to 2G, travel further and you get nothing. Meanwhile Verizon has covered nearly all their network with LTE so you can get super fast data even out in the boonies, and At&t has added a lot of HSPA+ and LTE coverage.

    • harrydevlin

      I think that what some of us find difficult to understand, myself included, is that some people really don’t care about coverage and they are quite happy with T-Mobile. Either they never leave urban areas or they don’t care about having coverage when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

      Not everyone has the same value proposition when it comes to choosing a cell carrier and while some people are willing to pay the extra cost for a carrier with good coverage others are willing to make the trade-off and take poor coverage for a cheaper price.

  • jonzey231

    No, it was awesome to watch that last night lol.

  • Matt G

    Last night was the first time I had ever heard him speak and he made me want to invest every dollar I have in that company

    • Under the bridge downtown

      He was inspiring… Too bad their network is crap in SoCal.

      • jer85008

        It’s perfectly fine in my SoCal (LA/SD), and I had Verizon for 10+ years to compare it to. Not nearly as good as ATT(who has by far the best network here) but still good.

        • Under the bridge downtown

          I guess we have 2 different SoCals 🙂

          • Alex

            Apparently we do, I’m in SoCal(San Diego area) and get good coverage, good lte coverage except one part and drops to hspa+ but still fast enought can’t complain. It’s bound to get better.

          • Under the bridge downtown

            I’m in a suburb outside the LA area. T-Mobile is not good around here. As a matter of fact, I don’t know anyone who has T-Mobile coverage or have ever met someone with T-Mobile in my area. I had a family member try it years ago, but it is a distant 4th behind Vzn, ATT, and Sprint.

  • Matt G

    Verizon and AT&T should be apologizing for how much they charge

    • ki11ak3nn

      That’s how I feel. They need to change their policies if they want to keep customers. It’s plain and easy.

    • Tmobile charges essentially the same prices as Verizon right now.

      • Matt G

        Still a little cheaper. With unlimited data, no contracts, opportunity to upgrade more often, most phones you don’t pay up front for, will pay early termination fee’s….

      • sevenwords

        Not even close. I came from Verizon where I had 450 minutes, 500 text messages, and 4GB data and my bill was going to be $30 higher than unlimited everything with Jump and no contract that I’m paying for now.

      • jer85008

        I just switched from Verizon to T-Mobile two months ago; I have four lines.

        Verizon: Three smartphones, one dumbphone. 700 min to share. Data: 4GB/2GB/500MB/None. Unlimited texts. $230 per month with fees/taxes.

        T-MO: Four smartphones. Unlimited data (3GB/1GB/1GB/1GB of 4G) Unlimited Talk/Text. $135 per month.

        Maybe a difference of nearly $1200 per year is the same to you, but it’s pretty significant to me.

        • ShadowGTX

          How in the world did you pay 230 for all that? I call bullsh*t… I currently pay 230 a month with 4 unlimited data smartphone lines, 1400 share mins, protection plan on all phones, unlimited text, and 2 of those phones pay for that stupid ring back BS. As for the mobile when I tested their network (1 weeks ago) yes I would be paying less, but no way in hell for that crappy coverage. I was getting 2 bars in Los Angeles? With Verizon I get 4 bars. Alot of you may say Verizon is “raping” us, but not all of us feel this way. I pay for what I get plain, and simple. Can’t put a Toyota Corolla in front of me, and say it’s a BMW.

          • jer85008

            How are you getting four lines of unlimited data on Verizon?

          • El_Big_CHRIS

            Grandfathered, like me 🙂

          • charles rogers

            Then it doesn’t count. Why would non-available plans even be in the discussion.

        • Aaron C

          Yep. I had three lines of unlimited data, 1400 min to share, and was getting a DEAL (according to my friends who also were on Verizon) at $220 per month after taxes and fees. Now I have five lines with T-Mobile – two lines with 3GB, three lines with 1GB for $165 a month including taxes and fees. Before we added the in-laws to the service (two lines, which added $30 a month total to the bill including taxes and fees), it was $130 a month. $90 a month adds up quick.

      • Nerrington141

        I’ll join the I left Verzion for T-Mobile train!

        Verizon: ONE Smartphone, ONE gigabyte of data, unlimited talk/text. 159 per month.

        T-MO: Two smartphones with T-Mobile JUMP, Unlimited talk/text/DATA, and 3.5 GB Wi-Fi hotspot at 4G(any past 3.5 gets throttled) 166 per month.

        7$ more for another smartphone, and unlimited data? Profit.

        • George264

          I saved even more. 3 phones, 8GB Data, Unlimited Talk/Text, 210 per month.
          Now we have 4 lines, Unlimited/3G/3G/1G for 150. That’s 720$ a year, enough for another phone. Also, I no longer have to worry about streaming. LTE has even been faster. I love John Legere.

        • Jason F

          Really? If you go to Verizons website, youll see a plan Unlimited talk + Text + 1GB OF data for 50 per month on the edge plan dummy

          • Carlos

            uhhhhhh maybe you forgot to see the part where he said 2 phones @ 3.5gb of hotspot lte, Jump, unlimited data??

      • Aaron C

        Only because they were forced to. You think all these new “Share Everything” plans and such would have ever been developed if T-Mobile hadn’t been stealing all their customers? No way. Everything Verizon and AT&T have done in the past six months have been in pure reaction to T-Mobile shaking things up.

  • Droid Ronin

    He’s just telling it like it is.

  • krubby

    Kind of a breath of fresh air from the pre canned statements and media shows. Having said that, I could of done without the God D*** comments.

  • duke69111

    Who get invited to these events? Media?

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Actually, T-Mobile was giving away tickets are multiple locations through their twitter feed for it to normal people.

  • Joe Butler

    “Maps, and charts, and promises, and happily framilies running through the store” LOL

  • jimt

    The truth hurts sometimes I guess. I enjoyed the whole show a lot.

  • DanSan

    i can’t stand the way everything has gone all PC… everyone gets offended, we have to watch what we say or else it will hurt someones feelings. shut up, sit down and suck it up. this is what we get for giving out kids trophies just for participating. growing generations of babies. He made no insult towards anyone else, the only “apology” should be towards AT&T and Verizon for calling them greedy and telling their customers they hate them. thats it.

    • Fooer

      Why should he apologize to AT&T and Verizon? I thought the whole point was to be all “Nah-nah, f*ck you guys!”

      • DanSan

        He shouldnt but if some little cry baby is demanding one, that is the only one that would fit.

        • Fooer

          Disagreed. I think the rape comment is the only questionable one. AT&T and Verizon can have their lawyers come over if they are that offended, haha

  • Jeremy Martin

    The man just needs to get that nationwide coverage like Verizon and he has a deal. I would go to T-Mobile then.

    • ki11ak3nn

      Well since I don’t have a travelling job where I have to go everywhere throughout the nation I’ll still with T-Mobile and all the money that I’m saving over being at Verizon.

      • harrydevlin

        It’s not just traveling for work, in fact most work travel is to urban areas where you can get by with T-Mobile. It’s traveling for vacation. Ask an RV owner which carrier they have. It’s almost always Verizon, with AT&T second. Verizon gouges, no question, but they gouge because they know they can gouge. The other option is Selectel or Page Plus, Verizon MVNOs. But no data roaming, and no LTE.

  • deskjob

    Did he take it too far? F*ck no!

  • Shane Redman

    No apologies needed.

    • sonicyoof

      I think he definitely needed to retract the rape line, everything else was great.

      • regkilla

        the rape part was true and the Verizon and AT&T customers know it.

        • MagicMiguel

          Everything he said is true. Some people are easily offended and Verizon and AT&T are using that as their response.

        • sonicyoof

          Yes, what he meant was true, but that’s not an appropriate way to express it. Some would argue that it actually trivializes the word.

          • DatDUDE

            Rape is definitely the correct word to use, just because it is unpleasant doesn’t mean he shouldn’t use a word that accurately describes exactly what they are doing. I left Verizon after they yanked my unlimited data out from under my wife and I’s plans when we were told we would retain unlimited data when upgrading. I am now on Tmobile and I really like this guy, he seems to be pissed that everyone is so damn content with getting fucked over constantly and I understand where he is coming from.

          • MicroNix

            I know what you mean. I’m not sure why I’m content to just get 4G LTE on Verizon at my house instead of 2G from T-Mobile. I guess I’d rather be raked over the coals and have *something* to show for it than paying “a little less” and having people laugh at me while I wait 10x as long for everything.

          • sonicyoof

            So the guy named “DatDUDE” is going to lecture me on how rape is actually an accurate description of “Verizon yanking unlimited data”… There are other unpleasant ways to get his point across, which he did repeatedly. And it’s not like I just made this concept up myself, there’s a lot of writing about this issue I am sure you are not remotely aware of (probably due to the incredible trauma of having your unlimited data yanked): http://www.huffingtonpost.com/amelia-shroyer/stop-saying-rape-out-of-context_b_5155173.html

          • Jason B

            Rape is the appropriate term, though in this context, it does not refer to the unlawful forcing of sexual intercourse.

            4: an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation

          • DictionaryDOTcom

            Yes, choose the fourth definition on Dictionary.com to make your point. The three pior to your carefully selected #4 are higher because they are more so associated with the word rape. It was the wrong word choice because it is almost always in reference to those first three definitions of rape.

            Abuse is a better word, I agree.

          • sonicyoof

            So you would say you are someone who has been raped, then? You are a victim of rape? Because YouTube wouldn’t buffer, you are on the same level as someone forced to have sex against their will. Take a second to think about what you are saying.

          • Jason B

            You obviously must not be familiar with the English language, but thankfully, I provided one of the meanings for you.

            If he said something like, “The CEOs of [said companies] are sneaking into your beds and raping you,” then I’d deem it inappropriate.

            Context. I think you should look that up too.

          • rawr

            Whoa twoxchromosomes poster obviously.

            You will not limit the english vocabulary, 1st amendment and all.

          • sonicyoof

            I am not saying no one has the right to say the word rape, I am saying using it superfluously is not right.

          • gregO

            This is why “rape” isn’t the term used anymore, it’s archaic and has been taken out of context from it’s original use, not for “sexual assault,” which is the term you should use. Just as the word “retard” has been taken beyond it’s intended use.

          • sonicyoof

            Now there’s an argument I’ve never seen made. Are you sure about this? So rape is now used exclusively to mean whatever John Legere meant here? AKA, doing away with unlimited data…

          • Richard Wolff

            You are the most easily offended schoolgirl I have have ever had the displeasure of encountering. Consider developing some thicker skin rather than inflicting yourself on everyone else.

        • Joseph Lampke

          You’re a moron.

      • Guest

        Agreed. I don’t think his attitude towards his competitors is problematic; he can be to them all day. But he should not upset people who are/might become customers, and it’s definitely over the line to toss around a serious word like “rape” when talking about cell phones.

      • Jonathan

        Agreed. I don’t think his attitude towards his competitors is problematic; he can be mean to them all day. But he should not upset people who are/might become customers, and it’s definitely over the line to toss around a serious word like “rape” in this context.

        • LOL

          Go change your tampon.

      • jdon285

        Why retract the word rape? That is a word that has been used since I can remember. It’s Used in books, speeches and by the media. Ex: “raping the earth”. I’ve been hearing it since I was a child and still do. I’ve never heard it as being controversial or offensive when used in any other way than the sexual violent definition.

        • sonicyoof

          You’d say the same about the “N word,” then? Just because you’ve heard it that way for a long time, that’s your defense? And I’m not saying don’t use the word rape ever, just use it when you are actually discussing, you know, rape.

          • jdon285

            Thank you for allowing me to do that Sonic sir I will do just that! And by the way I looked up the definition of the word and brought up a point, A valid one i will add. just because he used the word does not mean he was referring to forcibly having sexual intercourse with them!
            Oh and please show me where I defended myself??
            4. an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside.

            Look up the full definition if you want but that is the term I was referring to sir!

          • sonicyoof

            “That is a word that has been used since I can remember.” Sounds like defending your point.

            I’ll just repost the same link from above, although I dout it will change your mind: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/amelia-shroyer/stop-saying-rape-out-of-context_b_5155173.html

          • jdon285

            Whatever dude, your right it doesn’t change my mind at all. In fact I think it is more insulting and disgusting to insinuate he meant any such thing.
            Still don’t get your defending comment but I doubt I ever will as you just are looking for an argument not a discussion maybe you should go rape….errrr flame another forumforum or someone else I’m done with the topic. Have a great day.

          • sonicyoof

            Regardless of what specific definition he meant, the fact that it can act as a trigger to some people makes no difference to you?

          • Derek

            So your response is to post a link to a blog post that uses google search to prove it’s point? Classy!
            When did English die in this country?? Ugh!

          • sonicyoof

            With you I guess, since apparently you only looked at the picture at the top then didn’t read a word after that.

          • Derek

            Oh no, I did but that entire blog post is 1 persons opinion. Absolutely no different than if it was a comment posted here. You adding that does nothing to further the discussion, hence not proving anything.

          • Carlos

            Really? Seriously… freaking PC people.. get over it man. The word is used in an allegorical sense.. This is what tree hugging, liberal voting, obama loving crap gets you.. punk ..wimpy..participation trophy whiners.. BTW wind turbine sux… ok.. it sux.. so does the small ugly gas efficient cars! (Your pic sux too)

          • Carlos

            Again Senor tree hugger.. N word means ignorant. There are black, white, latino ignorants. However, its people like you that give that word power. It’s people like you that make the African American identify themselves with that label. Society determines the value of a word and the label of such words…

          • sonicyoof

            Woaahhh! I think we’ve bottomed out now, we have a genuine “N word” defender!

        • Higher_Ground

          times change, and there are a lot of words you should avoid using that were once considered normal.

          • jdon285

            Good point HG agreed!


      Grumpy Legere’s apologies.

      • michael arazan

        I think that is his “I’m out of cocaine look”

        • picaso86

          “Cocaine is hell of a drug!!”

      • JRomeo

        Exactly !

    • creed

      He absolutely needs to apologize. Everyone would expect it if he called them faggots. I’m sure the word rape is just as offensive to someone that has experienced it.

      • Carlos

        WAIT!!!! YOU JUST SAID FAGGOT>> I WANT AN APOLOGY!!!! dumb dumb dumb! wimpy wimpy wimpy.. bet your momma put elbow pads, knee pads and helmets on you before riding bike.. I bet she made your carry hand sanitizer..

        • creed

          Can’t tell if this is sarcasm or stupidity.

  • Whoever was offended needs to wake up. Everything he stated was the complete truth.

  • Amy

    Not offensive to me but there are a lot of people out there that will get butt hurt over it. He was very accurate with how AT&T and Verizon are but it was unprofessional. He could have said the same stuff in different wording so people wouldn’t be so butt hurt.

    • panicswhenubered

      How dare you make fun of the giant corporation I have to give $200 a month to (and still treats me like I don’t exist), sir.

  • Brandon Nicholson

    Good for him. At least he is honest. I don’t understand his hatred for AT&T as much after he received a cool $4B.

  • DanielMena9

    I think he just shouldn’t have said r**ped. Rick Ross lost his Adidas sponsorship momentarily because of it!

  • Bryan Mills

    Anyone offended is a baby.

    Legere was speaking the truth.

    • Colton

      You should tweet an apology for calling people babies you monster.

  • Ray
  • digitalicecream

    Not Really. He expressed my opinion well.

  • Omar Amer

    it’s truth, but very unprofessional. think its just the consumer in him that is getting upset at Verizon’s and AT&T’s practices.

    • TSY87

      That’s what I like about him though. He’s almost like the voice of consumers while actually being a CEO. And word choices aside, he’s not wrong.

      • Omar Amer

        not saying he is, just his presentation of the situation was unprofessional. aka, his word choice.

      • Tojen1981

        Right or wrong about AT&T/Verizon, it doesn’t even matter. He would be doing the exact same thing to the customers he “cares” about if he were running the show for them. His pretending to be an “average joe” is comical.

        • trixnkix637

          You’re statement makes little sense in the grand scheme of things.

          • Tojen1981

            How so? You are a fool if you think he actually is on your side. He’s the wolf that is locked out of the hen house by At&t/verizon and he’s mad about it.

  • MH

    Everyone offended by those statements, Plz Go.