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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 Gains Wi-Fi Calling

Folks who still use their smartphone to talk to people, take note: if you have the Sprint variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5, you can expect Wi-Fi calling in an update.

Wi-Fi calling grants you unlimited minutes and texts by switching to VoIP and internet-based messaging when you’re connected to a wireless access point. Sprint has remained committed to bringing the feature out to as many devices as possible, adding it to the Note 3 in April and the Galaxy Mega and S4 Mini in March. 

The OTA (G900PVPU1ANE5) is scheduled for rollout today. To download it manually, navigate to Settings > System > System Update > Update now. 

Via: Sprint
  • pickles

    For me, when I don’t have reception is when I also don’t have WiFi. I guess it’d be nice when I travel outside the US.

  • Dave

    I always wondered with VoLTE does your call drop if you lose coverage? Is the cell on anyway for backup?

  • sgtguthrie

    It’s nice when you’re in a building with sketchy reception. At my sister-in-law’s house no carrier gets good reception. I’m always fine with wifi calling on my Sprint Note 3 though 😉

    It’s not just calling either, texts go through wifi too when you turn it on.

    • wh1te_mag1c

      I was going to say how I am too cool for this (even though T-Mo doesn’t offer wi-fi calling/texting), but you make a valid point.

  • bassman418

    The only real benefit to this is when no service is available. Minutes and text are already unlimited. …

    • T4rd

      I’d say that’s a pretty nice benefit though.

    • Lee Winkler

      Which is VERY common in many houses across my area on the Sprint Network……and if you should be….in Canada for a weekend…or Mexico…

    • Joe

      No service is common for T-Mobile. That’s why they’ve had it for a while now.

      • WhatName

        My minutes still get used when I use T-Mobile’s WiFi Calling (I’m on the 5GB/100min $30 plan).

        • Quint

          I am on the pay per minute plan and my minutes are used when I am on it as well.

  • DanielMena9

    Reason I got an iPhone. T-Mobile promised wifi calling for all on iOS 8 (not sure if iPod Touch is included)

    • T4rd

      I thought pretty much all T-Mobile phones support WiFi calling..? Nexus 5 is the only one I know of that doesn’t. This is usually why the T-Mobile phones take a little longer (relative to international and AT&T phones at least) to get updates.

  • Ryan N

    Other carriers take note!

    • Adam White

      Seriously, this thing needs to be supported across all networks. I’m about to take a trip overseas and having the ability to still send sms and calls would be great. I can’t believe I’m just now hearing about this.

    • Nick

      Yes. However, I would rather have this as a fallback and not the default. I pay for access to the carrier’s network because I want to use that network. My Verizon service runs circles around my Time Warner internet service in terms of speed and reliability.

      • Ryan N

        Not as a complete replacement, no doubt. But think of anytime you are inside somewhere that doesn’t have service, like a large steel frame building, being able to make Wi-Fi calls without cell service is a great advantage.

        • Nick

          Right, that’s why it would be great as a backup option.