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Pre-order the Amazon Fire Phone Right Here

If you are interested in Amazon’s new Fire Phone, you can pre-order starting right now.

You can buy the phone with 32GB or 64GB of storage. The 32GB model runs $199 on 2-year contract or $649 at full retail. The 64GB model is $299 on 2-year contract or $749 at full retail. Keep in mind that the phone is an exclusive to AT&T.

Amazon Links:  Fire Phone (32GB, $199) | Fire Phone (64GB, $299)

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  • TeeJay1100

    Your not Apple Amazon, this phone will be the death of you in the smartphone market!! As fast as you entered it, that’s as fast as you will exit it. Amazon fire is DOA. Ecosystem isn’t strong enough to exist outside of Google Play, first mistake

  • James Webb

    Bring it to Verizon.

  • shamatuu

    Personally i don’t see why you would you get this phone for 2 whole years when it last last year specs. If it was on T-mobile than maybe.

  • monkeyboyep

    Bluetooth 3.0. Sorry bro.


  • Raven65


  • Tony Byatt

    $650 off contract?

    What’s in the coffee in Seattle…


  • Dave

    Maybe they can leave OnePlusOne in charge of marketing this DOA phone, since they already have one under their belt.

  • Jared Denman

    At least they got the internal storage sizes correct! In 2014 32GB should be a minimum!

  • GutterIsATool

    “Get last year’s specs for this year’s prices!”

  • They’re smoking crack. This phone needed to debut in the $50-100 range to make a splash. DOA.

  • Knowwhatimean

    This is great news! And by great news I mean bad news. What a super product. And by super product, I mean blunder. I mean have you ever seen such a splendid technical beauty? And by splendid technical beauty, I mean brown deuce. What is 4m4z0n thinking introducing such a wonderful fire branded phone? And by wonderful I mean flaring hemorrhoids. I think I just shipped my pants!

  • bogy25

    This just in….Samsung S5 Super Prime with Charismatic Perspective……..iphone 6 with Life Changing Perspective Force Field Emitter – a first!!!

  • Brett Wayne

    Stupid disqis repeat

  • droidrazredge

    Amazon Firephone is going to need a Firesale to sell this because hardly anyone is going to be interested in this due to the exclusivity of AT&T and no Google Playstore.

  • TimCookApproves

    Will Apple sue? If there was ever a reason to sue for looking like another device, this is it…

  • Brett Wayne

    Someone can’t wait to say Hi!

  • Deez

    This has Garminfone written all over it.

  • Colts5609

    3 Big dislikes.
    1. AT&T Exclusive
    2. $650
    3. No Google Play.

    Cool phone and features. I love Amazon, I love Prime. But I will be passing on the Fire Phone.

  • vtpmt81

    Charging the same price as an iPhone/Android flagship without having flagship specs? Getting away from the business model of selling devices at cost to get people to buy your content? One of the main reasons why people buy the Kindle Fire Tablets is because of the price. $649 off contract? They have lost their minds. This phone is DOA.

    • AngryBadger

      Yeah, some surprised by that as well.

    • wh1te_mag1c

      The specs are still good, just not bleeding edge. The phone’s main selling feature is not the specs. That should be obvious.

      • Cael

        The phone’s main selling feature is to get you to buy more stuff after already buying it. LOL its a fail.
        The messaging app is plain. What does the dialer look like? Probably plain too.

      • vtpmt81

        I hear you – but why buy this over lets say the Asus Padfone X? It has better specs (screen) and comes with a 9″ Tablet dock and is the same price on contract and less off contract.
        More importantly – Why buy this over the SGS5, HTC M8, or LGG3? We know that the HTC One M8 and SGS5 are really good phones
        It is a nice device but the price is just insane. They made the same mistake that Motorola did with the X – exclusivity on Moto Maker and high contract/off contract costs. I bought my Moto Maker 32GB Moto X in January this year for $358 (this included tax and shipping costs). I expected this phone to be less than $500 off contract.

      • TC Infantino

        Not bleeding edge specs, but very bleeding edge price. I think it should be obvious that comparing this phone to actual Android top tier phones (with access to Google Play apps ecosystem) will cause people to quickly chose the Android phone over the Amazon phone.

    • mcdonsco

      Agreed…the pricing on this is an instant fail.

      If it were FREE on contract; it might have a chance. But why would someone, on contract, get this over a gs5, apple 5s, m8 etc? Nope…

      And off contract? Only peeps buying off contract are mostly enthusiasts of some sort; techies…they / I’m not paying $650 for a massively overboard skinned android phone.

      I was interested figuring as an Amazon consumption device it would be cheap; until that price came up…no thanks.

    • hkklife

      This thing is SO DOA it’s not even funny. Exclusive to AT&T, no Google Play or GAPPS and sky-high pricing? GTFO! It’s going to make the Ouya and Notion Ink Adam look solid in comparison. Mark my words, by the end of the year they will be coming up with all kinds of promos to offload surplus inventory. NO ONE is going to pay those prices, even with the demise of the Nexus program. Amazon is simply getting more desperate and more boneheaded by the day. Their streaming music service absolutely blows and offers nearly nothing to make me want to reup Prime next year. Meanwhile, we continue to wait and wait and wait for a Instant Video app for regular Android devices.

      • Eric R.

        It’s going to end up like the Facebook phone

  • AngryBadger

    Eh… cool but not something I really want. Wonder how the new nexus/silver stuff is coming along. Can AT&T alone convince enough of its own users to pick this phone up in today’s aggressive market? Seemed best to have opened it up to all/most US carriers since Amazon delivers throughout the entire US.

  • Will P


  • mcdonsco

    Considering this is also largely an Amazon consumption device (and thus users of it will almost certainly spend more money with Amazon), I’m really surprised to see the price poing being no different than any other “top tier” phone…big mistake IMO.

    • rawr

      Includes 90 dollars of prime too. So it is different.

      • mcdonsco

        Still doesn’t justify the asking price. Lots of phones come with freebies, some valued well over the cost of prime membership.

        • rawr

          Nothing I’ve come across is valued over Prime, I’ve probably saved enough on shipping to buy a new unlocked phone every year.

          • mcdonsco

            I agree about primes value (for shipping; I use it A LOT too – for video etc though, every time I look there’s nothing there but old stuff or crap), but $90 is still $90.

          • Wayne’s World may be old, but by god at least Amazon Prime has it and it’s a damn good movie.

          • maxkobi

            idk… Samsung always tells me i got like a million dollars in apps and services when i bought my Note 3, haha XP but true, Prime has saved me countless shipping… and as much as i hate to admit it gas and time when i didnt want to run to Walmart to grab something and figured i could wait 2 days and have it delivered WINNING

  • Zach B.
    • Patricia Steven

      Just a shame that it’s the Amazon ecosystem. They’re solid, but not solid enough for me to hop on their fork.

  • ROR1997

    “I want that phone”
    Said my grandmother, who also wants an “IPod Phone”

  • Kelly OBrien

    Wonder if you have to look at continous adds on the lock screen like the Kindle fire

    • K

      For the ridiculous price they’re charging they better not.

    • rawr

      But you also get to look at Amy.

      • Cael

        Is she even a real support person? Or is she like the fake Wendy in the Wendy’s commercials cause the real Wendy isn’t skinny?

        • rawr

          She is an actress, you can google Amy from Amazon and there are articles about her.

    • Colts5609

      I was wondering that myself. But there doesn’t appear to be an “Ad free” purchase option luckily. I guess they just rolled that into the high price.

  • Meltdown07

    Cool features, but still too expensive even when considering the included 1yr Prime membership. If they released with Nexus-like pricing, and available with more carriers they may have had a hit.

  • timrcm

    This was a stupid move of them, in my opinion. They should’ve released something $199 OFF contract, even if it meant cutting back on the specs. Their massive retail presence could’ve made it a real competitor to the other unlocked phone options out there. Oh well… this is going to flop as hard as the HTC First.

  • BoFiS

    Pfft, maybe if it ran stock android, didn’t have a glass back, and had a microSD slot to go along with that nice camera button I’d care….oh, and not be carrier locked to ATT

    • bkosh84

      So basically if they changed everything about everything you would care then.. Got it.

  • Arnold

    That’s an iPhon…. oh.

  • Sqube

    I saw mention of a 64GB version, too. I’m really excited about all the hardware.

    Just a shame that it’s the Amazon ecosystem. They’re solid, but not solid enough for me to hop on their fork.

    • Meltdown07

      agreed. I actually have an HDX and its great for loading up videos for offline viewing, but there are far too few apps available (in addition to missing some super popular ones) to make it a real tablet. Sideloading isnt a viable option for most.

  • $649? No way.

    • Bryan Mills

      Like any other phone

      • jtc276

        Most other phones at that price point have better specs and aren’t running a forked version of Android.

        • rawr

          Touchwiz might as well be a forked version of Android, maybe change 2 letters…

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Far from it.

          • rawr

            Informative reply

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Meaning it’s not forked at all.

          • jtc276

            TouchWiz has access to the Google Play Store.

        • Exactly, that’s why the Kindle works well, it’s cheap.

      • Many phones are $400-$600 or less now, $649 is on the high side. Especially for a mid-ranged phone with Amazon ads everywhere.