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Pressy is Actually Shipping, App Hits Google Play

Everyone remember Pressy? That would be the Kickstarter funded button that plugs in to your phone via headphone jack, so that it can then be used to trigger actions on your phone. It is yet another Kickstarter project that sounded amazing at inception, but its creators have struggled with the manufacturing portion.

There have been delays if you think about the original ship date which was slated for March. Companies like Xiaomi thought the idea was awesome, so they copied Pressy to a T and have already released their version which costs a fraction of Pressy’s $17-20 price tag. There are other knock-offs of the project filling eBay by the day, leaving Pressy fans a little more than frustrated. It’s a mess. 

But hey, they told backers (me included) that Pressy is actually shipping! Over 15,000 orders were processed and shipped yesterday, with estimated arrival times of this Wednesday. The rest will arrive within 5-14 days, though some may slip to 21 days depending on your location.

Also, the Pressy app is now live on Google Play. You can install it if you would like to, but you won’t be able to use it until you receive your Pressy. In the package with your button, you will receive an activation code for the app that unlocks it.

Anyone receive shipment notification on their Pressy? Have you already moved on? Do you hate Kickstarter as much as I do at this point?

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Via:  Kickstarter
  • epps720

    Just got my Pressy in, and it won’t work. Love waiting a few extra months for a product for it not to work.

  • Dustin Casper

    What is the point of this? To sacrifice the headphone jack to become a button?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I bought in.. looking forward to seeing if it lives up to their hype. It was cheap, like $20, but has a lot of cool potential IMHO.

  • Dt Bell

    It’s the thing that many will buy but few use. It’s easier to short cut the app to the screen?

  • rutgersjaffo

    SO where the hell do I order the non-Pressy one?

  • Drome

    this was a catastrophic failure. NEVER kickstarting anything technology related again. no shipping date yet

  • lol i still think its comical people thought this lil piece of metal was worth 20 bucks…u can get apps that make your volume and your power buttons do anthing…yet u want another button on your phone that you have to take out and put in esp if you wanna use your headphones? lol i mean….yeahhh…was a fail from the get but good for them they prob made a boat load of money off these su..er backers

  • FPressy

    Has DRM tied to “Activation code”, someone needs to break it.

  • Alan Burnstine

    I needed it a lot more before I got my HTC One (M8) which has a nice gesture for starting the camera, and I think it will be less useful with the headphone jack on the bottom rather than the top of the phone, but I am still looking forward to using it. I have a couple of use cases for it that will make it worth having invested.

  • d-rock

    And this is where patents should protect small start ups. I will be backing Pressy in lawsuits against the copy cats.

  • What uses do people see in adding a second button to their phone? Just curious.

    • Miguel Angel Portela

      I use mine for a dedicated camera button

    • Miguel Angel Portela

      It’s a novelty I guess

    • j

      Nothing that can’t be done on a rooted device. I can assign actions to either volume rocket, or the power button, including double tap secondary actions, etc. Dedicated camera button is probably a big one.

      • j


        • Mele Kalikimaka

          volume rocket sounds more fun.

          • AngryBadger

            Must be for those FF speaker phones/tablets :).

    • epps720

      Quick access to camera, flashlight, direct call or other apps you use frequently. I backed this and so annoyed how long it’s taken. Originally my main reason for backing this was for the camera access but since then I’ve gotten a G2 which already has an option for quick access to the camera. refuse to ever back anything else on Kickstarter.

      • Miguel Angel Portela

        I bought a Mi Key. Thanks for the ideas. The flashlight is something I never even considered!

        • EngineerGunter

          Mikey won’t work because Pressy app requires a product code to activate the app. 🙁

  • Michael Tate

    I bought in on Pressy … seems like FOREVER ago … and I just want my $ back at this point. I don’t even care about this device anymore. I’ll be trying to sell mine as soon as I receive it.

    • mjmedstarved

      Has… techonology changed really that much since? Or… what changed your mind?

      • Michael Tate

        Well … one big thing was being able to pull my phone out to quickly take a picture. Since I always use a password on my phone to access it, it was a pain to take a quick picture with it. When I had my last device (Moto Razr Maxx) I thought Pressy would be a great option for getting a quick photo. Now that I have the Droid Maxx … to take a picture, all I have to do is take the phone out and twist twice in my hand and the camera comes up, even though my phone is locked still. I can snap away in a couple seconds. I really don’t see the need for Pressy any more.

  • yummy

    Once there is cold hsrd cash to be made, boutique projects will be shoved aside by sharks used to margins and profuction schedules.

  • Ray

    Talk about a waste of money $20 thats a nice lap dance.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      hmmmm true true.

    • Bill W.

      Yeah, but in the morning you will still have the pressy.

      • Jeremy Turnley

        Depending on the lap dance, you may have something from it too. The pressy won’t usually require a doctor visit, tho.

      • tom riddle

        If you’re good enough, that night you should get some pressy.

  • And for the same price you could get 4 Xiaomi Mikeys.

    • Miguel Angel Portela

      I actually just bought one of those with my Xiaomi Mi 3 last week. I wonder if it’ll work with Pressy’s app

      • wikid_one

        Maybe, but according to the email i got this morning, the app will require entry of an activation key that is included with the Pressy.

        • Miguel Angel Portela

          Hmm. Probably to block the Mi Keys

      • EngineerGunter

        I’ve got one, but can’t use the app because Pressy requires a product code to activate the app. So my Xiaomi Mikey can’t be used with their app. Bummer. 🙁

        • Miguel Angel Portela

          That is a bummer. At least someone translated and released the MiKey app

          • EngineerGunter

            Where is that app?

          • Miguel Angel Portela

            Right here 🙂 en.miui.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=18958&mobile=2

    • zurginator

      This is why patents can’t be completely done away with – R&D is expensive, and someone will just copy your product without that overhead.

  • Ryan N

    I may buy one when it retails. We’ll let you backers form an opinion first.

  • Jon Markman

    I’ve backed over a half dozen projects on Kickstarter and a grand total of one has been worth it. I suspect that this will be another in the “not worth it” camp, but I won’t know for sure until mine arrives.

    • sirmeili

      For me, I think it was worth it for my GNexus, but now that I have a motoX and all the stuff it just “does for me”, I’m not sure my pressy will be that useful. I will give it a shot though. I never use my headphone jack, so it’ not like it will hurt to try it out.

      • Michael Tate

        I’m a Pressy backer and I’ve got the Droid Maxx now and I don’t see the need for Pressy anymore with my Maxx. I’ll be selling mine as soon as it shows up at my door.

    • Leif Sikorski

      It’s the problem with Kickstarter and Hardware in general. Building and shipping a device usually takes such a long time that most people won’t longer need the device when it arrives. Many projects doesn’t even have a serious prototype when they start their campaign.
      It’s one of the reasons why I stepped back from Software and Hardware projects on Kickstarter. I still like the idea of crowd funding and for social projects or artists it often makes much sense, but for software and hardware it’s a different story.

  • Maxim∑

    those margins..

  • Eric R.

    The iPhone needs this with all of those broke power and home buttons

    • K

      Indeed. People praise Apple for their “excellent” build quality but the power and home buttons can easily fail

      • Maxim∑

        they can “easily” fail if you treat your phone like crap

        • Chris Stuart

          Nope. My wife had her phone in an otterbox from the minute she got it and the power button still failed. I had to use the accessibility settings to put a button on her screen to turn the phone/screen off. Happened after a year of use. The mechanism they have for that button is lousy.

          • Maxim∑

            I assume its an iPhone 5.. Apple already acknowledged issues with it

          • rutgersjaffo

            Ah. So first it was everyone’s fault for “treating their phone like crap” but now you concede that iPhones are made of tissue paper and candy glass, lol.

        • MistaButters

          I knew nearly a dozen people who had their iPhone 4 home button fail before the 2 year plan was up.

          And 6 months ago I went with my gf to the Apple store because the home button on her 5 stopped working. The 3 other people within earshot of us at the Genius Bar were there for the same thing (all iPhone 5).

        • rutgersjaffo

          There are two kinds of iPhones in the World. Those with a ridiculous Otterbox cover…and broken ones. Because they are more fragile than Glass Joe’s jaw on Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. This is a fact.

    • Congrats, it sounds like you just found the way to make your millions: iPressy.

      • Droidzilla

        There’s no money to be had there. Apple will “invent” it after you release it and then sue the pants off of you. Because they’re for the little guy, or something (I wasn’t paying attention during the OWS protests).

    • Higher_Ground

      I think just about every phone comes with a power button, though that’s usually the only reason someone trades one in… I’m an android fanboy but most people seem to keep their iphones until they physically don’t work, and that’s only if they can’t figure out how to repair them (or pay to get it fixed).
      If there was a way for me to use this with my transformer tablet to bring up the on-screen keyboard without detaching the dock (3 keys stopped working, and “e” was one of them) I’d be all over it. I just don’t think it’s possible without somebody specifically trying to work on that function.

  • Guest

    Any word on the NFC button strip project?