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Nest Protect Returns at a Lower $99 Price

It wasn’t too long ago that Nest halted sales of the Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm and recalled hundreds of thousands of units for safety reasons. At the time, the Google-owned company said the unit’s Wave feature, which allowed users to turn off the unit with a hand motion, was at fault – given “a unique combination of circumstances,” it could be triggered unintentionally. After nearly a month, it seems the team at Nest has developed a blanket fix: disabling Wave altogether.

The updated Nest Protect, which is available again starting today and on sale for $99 ($30 off), may be updated to support Wave in the future. However, CEO of Nest Tony Fadell was adamant that the development team would only implement the feature after it had undergone testing from safety agencies in the U.S., Canada, and U.K. In other words, don’t expect it for a while.

Nest Protect is available from Amazon, the Nest store and other fine retailers.

Update:  Available on Google Play now as well.

Via: Nest
Cheers Jason!
  • MarkAQuinlan

    After nearly a month, it seems the team at Nest has developed a blanket fix: disabling Wave altogether. http://moourl.com/9qlto

  • Louie

    Deactivated defective feature? I’ll pass.

  • Hohlraum

    Why would you disable smoke detector … ever ?

    • kendokan

      Cooking something smokey.

    • Scott H

      That feature basically gave you the option to upon warning from the detector disable it. So if you’re cooking something that is creating smoke in the kitchen and you know about it, it would tell you it was about to go off and if you waved it would disable the alarm for that “instance”. So you wouldn’t have smoke detectors going off all over the house for a minute or two while you try to get rid of the smoke that you’re very aware of. I make a delicious beer candied bacon that tends to create some smoke near the end of cooking from brown sugar burning on the bottom of the pan. And the alarm all over the house certainly gets annoying.

  • markp99

    A refund of $33 per unit for existing users:

    $99 on the way to me right now! yay.

    • Michael Smith

      Thanks, getting the same amount here!