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Koush’s AllCast Receives Update With Flashy New Tablet Interface Included

You know what’s better than watching media on your big screen TV through the AllCast application? Watching your media and deciding what you’re going to watch next at the same time. The latest update to AllCast has landed in Google Play and brings a nifty split-view tablet interface that allows you to do just that. 

AllCast has been around almost as long as the Chromecast itself has, so seeing it still being updated with new features like the split-view UI is a good sign. The changelog doesn’t stop there however:

  • New tablet UX
  • Full screen swiping UI for photos
  • Photo slideshow mode
  • Auto-pause on incoming call
  • Tons of bug fixes

To top the changelog off, Koush casts his vote in the Game of Thrones debate, “Hodor for King, 2016.” This is a nice update to an already great application. If you haven’t picked up AllCast to compliment your Chromecast, the app is free in Google Play, but if you really intend to get full use out of it, the Premium version will run you $4.99.

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  • Raven

    Slightly off topic, but someone might find useful. I recently received a 2nd Chromecast free with a WiFi router. I only actually own 1 HDTV right now, but I do have a nice 24″ monitor with dual HDMI in, but no built in speakers. I wanted to enable it for casting to, but need sound. I found a HDMI to HDMI + 3.5mm Stereo extractor on Amazon, but it costs $33. This would work for turning a monitor into an HDTV, but I am still looking for a little cheaper solution if anyone knows of one.

  • lillianhoward

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  • Carlos Lopez

    Can allcast cast to apple tv with movies I rented or bought from google play?

    • ratnok

      Your mistake was actually buying Apple TV.

      • Tee

        Let’s not forget how big of a flop Google TV was…. I wasted money on that garbage.

        • Was that Sony Google TV that bad? I wanted one but I think the specs weren’t that good. I set one up for someone and it seemed cool.

          • mizkitty

            Futureshop is still selling that Sony Media Box refurbished…$99 CDN…

          • Oh I forgot about that little thing. I was talking about the actual Sony Google TV, the white one.

          • PatsyWerstleritu

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        • JRomeo

          he’s not talking about Google TV, he’s talking about the android app store (i.e. Google Play), where you can buy movies and tv shows…….. you can cast anything you buy there to your chromecast on your big screen TV or just watch on your mobile device or computer.

      • Adrynalyne

        Apple TV > Chromecast.

        Rightfully so for the price.

    • JRomeo

      No. However, feel free to cast all of your TV Shows and Movies you rent or buy from Google Play to the Chromecast enabled HDTV you have.