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Deal: Grab the Moto Stream for $25 With Coupon Code (50% Off)

Motorola’s new Bluetooth music streaming device, the Moto Stream, can be had through their own shop today for 50% off, which brings its $50 price down to $25.

For those new to the Moto Stream, think of it as a discount-Nexus Q. You can team up with friends to all stream your favorite tunes through it, but it only does music, whereas the Nexus Q connected to your TV to let you stream movies, music, and other media. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a solid little gadget, it just isn’t anything more than a Bluetooth music, dongly, thing that connects to speakers.

On that note, the Moto Stream is not a speaker; it connects to speakers you already own, so don’t buy this expecting it to produce sound for you as well. 

Hit up the link below, then plug-in in code “PC7!3!RAK” at checkout.

Motorola Link

moto stream deal

Via:  Slickdeals
Cheers Scott and thebeeobee!
  • JT

    No longer works ;(

  • BoNeZ

    The code no longer works. -__-

  • Drome

    Thanks for reminding me about my nexus Q that google turned into a shotput.

  • Raven

    Says Out of Stock now. Maybe they will take the hint that people are willing to buy it at a lower price and actually lower it somewhat. I am thinking $35 would be far more acceptable to the masses and still net them a decent profit.

  • hfoster52

    Out of Stock.

  • Chris Hughes

    Code no longer works 🙁

  • monkey god

    shipping kills it. Especially, when you consider that you can get a very similar bluetooth receiver device w/ NFC pairing on Amazon for just $20-25 w/ free shipping. The only thing missing are the gimmicky lights and hijack feature.

    • makapav

      Hijack feature is actually a HUGE advantage here in m opinion where there are more than one persons interesting in streaming.

  • C-Law

    Promo code doesn’t work for me. Says invalid

  • lillianhoward

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  • Psyko

    Shame their system wouldn’t allow sales earlier when it kept showing people unavailable. Saw that people were having success again but by the time I got back to a computer the promo code was dead.

  • Matt Judkins

    No longer works, Bummer. I wanted one at this price.

  • Digbob

    What a ripoff. Get a Bem Bluetooth speaker with line out for $35 instead. Same functionality, plus wireless speaker.

  • Frank

    seems to be working again. I just placed my order

  • JoeTi

    Im in! Fun for backyard parties.

  • does this come with the aux cord also or is it just the dongle?

  • Liam Garcia

    Is it just for today or until when? becasue it it sold out immediately. And have to wait until the 23rd.

  • droidrazredge

    @kellex:disqus for some reason the PC7!3!RAK does not apply anymore. Maybe Motorola stopped the coupon from working. Update: You can’t apply PC7!3!RAK and JUSTBECAUSE10 on the same order. PC7!3!RAK still works by itself.

  • JeremyRoenickDanceParty

    I’m a little peeved that I bought this on the first day and now this discount pops up. Moto should treat early adopters better.

    • LionStone

      Early adopters will always pay more.

    • TechTinker11

      Like LionStone said, early adopters will pay more for everything, and its only a few hour sale to help boost sales and word of mouth, its not a price drop.

    • I’ve always had really goods luck with Motorola honoring new discounts on merchandise i bought within a week or two. Try your luck. Maybe they’ll give you a Google Play gift card or something for the $25 difference in price.

  • AtupeleChakwera

    Shame there is no international shipping or it is available outside the US.

  • s0nic69
    • too bad it doesnt work for the moto x waaaa i miss this on my droid hd

  • droidrazredge

    I was tempted on buying this a couple of weeks agoi. It’s a good thing I waited and did not bite when the 10% off coupon came out!! Now i’ll get to try this out for about as much as a Chromecast Cost. Thanks @kellex:disqus for this deal.

  • cizzlen

    Yeah, no.

  • ChuckDz3

    We might have overloaded them. I was told not in stock for my order until June 24th. Still a great deal. Thanks!

    • sirmeili

      Yeah, it lets me add to cart and lets me get to the final stage of ordering (“Process order”) and then says “One of your items is no longer available. Even if I go back and start over, it lets me add to my cart, but then it tells me the same thing 🙁 I probably wouldn’t get one for $50, but I definitely was going to get one for $25!

      • Bunklung

        Same here.

        • sirmeili

          I noticed that this morning it is magically “in stock” again, but the coupon code no longer works. Oh well.

  • Terrence Adams

    * clicks link happily to buy a bluetooth speaker *
    * sees “does not produce sound” *
    * closes browser and sheds tear *

    • Pratik Holla

      This turns any speaker into a bluetooth speaker doent it? U just hook it to the speaker of your choice using an aux cable and stream from your phone/tablet via bluetooth.

  • Larry Bublitz

    Anyone reading this have one? How’s do they sound?

    • TechTinker11

      It doesn’t do sound, you plug in to your stereo system and pair your phone with it, so like the chromecast, you click play on your music, and it could play through your speaker system.

      • Larry Bublitz

        I should have been more clear– how does the sound coming out of the stereo sound? Extra artifacts or digital compression noise? There are good bluetooth and bad bluetooth decoders. Just wondering if anyone has this and can say “It’s awesome!” or “Meh, sounds tinny.”

        • James Briano

          It’s Bluetooth.

          • Nick West

            Clearly you don’t read to good (says in southern tone)

    • JeremyRoenickDanceParty

      Have it hooked up to my Bose soundtouch. Sounds great.

  • Droid Ronin

    The Motorola DECK allows you to hook up to speakers and works as a standalone speaker as well, but costs 4 times as much.

  • BoFiS

    I was tempted before, but having just bought a Sony BM-10 I wasn’t sure if it was worth $50 to be able to have multiple devices connect at once. For $28 shipped (with this promo code plus a 10% off accessories order code I had) I guess I’ll test it out and see if it’s a worthy replacement.

  • jeradc

    done. Thanks!

  • Eric Soriano

    WTH, I’ve spent more on BS gadgets in the past. At least I can hook this up to my Bose Companion computer speakers that I’m not using.

  • K

    Just like the Moto X, I’m glad I didn’t buy this right at launch. Good deals come to those who wait 🙂

  • Tony Byatt

    Comes out to $30 after tax and shipping for me…

    Not bad…

  • Any chance that code would work on the wireless ear buds too?

    • Charlie R.

      Tried it, doesn’t work.

    • TechTinker11

      What about JUSTBECAUSE10 code?

  • Daddio56

    $10.95 Shipping!!! Uh, no thanks….

    • Levi Wilcox

      If you scroll down you can change it to standard shipping for 4$. I thought the same thing initially.

    • Tony Byatt

      On the last page before confirming the order, at the very bottom, you can change it to $4 standard shipping…

    • jeradc

      Once you click “Review”, down on the bottom left, you will have a drop down option to change to $4 shipping option.

    • Oscar

      that’s for 2 day shipping, standard shipping is only $4.00. If you use coupon code “JUSTBECAUSE10” your total (depending on taxes) should be $28.28. Not bad at all for a $50 device.

      • kilbasar

        Thanks! @kellex:disqus, please update the post, JUSTBECAUSE10 drops the price another 10% on top of the 50%. With the $4 shipping, ended up being $28.85 shipped to NY.

        • sirmeili

          This no longer works. Its one or the other 🙁

          • sr_erick

            Sigh, yes.. I had it applied but then refreshed my cart and it was no longer added. I tried re-adding it and it wouldn’t let me stack both discounts. I guess they caught wind of it. Oh well, still got the $25 off.

            Edit: Now it won’t let me check out because it says it isn’t available until the 24th.

          • sirmeili

            You’re not alone I cant get one either 🙁 At $25 its a no brainer for me At $50 I have to think twice.

          • sirmeili

            And magically it is back in stock, but the coupon code is no longer valid.

        • droidrazredge

          Motorola just updated the website so now either PC7!3!RAK or JUSTBECAUSE10 work but not both.

          • PatsyWerstleritu

            just before I looked at the receipt ov $8130 , I
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      • r0l

        Wish I read this before ordering. The shipping almost had me stop, wish it did.

      • michael arazan

        Definitely not worth $50

  • Craig P

    Will my iPhone friends be able to control music from this since they don’t have NFC?

    • collin ferreira

      Yea they can, I have one and my friends with iPhones always heist my music when I’m playing my own personal favs

    • TechTinker11

      Yeah they can connect through Bluetooth, so can Android users, but NFC, lol.

    • You just out’ed yourself as an iPhone users, Craig P. BUSTED. “iPhone friends…sure….”

      • craig p

        Yea sure… I have a Droid maxx and currently on a Lumia icon

    • Nick West

      the nfc just makes the pairing faster. so once paired… should still work with the iPhone too

  • Chris Wilkey

    why wouldn’t i get a chromecast instead?

    • MettaWorldTroll

      Because Chromecast requires HDMI to work, this does not. I bought for a special case as I’d like to run an outside stereo in a similar fashion to my Chromecast inside. Well this allows that, just plug the 3.5mm jack into the back of the stereo receiver and done, it’s now Bluetooth ready for just $25. Too many people compare this to a Chromecast, it’s not even close to the same damn thing at all…

      • EC8CH

        well the first Droid-Life post about this product did make a pretty direct comparison to Chromecast, so maybe that’s why people here keep bringing it up.