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Video: Samsung Tells You Why Its Galaxy Tab S Line is Awesome

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Samsung announced two new tablets last night in NYC at a press event. Yes, more new Samsung tablets will soon be available for purchase. With the introduction of the Galaxy Tab S line, Samsung has now given us 11 new tablets this year alone. Just this year! And don’t forget that you can still buy tablets from last year, like the Note 10.1 (2014) and the entire Tab 3 line.

Anyways, Samsung is pretty excited about this new line of tablets that each sport high-resolution Super AMOLED displays. They are also incredibly thin, have fingerprint scanners and multi-tasking tools, and are dimpled up the backside, just like the Galaxy S5. Actually, they are basically giant Galaxy S5s in tablet form.

So in case you missed all of our coverage about them from last night, like our hands-on videos and the official spec list, here is another video about the Tab S 10.5 and 8.4. This is an “official” and “exclusive” look at the new slates from Samsung.

  • James Briano

    No thanks.

  • Jason Brown

    damn 11 new tablets including these 2 new ones? i wonder how well theyre going to provide support for them. hopefully theyll be able to keep everyone up to date with the latest os

  • Gideon Waxfarb

    Anyone thinking about buying this… you should wait for the Galaxy Tab
    Pro S Elite Humpty Dumpty Edition tablet with a Snapdragon 801
    processor, which will probably be out in September. F you, Samsung.

    – Pissed off Tab Pro owner

  • wmsco1

    Let me see Nov 2013 10.1 2014 edition, March the Pro edition 8 , 10, and 12, Now the Tab s edition 8, 10. So what will it be in Nov.”The Curve edition” or “Note pro”?

  • Apple should follow Samsung and……get a Model to give a demo instead of their technical support..lol

  • Lupe Arismendez

    You guys know the GS5 att version has been rooted but not released. GEOHOT did it, freaking amazing http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2780319&page=2

  • Collin Chapin

    Am I the only person who has reached a point where I don’t really care about the screen “benefits” any more?

    I expect a Samsung tablet to have the best screen available to date unless i’m buying a mid range device. So tell me has the best, and move on to the rest of it.

    I tried to watch this video but by about 60 sec in I found myself skipping to 90, 120, and saying to myself “this dude is still talking about the screen?” and then I shut it off.

    I don’t even know what’s new about it except the fact that AS I ALREADY ASSUMED it has a great display.

    • M3D1T8R

      The big AMOLED screens on these is the only real selling point. First time we’ve seen AMOLED screens this big. Otherwise they’re basically the Tab Pro over again, same super high res, high pixel density (especially the 8.4″).
      If you aren’t interested in the screen tech, you won’t be interested in these.
      In my case, the screen is so good I’m considering one of these despite hating Samsung’s buttons and UI. Nobody else has a display this good, especially in a big form tablet like this.

  • Ben Murphy

    Who cares about the tablet? Where can I find him…

    • Bryan Mills

      I second this

      • Ben Murphy


        • Android_09


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  • Brandon Nicholson

    I usually sound exactly like this when trying to get a girl to try anal for the first time… It never works.

  • T4rd

    “It’s so awesome, it has the same specs of the tabs we’re going to launch every month for the next 6 months!”

  • Shane Redman

    Wait? There’s now a rip of Google Play Newstand now as well? We need a new graphic of redundant apps!

  • Bryan Mills

    It’s awesome how? It offers nothing new. At this point, I keep referring people to the iPads whenever they wander into the Samsung experience station.

    • Derek Duncan

      really? Why? New is the Super AMOLED display which is the best display ever on a tablet.

      • Bryan Mills

        Omg new screen! !!!!!!!

        • Derek Duncan

          I guess new tech doesn’t excite you.

          • Bryan Mills

            Amoled blows. Not for me.

          • Derek Duncan

            Right. Not for you. That’s fine. Doesn’t mean these tablets aren’t exciting or better than what was out there.

          • Lumia Nexus

            people were making fun of apple, for realeasing same products such as iphone 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s, 5, 5s all of which only had one function new to the older. now SAMSUNG IS copying apple by giving us a new screen with all their bloatware inside. wow very exciting

          • T4rd

            Lol, now you’re undeniably ignorant. The newer SAMOLED beat LCDs in every measurable aspect outside of brightness (which it isn’t far from now either). The display in the GS5 is more accurate than anything else on the market, while also having significantly higher contrast and unanimously favored in every (professional) review I’ve seen. It’s the one thing I really wish I had on my One M8.

            Just top commenting on Samsung articles. It’s one thing to not like them (as I don’t really either), but it’s another to constantly bash them even in areas where they actually excel at. If you have to change your screen name every month, that might indicate a problem too, eh?

          • M3D1T8R

            I somehow missed this thread a few days ago when it was new. Yours is the best comment I’ve seen on here in months.

          • T4rd
        • J Davis

          Did you forget to douche this morning?

          • Bryan Mills

            Because I’m not excited about a new screen? Boo boo.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          I have to agree with Brad Pitt here. There’s nothing that’s a seller about screen tech…. It’s just like all their other tablets….especially in comparison to the Pro line. . . It’s the same sfotware, same design practically. there isn’t anything spectacular about these “new” devices. When it comes down to it you have the exact same experience across 11 million samsung tablets.

          • M3D1T8R

            Except this is a large OLED display for pretty much the first time ever. Far superior to and different from LCD.

    • You say Samsung Tablets offer nothing new so you refer people to the iPad. Which has literally been the same since it’s launch minus the screen. Oh the Ignorance!!!

      • Bryan Mills

        No. As in, if you’re going to spend a fortune on something, at least make it quality. And the IPad is infinitely better than anything Samsung offers at ridiculous prices.

        And iOS isn’t a shytty OS like Touchwiz.

        The Surface is too expensive to refer them to that, also.

        • Derek Duncan

          yea but if you have an Android phone, a good pair is an android tablet. You don’t have to buy apps twice and the experience is consistent.

          • Shane Redman

            not this though….there are better options out there

          • Derek Duncan

            Ok. What?

          • Shane Redman

            Save your money, get an older samsung or a Nexus 10. I’m still enjoying my 2013 N7. All you’re “paying for” here is a nice screen, which most older samsungs have, and the N7

          • M3D1T8R

            What other tablet has an OLED screen?
            Oh right, basically none.

          • Shane Redman

            If that’s all you’re paying for, you’re wasting your money. No one glances at your device and says “Ooo that’s OLED!” Maybe on a phone I would care more, but I personally use my tablet at home and to read on rides. When I’m home, I cast media to the TV and words are words, easy to see. But if you have to be on the bleeding edge of the tablet world by all means…

          • M3D1T8R

            Who the f cares what other people think or say about my devices. I’m sure as heck not buying it for them or for their approval. Maybe you’re insecure enough to spend hundreds of dollars for that.. Not me.

            I also use my tablet mostly for reading text as well as for casting and whatever, similar to you. Text is one of the _biggest_ advantages to OLED, the much better blacks and contrast make reading text much nicer. If you don’t see this, just, never mind. Be happy with the poor quality display you use and move on. But don’t flame people for appreciating a truly better experience.
            It has nothing to do with being on the bleeding edge.
            So much ignorance..

          • Shane Redman

            How is it poor? You can read it can’t you? I didn’t “flame” anyone. I just said for the price their asking, it’s not worth it. Later down the line, when price drops, sure. But for a tablet? Unless that’s your main source of computing for home and or work, OLED tech alone doesn’t sell me on a tablet, that’s my opinion. I agree with you on the tech side. OLED is great.

        • What makes the iPad so great? It’s nothing but an oversized iPod . And actually If you think about feature to dollar wise you get more value from a Sammy tablet. Expandable memory is just the beginning of that argument.

          • Bryan Mills

            And the Tabs are oversized S5s. What’s your point?

          • My point was the ignorance in your original comment. And you’re still failing to back up your claim to why the iPad is so much greater than a Sammy tablet

          • Bryan Mills

            The only ignorance is somebody buying a Samsung tablet.

          • Actually the only ignorance here is someone trying to call someone ignorant for having a preference in brands they want to use because it’s not what you prefer. Now that’s ignorant. You should move to North Korea.

        • And wouldn’t the OS be Android? Touchwiz is just a skin. Oh my the ignorance!!!

        • Motorola needs to bring back the XOOM.

        • Pratik Holla

          Yup, and lets not forget updates. Samsung probably forgets about this thing in 18 months usually as they move into next years models. Apple is still supporting their 2011 iPad 2.

        • Ken_Kutaragi

          Apple pays you nothing to help them out.

      • Kevin

        Fanboys are going to be Fanboys.

    • jimt

      It has an apple home button, what more could you want?