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The Daily Show Hilariously Takes on Google Glass “Eye Douches”

Jon Stewart and The Daily Show ran a special feature on Google Glass last night. As expected, it was hilarious. As in, you should watch this whether you own Google Glass or not.

The whole clip points out step-by-step, idea-by-idea the ridiculous nature of Glass before diving into the thought that “these glasses are just f*cking stupid.” It touches on the stories of poor Glass users getting denied service at bars, the insane $1,500 price tag, how it would look for a grown man to wear them by himself to a kiddie park, and why Glass wearers call themselves “Explorers.” Of course, they couldn’t help but point out the idea that Glass has a camera and you could be taking pictures or video recording someone at any time.

But that’s not really the best of the feature. No, when “eye douches” is pulled out, you will forever love interviewer Jason Jones and The Daily Show.

  • Guy

    GoPro should make their own version for better POV action shooting. I can see a use for them like that.

  • Guy

    The “less is more” on that lady’s shirt is irony and a half. lol

  • feztheforeigner

    The general public is so ignorant…

  • Nicholas

    All we need now is for Apple to create a similar product that is just as “creepy,” and suddenly it won’t be hated so much!

    And EVERYONE will, for some reason, forget that it also existed first… Buy that’s beside the point.

  • KennyB

    This video nailed it. Precisely why there’s no need for this thing on our heads.

  • Google glass “explorers” same same #crazypeople

  • nosedive94

    There’s a popular boba tea shop here in Denver. There’s always this developer there with Glass. I asked him once if he ever encountered any animosity toward his headgear, and he was confused by the question. It turns out he wasn’t even aware of the bad press Glass has been getting, or of the controversiality of it. He was simply a guy who loved to adopt new tech, and most of the interactions he had over it were just friendly questions about what is was, or how it worked.

  • nosedive94

    Anyone who has a problem with Glass should be forced to live with the Amish until they recover some semblance of an appreciation for technology.

  • Kayonesoft

    I haven’t made a decision one way or another regarding Glass but it was funny to watch people duck and cover themselves from the head-mounted camera while completely oblivious to the big crew carried TV camera.

    It’s interesting to watch how people have grown accustomed to old things while fearing new things, even if they have the same functionality.

  • E A butler

    people are stupid…. I dont get the fear. There are places that dont alow cameras but allow camera phones????WTF?! Stupid.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Glass is like video gamers in the 70s/80s. You will get mocked because it is completely different and the behavior of the Glass users themselves. It’s “uncool” and it detaches you from the social atmosphere in society. There’s an entire stereotype.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Hilarious video. From looking at those people, they look and act like legit nerdy GG owners. Not actors. Laughably awkward at times.

  • rutgersjaffo

    No way can you tell me that texting or emailing is easier with Google Glass. Not buying it at all…

  • yellowdgg

    google should just add a little LED lite indicating when its filming or it should blink when a picture is taken, it would solve the problem of “privacy” issues

    • FortitudineVincimus

      that “solves” nothing.. by the time either of those happen, you’ve been captured by soon goof with GG.

  • Bman4000

    These have got to come waaaay down for me to even be remotely interested in them.

    • guy

      There’s a pun in there.

  • trwb

    Google Glass is about a good as the Nexus Q, slap bracelets, lawn darts, or the flowbee

  • yummy

    Eye douche. Just added to my burgeoning lexicon.

  • Motorola_made_in_China_RIP

    Glass in its current “design” is DOA.
    No matter how much will it cost: $500, $350 or $199.

    It’s an extremely ugly device.

    • OMJ

      Not to mention mostly useless. I had one for two weeks and found it more annoying than anything else.

    • cizzlen

      What makes it even more hilarious is the $1500 price tag.

      • Research and development for companies isn’t cheap…

        • cizzlen

          You don’t say! Brb spending $1500 on glasses

          • Well a beta product that isn’t officially released yet is going to be overpriced. For most people it isn’t worth it and there isn’t anything wrong with it. Thanks for the sarcastic response.

  • Sirx

    For the life of me, i simply cannot figure out why Google has not figured out how to just install a small red LED near the glass piece that lights up whenever the unit is recording or taking a photo! That has to address at least most people’s privacy concerns. Is it…is it really this hard to realize, Google?

    • Shane Redman

      They ask for feedback frequently from the people that already have them. I’m pretty sure that’s something that’s come up a lot. It’s been one of my points of interest every time they ask for my feedback.

      • Sirx

        Ah! Thanks for sharing! I’m glad to know someone whom Google is actually listenng to has mentioned it to them. Hope they heed your advice before consumer retail.

        • Shane Redman

          Definitely, I think Glass would really succeed as a rented device, kind of like how you can rent high end lenses for cameras. You might not need it every day, but if you’re going to do something that’s pretty fun coming up and you want a different point of view, it’d be great to rent for a weekend trip

          • Natsu

            Idk why they can’t just put a lens shutter/cover if they don’t want to do the LED. Although, this thing should have LED flash anyway. Also, why don’t they use the other side of Glass? That whole side can be a battery.

      • But that battery life….

        • Shane Redman

          The battery gets me through what I do with it. My main issue is data consumption with music. Why isn’t it just a bluetooth headset when you play music? why does it have to pull data from your phone to stream it when I already have all my music cached on device as to not use data. (DAMN YOU VERIZON AND YOUR TIERS! but that’s another issue)

          • Ever since the XE 17 update my battery got… better. That’s why I try to remember that it’s supposed to be a complementary device to your smartphone…not a direct replacement. LynxFit kind of destroys it, likewise with listening to music. Speaking of which, I never understood the music thing either!

          • Shane Redman

            Yeah, I definitely stopped using it on my bike rides home from work since I know the route now and learned how it was streaming music. I’ll take it with me on weekend rides though. As long as they make improvements over the next year so I can capture my entire wedding ceremony, I’ll be happy 🙂

          • Well hopefully you will be able to! I was able to capture most of my college graduation which was an hour and a half. Had to take along a portable 6000mah battery and wire myself up for about 20 minutes but I got the final 10 minutes of uninterrupted video of walking across the stage to shake the president’s hand in front of ~10,000 people and ending with my professor saying “Congrats, now you’re starting to freak me out” with a laugh.

          • Shane Redman

            GENIUS! Never thought about a portable battery ha ha. Great story and I’m sure it’s a great video.

          • I’ll be honest though, I genuinely don’t think I look “geeky” wearing them at all because strangers have told me it’s quite the opposite. However….HOWEVER….plugging them in to charge while on my forehead, good god I feel like the most cringe-worthy Sheldon Cooper you can possibly imagine haha and I deserve that. The only time I didn’t feel idiotic was when I hiked a mountain with a friend because there wasn’t anyone there.

          • Shane Redman

            Yeah, and you went with the bright red. I got the Grey pair. Ppl hardly ever notice them

          • Figured I’d just get my favorite color. The grey/white pair was sold out when I had my code. Oh I typed up this awhile ago in case you’re interested about the looks you get from people in public: http://goo.gl/KgBr9R

          • FortitudineVincimus

            Uh dude.. you do look geeky. Trust me.

          • Without the battery? I don’t think so, but that is your opinion. I wouldn’t have met my girlfriend without them! Apparently I did something right 😛 Here’s one of my comments describing why they aren’t so geeky http://disq.us/8iu2ha

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Nope. Because by the time that LED does it’s job to alert you, you have already been captured. To late by that time. And then what, the geeks wearing these start to say, “hey, you can see the LED, so you know it’s on, it’s your problem you got near me.” LED or no LED you still have to have the conversation of, “are you/did you film or photo me?”

      • Ryan Chapman

        How is that any different than someone who pulls out a cell phone and snaps a quick picture? If someone wants to get a picture of you, typically they will get a quick snap, or video of you before you notice and can tell them to stop.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    it was funny, but the only thing i took fromm it is that consumers have no imagination. The first time i saw glass i wasn’t concerned with how it looked. I imagined a service watching me fix my car, with directions and diagrams in front of my face, both hands free to get in there. I see it predicting wind speeds for baseball players. But they see eye douches and privacy concerns. Idk man.

    • Jeff

      There arean’t many negative things said about Glass when used in the professional industry. Most people complain about them when they’re not used for commercial purposes.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        I just thought of VR games with glass. And that could be fun, running around the city and seeing the real world and virtual at the same time. I would want to make an arena, i think i’ll start making my proposal to EA tonight.

  • enigmaco

    People fear google glass but have no qualms with other forms of video recording that goes on. I do find the video funny, but the fear of glass is just as entertaining.

    • mustbepbs

      How would you feel if you saw someone walking around a public place like a coffee shop or a grocery store with their cell phone pointed at every individual as they walked by and was clearly taking a video? You don’t think that’s weird and uncomfortable?

      • PoisonApple31

        How would you feel if someone was walking around with a cell phone looking like they were taking a video, but they were really not?

        • scastro87

          If it looked like they were taking a video, it would be very annoying.

          • PoisonApple31

            I don’t feel like Glass would be any different than all the other video taking options out there.

      • aye_winchell

        not as weird or uncomfortable as I feel when they run into me because they are looking at their phone, at the very least if someone is walking around talking pictures of everyone, their eyes will be up, where at least they can see where they are going in their peripheral. Also if i see someone doing that i would just assume they are figuring out their camera or phone, not that their uber interested in who i am or what i’m doing. But that’s just me, if i saw someone with glass and i thought they were talking a picture of me, id just make a weird face or turn away, like i do whenever someone try to take a picture of me with their phone, or camera or whatever.

      • enigmaco

        How do you know that person walking down the street doesn’t have a camera implemented into their pen or sunglasses? We have been recorded for years in various degrees yet no one spoke up about it. The minute google has a device that has recording capabilities everyone acts like the world is coming to an end. You have cameras in restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, atms, city streets, phone camera. pc cameras, red light camera;. all of which is recording you. There use to be a spy store here in my town you should have seen all the interesting recording devices they had in there as well. Yet people focus on google glass that is what I find hilarious.

        • Makr

          If I knew that random guy was taking a video/photo of me, I’d be annoyed and might do something. At least when it comes to commercial entities taking videos/photos, there’s a higher chance it’ll be used for professional purposes.

          Inappropriate use of cameras by indivduals happen today and Glass is just another device to make it easy. I see people taking photos/videos in the locker room of gyms and posting them on Yelp, Facebook, Google+, etc. Often times with an unknowing stranger in the photo.

          I think the main problem of anyone taking photos/videos with any device is that a good amount of these people are just incapable of understanding other people’s point of view.

          • James

            I’m guessing the chunk of the overall inappropriate recording users make up a large portion of current Glass users. At least that’s what the press seem to focus a lot on. Even Google acknowledged it and had to make a do’s and don’ts page ( https://sites.google.com/site/glasscomms/glass-explorers ) due to these people.

      • So you also freak out about standing inside stores, around metro stations, intersections with lights, and sometimes just general areas where they have live vide feed for the public. Interesting how you choose your words against Google Glass, but not the othermany ways we are recorded with or without our contesent or knownledge

      • Ryan Chapman

        Not really. Person may be strange, but I don’t really care if they catch me on their quest to record their morning coffee. Just imagine the amounts of video and pictures you are in where you are in the background and you don’t even notice, who cares.

      • nosedive94

        The Galaxy Gear had a camera when it debuted, and it was a lot more covert than Glass. It probably moved more units too. What scares people is the newness of the form factor. When you put the same thing in a watch no one cares.

      • michael arazan

        Do you hide your face when you see security cameras in stores and on the street too? Do you complain to you every local government for recording your car driving through stop lights with cameras, because they do whether or not you are breaking the law.

        Cop cars even scan every license plate they pass automatically now just to see if people have warrants, even though they are not breaking the law while driving.

      • p

        Actually it’s not on all the time otherwise it would overheat and turn off. You can easily tell when its in because the prism will light up.

    • Oblivion_of_Mediocrity

      the fear of Glass is in its UGLINESS.

      Glass is ugly and makes people look WEIRD.
      This is the #1 reason Glass meets such an awful level of resistance.

      If Glass was COOL other people would be OK with its features and camera.

      • enigmaco

        Understandable but they are still in the prototype stage. I saw a article somewhere where they are working on others ones and are working with designers so I think the finish product will be more welcoming.

        • nhr215

          The bottom line as they HAVE TO make them obvious for privacy reasons. It will never be as sleek and subtle as regular designer glasses.

          • enigmaco

            But again they are still prototypes

    • Allan

      I’m pretty sure these same people do have qualms about other forms of personal recording (I do). It’s just that Glass has more press and with included comment sections. It just looks like only/mostly Glass is being targeted. The same discussions occur with cell phones, spying devices and even recording for commercial purposes. Glass (particularly because it’s owned by Google) is just making this discussion more visible.

      Glass or not, when some (many?) people find out that they’re being recorded they tend to not have a smile on their face.

      • Michael Hammond

        Then I guess those people should just not leave their house. Street cams, satellite photos, security cameras, webcams and Kinect – you’re being recorded all the time.

        Get over it

        • rutgersjaffo

          Great argument, Potsie. Yeah, no one has a right to be free from your ridiculous desire to record everything like a tool. Get over yourself.

          • enigmaco

            Personally people annoy the hell out of me so the chances of me wasting battery on them are slim to none. I don’t want any involvement in their lives nor do I want them to bother me either. Honestly would be funny if someone tried to rip this off my face it would be a bad day for them. Not everyone wants to record everyone, take pictures of them, some of them just want to be left alone just like people complaining about it.

        • Allan

          See the emphasis on the personal part? Footage from cameras for commercial purposes aren’t as likely to be abused as with content individuals take. Of course, commercial use of cameras should still be regulated. Glass wasn’t singled out so this includes cell phones and other personal devices. Look at the example above. There are people taking pictures (Glass or not) in locker rooms (including people they don’t know) and posting them on the Internet. I’ve seen people take pictures/videos of strangers in restrooms.

          Again, Glass was not being singled out as a tool for inappropriate use of cameras by single individuals. It’s another tool to do such things and it seems that many of the current Glass owners make up a good amount of these inappopriate people. Google even had to make an etiquette page for Glass owners due to their actions. I wish these social issues were brought up more before Glass came out.

          I hope all the press Glass gets helps people understand how some of their recordings (not just with Glass) can be inappropriate. I personally cover the rear camera of my phone when I use it (I tend to put it level to my face to prevent neck issues) so people around me can feel assured that I’m recording anything other than my finger.

          I do see things like Glass being used often in the future. I just hope there’s some social awareness on the part of the people using them. Right now, even with cell phones, there too many people who think it’s fine to record strangers in any situation and to do whatever they want with such recordings.

          • Allan

            *I’m notrecording

    • rutgersjaffo

      It’s not fear. It’s ridicule. Don’t flatter yourself.

      • enigmaco

        fear and ridicule still equals same wrong outcomes.

    • nhr215

      Its not fear, its irritation. I’m not running away from these in panic. I’m irritated at them and find them obnoxious. Very different.

      • enigmaco

        You aren’t but people ripping them off peoples faces, assaults that is a reaction from fear.

    • michael arazan

      It’s pretty easy to sit with your phone face up while holding it recording everyone in a bar while looking like you are just messing with your phone. Don’t see why Glass is any different from the camera on your phone.

    • Guy

      I bet most aggressive acts in bars from these are due to people afraid of being caught cheating.

  • Geronimo

    i prefer the term “glassholes”.

    • Joe

      Google prefers it too: https://sites.google.com/site/glasscomms/glass-explorers

      “DON’TS: Be creepy or rude (aka, a “Glasshole”)”

      • sggodsell

        If Google only designed Glass to let users easily detach or attach the camera part. Then there would be no issue here. Besides Glass is so much more then just the camera.

      • bos

        If they wanted to avoid creepy or rude they shouldn’t have pushed it out the way they did. They pretty much guaranteed distribution would be limited to socially awkward fanboys and narcissistic douches.

  • I don’t know how many viewers the Daily Show actually has, but they just made Google Glass look useless as f***. Also, the people wearing them really sucked at explaining the practicality of them. Granted, at this stage there isn’t much use from them, but they could’ve at least explained the medical and business applications, and then just say they like technology, so what.

    it’s easy for me to say what they should’ve said. Hindsight is always 20/20. Oh well 😛

    • mustbepbs

      Google Glass and Smartwatches are just novelty items. It’s for people who are too lazy or too idiotic to realize that just because you’re not looking at your phone with Glass or a Watch it doesn’t make it okay all of a sudden to be staring at something else during a conversation. It’s just as distracting, and once people know what you’re doing the same stigma will be attached to that device as well.

      This video was obviously satirical, but it also was totally spot on. These things just make you look like a pretentious douche bag.

      • Correct. Although, the beauty of a smartwatch is that it can be subtle and stay out of the way. I can easily not pay attention to it, and no one will notice. As opposed to glass, which is literally about as obnoxious as the headset Jason Jones tried in the video lol

        • mustbepbs

          I’m sure it’ll be plenty distracting if you’re getting tons of emails or messages unless there is a quiet mode.

          • PoisonApple31

            I’m the only around my office with a smartwatch on and it can be very distracting to people once they see you swiping and touching the screen. Vibration mode works well, I can feel it on my wrist and its not loud enough for anyone to hear it around me in meetings.

      • And Glass can be just as not distracting if you adjust the settings. If you’re going to be talking to someone then mute it in the settings and make sure you already have the activation angle set up. Meaning you tilt your head up at whatever angle, the screen turns on and you see the new notification…which means you are clearly not looking at your communicative partner…which means you don’t deserve their time anyway. I have to look up at a 40 degree angle to even turn it on when I receive a message. If anything it has kept me distraction-free when talking with others. When I’m done chatting, I tap the side and swipe thru to check out what I missed. It’s not that hard.

        • bolski

          And they showed that as well in the video and the guy looked like a total douche doing it. The “interviewer” even said “what the **** was that?” basically.

          it’s a neat idea, but how it’s more invasive is how it’s not as obvious as a cell phone. You can’t tell if the person is recording or not. The only way to know is to ask, and even then, you have to take them at their word.

          It’s definitely not something you take into a bar. The lady that did was just plain stupid. You’re going into a bar and possibly recording (which she was) people without their knowledge? I’m surprised those that took the glasses didn’t just stomp on them.

          It’s all called privacy. Yes, we have cameras recording us in stores, but stores have signs (most of them) that state there are video cameras in the store recording for security. That’s a given and you can choose whether to go in or not. However, with Glass-holes wearing their glasses in full public, you have no idea what they are doing. And having to tilt your head? That split second or so can be just as dangerous to where you walk into someone or something, no different than looking down at your phone (which is just as idiotic).

          So, please, don’t try to tout that these are better than a phone. Watching this video just made me despise them even more, and I love technology.

          The one person who stated he uses them to record himself bowling, that’s fine. I can see the use in that if you are by yourself or else, you want a first-person view of the action, which is understandable. Plus, he doesn’t use them in public while walking down the street, in the store, etc.

          There is a time and place to use them, and the time and places these people were using them (in bars, on the street, etc) is just asking for trouble and they need to understand that. They don’t seem to care about other people’s wanting to have privacy. It’s basically an invasion of someone’s space.

          • I’m sorry you are so upset with them. I’ve taken it to the bar well over 35 times and have had zero problems…again your mileage may vary depending on where you live and how you act. I agree it’s difficult with knowing who is recording, but then again the battery life is downright horrible and you aren’t going to be recording 24/7 like a walking surveillance camera. Heck you won’t even record more than 15 minutes before the battery dies and you have a toaster oven strapped to your head. Also, never said they were better than a phone and read my other post about the invasiveness. Hope you have a better day.

        • Ismael

          But from afar, you look like someone with eye deformity. Or eye problem. Try to record yourself while using your glass and you’ll know what I mean.

          • Ismael Del Toro

            Or excuse my word, someone with orgasm.

          • That’s your impression, but the reaction I’ve had from people says otherwise. Again it’s my anecdotal experience.

    • AbbyZFresh

      The thing is, most people do not like technology. They just want to make sure the tech is easy and cool for them to enhance their social abilities to the outside world. Hence, the iPhone.

      Glass is the complete opposite of all of those things.

    • Guy

      Kinect is used in operating rooms and I can see many technical applications for Glass as that type device.

  • John Davids

    Expected resistance as humanity continues its evolution into a hive-mind.

  • Tony Byatt


    But it just showcased the extremes…

    People that have zero tech knowledge or interest (Daily Show) versus people that overly use tech (“eye douches”)…

    There is a middle majority…

    • Shane Redman

      Yeah, skits like this don’t help Google’s efforts much in the eye of the public either. But seriously, there’s almost no difference in privacy between glass and a cell phone. Only thing I could see is video. But pictures?! There are TONS of privacy invasive photos out there of embarrassing moments, outfits, or other things that were taken with cellphones…just my opinion 🙂

      • Tony Byatt

        I was thinking the same thing…

        People hold up cell phones and record all the time, in every situation and I have never heard of privacy concerns…

        • Daeshaun Griffiths

          Can’t take an upskirt with glass. Even though it’s legal in Mass, you won’t get away with it.

          I’m agreeing with you. Phones are just as bad.

          • Tony Byatt


          • ToddAwesome

            Ha, not any more it isn’t!

      • mustbepbs

        At least you can tell when somebody is taking a photo or video of you with a cell phone. You can’t tell with Glass.

        • Tony Byatt

          And what are you going to do when someone is doing that with a phone…

          Ask them to stop? And if they refuse?

          • ToddAwesome

            Walk away or punch them in the face, you decide.

          • Tony Byatt

            Jail time?

          • ToddAwesome

            thanks, the obvious choice was walk away.

          • mustbepbs

            Uhh, ask them why they’re taking a video of me? Like a normal, functioning human being would do? I wouldn’t fly off the handle and rip somebody’s device off their person if that’s what you’re asking. If they refuse, I’ll simply walk away, like a mature adult and not some immature child.

          • Tony Byatt

            So it comes down to knowing and not knowing when someone is recording…

          • mustbepbs

            Duh. Isn’t that the whole point of this conversation?

          • Tony Byatt

            Honestly I couldn’t care less who’s recording me…

          • ToddAwesome

            Ooooh, if I know they’re recording then I’d definitely pull my pants down, give them something to take home to mama! Who cares, walk away.

        • Shane Redman

          You can tell when someone’s taking a picture of you on Glass as well. It’s either a glaringly obvious voice command or they touch the hardware button. Have you ever had your picture taken with Glass? it’s pretty obvious.

        • That is where you are wrong… go to google and search “creep shots”. More then half of those are taken with cell phones. Tons of apps on apple or android that help with creep shots. You dont even need an app to do that. Just turn off capture sounds, and video light. Done and Done

        • Uh…for me its the opposite. On a cell phone, turn of flash and pretend to text. You now can take pictures of literally anything you want and get away with it. Creepy. Google Glass on the other hand it’s way harder. You have to practically yell out a command “OK GLASS…TAKE A PICTURE” if you are in a high volume area to which a lot of people will look at you and know exactly what you’re photographing. If you are in a low volume area then the few people there will still look and hear you. Or you can press the shutter button up top…which activates the menu to turn on and show you the picture (like a flash). Do that enough times its pretty obvious. Finally the creepy “wink” feature. Why I say creepy is because you literally have to make a creepy wink look in order for the thing to even work. It’s not a fast normal human wink, no, it’s this prolonged cheek gesture that you have to do which is kind of obvious. Oh and since most people will look at you with Glass on, you’re under more scrutiny of how to act like a normal human being. Big tip. Just don’t be a creeper to begin with.

      • FknTwizted

        Any publicity is good publicity. You know you are something when comedians crack jokes at you.

        • AbbyZFresh

          But the thing is, the purpose of Glass is to SELL them. You aren’t gonna sell anything when America’s influential no.1 TV news satire makes fun of Glass for the entire country to see firsthand.

          • FknTwizted

            we are sitting here talking about them right now… I think my statement is valid.

    • John Davids

      While you complain about extremes, in the same breath you paint all Daily Show viewers as people who have zero interest or knowledge in tech.

      Kudos, I was unaware this level of cognitive dissonance was possible.

      • Tony Byatt

        I was referring to the Daily Show itself, not the audience…

        Nice try though…

        • John Davids

          Ok, so you painted the entire cast and crew of the Daily show as people who have zero interest or knowledge in tech. Which is just observably and categorically false if you watch that show with any form of regularity. You changed the scope, you didn’t change the absurdity happening inside your brain.


          • Tony Byatt

            Dang, what kind of Thursday night did you have…You must be an angry drunk…

            Anyway…good day…

          • Saw his response, waited for yours… have an upvote lol

          • John Davids

            Nice red herring in an attempt to obfuscate your inaccurate stereotypes in your OP.

          • Tony Byatt

            No, not really…

            You have some sort of chemical imbalance from an external or internal source. You said I attacked Daily Show viewers then say I’m changing my posts. All while unnessarily going volatile with your replies. I hope you get some help…

            My overall point was that Glass has a use, Glass is not for everyone, and some that have Glass and use it in unnecessary situations…

          • Why do you bother feeding that troll a response he is doing that just so he can get a response from you. best thing to do is just let him speak, and dont reply to him.

          • John Davids

            The true hallmark of someone with literally nothing left to say in an argument when they begin to attack the integrity of the rhetor and not the topic at-hand. Keep building up and tearing down that straw man, my friend.

  • JohanV

    Lol “Explorers”

  • Shane Redman

    HAHAHA, very funny.

    Seriously tho, I own Glass and would NEVER wear these at a bar or just leisurely. That’s just stupid.

    • JSo

      When do you use it?

      • Shane Redman

        Bike rides, a few family events, amusement parks (only on the roller coasters themselves, hehe), kayaking, trampoline park, when i’m bowling I use the video to correct my shot, hot air balloon ride, going to use it at my upcoming wedding, long drives for navigation….it gets a good amount of use from me. It’s made me get back to doing activities more, I’ll say that.

        • JSo

          Oh. You said you wouldnt wear it “just leisurely”. When I think “leisurely” I think bike rides, kayaking, etc. So I took it as you don’t use it ever. lol

          • Shane Redman

            Oh, haha…I could see that. Leisurely to me is on my commute to work, at a happy hour/bar with a small group, chilling at home watching TV, going out to get dinner or something every day like that. It’s definitely an activity based device. And it provides for some cool shots and video at the right events.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      I just had a little blast form the past and remembered my first time in a bar. I wish i had glass to record it.

      -Biographies could get insane with glass.

  • hyperbeatser

    it is true though