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Contest: Win an NVIDIA SHIELD for Father’s Day From DL and NVIDIA (Update: Winner Picked)


Know what to get your dad (or possibly yourself) for Father’s Day? Well, if you haven’t quite figured it out yet, and your dad just so happens to be a gamer, then this contest should do you well. We have partnered with NVIDIA to give away a SHIELD portable gaming console, perfect for the dad that is always on the go, but still needs access to his favorite mobile games.

SHIELD is still one of the cooler niche Android products available, featuring a built-in 5″ HD display, Tegra 4 processor with a 72-core NVIDIA GeForce GPU, console-grade controls, high-fidelity speakers, access to the GRID Cloud Gaming beta, and now comes running Android 4.4+ with lots of proprietary tweaks from NVIDIA to give you an awesome gaming experience, no matter where you are located.

To make things easy and fair for everyone, we will use our trusted Rafflecopter widget. Follow the instructions on the widget below, and good luck! 

Update: We have our winner! Thanks to everyone who entered. We hope you all had a great Father’s Day!


Prize – 1 (One) NVIDIA SHIELD gaming console.

How to Enter

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner – Our winner will be selected on Monday morning, at 10am Pacific.

  • Meredith Graeber

    Dad used to come home and lay on the couch creating this perfect little cubby behind his knees for me to sit in. My daughter now sits in the exact same spot – wonderful how things never change!

  • Coty Hetrick

    My father taught me how to gane since the first time I graced zelda on regular nintendo. Epic

  • Themanhere10

    I can remember when I found my dads porn in the closet. I thought I had hit gold. We still laugh about it.

  • Antoine Bohannon

    I remember play GI joes with my dad. We would set up the whole living room thwn my mom would come home and we’d both be in trouble lol

  • Vincent Lee

    My dad is the reason I got into video games and technology.

  • luis abreu

    i would like to have a nvidia shield

  • Fred Jones

    This would be a wonderful nostalgia boost.

  • Ryan Powell

    My Dad used to own a Volvo that would pour out thick black smoke when you floored the gas petal. Whenever someone would ride his tail on the highway he would floor it and the whole car behind him would be surrounded by black smoke. Probably wasn’t the safest thing but man was that funny to see as a kid. We joked that he had the James Bond car.

  • iomthd

    Here’s hoping!

  • erikiksaz

    I was five and helped my dad collect the laundry that was left to dry outside. He had just had a heart operation, so he wasn’t as physically able at that point. I remember him crying when he saw me bring it in by myself.

  • vwbeetlvr

    In like flint

  • tobidashi

    I’ve tried a few times to teach my young children how to throw a football but never succeeded. My dad visited this past weekend and they had it down in two throws. :/

  • Kellin Brown

    Need to play half life 2!!

  • kervation

    My dad and I went to play golf for the first time. I was horrible and he was solid. But it was not so much the round of golf as it was the one on one conversations we had about life.

  • Lewis Erbe

    Attending high school championship basketball games on a yearly basis with my dad an both grandfathers. Was always something I looked forward to back in middle school.

  • outstandingpimp


  • US Marine

    Mine was the best dad in the world

  • Tyler Lawhon

    I’ll take one of these too

  • Kevin Choi

    My father was never with me when I wanted him…

  • unashamedgeek

    Thought my dad was too strict growing up – now I thank him all the time for the guidance because I know it helped me get to where I am

  • kevin

    Rating two kids that’s not mines and watching them graduate school

  • zerzhul

    My father was always the “hey let’s make it” type while I was growing up. He has a substantial workshop, and wasn’t shy about teaching me about each and every tool.

  • James Keys

    My father mistakenly took our pet cat to the GP Surgery right next to the Vets, he walked back out very embarrassed and there was no way we were ever going to let that memory escape! Haha.

  • gagah

    My dad used to scold me about waking up late and missed school, i remember one day i didn’t wake up fast enough and he decided to pick me up to the bathroom himself. How he did it is what’s interesting. He removed the bed sheet and completely wrap me up and drop me in the bathroom floor. I was 14.

  • Steve DeBellis

    Woo NVIDIA!

  • htowngtr

    Dad and I would always go to Braves games together when I was a kid many, many times a year despite living in Florida. Our family would make the trek up to Atlanta multiple times a year and my dad and I would park outside the old Fulton Co stadium, get boiled peanuts, and enjoy watching former greats like Dale Murphy, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddux.

  • Nissi Edward

    Love S.H.I.E.L.D… The NVIDIA one, The Marvel one and The WWE one… wait…?

  • afazel

    The other day, my 4-year-old was up to no good. I told him to stop, and I started counting to 3.

    Him, as he’s stopping and dramatically wiping his hand across his forehead, “Phew, that was close, I almost got in trouble!”

  • hedsick

    Showing my dad how to use modern cell phone technology is some of our best bonding time and something I will always remember.

  • raycolejr

    Fishing with my dad, at the time I’d complain about staying all day, but it’s probably the best bonding time we had.

  • Johnna Rhodus

    I remember playing backgammon and Coleco Vision games with my dad when I was young!

  • Eric Hauser

    Road trips with my dad were the best. Went to a ton of interesting places like Civil War battelfields, museums and plenty of national parks

  • TheDave1022

    Dad got me into all the sports I follow and play

  • Rob

    I could always use a second SHIELD…

  • aculbreth

    I remember my dad giving me that awkward birds and the bees talk when I told him about a girl liking me in the 6th grade. Good times…good times LOL!

  • feedhead

    Dad always had to have to latest gadgets and created the geek I am today. Thanks Pop!

  • DroidModderX

    would love to win this. Great fathers day gift for sure.

  • DS

    My daughter is only 18 months and constantly says “no.” I used this to my advantage by asking her a series of questions like, “Do you want a new car when you turn 16?” No of course was her response. I’ll definitely use this in the future! Good times being a DOD.

  • Josh

    As a dad, my favorite memories is of my two boys CONSTANTLY doing every thing I do. They work on cell phones, computers, etc, and they are only 2 and 5!

  • Matt

    My favorite part about being a dad is talking to my daughter on the phone. She sounds so excited and child-like on the phone (she’s 5) whereas in person she is seems more grown up than she is.

  • Tim Austin

    My dad used to ‘teach’ me with his belt.

  • Some of the fondest memories I have with my dad include technology or more specifically video games. I can remember being a little kid and playing RBI baseball on the NES on early sunday mornings.

  • Dulan C. Swagwagon

    My Dad doesn’t charge me for rent and still supports me finishing school first.

  • iiBinxx

    One of my favorite memories was when my dad took me to Cal Ripken Jrs last game, that was also my first ever baseball game

  • portrub


  • I could use this with my new nvidia card!

  • Alexandru Socol

    I’m really sorry that I cannot recall a memory of my dad… my parents got separated when I was very little and my mother never remarried again since. I know him only from photos. Hope I’ll still get the comment entry for this giveaway.

  • Mike W

    Im a dad of 3 girls, and one morning they came and jumped into bed with me and my 4 year old says daddy you sure do have a big poop in the front of your pants. Now morning woody is known as poopie in daddys pants.

  • caline1

    My dad and I don’t have much in common, but we always liked catching basketball games together. Renewed the tradition this past year.

  • Sparktweek

    My dad was a custodian at the local high school. As I kid, I loved going to work with him in the evenings, to watch all the high school sporting events. Thanks DL!