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Yes, OnePlus One “SandStone Black” Orders are Shipping Today

I noticed that a handful of confused media outlets are reporting that shipments of the OnePlus One may have started as early as today. To end the confusion, here is the proof (below). Yes, OnePlus One orders, in Sandstone Black with 64GB of storage, have begun shipping. Well, shipping information has at least been received, so orders are indeed ready to go out as soon as OnePlus gives them to DHL.

We do not have a confirmation on arrival time, but as you can see, our order in particular is coming straight from Hong Kong, en route to Portland.

I can’t say if the white model is shipping or not, but OnePlus already told us that the black 64GB variants have been given priority and should ship first.

Any others receiving shipment notifications? Did anyone else order one at all (with an invite of course)? 

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  • PaulACalvin

    We do not have a confirmation on arrival time, but as you can see, our order in particular is coming straight from Hong Kong, en route to Portland. http://0rz.tw/9BIIY


    Now all 10 people can enjoy their oneplus phones… In different colors!

  • Steve Rosner

    It had to say HONG KONG three times in a row…

  • mcdonsco

    Sandstone black makes no sense…apparently they’ve never seen sandstone over at oneplus.

    • supremekizzle

      Chinese sandstone is black.

    • Rex Xu

      Sandstone describes the texture of the material. Black is the color

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    They’ve been getting bashed a lot on their Facebook posts recently. They need to stop wasting our time and put the damn thing up for sale.

    • Bryan Mills

      Because people can’t wait? WERE ENTITLED TO IT NOW!!!!!!

      • ManBearPig618

        I think it’s more so because they “introduced” it like 2 months ago, and the longer they wait to make it available, the more obsolete (and I use that relatively, I know it’s still a nice phone) it becomes.

      • Miguel Angel Portela

        It’s not really about entitlement. It’s that the world we live in moves a lot quicker. Their announcement is exciting but at this point, the hype has more or less faded. I was going to get one myself and just opted for the Xiaomi Mi 3 instead. Glad I did, really.

        • Rex Xu

          Have you seen the forums recently? I’m commenting to you 2 months later, trust me, the hype is very much there

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    To all too people that got one?

    • Cesar

      Two, too.

      • sc0rch3d

        ET TU Cesar?

  • thom

    If only I had an invite….

    • Steve Rosner


  • mcdonsco

    If I were on at&t this would likely be my next phone based on price alone…but, pricing aside, I think the G3 has this “one up’d”.

  • Jeremy

    I ordered mine, but my order still says processing just like it did the same day I ordered it.

  • ki11ak3nn

    I must have missed something. So I can go on the site and order one now?? What happened to the invites??

    • Gwanatu

      This is just for those who received the first round of invites and ordered last week. The phones were delayed due to the OpenSSL security flaw and have (presumably) been patched, thus they are now shipping.

      • middlehead

        I’d bet they haven’t actually been physically patched, but that they delayed shipping until they could confirm a patch would be ready by the time of delivery.

        But yeah, that.

        • Gwanatu

          Sure, that’s what I meant. It would be insane for them to unbox all those phones just to patch them individually.

  • Queue up the invite requests.

    • middlehead

      I GOT NEXT

      • Brandon Nicholson

        I’ll take next after that.

        • ManBearPig618


  • Jeff718

    One does not simply order a OnePlus One.

    • Bryan Mills

      64gb for $349, you’re goddamn right we order it.

      • greyhulk

        WHOOSH! Right over your head.

        • Bryan Mills


          • greyhulk

            Really? Okay, go ahead and order one. Right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

          • Derpy Bryan

            Hey Bryan, when you play checkers, do you ever find yourself getting confused why the black ones don’t taste different from the red ones?

          • Rex Xu

            Should of stopped when you didn’t understand the first comment… Made it worse by saying no. I’ll just explain to those who still have not gotten it: Oneplus requires you to receive an invite before ordering the One

      • When you say “you’re goddamn right” you need to use this.

      • Derp Hurr-durr


      • Colts5609

        Jeff is simply implying that “one” as in you or I, cannot “order” the OnePlus One. Even though we would like to.

      • supremekizzle

  • Disqus_n00b

    Meh, Granite Slate is more my style

    (love the marketing names for this stuff)