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Watch Live: Samsung Premiere Event, “Tab Into Color” at 4PM Pacific

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Tonight at 4PM Pacific (7PM Eastern), Samsung is hosting a Galaxy Premiere event called “Tab Into Color.” If that name didn’t give you hints as to what they plan on unveiling, then spoiler alert, it will be tablets. Most expect it to be for a new tablet line called Galaxy Tab S that will feature both 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch slates.

Each is rumored to use a 2560×1600 display, with either a Snapdragon processor or Exynos Octa, 3GB RAM, 8MP/2.1MP cameras, 16/32GB internal storage, micro SD slot, WiFi, 4G LTE (optional), and manage to weigh in at just 6.6mm thick.

All will be official shortly. Tim is on the scene to report back all of the goodies. Watch it here!

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    Galax TabESS

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    • ROR1997

      No thanks. I’m not a hot girl.

      I gotta be honest, I don’t think any hot girls have even read this comment

  • wtd2009

    really impressed by the storage options for the $399 price tag: 32 GB PLUS micro sd support. well done samsung. pending the nexus 8 announcement this might be my replacement for my N7 (2012). i hope they promote the competitive pricing, it could sway some consumers who would otherwise have gone for an ipad mini.

  • pyro74boy .

    Take that Apple LOL

  • Bryan Mills

    This is embarrassing. They’ll hit the whole alphabet at this point.

  • pyro74boy .

    Ipad killer for sure.

  • bluemon

    This actually looks pretty good. And their pricing is very competitive

    • pyro74boy .

      Yes I agree I watched the live stream and I think it might be my next tablet.

    • Bryan Mills

      Until they can get premium material like the iPads, won’t happen.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Okay.. I’m in. They sold me. I am still rolling with the Asus TF201 and have been milking that out. I think it’s time. Wifi 10.5″ version for me.

  • wtd2009

    i’m so confused. how are we supposed to differentiate the quality of the tab pro’s from the tab s’?

  • RobRomeo

    Samsung managed to take continuity put an ugly UI over it and call it Sidesync. sigh…. (Obviously not implying they copied continuity, probably been in development for a while of course)


    • Guest


      • Maxim∑

        lol yeah I saw that

        • Aooga

          There’s no way they started developing it after apple released it though. They must have done it before.

  • Guest

    Hate to say this, but I doubt either would convince me to leave my iPad mini. I like having iMessage and FaceTime because a majority of my friends have iPhones. I hate the iPad but I still feel I need it lol.

  • Hey guys, Tim here from Droid Life. The atmosphere is thick with anticipation with what will surely be one of Samsung’s weakest product releases this year.

  • Elbouhali Mohamed

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  • jamaall

    New leak, this just in! Samsung to announce new line of tablets in 4 weeks! That is all, carry on.

    • J Davis

      At the rate that Samsung announces tablets they will run out of letters by 2015.

  • Really?

    How does something “weigh in” in millimeters?

  • Maxim∑

    Right after the Galaxy Tab Pro’s…. we need a Nexus 10 to end the weekly Samsung tablet releases

    • Bryan Mills

      Samsung is ruining Android. We don’t see Apple releasing 500 devices.

      • pyro74boy .

        You mean to tell me that you would rather but a tablet from Apple that cost over $700? Sorry Apple sucks and companies like Samsung are catching up to them.

        • Maxim∑

          $499* or 399$ for the retina mini

          And most people would say yes, they would rather buy an iPad over an android tablet right now.. especially a samsung tablet

          By catching up you mean releasing over 6 tablets in a 3 month time frame hoping one is competitive with iPad? I watched the tab S keynote, it brings nothing new over the tab Pro besides some new software changes and a fingerprint sensor. Does a fingerprint sensor justify a whole entire keynote? Samsung forgot how to make software updates already

          • pyro74boy .

            WOW Hello Mr Tim Cook LOL did you happen to check your all important Apple stock yet today? LOL Why is it that I’m, running into more and more Apple booty kissers on D.L by each and every single day? What is it that you’re trying to prove. It’s not about worldwide smartphone market share that’s for sure LOL

            Yeah I will keep this in mind when Apple comes out with a bigger iphone this year and brags and tries to make people think that Apple was the very first to come out with a bigger phone when this has been Samsung’s very own idea. LOL Apple does not invent things they just follow the leader. So you go right ahead and buy the overrated ipad mean while I will be saving hundreds of dollars on a much better overall product.

            Go cash that Apple payroll check you earned it today by going on an all Android website and posting your nonsense. LOL

          • Maxim∑

            “Apple does not invent things they just follow the leader.” even if you dislike Apple thats pretty extreme

            Do you mind telling me what that “much better overall product” is called that is hundreds of dollars cheaper than a 4-500$ iPad?

            I dislike Samsung they unfortunately have wayy to much of the Android marketshare , they have an enormous amount of resources yet they spend it all on marketing instead of making a good product with MEANINGFUL changes. How many people need to complain about touchwiz or the design of there phones for them to make a actual change? not just changing a few icons to circles in settings and adding dots to the back of the phone in an attempt to mimic the N7 2012

            And btw, the only company who pays people to write negative reviews on products is Samsung, and thats a FACT not some fanboy comment made up.

            Also for me to be on an Android website typically means I own an Android product. its a common sense thing

          • pyro74boy .

            Really the more you post the more you make me laugh trying to sell people on Apple products on a all Android website is a joke regardless if you own Android powered devices or not.

            Just for the record there was not one singe new feature on last years iphone5s that the Android phone I was using from two years ago already had. That’s not what I would call inventing LOL mean while just about every major improvement on iOS7 Android and Windows phone had first and then I run into someone like you who thinks that they have something to prove buy posting your crap about how Apple is god and everything else sucks. And when you sitting here trying to defend a pathetic company like Apple you need to be reminded that if you would have done your homework you might understand that Samsung parts can be found and both the ipad and iphone LOL so keep that in mind as you talk trash about Samsung.LOL

            Samsung invented the large screen smartphone not Apple so keep this in mind when your watching this years iphone6 keynote [or whatever the new iphone is going to be called]

            You also know that you’re talking smack about a Samsung Tablet that NO ONE other then the people at this event have even touched much less used so it was pretty stupid of you to try to make your mind up about a product that is brand new that is not even out on the market yet. LOL I mean people like you take the cake for hating on such a great company like Samsung. Is Samsung perfect? of course not but people are hating on Samsung just to hate just because everyone and their mom is losing money to Samsung.

            Really I will pray to god that you get better because you got that Apple sickness and it really show.

            It must to have been a tough day in the office Mr cook? LOL

          • Maxim∑

            So Samsung gets credit for enlarging an LCD display. ok

            But Apple gets no credit for a 360 degree fingerprint sensor that can scan statically without swiping. They don’t get credit for being the first to implement the ARMv8 64x architecture in a phone. To this day A7 is more efficient/powerful than most brand new android devices thats a FACT. Apple doesn’t get credit for the dual LED flash that changes color depending on ambient light. Apple doesn’t get credit for inertial scrolling,capacitive touch, the first phone to really ditch a QWERTY keyboard, the first phone to implement a real “retina” display, the first phone to have a voice assistant*, the first phone to have an LTE+Voice chip merged together, the first phone to have a reversible fully digital charging cable.

            Im not saying by any means that Samsung has innovated however you’re being pretty unfair here. Samsung’s innovations HAVE NOT come from the galaxy tab series, but from the Galaxy Note which transferred to the Galaxy series.

            Apple just like Microsoft and Google have changed technology today, you need to stop being so biased and realize that there is a reason why these 3 companies are extremely successful. success at this scale doesn’t come from doing nothing. Samsung is a sneaky company, most people know that. Samsung had their years and right now they are certainly not at a peak…

            In terms of components, currently 1 is made directly from Samsung and its the display drivers in iPad, Apple uses Samsung’s fabrication plants yes, did samsung design the processor no. Otherwise Apples part suppliers are extremely diverse.

            Keep ending your comment with the Mr.Cook ending and “Lol” makes you sound even less like a fanboy /s

          • pyro74boy .

            I hope you’re aware that the first phone to come out with a fingerprint scanner was a phone called the Motorola Atrix not Apple.LOL

            It looks like someone has been spending way to much time on the Apple website bragging about benchmark scores LOL because you’re not even comparing Apples to Apples because you do know that Android based smartphones are setup to run completely different vs iOS right? iOS devices are setup to run for people who want an easy to use phone and Android is setup to run for the power user who wants a true multitasking user experience so it’s not even fair to try to compare what CPU is faster because Android devices depend much more on CPU power because they are doing so many different things at the same exact time vs a phone to be used as easy as possible. Talk about very miss leading. This is also why I laugh when people are saying that Android phones lag and trust me I know lag when I see it because some of my older Android phones lagged so bad to the point where they where unusable this is something that isheep try to say about Android devices but I must say that the Note2 is the smoothest running phone I have ever used.

            Yes it’s true you have not done your homework because the Samsung Note line of phones where the very first of there kind so don’t you find it just a little bit funny that all the other manufacturers including Apple are making there phones bigger.LOL

            Talk about being unfair do you remember a few years back when the iphone3GS was having antenna reception issues? Apple got in real hot water [FOR VERY GOOD REASON] for making a very stupid statement claiming that other companies where also having this same type of issue. [WAY WRONG ANSWER] You don’t bring other companies into it when it’s your company faced with the issue. THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE ANSWER should have been [We are aware of this issue and every effort is being made to fix this issue and am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused,] It’s reasons like this why I will NEVER spend my hard earned money on anything made by Apple. I read something the other day that Apple is just now getting around to fixing an issue with the iphone that has been ongoing now for well over 2 years. that’s pathetic so this means that this is not an issue until Apple says it is. LOL

            I’m not being biased I’m being truthful. Apple is all hype all they do is make easy to use products that are mid range at best. They are full of hype and lies and they have people like you fooled into their not so hidden agenda.

            Apple did not invent the smartphone touchscreen cell phone or fingerprint scanner and they don’t backup their products the way they should. They have people like you fooled like it or not.

  • Lumia Nexus

    to hell with Exynos Processor, no wonder my NOTE 3 is laggy and misbehaves sometimes. i tried my friend snapdragon version and it is way better than mine. why is Samsung treating Asia, Africa and Latin America differently than Europe? They make more money from ASIA unlike Europe where they have to sell their devices to carriers for $100 or so.

    • Marikel

      They sell their phones to carriers at the same price as they do everywhere else. You must not know what a subsidy is. The carriers then subsidize the price ($299 in the US for the Note 3), and they make the money back in the bills that you pay monthly while you’re locked into a 2 year contract. So no. They’re still making the same amount of money for the most part.