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Thursday Poll: Tiered or Unlimited Data?

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Back in April of 2012, almost a year after we started to see tiered data plans takeover the wireless market, we asked our readers to vote in a poll, letting us know if they were still on unlimited data or part of a tier. Since then, the industry has continued to change, with the introduction of shared data pools and unlimited plans that offer up a limit on fast data before throttling you.

We know that many of you are doing whatever you can to hang onto those old, grandfathered unlimited data plans while others have had to jump ship, whether it be to upgrade or because they found what they considered to be a good enough deal. So some have let tiers take over, others have at least gone the unlimited-plus-throttling route. What we want to know today, is where you fall? Are you still hanging on to full unlimited or have you had to switch it up?

Feel free to let us know what your current plan looks like in the comments.

Tiered or Unlimited Data?

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  • Nate

    Rocking unlimited data. Also free tethering (thank you FCC and Band C/ 700 MHz ruling) . So with alt upgrades I can buy phones at 2 year pricing (Just bought a S5 for a sweet deal). Plus for times like now when my Charter Cable Internet is totally out. Tethering is the only way to stay connected.

  • cg

    I don’t get how you people are paying “full price” for a Verizon phone. If you just look up “Verizon alternate upgrade” you will actually get the phone you want for a cheaper price (even when you factor having a dumb line for 9.99 a month). Plus, you can sell your current phone on Swappa or similar services and use that to subsidize your already subsidized purchase. I’m getting a Note 5 for subsidized price..and selling my Note 3 for whatever Mint is going for. (Same with Mrs. CG’s Galaxy S5…)

  • cg

    Unlimited Data…no b***h-a** throttling for this guy or Mrs. CG.

    I thought I would be stuck with a Samsung Droid Charge with unlimited data and the wife a Samsung Continuum (3G smartphone for free.) I got data plans right before Verizon got tiered plans. Thanks to Droid-Life and other Android sites, I learned that was not the case…I was not going to pay $29.99 for 2GB of data just so that I’d have the phone on perpetual Wi-Fi (which, if I connect to the wrong hotspot, could compromise my identity, privacy and financial data.) So I got a third unlimited line through “assumption of liability” and two dumb phones so that I can upgrade those lines and transfer them to mine and Mrs. CG’s lines.

    I have a Note 3 with unlimited data. Mrs. CG has a Galaxy S5 with unlimited data. I used about 7 GB this month. She used 18 GB Netflixing, streaming music and what not. I only keep my hotspot line for emergencies only…though every now and then I’ll use 20GB on that line…maybe 60GB….just because I can.)

    Once Verizon kills my unlimited…I’m off to T-Mobile. Until then…I will pay Verizon!!!

  • MC

    Verizon Hates me!! LOL And this is just one of my accounts I average 350GB a month

  • maimuta8

    Holding on to my unlimited for life – this is what Game of Thrones 4-season marathon and the World Cup will do to you. And now XLTE being rolled out…I’ll happily pay full price for phone and keep the data. Why have a phone with all the ability and functionality to access content only to be restricted?

    • MC

      I have you beat by about a 100Gb and thats only 1 of my lines 🙂

      • J

        hah, congratulations. Wasn’t trying to beat anyone there buddy.

  • beez1717

    I’m on a stupid shared plan because even though I told my family that we were going to get kicked off VZ’s unlimited data plan if we didn’t buy our phones at full price, my family was too stupid to believe me even when I brought them evidence. Now I’m stuck with 2 GB of useable data without pissing my family members off. That’s so awesome…. 🙁 I want my unlimited back. right now I kind of feel like I’m being given a poisoned carrot with the speeds of LTE. I’d actually watch video on the go and I would actually play some good games. I like Real Racing but I hate having to burn though my data plan just to play the game. If I had had the money I would have split from our family plan and kept unlimited data. Data caps are just a way to say “F you” to the network users while they boast about how fast data is going to change how you use your phone to connect to the internet. Yah right! If it didn’t cost an arm, a leg, and my first born child, along with hundreds of dollars, I’d just say “F it I’m going to use data how I like it.” I’m sure that if we all still had unlimited data, the network load wouldn’t be that much higher because most people don’t even use their 2 GB data allowance.

  • Matthew M

    How can you honestly tell if you’re being throttled?

  • Nate

    I couldn’t take it with a measley 2-4GBs of data. So I reverted back to my unlimited data plan and took a 1400 min plan for my 2 lines.

  • san q

    I use about 30gb on Verizon.. Rather pay full price for a phone then lose my data…. N she’s always running 25mbps +

  • skrusrnmz

    I sold my Verizon unlimited data on eBay for $500!

    Moveded to T-Mobile where I can switch to unlimited whenever I need it.

    On a side note: why can’t I sign into disqus in Chrome for Android?! This happens almost every time on Droid-life. I had to open the stock browser to post this. I’ll click to sign in, the pop-up page opens and takes my credentials, and then goes back to the d-l page but I’m not signed in. Refresh and still not in. Don’t think I’m doing something wrong. This should be simple.

    This time I even got an error message: Your API key is not valid on this domain.

  • Spaniard85

    Unlimited. Perks of being a Sprint employee.

  • Tim

    Did we really need a pole on this particular subject? I mean really…was there any question what the answer would be. Now we have people harping on the same thing that has been beat to death.

  • I was just reading the propaganda — I mean advantages — of Share Everything/More Everything on VZW’s website and they claim it’ll make it easier to manage your usage. Oh really?

    I almost spit iced-tea all over my keyboard.

  • cnlson

    I have unlimited data on 4 lines at a cost of $10 on each line with verizon. All thanks to DL in fact. For those that may not recall there was a a time where VZW had a promotion that gave you a discount of $20 per line if you had data on all lines. at the time i had 2 motorola OG droids and 3 feature phones. and only the droids had data. adding 3 lines at $10 and dropping the current $30 lines to $10 saved me $10. since then one of the lines left my account but I still have 4 unlimited costing me $10 each a month. along with 1400 minutes and unlimited texts $185 total for all 4.

  • gettingCRAZYexpensive

    When i think about it…. IT FREAKEN SUCKS!!
    – NO new every two discount for loyal customers anymore
    – No more unlimited data
    – Termination fees have doubled
    – deductibles keep going up; as well as monthly insurance.
    – I went from $90/month [$60 (450mins w/ unlimited text/pix) + $30 (unlimited data)] to about $110 a month for the same usage.
    – and on top of paying more, i have to “monitor” my usage so i dont go over.

  • I used to be a VZW Unlimited diehard, but my GNex was becoming too slow to be usable as my main phone and I didn’t have they money to buy a new phone at full price. Plus with VZW Edge you get to trade your phone in as soon as the warranty’s up, which protects you from having your phone crap out on you while it’s uncovered. Thus, I got a a GS5 with a 500 MB data plan and haven’t looked back. With WiFi everywhere nowadays I use ~ 300MB/month anyway.

  • turdbogls

    While it hurt to ditch my verizon unlimited…their phone selection (mainly how they lock them down) and the price to buy off contract was enough for me to start looking somewhere else.

    8 months later, I am a happy T-mobile customer…paying $30/month for pretty much all I need (I could use another GB of un-throttled data),PLUS the freedom of choosing a device I want, had made my minimal sacrafices, WELL worth it.

    the true test is when I go back home to Michigan this month…hoping T-mobile is decent in the GR area.

  • Jim Davis

    AIO…Um, I mean Cricket Smart — $50/2.5 GB plus unlimited throttled at 256 Kb/s ($45 after discount for autopay)

  • Disturbed77

    Most importantly, does anyone know if the loop hole of running the upgrade through a feature phone still works?

  • Chippah

    Verizon Unlimited = COLD DEAD HANDS!!


  • Randy Lee Martin

    I got a phone call from a Verizon rep a few weeks ago b/c she said she could save me money on my monthly bill. Once she made her pitch, I asked her would I lose my unlimited data…she said no, but then paused for about 6 seconds and said…”ah yes.” I then told her what my monthly bill is and she quickly said…”Oh, it looks like you already have a cheaper plan than the one I offered.” This is the second phone call I’ve gotten in the last 6 months about switching my plan. The offered me 8GB for $29.00…I ALMOST gave in but I don’t see the need. I’ve accepted the fact that I will have to pay for a phone at full-price…I bought a Moto X and I’ll continue to go forward without a contract and WITH my unlimited data…

  • MetroGnome711

    Unlimited on Verizon. Paid full price for my One m7 on launch day. Somehow sweet talked Verizon customer service into letting my wife keep hers when we upgraded her line to the $49 best buy blue One.

  • Jprime

    When my wife wanted an iphone, we had to switch to 4 gb because the phone was just too much out of pocket for us. Anyway, when i called verizon to complain about this the guy said “but arent you upset that there are people paying the same as you (for unlimited data) and using so much more than you do?” i thought that was the dumbest argument for tiered plans i ever heard. I told him that. Sigh.

  • reillynicolas

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  • HarvesterX

    25% of the voters here preferred tierred / sharing option plans over unlimited? I voted for unlimited w/throttling as that’s been how it’s been done for ages.

    Even you cable modem can be throttled (and yes even though many advertise for unlimited data we know their secret cap’s which are so high they don’t really matter though)

    Why would ANYONE prefer 2GBs of data (or 4GBs, 6GBs, or hell even 10GBs (Verizon Business Plan) over unlimited? Can’t be arguing the process because many like Verizon don’t have pricing for unlimited (unless using a promotional regional plan) and hell even their standard old prices bear out today’s crap.

    Let’s look at that business plan of 10GBs shared. “Duh HarvesterX we can block out employees from watching movies and stuff with our cook proxy so 10GBs is enough”

    What the hell kind of business do you run?? Surely not one where very large Word documents are presented/created and shared. Forbid you are a small company of app developers who build apps USING their services using AIDE and then uploading all this plus all assets etc to github.

    “Duh but we block out all these heavy bandwidth sites using proxy servers. No pr0n or youtube for them since they are too stupid to know about tunneling”. Whoops guess we were wrong, seems all of them love Javelin browser and run in spirit mode which automatically bypasses these filters.

    Maybe with 3G this could have been pulled off. With the LTE spectrums this is not desirable. The minute anyone discovers that most browsers let you change user agent to any custom one the overages begin. Regular sites take WAY more space than mobile and is what the public prefers to see on most ocassions. That 2GBs deal is starting to look like a joke now.

    Now the carriers can even have fun by introducing carrier specific apps that allow you to stream media. I can download a 2.5GB game in 20 seconds maybe tops? A 480p BLURAY movie runs around 2GB in the 480p form (mp4s). Go up to the next resolution here and you can double those sizes at the minimum. Good to see carriers who are against unlimited publish such nice apps.

    I downloaded Godzilla 2014 not long ago and it took me maybe 19 minutes. I was downloading off slow peers too. This one act alone would be a month’s worth of normal 2GB bandwidth.

    “But who uses such insane amounts of bandwidth to begin?? Only the minority apparently, because I only use 390k a day” Well you got me. If ALL you do is check email once in a while and play idiotic iAP games (the small resource games with each level consisting of 3 challenging levels of “stars”) and obligitoryly browse FaceBook and post pics of those meatloaf then this plan is for you.

    For the rest of the ACTUAL world these shared tiered plans are terrible.. One exception. You KNOW you’ll always be within range of WiFi with faster speeds than your 4G. I imagine the only people voting for tiered or shared fall into that catagory.

    You most fortunately do not have to download or host torrents either or pirate music or movies or games to reach your limit. Many games in the Play Store are off limits to most unless they have WiFi (not a luxury everywhere as even my mild town has no open WiFi spots).

    Browsing pages in normal desktop mode is impossible once you begin rationing ALL data usage. Browsers with as blockers need to be used or a rooted device with an edited hosts file (best solution). So what happens if a rogue page spawns a 3GB download without your approval (I get phantom downloads lots depending what types of sites or browsers I’m using) and you are I unaware of it only to find after it’s done that its a guide on how to optimize your REM sleep mode time.

    Little Mike love’s using Verizon’s media streaming app to burn 12GBs of his families 7GBs or whatever the tier is.

    These possibilities and examples can go on forever.Just as well can those who perpetually argue that shared and tiered plans are wonderful because since they don’t use the data each month they NEVER will need it.

    Marketing plays a huge role here as well because anyone with God a brain could tell you unlimited is better than shared. Now yes some top data hogs can slow the network SOME but that’s why the choice was also for throttled unlimited. But forger it the ads say over and over how best shared and tiered are and once repeated enough times and once adopted by many users it becomes not only true but gospel..

    Droid was apparently not made for a awesome games like Avabel. Definately not made for storing all your images and backup data to cloud storage. As we all know our bandwidth counts while in the cloud.

    25% of voters here are clearly in the wrong forums OR most realistically work for these big OEMs as public relations and spend time brainwashing the obviously correct to try shared/tiered.

    My network here where I live has ever been IMPROVED by removing most unlimited users nor has it been RETARDED by high bandwidth users.

    Give us unlimited. There’s enough there for everyone and just throttle those who seed torrents daily or other daily or monthly or periodic tasks that eat tons of bandwidth.

    So go on bright prodigies. Tell us why you love your shared/tiered plans and switching between wifi/2G/3G/4G/and airplane mode constantly through the day and avoiding all the awesome high end games you’d probably wanna play even though you tell us are “overrated” simply because you only have 200MB data left for the next week

    While you myself and many others with grandfathered unlimited will sit back and laugh hysterically reading the choices and betting lover who’s quote will appear next in a Verizon ad.

    Sorry it’s 4am and grammar and spelling most defiinately not perfect but besides those mistakes please show me how I am wrong along with the majority of the world. Please.

    And yes I’m talking down this wy because anyone contributing to the downfall of mobile data and coming here to vote yes about it and brag are just a mindless as the commercials hoped. Go ahead… Get angry

  • dm33

    Tether was more important to me. Switched from Verizon to tmobile

    • MC

      You can tether on Verizon for free

      • dm33

        Tether was not included in Verizon’s no longer offered unlimited data plan. Against terms of service. New plans are capped and include tethering.

  • verizonchris

    verizonchris here….. Still helping people upgrade with unlimited data. PM me on rootzwiki (same username) for details. I’m more than happy to help!

  • Reuben Rivas

    On Verizon, I just tried to go back from my 900 anytime with unlimited data to the 700 anytime with unlimited data, was told that don’t offer the 700 anymore. I was pleasantly surprised when the customer service rep went ahead and lowered my current 900 plan by 5 dollars a month with no expiration date!

  • jasonlee1

    Verizon max data plan. 6gb for $30. Not too bad.

  • Inquizitor

    Just last week my dad called to let me know that he switched us all to a damn shared plan. 3GB for 3 lines. T_T

  • Ryan

    T-Mobile unlimited use of 4G, no problems here.

  • Sergio Meraz

    Good ol VZW Unlimited

  • I am on the T-Mobile truly unlimited plan. My house Internet is so crap, I have been tethering to my laptop for access lately. My plan resets on the 29th every month and I’ve already used around 26 GB. Meanwhile U-Verse just sucks. I can do whatever I want on my LTE phone and not care at all. 🙂

  • Marsg

    How is tired data better than unlimited with throttling? If you go over your tiered data you have to pay a fee, if you overuse your unlimited data and get throttled theirs no overage fee you just get slower speeds. Tiered data is the lowest, without a doubt and the only reason these providers got rid of unlimited data was to to milk us for anything they can get. They did the same to sms which costs them almost nothing as a service but we’re paying like 10 bucks a month lol.

  • Reed Kerr

    Unlimited 3G (on Sprint’s network) for $25 a month! If you’re a frugal guy like me, it’s Republic Wireless for the win. I absolutely love my Moto X, which is running Kit Kat and is rooted. Plus, whenever I decide I want 4G speeds, I can switch my plan instantly right from my phone (up to two switchs a month).

    I couldn’t be happier. Here’s my referral link. http://rwshar.es/O0ml Check it out if you’re interested and want a discount. 🙂

  • Jeff Broders

    Kept unlimited with Verizon and got two g2’s last fall for $50 each! Using 100-150gb between the two a month. I have a feeling my days are numbered….

  • Boss As Hell

    Tmo unlimited. Love it. I had 2 grandfathered unlimited Verizon accounts. Sold one on eBay in Dec then bought a Nexus 5 and got service with Tmo. Been fine for me. My wife has the other Verizon account which I was able to upgrade via Edge and get her a Droid Maxx back in August. Unlimited data stayed intact.