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Report: Two Galaxy Note 4 Models Being Produced, One With a Curved OLED

On Tuesday, news broke on a rumor that pinned Samsung to produce the Galaxy Note 4 with a QHD display and Snapdragon 805 processor. Today, more rumors are pouring in, claiming that there isn’t just one version of the Galaxy Note 4 this year. According to Korea Times, sources claim there will be two models of the Note 4, one which features a regular flat OLED display for the masses, and then another model which could feature a curved OLED display for niche markets.

The last time we saw Samsung produce a phone with a curved display, it was for the Galaxy Round. That phone, with its taco shape, was released in small quantities, never really making it to meaningful markets. The phone was generally thought to be nothing more than a way for Samsung to show off curved display tech. I wouldn’t go as far as to call it a bust, but it took what most would consider to be the wrong approach to a curved display. LG got it right with the G Flex, by putting the curve through the horizontal axis.

In addition to two variants of the Galaxy Note 4, which are reported to be announced sometime around IFA in September, Samsung will also introduce a new line of wearables. These wearables could be based around the new Android Wear platform, as Samsung was introduced as an OEM partner for the platform when it was announced by Google. No information as to what to expect from the wearables in terms of specs, though.

Note fans and wearables fans have a lot to look forward to, especially if Samsung intends to possibly introduce a curved OLED QHD display. It was not mentioned in the report what the resolution of the curved display would be, but as the saying goes, go big or go home, Samsung.

Throw your thoughts below; we’re dying to hear them.

Via: Korea Times
  • wrk4mine

    I love my n3 in every way except one…the Antena sucks big time. Worst phone as far as signal goes I’ve ever owned!

  • rawheat200

    Curved glass is just fugly! There’s nothing sexy about the LG Flex. Can’t imagine this would be any better.

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Curved? Oh, that must be the Samsung Nope.

  • roberthenderson

    If the speaker isn’t in the front, my note 3 will be the last Samsung that I own.

  • Chris King

    Can’t wait for this phone. Don’t think I would go for the curve though

  • Dave

    I’d wait for the Note 4 Prime personally.

  • xyrth

    I guess we all forgot about the curved screen on the Galaxy Nexus?

    • Tee

      It wasn’t really curved. Look it up.

    • Ryan O’Neill

      Curved front glass, but the OLED panel was flat. I would know, I just pulled an all-nighter writing a paper on flexible OLED displays.

      • Colin Huber


  • MH

    I still cant understand the obsession with having a curved device. All it’s going to do is create a distorted glare in any brightly lit area. I guess they assume everyone just stays indoors these days.

    • Godzilla

      I agree with you

  • Godzilla

    My wife says i have just the right curvature.

  • pyro74boy .

    Samsung always seems to save their best phones for the end of the year at least that’s the way it’s been for the last few years. I also hope that the rumors are true about the Note 4 being a different design because it’s getting to be an outdated look. I love my Note2 to death but It’s going to be time to part with it at some point this year.

  • AngelaRGonzales

    I wouldn’t go as far as to call it a bust, but it took what most would consider to be the wrong approach to a curved display. LG got it right with the G Flex, by putting the curve through the horizontal axis. http://0rz.tw/9BIIY

  • pyro74boy .

    This is just more proof that the Note4 is going to give the LG G3 more then a run for the money. It also looks like the U.S version of the Note4 is also going to be powered by the 805. I’m so glad I did not get the M8 or S5 because phones like the G3 and Note4 are way better. I think my next phone is going to be the LG G3 or Samsung galaxy Note4. I’m going to try and compare them side by side and buy the winner between the two,

    • Alexander Z Great

      Good idea. I think I’ll just get both.

      • pyro74boy .

        I can’t afford to buy them both but I wish I could.

    • Qwerty

      The note will always have the stylus advantage anyway (until others go down this route).

      (illusion: http://goo.gl/qaEZ45)

      • pyro74boy .

        Yeah I agree.

        I also heard more then a few people claim that there was not even going to be a market for the Note line of phones back a few year ago when the very first Note came out and now everyone is making their phones bigger. I laugh at people who claim that Samsung does not invent things. LOL

  • ROR1997

    I wanted the G3 to have a slight curve to it. This could do, but I won’t wait that long.

  • I’ll take the curved OLED display please.

  • Curve_hand_designers

    and NOTE 4 Prime and NOTE 4 Prime Curve
    with metal body (brushed plastic) rumors in October!

    • michael arazan

      the curve is side to side, and not up and down like LG

      Android Central had pics

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Foldable tablets? Curved notes? They need to stop reading my comments if they want to survive

  • Tee

    LOL @ LG got it right with the G Flex. That phone is just as horrible as the Galaxy Round.

    • ROR1997

      Not at all..

    • Nasty Nate

      I’ve seen a decent amount of G Flex in public, never seen The Taco though.

      • PoisonApple31

        Not surprising considering the G Flex is sold on some of the US carriers and the Galaxy Round is not.

        • Nasty Nate

          That’s because no one wants that turd!!

          Taco kisses!!

      • Tee

        Lol yeah O.K.

        I travel to different cities a lot for work and have NEVER seen a G Flex in someone’s hand. The only place I have ever saw one was in a T Mobile store.

        That phone is huge and it is way too curved. It’s a joke. A bad design. I would bank they didn’t sell many of them.

        That phone sucked. They did not “get it right”.

        • Nasty Nate

          I literally saw one last night…one of my buddies is a concert promoter and that is what she was carrying around. Not that i’ve seen a ton of them, but a few here or there.

          • Tee

            And I bet you were thinking in your head, “Why did you get that awful phone”. Haha

  • SeanPlunk

    I’ll definitely be picking up a Developer Edition when it arrives. Even though it has limitations I’ve enjoyed my Note 3 Dev Edition and at least I know I’ll have root.

    • Steven58

      You can’t get assurion on the dev editions, can you?

      • SeanPlunk

        Unfortunately no. I’m just very careful.

    • Alexander Z Great

      I enjoyed mine while I had it but was glad I sold it. I was able to get my money back. Sammy doesn’t support dev editions which is just plain stupid. I tried to speak with my wallet and imo it was a bust. Sammy sold 30ish of them. S5 dev edition looks like it’s not getting much attention on xda. I wish the dev edition phones would pan out. I definitely will not get a dev edition note 4. Just a shame imo

  • BornRight

    Too many models. Same applies to their tablet line-up too.

    • It’s one of their original flagship devices. And they don’t have that many phones out.

    • Nasty Nate

      Two models is too many? Doesn’t apple have the 5s and 5c?

    • Mark Aaron Collado

      Spamsung ^_^

  • rawr

    I miss flagships.

  • TopXKiller

    It won’t matter, it will be locked down like crazy

    • Steven58

      Exactly. You might as well break down and get an iPhone, the way they lock down these flagships, nowadays. Meh.

      • Justin Foster

        Lol, I don’t know. Android minimal security prison is a prison a lot easier to escape from than Apple’s Prison island.

        • Steven58

          The G3 will likely be rootable for verizon, but the s5? The Note 4? Unlikely. I am coming from the Gnex, which total freedom, so I’ve been spoiled and will never be happy with locked down bootloaders.

          • MH

            Nothing will touch nexus freedom, obviously. However, you’re making the situation out to be far worse than it really is.

          • Steven58

            You sound like my wife. Are you my wife? If not, never mind.

          • DrewNusser

            Still, think launchers and icon packs – they alone give you more freedom than any other platform. It’s not even close to iPrison.

          • Steven58

            I’m thinking more custom roms and kernels, etc. :p

          • DrewNusser

            Of course, but my point is that even without those, Android is still WAY more open than other mobile operating systems.

          • Steven58

            Yeah, you’re right, but I’m complaining. I hate locked stuff.

          • DrewNusser

            Haha, I agree.

    • yahyoh

      locked ? wat

    • roberthenderson

      I was hesitant in buying my note 3, but the developers came through as usual with safe strap and root, so I’ve got my blacked out system and customizations up the thing yang.