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Amazon Launches Prime Music, Free Song Streaming Service for Amazon Prime Members

It seems Amazon’s negotiations with the recording industry have finally come to fruition. Amazon’s oft-rumored music streaming service was announced today as Prime Music, a benefit to Amazon Prime subscribers, providing unlimited and ad-free song listening.

Amazon’s music service, which has been rebranded as Amazon Music, is placing a big focus on curated playlists. The service has Prime Playlists for genres, artists, and activities, all available at launch, with more to come in the future. Alternatively, Amazon is using personalized recommendations to serve up individual songs and albums you’ll ostensibly enjoy.

Like Beats and Spotify, Amazon Music has an offline mode – you can download music and listen to it without a data connection. Unlike Spotify and Beats, the music selection isn’t all that great. Amazon Music’s competitors boast a catalog of more than 20 million songs, while Amazon Music is limited to over a million.

Also, much of the music available for streaming is not very new. Depending on the label, Amazon may have to wait six months before adding songs to Amazon Music. In addition, Amazon has not managed to broker a deal with Univeral Music Group, meaning notable omissions like Lady Gaga and Kanye West. Still, if you are a Prime subscriber, it’s hard to complain about yet another added benefit.

For those who don’t subscribe to Prime, Amazon is offering a free 30-day trial for Prime Music. Sign up through the app to get started.

The Amazon MP3 app for Android has now been rebranded as Amazon Music.

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  • DJ.James.Jr

    Hopefully this may save some of the readers here some time. I spent over an hour on the phone with Amazon’s tech support trying to figure out why every time I tried to download the new Amazon Prime Music application for my non Kindle Android tablet from the Google Play Store it kept giving me the Older Amazon Cloud MP3 player application that won’t access the Amazon Prime Music content. Finally a light bulb clicked on, Amazon doesn’t want to give access to these files to Non- Kindle owning Prime Members (as was mentioned earlier in the discussion) to try and sell more Kindles. They also do this with their Prime Videos and their lending library of books. At any rate the following link gives instructions for a work around for streaming videos from Amazon, and it works for Prime Music as well. I hope this helps. http://the-digital-reader.com/nates-reviews/stream-amazon-instant-videos-android-tablet/#.U6N0VfldWDk

  • jeff

    you really need to get rid of that godawful header that follows when scrolling down the page. this is the reason I haven’t clicked a droid life link in a year, and now it’s going to be another year.

  • Al Werner

    This only applies to the primary on the Prime Membership. If someone else on the account wants Prime Music, they have to buy another prime membership. I’ll stick with All Access.

  • Joe Sines

    When will I see the Prime Music service on my TiVo?

  • akhnaten

    Amazon’s entire site is all but down right now with all the traffic from this. lol

  • PaulACalvin

    Like Beats and Spotify, Amazon Music has an offline mode – you can download music and listen to it without a data connection. Unlike Spotify and Beats, the music selection isn’t all that great. http://0rz.tw/9BIIY

  • paulternate

    Has anyone compared this to the google play music subscription? If the interface and music library holds up, it may save me $10 a month.

    • dan

      doesn’t compare – not all tracks are prime eligible

      • paulternate


    • bobukcat

      I wondered about that too but I quit using Amazon’s Music service when they started charging to store more then 250 of your own (non-Amazon purchased) music. I see that the 250 upload limit still applies to Amazon and Google’s limit is much higher (it’s so high I don’t even remember it) so as long as that continues I’ll stay with Google which also allows me to stream it on my Chromecasts. I am a Prime Member so I guess I can still go listen to something if they have it and Google All Access doesn’t but that doesn’t appear too likely right now.

      • paulternate

        Ah, thanks. I won’t bother with it then. Google Music is great.

    • mikel

      Not even close. And the amazon format is just plain unusable not to even mention content.

  • GJV

    If they ever get the quality of the music library sorted I will be ditching Google Play all access.

  • matt

    Another “free” Prime feature I won’t be using.

  • Well played, Amazon. Huge selling point for your ecosystem. If I was still a Prime subscriber (and cared about any Amazon Hardware), I might consider ditching GPlay all-access.

  • morgan boyle

    does it work with ChromeCast??? Le Sigh…

  • Cael

    Tried it and it sucks. They should have waited to get more music.

  • Big EZ

    Prime is tempting, but I’m buying less and less from Amazon. Their prices are increasing, and so is the amount of counterfeit items.

  • needa

    thank you amazon, you just unexpectedly saved me another $120 a year. as a whole… we really should be supporting amazon. they do everything they do for little to no profit.

  • Blue Sun

    Checking out the Amazon music store, I noticed that CD’s that I had ordered from my account (for myself & housemates to reduce shipping costs) are now available to me in mp3 format. I’m not sure if this is new, but I like it since I have 15 years worth of CD’s that were converted.

    • Manthas

      Relatively new, but many months old at this point. This is a really nice feature, and occasionally you will find deals where the CD is actually cheaper than the MP3 album, so you wind up getting both for the cheaper price. (Which will allow you to rip it in any quality / format you desire for your personal collection if the 256k MP3 isn’t up to your archiving standards.)

  • Whenever I see a new music subscription service nowadays, I just roll my eyes. Most people already have picked which one they want to use day-in and day-out.

  • Godzilla

    I love amazon prime for many things, but im gonna stick with google all access for my music.

  • Tony Byatt

    Up next, Prime Instant Video app…

    • epps720

      Been waiting for this for a long while now, really REALLY hope they make this happen… though I doubt it

    • Manthas

      Sadly not going to happen any time soon, but it would be nice.

  • bittermormon

    The problem with Amazon’s streaming services is that, while they may be included for free with Prime, they’re absolute garbage to use. Skipping through a show my xbox 360 is a chore vs on Netflix. And now searching for “free” music on this app is terrible compared to Spotify. I suppose you get what you pay for. I don’t know that I’ll be renewing my Prime subscription this fall.

    • Godzilla


    • needa

      i use my tivo for netflix and ps3 for prime. i find that things are the exact opposite. i get x3 ff and rw on the tivo. and x256 on the ps3. just saying that your experience very well may depend on what you are using to stream. in all seriousness, other than the slow ass tivo, i find both to be really good.

  • Cory S

    The web app is really awkward. It kept playing samples until i added it to my library, and then clicked the actual play playlist button. If I just clicked on a song it would play the sample. They still have some leftovers from before in there that was QAed very well.

  • kr8os71

    still waiting on my Amazon Instant Video app for android, how hard can it be? Apple has had one for the longest, would love to use that service on my phone.

    • epps720

      That’s not the issue, my guess is that they want people to buy their Kindle Fire tablets that already run on Amazon instead of buying a competitor’s. Which I hate and find real annoying.

      • Miguel

        Well, they need to understand that most people don’t own a kindle and if I’m not mistaken they have an app for the iPad, so no excuses for them.

        • middlehead

          They KNOW most people don’t own Kindles, that’s exactly WHY they won’t put an AIV app on Android. So you have to buy a Kindle. There’s no “excuse” necessary, it’s a business plan.

          • Chris M

            But iPad has an app? Makes 0 sense.

          • middlehead

            As far as Amazon is concerned, the ipad is not a competitor. People who are dumb enough to buy an ipad are going to buy an ipad. They’re fighting for everyone else to pick them over Android.

          • MicroNix

            You mean pick them over *other* Android devices.

          • middlehead

            No, I meant what I said. Go look at a Kindle page on Amazon and count how many times it says “Android.” They may not actively hide it, but they certainly don’t advertise it. They’d much rather people assume they weren’t Android and that there are 3 major tablet OSs.

  • coolsilver

    Still not worth $99 a year.

    • Justin W

      If you use all of their services, it sure is. If you are a student (and therefore eligible for $50 Prime membership), it sure as hell is. All of the video content available, e-books from the Lending Library, 2 day shipping, and now Prime Music – It sure as hell is worth it if you consider Netflix to be worth it (at $8.99/mo or $107.88/year without tax) – that means Netflix is more expensive than a service that provides a lot more feature-wise. While their video/movie selection isn’t as great as Netflix, there is a lot more to like about Prime than you think.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        the reason people feel this way, myself included, is because amazon charges you upfront. if they went monthly, people wouldnt feel it’s ‘too expensive’ because the cost is spread rather than a lump sum.

        • I’d rather pay $99 a year than $9 a month. A flat rate charge once a year is a lot more appealing to me than just another monthly bill I have to factor into my budget.

      • coolsilver

        Until they allow streaming on android and chromecast I really see little use out of the instant anything.

        • WAldenIV

          Roku and many smart TVs will utilize their streaming services.

    • Cory S

      I probably buy 10-15 things off amazon a month. The fast free shipping and dirt cheap next day air is more than worth it…for me anyway. I will say though they have recently started doing a UPS to USPS hand off on smaller packages and that is starting to tick me off. USPS will show it delivered on time and it wont actually showup for another 2-3 days.

    • Godzilla

      are you kidding? I have prime and I actually did the math and I saved $300 on shipping alone last year.

      • coolsilver

        Shipping is great but I tend to get irritated by their streaming selection and stance on android/chromecast support.

        • Justin W

          Well, considering they have a direct competitor with Chromecast (Fire TV), it’s not really surprising they want to keep Instant to their devices/services. What surprises me most is that they have an app for iOS, for Instant Video, which clearly shows they are interested in expanding, but they don’t want an app for Android for (what I believe to be) anti-competitive reasons.

  • Nathan Borup

    Amazon’s way of doing this is stupid… you can’t search for your favorite artists because then it will list music that you will have to pay for

    • froyoman

      Search for artist, press “All Results” at the top, then select “Show Only Prime Music”. Voila!

  • Free*

    *You must buy Amazon Prime

    • creed

      For those of us that already have prime accounts, it is free.

    • BSweetness

      They’re not advertising it as “free.” They’re advertising it as “free with Amazon Prime.”

  • Colts5609

    To Prime subscribers like myself. The free 2 day shipping is worth the cost of Prime by itself. Prime video, books, and music are all just icing on the cake.

    • crazed_z06

      Yup.. I never even use the Streaming video.. Im all about that 2 day shipping. The subscription easily pays for itself in savings on products from Amazon. Plus the convenince is crazy.

      • charesa39

        Same thing here. I think I’ve only used the video service to watch one movie. It’s all just about the 2-day shipping for me too.

      • exzaybien

        That’s how I was until they added the HBO content. Right now I’m watching The Wire, next Oz, then Sopranos!

        • Colts5609

          Agreed. Prepare your butt hole for Oz.

        • cizzlen

          Once you watch The Sopranos, every other TV show becomes irrelevant.

          • col3rsc

            I liked The Wire better but that’s just me.

      • Miguel

        I have to agree, I’ve had Prime for years and it’s worth it every penny, just aks all the people that have asked me to order something for them.

    • morgan boyle

      if these allowed Prime Video on NON-Fire devices i might get excited for that. *MIGHT*

      • It works great on an ipad.

        • Manthas

          And that right there is the kick in the pants. iPad? Sure. Non-Fire Android device? No.

          • michael arazan

            Even Prime Music is on Android market, but not Prime for streaming videos, WTH?

      • Kyleinstyle

        works on Roku

      • John Davids

        works great on IE, Chrome, FF, and Opera

    • picaso86

      They are getting pretty bad when it comes to the 2 day shipping (maybe only here in NJ) now it usually takes up 4 days to get my items..

      • waters12x

        If you complain they typically will compensate you for it.. Happened a lot over Christmas. Just this past week something took 4 days, I complained and they extended Prime for an additional month before renewal

      • James Friedman

        Yeah when you order something it says guaranteed delivery date. They will compensate you with a store credit if it’s more than a day late.

      • Raymond Smith

        Now they are only compensating an extra day of prime. It is getting worse with the 2 day shipping all over I believe. I just ordered something on the 12th and it says not going to be delivered til 17th even with 2 day shipping. 18th with standard. probably not going to even bother with prime anymore.

    • JMonkeYJ

      Do you still think it’s worth it with the price hike? I’m honestly curious. I’m debating whether to renew myself. It seems like there’s a ton of viable competition to Amazon these days, but it would be weird to not have Prime.

      • Colts5609

        It’s not like the $20 price hike made it unaffordable. If it was $200 I would still come out on top. But I am a heavy amazon user. No one can match amazons selection and ease of use.

    • MKader17

      All it makes me think is how it could be cheaper without the extra services.

    • Joe Cross

      Now all we need is an Instant Video app for android

      • dameron92

        If Apple can get it then there is no logical reason other than corporate interlocking directorates (if you scratch my back ill scratch yours) that they shouldnt bring it out. Either greed or incompetence.