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Google Voice Receives Update to V0.4.3.8, Not Much to be Seen

Google Voice received a minor update today on Android to version, up from version As you would expect with a minor jump in build number, there isn’t much to see here. This does not appear to be a massive make-over or bring full Hangouts integration or produce unicorn tears.

The only thing I’m noticing that could be new, is how Google is handling international calls. After updating, Google Voice shows a pop-up that leads you to this support page with an explanation on whether or not you are correctly making an international call with Google Voice.

Seeing anything that we aren’t? 

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Cheer Aaron!
  • Thom Hiatt

    There’s a technical side and a strategic side. Think about it… The moment that Hangouts can 1) make a voice call, 2) make a video call, 3) send/receive MMS, and fully integrate with our Google Contacts, then Google Hangouts becomes a massive competitor to the telephone carriers. Why pay a cell phone plan when I will be able to use a phablet that does everything including voice & video calls? Sure, there are gaps of missing wi-fi in places like 1) freeways, 2) forests, and 3) that one bedroom where you can never get your phone to work. But wi-fi is expanding. And with Hangouts, I’ll be able to do all [most] of my communications entirely off the traditional phone system.

  • David Dzado

    You can actually have GV send the messages to your default messaging app. I’m not sure if that’s new or not.

  • Thomas

    I love my google voice, but we have a problem with my wifes. She has her own number, but we can not access the settings because we lost the password and no longer have the email account that it was set-up with. (I know, should have used gmail). Anyway, google really needs to provide customer support for applications such as this for situations like mine. Meaning: MAY DAY, MAY DAY! Google, please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • duke69111

      I would just setup a new google account / google voice number.

  • Cesar

    No unicorn tears??? Uninstalling.

  • Tony G.

    this app needs to sleeker and smoother. very clunky to deal with

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  • Google voice has been my texting savior for almost 5 years!

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  • Jon Lewis

    Mirror In case anyone needs https://copy.com/kV0HXj0JGZK2LT6Y

  • SG

    can someone answer this:
    – if and when google voice merges with hangouts… what happens to the google voice #? eg: I have my vzw phone number with hangouts currently and a different one with google voice (since I dont have unlimited txting).
    – also..if those two merge.. what happens to all of my txts on the google voice #? do they get deleted or get archived within hangouts somehow? It would really suck if they’re all deleted.

    • Tim Neumark

      No one knows. We’re all waiting with eager anticipation.

    • sagbag

      You can use Google Takeout to archive your entire back-history with Google Voice. It would certainly be nice if all that history just rolls into Hangouts but I’d say use the takeout service to get an archive file for yourself just in case. https://www.google.com/settings/takeout

  • PJ

    Am I wrong about this: It looks like before today the app was used making a Android 2.3 era SDK. Today’s update looks like the app was compiled using a 4.0+ SDK which gives the app the Hollo UI elements (drop-down menu, etc) and makes it just overall more speedy and more reliable. I think this is a BIG DEAL! Am I wrong?

    • duke69111

      The drop down menu has been there for a while now.

  • Brian Wolfman

    I actually use GV for voicemail with my verizon number…really works well. Just hope they dont screw that up.

    • Mike

      I do the same but lately I find the voice app doesn’t always retrieve the messages like it should. I end up having to download the mp3 file to hear the messages. Voice is a lot like many other Google apps, it looks like they scatter shoot and see what works.

  • I’ve finally decided to move away from GV. Even after they integrate it I highly doubt mms or group text will work properly. These days you can recreate most of the major features with android apps.

    I just wish we could set our mobile numbers as the caller id like Skype allows, sms and mms were integrated into the web version of hangouts, and the call blocking features were included at an os level or within hangouts itself.

  • akazerotime

    Wish they would bring back “the number you have called has been disconnected” for those numbers that you forward to spam in GV. That was an awesome feature.

    • That’s still there. You have to block the caller. This can be done from history or the Google Voice Contact entry which is accessed via the search box – very weird way of doing this, but it has to be the contact from GV not the full contact.

  • Gideon Waxfarb

    This is disappointing. I was kinda hoping they’d throw in some auto awesome and turn it into a photo editor, like they did with G+ 😛

  • droidrazredge

    @kellex:disqus They also seemed to have improved how GV receives and handles SMS messages. For example I sent an address to someone from the web version of GV like this:
    1234 Address Blvd
    City, State

    on the web version it remained as if I typed it as one complete sentence like this: 1234 Address Blvd City, State Zip. It was like I never used shift + enter. Before I updated the GV app just now it would appear the same way but after the update it shows as how I typed it despite the web version showing it in a complete sentence. The messages also look cleaner as well.

  • Jason Brian Chapa

    Sounds like this was just to add 911 and short code functionality.

  • Kevin

    no unicorn tears 🙁


    most likely tony…I would freaking hope so anyway!!

  • Tony Byatt

    Prepping the Hangouts integration?

  • monkeyboyep

    Hopefully this all gets addressed at the end of the month. That’ll be the day when I can check it all in Gmail…

  • Sam Del Valle

    The Voice app needs to just die and be integrated with Hangouts already

    • gb3

      Agreed, Google has been seemingly treating GV like an afterthought…

      • Really?

        If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?

        It works just fine….

        • gb3

          It would work just fine if you could set GV as you default SMS application on Android. Currently you have to avoid every single option for responding by SMS and instead open GV find the person and start a new conversation. All of this has been fixed in Hangouts, but there isn’t a way to use you GV number.

          Other features like don’t answer a call but send an SMS would work as well on Android.

          • Really?

            When I get an SMS Google Voice let’s me know and I open the notification and respond. To send one off I open the G-Voice app and compose.

            I do agree it can be better integrated especially since CM Mod now has integrated G-voice SMS support so you can use any SMS program even over wifi/data.

        • Still working on obihan as of this date… shhhhhh….

      • Google is only interested in the latest and greatest press release. Projects that are years old. lol. forget it. banished to obscurity. Oh you relied on a free service. too bad for you

    • James

      If I could upvote this 1000 times I would. But the integration also better be handled correctly, bringing all the existing functionality and adding long overdue things like VOIP and MMS/group messaging support.

      • sirmipsalot

        And that is why I am reluctant to advocate for GV’s death. I’m concerned they’ll leave behind basic phone-isms like number porting and voicemail support, tack some SMS/MMS crud on to Hangouts, and call it a day.

        • Terry West

          I’m with you on this one, GV is a great peice of technology to be watered down into Hangouts!

        • Really?

          Just let people enjoy Google Voice for what it is and go use something else then. Sheesh.

          Why wish Death on it? It’s tech. Use other tech. Let people who enjoy it use it.

          Don’t be a downer.

          • Rest assured that what ever google does with Voice it will get “dumbed” down like the “new” maps (on android and desktop). I am also sure that once it “hangout-ifies” google voice we will loose features, customizations, and history (data) and when we will try to make a call it will be video only call and try to make you coax the party on the other end to use google + I really wish google + would go away. its a photo back up utility. thats it. Give it up google. You cannot become facebook. that ship sailed long ago. Just do self driving cars. FB not there yet.

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        Yeah, and I don’t want to have my G+ circles integrated with my phone contacts either.

    • Tomek G

      I actually like it the way it is, I can access it nicely via google.com/voice, have callback going from browser. And also option to select outgoing number when calling is very useful. I am sure that if Google was to integrate with hangouts, it would kill half of those features and force to use awkward crap (maybe force calling from hangouts instead of dialer?)

      • duke69111

        I’m with you there, however I could live with it, if they integrate mms support.

      • Really?

        This is same as when Google Docs merged with Google Drive.

        It will be the same Google Voice with a Hangouts skin is all. They can also roll out updates easier.

        This is good for all of us. 😉

        • Tomek G

          That is very optimistic, I very much doubt it. GV and Hangouts have different look and feel all together.


    UPDATE??? got all excited there for a second… nothing I see