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Google I/O App Updates for 2014 Conference

The official Google I/O app received an update today for this year’s 2014 conference. The update introduces an updated design, with a bold blue top bar, slideout menu, and a look that Google fanboys should be familiar with. As Google noted in the updated app listing, this app was “built to be your co-pilot” at the conference. 

Whether you are attending or watching events from afar, you can explore the conference agenda, create your own personalized schedule, watch the keynote and live streams, get reminders of events, guide yourself onsite with a conference map, and even use a widget to quickly check the happenings.

If you are going to be at I/O, you will find a feature that pre-configures the conference WiFi on your device.

Go grab it!

Play Link

io 2014-1 io 2014-3 io 2014-2

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  • Jprime

    That calendar app is ugly

  • KingKondiment

    This might be just me, because I never see any discussion about it, but is anyone else bothered by the overflow menu location/graphic (stack)? No matter which application, it always makes it look like the screen is cut off, and it bugs the hell out of me! Plus, this configuration makes it harder to tap the button. Thoughts?

    • Brady

      you’re not alone.

  • JRomeo

    Screen cast whatever you’re seeing on your android screen to the chromecast !!!!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    There’s really only one thing that matters unless you’re going to be there liv for all the Dev stuff………..It’s that Keynote. Clear your calendars people.

  • NeilOMalley

    Looking forward to “What’s new in Android”

    • Enthasuasticalogocalism

      need to make sure Apple cant copy them

  • Kevin

    Does it have Chromecast support?

    • TheWenger

      That would be sweet.

  • Colton

    Upon arrival, developers notice this app has an update… could it be…
    The app updates to the Google+ new look with a “welcome to [insert new android version name]” message upon opening..
    Google I/O begins with update upon update to core google apps changing the look..



    edit: /wishful