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EvolveSMS Partners With PushBullet, Lets You Respond to Texts From Your Computer

Pushbullet is capable of many things, but one feature the app has been sorely missing is the ability to reply to text messages from PC. Financial and technical limitations may prevent the Pushbullet team from adding the functionality themselves, but thanks to a partnership with EvolveSMS, the folks at Pushbullet have come up with a pretty good stopgap. 

The latest beta version of Pushbullet extends notification mirroring to work with EvolveSMS. When you receive notification of a text message on your PC, you can reply to the message. After you finish, Pushbullet will send what you have written to EvolveSMS on your phone and automatically text it. Pretty nifty.

To leverage the new feature, you will need to sign up for both the Pushbullet and EvolveSMS beta programs. You can do so by joining their respective Google+ communities (+Pushbullet, +EvolveSMS) and by opting into the betas on Google Play (see the instructions posted on Google+). You will also need the latest version of Pushbullet’s Chrome extension.

The Pushbullet team hopes to integrate more messaging apps in the future. Google Voice, anyone? (I kid.)

Via: Pushbullet
  • Guest

    Or you can just download Mightytext from the Playstore, an app that already does this.

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  • monkey god

    Sweet. I’ve been using pushbullet for awhile and also happen to use Evolve as my main SMS app. It’s like this feature was made for me 🙂

  • Will

    What I’d love – which I don’t know if they have plans for – is linking the pushbullet aspect with the ability to reply from more than a PC. I use my N7 a fair bit, and would love to reply from it.

    PC quick reply isn’t a huge deal as I have MotoConnect but Tablet support would be amazing.

  • Michael Kane

    Verizon has the most useless apps known to man until a year and a half ago. Verizon Messages offers this and more, its a very well laid out app with the ability to save ALL your messages. It continues to save them for me even after i delete the app. So i just install it, sync it then uninstall it, when i try a new rom for my phone all the texts come back. It allows me to text from my Asus Tf300t and the computer. I think this app is just catching up to a company that is normally 3 years behind.

  • Synacks

    I want to be able to use Hangouts as the default with Evolve and Pushbullet allowing me to reply on the computer. While still using Hangouts as the default. Don’t force me to use your whole entire service because you have one cool feature.

  • d-rock

    Airdroid > all others out there…give it a try. I love it.

  • This is cool but if everyone used Hangouts this wouldn’t be an issue and people could “text” from their computers as well.

    • Ray

      Not the consumers fault Google needs to make hangouts work like iMessenger.

      • Its not the best yet but its getting better. I don’t see a reason to not use it now though. SMS and Hangouts are merged and automatically switch based on last message received. I like it a lot.

        • d-rock

          Except as an SMS client, Hangouts sucks…I want better notifications, reply from notification, etc….Hangouts is dead until they open it via api or google brings it up to par with other top messaging apps.

  • morgan boyle

    this is one of the bigger features that led me to using Google Voice as my main number. with Motorola Connect and other software like this that may go away. but being able to answer my phone on land lines and having caller announcement is pretty great actually.

  • RoadsterHD1

    OH OK, MOTO CONNECT…… I have that…. 🙂 Droid MAXX.

  • Ben

    Yawn…Motorola Connect FTW

  • Jason Downing


  • Been doin this from MightyText for years.

    • JSo

      Doesn’t dismiss the notification on your device though.

    • Jason Downing

      Yeah… mightytext, desksms have done it for a while, but they also don’t have the same features that pushbullet does. It’s called feature consolidation and I LIKE IT!

  • Michael Tate

    I use Motorola Connect with my Droid Maxx to reply to texts on all my computers. Works GREAT … love that app!

  • jwildman16

    I typically use the Google Voice Chrome extension. The only thing I don’t like about PushBullet (well, really it’s Missed Call Reminder) is that, when I clear a text or missed call notification, MCR continues to alert me to the missed event. Anyone know of a missed call/text reminder app that stops when you clear the notification?

  • nosedive94

    I just use mySMS and then I can text from my computer no matter what. Pushbullet is really just useful to me because I can clear notifications while I use my computer, and not have that damn LED light blinking all the time.

  • Shane Redman

    Guess not that many ppl can use Moto Connect, eh?

    • Did you know some people don’t have a Moto device? Shocker, I know.

      • Shane Redman

        Yeah, did you know that I know that? Shocking indeed, isn’t it?

    • MikeSaver

      not many people have moto phones i dont think

  • Drooblz

    This is nice to see after the WWDC stuff about iOS 8 and OS X having tighter integration for texting and phone calls. Also be interesting to see how much it would take to get this functionality for tablet users as well. PushBullet is awesome.

  • nabooska

    EvolveSMS < everything

    I'll stick with using motoconnect

    • nate

      What don’t you like about it exactly?

      • Ray

        He read that on the internet somewhere. At least name a specific app that functions better.

        • monkey god

          Well he said everything, so thats pretty specific. His opinion is invalid though because Hangouts is much worse. i think we can all agree.

  • TruEastSydeBoi

    Hmm so basically it’s adding mighty text. Except mighty text can respond using stock or any default sms app, you don’t have to use their own sms app. Right now i’m using both these apps together. We’ll see, really don’t want to use a third party app if i don’t have to.

    • Nathan Borup

      Yeah, i wish pushbullet would team up with mightytext

    • Ray

      I would assume with a KitKat device you would have to choose a default messaging app. Are you saying that I can install evolve and this will work even though it’s not my def. Messaging App?

    • Can we stop comparing this to MighyText? We get it, it had a feature first.

      • TruEastSydeBoi

        Well that’s what you normally do with competition, compare it to the original to see what it has to offer that the other doesn’t. I didn’t say either was better, just that a significant feature was available in one; choice. I don’t want to be forced to use another app to get the service, especially one that must be paid for to get the majority features. Ideally it would be great to get the best of both if they partnered.

        • There’s a difference between mention that Mighty had it first and obsessing over the fact that it had it first, and frankly we’ve crossed that line in every article that has writen about this.


          We. get. the. point.

          • DC_Guy

            So this is similar what a lot of folks are doing after the Apple WWDC. ANDROID HAD IT FIRST!

        • broken42

          If you want to get really technical about it, there were plenty of services that offered texting from your computer to Android phones before MightyText came along.

    • JSo

      I have used Mighty Text for a long time now. It’s great. The one thing it lacks is notification syncing that dismisses the notification from the device (which Pushbullet is doing). If it had that, there would be no contest. Like someone said already, it would have been great if they had teamed up with Mighty Text instead. But this looks promising as well.

      • Ray

        Pushbullet mentioned that any text app can add pushbullet support so just let the dev of Mighty Text know.

        • JSo

          Now that I think about it more, I don’t know how that would work. Mighty Text isn’t a messaging app like Evolve SMS. It’s more of a service like Pushbullet is. So Mighty Text and Pushbullet are actually competing apps. Mighty Text just has to add notification syncing themselves.

  • Guy Pierce

    One of the best and only features I have been waiting for. Does together like PB&J!