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Deal: Refurbished Galaxy Gear for $89 at Best Buy

Want a smartwatch but are not willing to wait for the bevy of Android Wear devices releasing later this summer? If you are willing to settle for Samsung’s first generation Galaxy Gear, Best Buy has got you covered – the retailer is selling it refurbished for $89, or $60 off retail.

The deal is the cheapest we have seen by $10 – eBay had the Galaxy Gear for $99 a few weeks ago. It may not be the sharpest electronic timepiece on the market, but Samsung has certainly remained committed to the Gear – the device received an update to Tizen just last month, which brought with it improved battery life and a bunch of new features.

Interested in a Galaxy Gear? Pick one up at the source link.

Best Buy Link: Galaxy Gear ($89.99)


    Just ordered one. Work won’t let us have cell phones anywhere at our desk so will cheat system till Moto360 comes out.

    Ian B

  • Justen DeBowles

    here comes the hate. This is a great deal. I love the one I got for $100 a few weeks ago.

    • New_Guy

      I recently received one as a company use device and it has really grown on me. If not for the impending Moto 360, I’d be down to take advantage of this deal .

      • Justen DeBowles

        at that price it’s awesome. and doesn’t cut into the funds for the G-watch or Moto 360 (whichever costs less).

  • kyle bonham

    Thank you for heads up mines on the way. From what I’m hearing the tizen update fixed the majority of what was was wrong. battery life and actual notifications.

  • Lee Winkler

    I asked this previously….can you root and ROM this thing? Does anyone know? Id buy it and put Wear on it if you can…

    • Haroon Dar

      u can the android version before they updated this to tizen look for it on xda

  • jimt

    There must me a Samsung sucker out there somewhere.

  • T4rd

    I might have considered it for $90.. if I had a Samsung phone.. but that’s not happening in the foreseeable future since I’m a relatively new M8 owner.

    • Lee Winkler

      Apparently you can sideload the needed apps…..though its barely worth it even then…

    • Scott Garris

      You can put a custom ROM on it and it will work with Non-Samsung phones. You can also upgrade it to Tizen, and if you don’t like Tizen the guys at XDA have a file you can Odin flash it back to Android. For $90 you won’t find anything close, plus you can probably resell it for $70 when the next big thing comes along. Have had the Gear 1 since it’s release and for this price you can’t go wrong.

    • donebrasko

      I have a windows phone and bought it. I paired it using my M7. I use it just for time and things like that. I wanted a new watch but something technical. It’s well worth the price

  • mustbepbs

    Still too expensive.

  • Holding out for a Nexus Q deal.

  • BeLogical

    • If it wasn’t for Phil down there, I would endorse this comment to be the only comment on this topic, and just have everyone up-vote it.