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To Celebrate Father’s Day, Buy an HTC One (M8) for Only $99 on Two Year Agreement

As a company, HTC might not be in the best place right now, but the One (M8) is still a fantastic Android phone. Packed with specs, except for maybe the camera, and wrapped in a metal body, the M8 is one of the best phones on the market.

For the next week, HTC is letting you grab this year’s flagship for only $99. 

Of course, this price is only available when signing up for a new 2 year contract, but for graduates looking to start their own wireless bills or maybe your dad’s aging device that needs to be replaced, it could be a decent pick up. The deal runs on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. All you have to do is head over to HTC’s page, select your color and carrier, then go from there.

Head on over to HTC’s landing page for this deal if you are interested, but be quick. It only lasts for a week.

HTC Link

  • StrattHacks

    How about they really step up and make it $350 off contract for a day?

  • Howdouseeit

    I had s3,s4,note 3,s5.i just sold my s5 for this deal three days ago and would not be happier. Note 3 was best of them all. Tired of Samsung pos lag.. This phone is wonderful. Would never go back to lag..

  • Aj Bastedo

    just what i always wanted!….a 2 year contract and a share everything plan!!

    • michael arazan

      Butt rape is easier when you share it with friends and family

  • Kyle Null

    Contracts? NEVER AGAIN! Nexus 5 ftw!

    • Mark Aaron Collado

      Would you upgrade to a G3?

      • Kyle Null

        The LG G3 seems nice. When I switched from Verizon to Straight Talk for the Nexus 5, I no longer had to worry about buying devices on contract. I’ve disliked contracts and device subsidies for quite some time now. So less emphasis that I have a Nexus, more on that I hate the $XXX on contract business.

  • Matt G

    I feel like the price of the M8 has been $99 more than its been $199

    • T4rd

      It pretty much has. It was $99 for Mothers day for at least a 2 week period, which is when I got my M8.

  • Maxim∑

    99$+2400 vs 199$+2400 thats a steal!

    • bogy25

      so confused…what is +2400?….and the $ goes to the left of the number plz

      • Maxim∑

        its not that confusing… the price of a normal 2yr contract plan

    • br_hermon

      Or if you’re like me and T-Mobile coverage stinks in your area, Buy a $99 M8 + $350 ETF + AT&T MVNO = Profit.

      • CeirrieBisikerimy

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        Riley got an almost new red GMC Canyon just by some parttime working online
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    • Sixy

      $1,131 is worth it if you need coverage that actually works.

  • AndrewScottRox

    That’s a fine looking phone. The 2 year agreement? Not so much….

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    2 year agreement? Those still exist? 😛


    • kbud123

      get scammed.. you pay the full phone price over 6 months and get crappy service

      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        Huh? I have great service with T-Mobile, better thab Verizon in my area. Also, i know I pay the price of the phone but my bill also lowers by 20 bucks after I’m done paying.

        Does Verizon do that? No.

        • kbud123

          basically the only service they are providing you is lending you the money and letting you pay it off. You end up paying the same price as I would if I bought a phone full price on my verizon 2 year contracts. They give me a hugely discounted phone every two years and can buy a full priced phone anytime I want while you don’t get anything in return from T-mobile.

          • Matthew DiGiacomo

            Are you stupid? Again my bill is lowered by 25 bucks a month whenever i pay off the phone. I can tskr as much or as little time as I want.

            Again you cant do that with Verizon and you dont get your bill lowered after the device is paid off. Go away troll.

          • kbud123

            i think you are the fool here, its even worse than i though so basically they charge you $25 a month when you buy a phone on top of paying for the phone lmao

          • Matthew DiGiacomo


            Dude please do your research before coming on here. You have no idea what you are talking about.

            My base bill is 60ish dollars a month. If i want the M8 or S5 it’ll be 0 dollars down for me theb like 25ish a month for as much as the phone as worth or i can pay it off early if i want. When it is paid off the bill drops back to the 60ish it was originally.

            An equivalent set up on Verizon would cost more or the same BUT the price of the phone NEVER drops off like it does with T-Mobile.

            Do you get it now moron?