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Galaxy Note 4 to Feature Snapdragon 805, QHD AMOLED Display, 16MP Camera With OIS

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According to an exclusive report from SamMobile, who takes their Samsung news seriously, a few specifications for the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 (model number N910) from Samsung have leaked. For fans of devices over 5.5″, this news should have your attention. 

To kick it off, US variants of the Galaxy Note 4 will reportedly come packed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, Sony-made 16MP rear-facing camera with optical image stabilization (OIS), the same 2MP front-facing camera found on the Galaxy S5, and it is stated from sources that the phone will feature a QHD (2560 x 1440) AMOLED display.

Need to have the phone now? Well that’s too bad, as no date has been set yet by Samsung for the phone’s unveiling. History does tend to repeat itself, though, and you should look for Samsung to announce the Note 4 sometime around this year’s IFA in Berlin, which takes place this September.

With Samsung reworking the overall look of their flagship devices, which now feature faux leather backs and chrome wrapping, we are most curious to see what Samsung is planning for the Galaxy Note 4.

Besides the display, processor, and camera, are there any must-haves you need to see in the Galaxy Note 4 for you to be interested in dropping your current device?

Via: SamMobile
  • Patrick Mallon

    I have a note 2 and I have been waiting for note 4 to upgrade, but the thing I have been looking for the most was am appreciably bigger screen. If they leave the screen the sane size, I will be looking elsewhere. What a shame.

  • rbj

    All sounds great but put some nice front firing speakers , better volume

  • OpenTrackRacer

    I’d like to see the water resistant features of the Galaxy S5 make their way into the Note 4. I’d be happy if they made the home button capacitive as well. I hate the contrast between the physical home button and the capacitive back and menu buttons on my S3.

  • Bdon

    I don’t care if Samsung “wrecks” Apple. I want both companies to put out great hardware/software so both companies have more incentive to improve in order to compete with each other. When this happens we all get better products. The Note series is great but it can be more than that. Hardware upgrades are nice but I would rather see a larger bump in the software arena. Touchwiz is mediocre at best and the Samsung S-pen apps could use more improvement. My 2 cents

  • s0uth

    I hope there’s still a home button. I really hate software buttons.

    • GJV

      I dont get the hate for hardware buttons around here. I don’t really have a strong feeling either way – you get used to whatever your phone has – but there are times when I think hardware is superior, so long as they dont cause the bottom bezel to grow.

  • firoz mulani

    5.7″ super amoled Q hd display with extreme narrow bezel,metal frame,16+5 mp camera,snapdragon 801 processor,3gb ram,3500 mah battery thats should be a specification for perfct flagship for samsung

    • Terry K

      Why use last gen 801 chip? To increase lag?

  • Renu Bisht

    Note 4 might be my next phone.


  • roberthenderson

    I’m not buying another phone with the speaker on the back or bottom. And we now know that a phone can come with both capacitive buttons and onscreen buttons for those techtards who want mismatched inefficient space-wasting onscreen buttons. I’d love to see much better reception, a 64gb option, improved battery life, a built in theme engine and a TV/radio tuner. But seriously, if Samsung doesn’t get those first 2 things right, it looks like the Note 3 will be my last Samsung phone.


    Really hoping the Note 4 is the first device on which Samsung uses Carbon Fiber since their acquisition of 50% of SGL, the carbon fiber manufacturing company.

  • Lu Adms

    Hey LG, this is what a flagship phone looks like. No end of cycle chip crap. Adreno 330 + QHD = booooooooo!

    • Adrynalyne

      Hey Lu,

      It wasn’t available at the time.

      • Loni

        The S5 has to drive QHD screen? Who knew?

        801 is fine for HD, But not QHD.

        • Adrynalyne

          It most certainly is. Show me where it is not fine for QHD. Nothing even taps the potential of the 320. Nice to see it actually being used for once.

          Alas, NOTHING in what I originally said was referring to that. It was referring to the lack of availability to use the 805 in time for either phone.


          I responded to: “No end of cycle chip crap.”

          I wasn’t aware QHD was a chip. Who knew?

  • kerb

    I need one!!! Definitely loosing my M7 HTC One, for either a Pad phone if Verizon takes it on or the LG G3…..one of the 3!!!

  • Ae Tee

    i definitely would like Samsung to separate consumer vs business. as a consumer, i don’t need and don’t want KNOX. or at least make KNOX optional and installed separately. everyone wants MORE space on the phone. don’t hog them with the useless applications.

  • OF

    Hmm there’s that 805 I so wanted! Too bad about th e G3 and it’s 801 :(. I’ll push back my upgrade to see what Sammy has to offer 🙂

  • Ajmcnicol

    Unless you absolutely NEED the stylus, the LG G3 is the better buy.
    Yes it “only” has a 801 vice 805..but the only real difference between them is a newer GPU with the 801s still pretty damn decent AND the processor bump is negated for reason below.
    the G3 has similar specs to this…but three very important advantages.

    1) Battery life. With a much less skinned theme..without all the S-apps..and the VERY resource heavy touchwiz, the battery on the g3 will be much better milliamp-hour to milliamp-hour. Im sure samsung will compensate with a bigger battery then the g3..but if the two sizes were the same…the g3 will have a better one.
    2) Performance will be the SAME. That same touchwiz that eats battery, also is very taxing on performance. Every itteration of samsung flagship phones, uses the best processor out, and still has numerous occasions of stutter or slowdown. (i know first hand having owned a s4 and note 2 for a good period of time each). So the note 2 with touchwiz and 805 will probably be only as good or even worse then the g3 with the 801.
    3) Cost. Unless your doing the upgrade route (maybe even then), the g3 should cost a chunk less for as good or better performance with specs that are almost as good or better in some cases.

    Im actually a Samsung fan. I love my Note 2 and 3. But this next go around…LG won my pocket.

    • OF

      You’re talking out your ass. None of these are facts. You don’t know. Thanks.

      • Adrynalyne

        As for having my last two phones be Note devices, I can accurately say that Touchwiz drags the performance down to lower specced devices. Unless you play the benchmark game, which Samsung cheats at.

    • 213ninja

      I wish I could get those 30 seconds back…

  • Bob G

    Might as well wait for the G3 Pro.

  • AS

    Can anyone confirm the existence of 5″ – 6″ oled screens at higher resolutions than 720p? My understanding was that oled screens were lagging behind LCD in resolution terms.

    Have they reached QHD yet?