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Fully Revamped 1Password App Hits Google Play, Features Free Protection for the Rest of Summer

Just a while ago, we got word that 1Password was going to be updating their Android application that looked like it was lifted straight out of the Froyo days. They promised a new app with a new face and said that it would be coming on June 10. True to their word, the updated application has just gone live in Google Play. 

1Password is a popular name in a quickly growing market of password lockers. Every day it seems like a corporation or website is being hacked and people’s passwords are being leaked. 1Password allows you to keep longer, more secure passwords in a safe place. What is better than getting more secure passwords? Getting those passwords for free.

Along with this new Android application, 1Password is offering up all their premium services for free for the rest of the summer. Install the app today and start securing your passwords. After August 1st these features will be locked behind in-app purchases so if you decided you liked the extra security, you can keep them locked away.

If you want to give it a shot, head on over to the new 1Password page in Google Play and up your security game.

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  • Lastpass FTW!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I love 1pw, long long time user.. but damn I had to buy the 1PW app, and then I have to buy upgrades when they go from version 3 to say version 4 and now, they are going to want us to pay for the phone app to get full function out of it? Next thing you know, you are over $100-150 into this darn system over the years.

  • Croq

    I got in on the lifetime subscription to PasswordBox that StackSocial was offering for $9.99 last week. Nice program, works everywhere.

  • Col_Angus

    I’ve been using Keeper… Works for me but I’ll give this a shot.

  • andydrives2fast

    Am I the only one using Pocket (not the read it later app) for my password storage? I love it, its totally free, encrypted, has PC/Mac apps and syncs across all devices. I always read the comments for these password app articles to see if anyone ever mentions it but all people ever talk about it LastPass and KeePass.

    • James

      When I first read this, I thought you were talking about the Service Formerly Known As Read It Later, also called Pocket, used to save articles, videos, photos, etc.

      It’s weird, for some reason I thought every app had to have a unique name. But lo and behold, there are (at least) two apps named Pocket.

    • James

      Thanks for your post. Im gunna go ahead and use 1password while all its premium features are free this summer but when that goes away im definitely gunna switch over to Pocket

    • cizzlen

      I have been using that for years. Great app but badly needs a UI update.

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    • I’m not sure how you would use Pocket to store passwords.

      • andydrives2fast

        Tell ya what, I’m going to let you ACTUALLY READ MY COMMENT before I say anything else…

        • lol, my oversight. never tried it before. 1password and lastpass have been my main apps over the years.

  • James

    The password system is more than ripe for an overhaul. Personally, I would love to see Google bring a USB key or other physical device (perhaps NFC) to the market, like they have been working on for a few years: http://www.wired.com/2013/01/google-password/

  • jp-

    Do they even give you the info how much it’s going to cost?

    In any case, I’m happy with KeePass for PC/Linux and Keepass2Android for Android. Yeah, the apps aren’t the sleekest ones, but I’ve got auto-fill in on my browser and if I need my passwords on my phone, it’s not too clumsy. 1password for PC alone costs 50$. Keepass is free and open source.

    • James

      They dont, im on their beta team and none of the emails ive received ever had an estimate. But on ios its like 10 bucks… too much for what it does.

  • TSY87

    what happens when their servers get hacked… this is a serious question as I am considering a password managment system

    • If a database of user information gets hacked, usually the user’s passwords are stored there as well. Since we are lazy we like to use the same passwords for our Google account as we do for our Target one because they’re easy to remember. If they get a hold of one password, they can try to use it in multiple places and then it’s a domino effect.

      • TSY87

        Actually mine are different with variations. I’m not fond of putting all my eggs in someone else’s basket.

  • epps720

    How much is this service typically? Don’t want to get started with this if there is no way I would keep it after the summer.

  • jnt

    Don’t think it’s worth ditching Lastpass yet… app integration on lastpass is awesome.

    • I have LastPass as well, but couldn’t hurt to try for free. I’m considering it.

      • Ray

        well it could hurt technically having all your passwords all over the place lol

  • charesa39

    What’s the difference between this and mSecure?

    • Tiuri Elvander

      mSecure is cheaper?
      I’m still amazed that they think editing existing data is a premium feature. As I understand it, you can enter data now, but if you don’t pay you can no longer edit it (let alone add new data)