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Five LG G3 Features That Are Awesome

We spend plenty of time talking about the LG G3’s display and camera, since those features are highlighted quite frequently by LG, but what about other cool features that come preloaded on the device? Well, we are about to show you a few.

For starters, let’s talk about five cool features you can use on the LG G3. While the features are not necessarily specific to just the G3, potential owners will most certainly want to check these features out when they pick up their new device.

Let’s check ’em out. 

Camera Software / Magic Focus / Immersive Mode

While the camera itself is quite remarkable for being attached to a smartphone, the UI and software for the camera on the G3 is also quite well done by LG. The nicest feature I would claim is the immersive mode that can be toggled when shooting stills. What this mode does is hide all of the settings buttons from the UI, allowing you to view only what you are shooting. For those of us easily distracted by a massive amount of buttons and toggles, this is a step in the minimal direction.

When toggled, the camera turns to a tap-to-shoot mode, instead of a tap-to-focus mode. But thanks to the laser built into the rear side of the device, you can still count on taking crisp and well-focused shots, even without tapping on the display.

Finally, much like the Galaxy S5 and One (M8), the G3 features a mode called Magic Focus. With this mode enabled, the G3 takes a small series of photos during a single press of the shutter button. In the gallery, you can later go back to refocus on a certain part of the photograph. I will say, it doesn’t seem as well-tuned as it does on the One (M8) or Galaxy S5, but it is still there for anyone who chooses to use it.

G3 Camera 2 G3 Camera

LG G3 Camera 3 G3 Camera 3

Knock Code

With Knock Code enabled, users can designate a random set of display taps to unlock their device. When setting Knock Code up under the Lock Screen settings menu, there are four quarter areas placed on the screen. Inside those four quarters, you decide what your code will be. For example, you can tap in the top right corner three times, then two times in the lower left corner. The choice is yours.

While it isn’t the craziest innovation since sliced bread, it is a breath of fresh air compared to pattern and pin lock codes that users have been forced to use since the dawn of man. Plus, let’s be real, does anyone actually use Face Unlock?

Knock Lock

Smart Notice

For users of Google Now, Smart Notice will sound deadly familiar. Located on your home screen when you have the widget in place, Smart Notice shows you cards based on weather conditions and upcoming events. For example, when it’s a nice day out, but the temperature is expected to drop quite a bit, a card will remind you that you would be better off bringing a jacket or umbrella with you when you leave the house.

The card is always at the bottom of the Smart Notice widget, which also displays the current weather conditions, as well as the local time.

However, keep in mind it isn’t quite as comprehensive as Google Now is. In time it may be, but for now, it only handles weather, calendar events, and a few reminder settings. We would like to see LG bring more functionality to Smart Notice in the future.

Smart Notice

Guest Mode

When you buy your LG G3, you can expect to have a lot of people who will want to play with it. And even if you don’t have many friends, maybe your kids or wife will need to use your phone from time to time. Phones can contain a lot of personal information, so when you don’t want a person to have access to those files, you can set up a Guest Mode that will make sure you are protected.

Set up through your main Settings menu, when Guest Mode is enabled, owners can choose which applications are usable in the mode itself, which means if your kids are using the device, you can grant them access to Google Play, plus a few apps and games for them to play with; no need for them to have access to system settings or your work email.

As stated in the intro for this piece, a Guest Mode is nothing exclusive to the G3, but potential buyers, you might be happy to hear that it has made its way to this phone.

Guest Mode

Dual Window

First introduced on Samsung devices as Multi Window, LG’s Dual Window is a fantastic copy of the software. To enable Dual Window, simply long press on the “Back” button located on the navigation bar on the bottom of your display. With the feature enabled, users can run two compatible applications simultaneously, on top of each other.

This means that when you are browsing the web on Chrome, you can also catch up on the latest YouTube videos or posts on Droid Life in a window above or below Chrome. Awesome, right?

Of course, compatibility is very limited for what apps you can use Dual Window with, but you can always expect more apps to be made compatible down the road. We have seen compatibility grow for Samsung’s Multi Window over time, so we can expect the same from LG and app developers as well.

Dual Window

  • SA_NYC

    Guest Mode = Mistress Mode?

  • Joe J

    People are lusting for this like the old iphone new releases.

  • Matt

    So this might be a dumb question, but havent seen it addressed anywhere- But can you actually get Google Now on the LGG3 or are you limited to the Smart notice? Ive grown attached to G-Now after having used Nexussuses for the last few years.

    • Omar

      Google Now is there with a swipe up, as expected

      • Matt

        Awesome. Guess I will be getting this then.

    • turdbogls

      Google now is baked into the search app….and (I could be wrong about this) I am pretty sure google wouldn’t allow a company to use Android unless it had access to the search app. its there…dont fret

  • GJV

    Except for Smart Notice (which I would immediately disable), all of these features are available on G2 in most of the custom roms out there (like XDABEEB’s awesome rom, for one). The G3 sounds great, and I have an upgrade coming in July, but I’m going to hold out for either the Note 5 or whatever the successor to the Moto X is.

  • ahhh yes

    I hate how ‘save’ is still a diskette. We need a new save icon.

    • frhow

      Its universally accepted as the unofficial save icon. Too difficult and pointless to change.

  • nobody72

    I really wish this thing had the 805… maybe they will ‘revise’ it in a couple of months; call it the G3+

  • Jeff Broders

    You can have all that with the g2… Maybe not smart notice….

  • Jem

    I can already do dual window in my G2. Maybe it’s an added feature on my ROM but I don’t think so…..

  • ROR1997

    It’s lacking he feature that other Verizon flagships have. You know, the one that lets me buy and use it on Verizon

  • Michael Kane

    Nothing about this post is unique. I have all this with my G2. Pass till the G4. It will support 16k screen, 909 qualcomm processor, 4gLTE Charging so dont need a battery if your in 4G, Bose speakers that pop out when playing music to create that surround sound 10x better than the M8, and lets not forget it has ESP so i dont have to talk to it like th Moto X, i think it and it does it.

    Just sayin.

  • B Brad

    Worst feature by far, the lack of a google play edition.

  • aaron

    what about downloading videos on the g3. I understand on the g2 this was a serious issue?

  • Window 2

    If those are the 5 best features, the G3 is screwed.

    Sent from my dual window guest account

  • mike

    @Timotato:disqus How was the front camera and it’s screen trick where it uses the screen as a sort of lightbox? What about the ‘make a fist’ to start the countdown timer? I wouldn’t use them but curious to see how LG did with them.

  • Caveman

    Even if the new Note or Moto X phones don’t come out for a few months the leaks alone will quickly chip away at the momentum this phone currently has. They best hurry up and release it in the US. I was really excited before it was officially announced/revealed and am already starting to lose interest. Still want it but am starting to feel meh.

  • Jprime

    a samsung ad popped (pooped?) up while i was reading this.

  • aQuickBit

    Ok Tim we get it. You have the LG G3 before all of us. Keep posting articles just to make us feel bad about it 😛

    • For my next post, I will just post up a YouTube video of me stroking its backside. Giggidy.

      • LMAO. Best comment by a moderator. Ever. HashtagWinning.

      • CaptM

        Giggidy Goo!!!!

      • Kevin

        prove it!

      • joe23521

        Next time on “Droid Life – After Dark”…

    • joe23521

      I can hardly take it anymore…Need release date!!!

  • TopXKiller

    As a G2 owner, nothing I see thats new or impressive

    • All of these features are new.

      • Rich Robinson

        Not Guest Mode. G2 has had it from day 1

  • Brent Cooper

    Great post! Keep ’em coming.

    On a side note, is it still possible that Verizon will carry the 2/16gb model instead of the 3/32gb one? I’ve read mixed reports about this so I’m kind of confused. Some sites say there will be 2 models, while other sites only mention the 3/32gb model. Thanks!

    • hkklife

      Whatever it is, VZW will take the most gimped version possible. See the lack of a 64GB Moto X or a 32GB GS5, for example.

  • usman21986

    Just gimme it already.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    As excited as i am about this phone, it’s taking too long for it to reach the U.S. =/

    • cz

      I think HTC really did well to announce their device and have it available globally immediately. So long as LG doesn’t follow Sony’s route when it comes to US releases, it’s still not terrible. But I do think it was kind of ridiculous to announce their phone to the world and then dodge release date and pricing inquiries.

  • zmr333

    This is the first phone in a while I’ve really wanted.

  • crazed_z06

    So these kind of things are “Features,” not gimmicks on this phone.. hmmm

    • cz

      Yes, these are features. Though, since you are obviously referring to Samsung, things like the heart-rate sensor as a “MAJOR SELLING POINT” is a gimmick. These aren’t even advertised much outside of knock-code, which I would still call a gimmick personally.

    • jnt

      Not worth the effort here, but I hear you… :/

  • Scott Capodice

    Moto X vs G3…give us something here guys…

    • droidify

      I don’t think that would be much of comparison. When the x+1 arrives that would make some sense.

      • Scott Capodice

        Well I’m sure ur right but for crying out loud… The moto x is all the rage here. I bought the phone partially cuz of reviews here. Want to know the take in the vs

        • The take is that the LG G3 is a 2014 super-flagship phone. The Moto X is a year-old flagship device, with middle tier specs, but a snappy OS. The hardware designs of both are top notch. The G3 has a significantly better camera and display. At this point, the G3 is 100% ahead of the Moto X. By how far is left up to to the user. But there’s no doubt the G3 is better. Hence, why you should wait until the X+1 shows up because that will more than likely be a fairer comparison.

          • Scott Capodice

            Of course the G3 is way ahead of the Moto X in specs and definitely has a WAY better camera. I’m guess what I’m looking for a comparison of is ergonomics/in-hand feel especially since the Moto X has that going for it. I worry that 5.5 is just going to feel like a slightly smaller Note. I also use cases….yes even on my Moto X (its a dev edition so not totally custom). While I’ve started to use lighter weight/not bulky cases, I’m just thinking 5.5 inches plus a tpu case …YIKES in size compared to the Moto X. This is my concerns. Everything else I think I would love. Not having active notifications baked into software would take a min to go back to and always listening gets changed to unlocking and then “OK Google Now”, but I figure that would be okay. I am not planning on purchasing anything till I see what the Moto X+1 offers. The G2 caught my attention last year in a big way, as does the G3. But the sales on the Moto X and rave reviews made me go with it. No regrets tho!

          • Yea, with a case it might be a pretty big device/big change from the X. You can download AcDisplay to fill in for Active Notifications. Not sure how the battery will hold up seeing as its LCD not AMOLED, but worth a try if you do get it. Definitely wait to see what Moto has in store though.

    • Nikuliai

      Mud fight?

  • Trevor

    LG has really been stepping up their game lately. G2, Nexus 5, G3. If they release a Silver edition of this phone (or whatever Le Goog ends up calling it) and it has Nexus pricing, I may just have to get one.

  • bonix

    This is the first phone since getting my MotoX that has me wanting it.

    • HAT

      SAMSUNG Galaxy NOTE 4 with QHD and Exynos/LTE, Apple iphone 6 and LG G3
      are the only phones currently rumored that are worth waiting and wanting in 2014.

      Everything else is just a joke, losses and financial troubles.

      • Nikuliai

        I would say good try but…

        Note 4 offers nothing new to the table, at least the G3 gives you some new “iconic” stuff…

        PS: Only pieces of hardware I’m waiting are both from Moto (X+1 and 360)

        • Jeff718

          How do you know all that the Note 4 has to offer?

          • Nikuliai

            that’s actually my point, we have nothing to be exited about with that device, we know nothing about it, the note 3 was a good device with nice addups but I really doubt the note 4 will bring something new, and until we start the leak season that will stay on the “I don’t give a damn” pile

          • Jeff718

            You said the Note 4 offers nothing new to the table. You might have said ‘we know nothing about the Note 4’ instead.

          • Nikuliai

            I could have, but it does not offer a thing either, it’s 5 months sweet away and we have no leaks either in software nor hardware, so right now it doesn’t offer anything new. Neither does the X+1, I’m hyping about it because what the X brought to the table. That’s the point.

          • Brian Ward

            It’s not hard to guess and Samsungs phone offerings have been mostly trailing edge.

          • Chip Master Deluxe

            One feature of the G3 that is not awesome: 801/330 end of life cpu/gpu.

        • bogy25

          Note 4 will have the 805 snapdragon that’s pretty new I think

          • Nikuliai

            PROBABLY will, yeah, but that’s hardware, we got to the point I don’t actually care about hardware anymore, unless it offers features, a big fat CPU is not a “turning head” to me anymore. Note 3 had FEATURES that made it awesome, and we only have rumors of hardware, so it’s nothing to get excited about imo

        • Tee

          Funny, but true: Jim Wicks promises you’ll always be able to lift your wrist and see the time on the 360.

          I don’t get why everyone is excited about the 360. Is it cooler than what we have so far? Yeah, but it’s still not there yet. I’m sure in the near future there will be more than a few smart watches way better than it. The 360 just looks too damn big. It’s a clunker.

          Moto makes their watch big and their flagship smartphone (Moto X) too small. They’re all kinds of ass backwards lol

          • Unless you’ve actually held it, I’m guessing that you’ve only seen the photos of it where it looks bigger than originally shown in press photos. While I won’t say that it doesn’t look like it could be too big, I for one will wait until I can give it a try to pass judgement.

          • Nikuliai

            I like big watches, so it’s not away from my comfort zone, on Fallon’s show it didn’t seem so big tho.

            I can’t explain why everyone is excited about it so I’ll tell you why I’m excited about it
            Shape+Wireless charging+scratch resistant+PROBABLY able to be woken up by voice. I was about to get a pebble steel when they made their announcement so I held off, it’s not THAT MUCH better, but it’s the only watch besides the pebble steel that I actually WANT to buy, so that’s what I’m excited about as a tech enthusiast, it’s a hype about a product I see potential.

            I disagree on the flagship being too small since I like to do all my stuff with one hand

            But I do get that most people want bigger devices, I’m just not one of em

          • bc youve seen it in person to know how big it is….oh wait you saw an encased demo unit…thats right thats how we make our judgements….smh ur a dope stop commenting here your making everyone dumber by reading your comments

      • Hugh R

        Note 4 and Apple, yes. G3, not so much, last gen GPU.

        • bobbyp

          It is the most current one available. How is that last gen?

        • Xavier_NYC

          You fail to realize the 805 doesn’t have the radios that cell phones need.. Otherwise it would already be in phones.. You can say Note 4 but that’s not being announced until September and prob wont be available until early to late October. That’s still five months away so of course it will have the 805..

          • CaptM

            Plus, why would you want the 805 if your device does not have a modem? Do you want them to put in a modem just to be able to use the chip when it doesn’t need one at all? The 805 has been designed for tablets, not smartphones and there is a difference. I’m glad that they didn’t put it in the G3, I did not want that to have to change what they built up from R&D all the way to production just to have to put in something that would never be used and take up space and probably change the entire device. And I am drooling for the G3, you can bad mouth it all you want about how it is now obsolete, blah, blah, blah, but as of today June 10th, 2014, it is the most advanced phone out there, if you want to wait for the Note4, then wait for the Note4, if you want to wait for the new iPhone, then wait for the new iPhone. Of course there will be something better around the corner, there always is, you I wish all of you trolls would just stop bad mouthing everything as soon as it comes out, you have no idea how the real world works and just want what you want.

          • CeirrieBisikerimy

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            working from a macbook.this website C­a­s­h­d­u­t­i­e­s­.­C­O­M­

          • PoisonApple31

            He just wants whatever is after the 801; make the phone stand out compared to the all the other releases this year.

          • Xavier_NYC

            I understand that but there’s nothing available for phones after the 801. The 805 probably wont be available for phones until mid to late August/Early September

          • michael arazan


            I have not read anything that says the 805 does not have radios that phones need, I have read that you could use the new multiband antenna that has every LTE spectrum from all four carriers to use with it though, so one phone could essentially use all lte signals in one phone, if qualcomm is ready for deployment of it.

          • Ian Case

            They created the Gobi modem to pair with the 805.

            http://www.slashgear.com/qualcomm-snapdragon-805-hands-on-and-benchmarked-21329948/ – 805 has no modem
            http://www.qualcomm.com/chipsets/gobi – modem to pair with 805

      • It’s only June.

    • Tee

      Are you sure you can handle all that G3 after having that little girly Moto X?

      • u def have a tiny penis…u think a oversized phone will distract the ladies from it?…it wont

      • Swankieltd

        You need a phone to boost your masculinity. lol

        • BernieBastinaly

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    • JoshGroff

      Same here, but that’s mainly because the only LG phones I’ve used to date were stock android. (G2X+Nexus 4)

  • flosserelli

    Awesome feature #6:
    The “shudder” button

  • Maxim∑

    HTC still has the best android skin but LG made a big improvement, unlike Samsung

    • Chris

      I think the S5 TouchWiz is much better than the S4, but it still needs a complete design overhaul. It’s so laggy and ugly (coming from an S4 user, been having it since Day 1).

      • cz

        I hate TouchWiz. With that said, I don’t think the problem is only the gaudy design. It’s just stupidly demanding on hardware and system resources compared to how efficient and lightweight stock android is. There’s no reason a Moto G should be a smoother experience than an S5.

        • Eric R.

          Moto E is also smoother than S5

          • Tee

            Have you used a Moto E? Some UI stuff is snappy, but surfing the web and doing anything else with it (installing apps, etc.) Is painfully slow and frustrating. The E is a true P.O.S. I could care less if you can open the app drawer or slide between home screens a fraction of a second faster with it. The S5 is fast enough and would take it over the E on any given day.

            Phones like the E give Android a bad name. They are why average people think Android is cheap and is installed on inferior phones and is not something worth having….

        • rectangularcircle

          efficient and lightweight stock android.

          yea right. stock android is so garbage.

          • cz

            How do you figure?

          • Don’t even respond to him. Just another troll who won’t stop to comprehend other’s opinions.

          • You’reConfused…

            Durr….herp derp?

            You wrote that wrong:

            Stock Android is so much better without all that pre-installed, non-removable, OEM garbage.

      • Mike Aurin

        It’s amazing that my S4 runs smoother than your S5…

        • Chris

          I still have an S4 lol. My S4 lags whenever I use a Samsung application. I have replaced almost every Samsung app with third party apps and the lag is a lot more bearable, but it’s still present.

          But in regards to the S5 I have played with multiple at multiple Verizon stores and have seen a good deal of lag and waiting.

    • Mike Aurin

      LG’s skin is awful. Who are you trying to convince? Look at that shoddy phone app icon next to the Hangouts icon. Nothing will come close to matching if you stick with the LG launcher.

      • calculatorwatch

        The icons are definitely the worst part. Luckily there’s icon packs and Beautiful Icon Styler that can fix that even on the LG launcher.

      • rectangularcircle

        lg’s skin is awful?!?! no stock android is the one that is awful! it is the most inferior OS of any mobile platform that doesnt even have basic features that existed on my flip phone from many years ago

        • grumpyfuzz

          care to elaborate?

          • rectangularcircle

            here’s why i am letdown,
            For years, or as long as i can remember most of the android community have had a very deep dislike of skins. (touchwiz, sense, blur etc) They have always claimed the superiority of stock android, for various reasons. no matter what website or blog i went to, if there was a mention of android skins there would be a ferver of posts proclaiming hate and inferiority of that said skin.
            so i got in the mood to get a new phone. I went and got a nexus 5. after about 10 days of disappointment in stock android i decided to get another phone. I heard great things about the moto x and heard that it was a slightly modified version of stock android. So I got it. Yet still i sat around for almost a month trying to figure out what the big deal is. As far as i can tell stock android just might be the most inferior OS on any smartphone.

            why do i say that? because in 2014 mobile OSes should be equipped with certain features as standard. the answer to everything should not be to “download a third party app” if i am having to download a 3rd party app than that means that functionality is not provided to me in my OS, or a better version awaits me from someone else.

            -automatic rejection of a phone number. i have to create a contact? and save it?!? seriously??!?
            -notification quick toggles, no i should not have to swipe down and then press something just to get access to be able to turn off or turn on basic functions of a phone by holding it down. one swipe and tap is much more convenient and better.
            -volume controls are specific to the task that the phone is currently doing. being able to control the volume of the ringer, media, and notification is way more convenient and better than the stock android way.
            -notification badges are not present in stock. thats just stupid. my last flip phone had that!
            -sms….too much to say, in short, just about every alternative is better and more feature rich than the stock version

            the fractional speed difference in the stock vs skins is not enough to validate everything a person gives up by moving to stock

            i could go on and on, but i hope we can have a clear discussion about this instead of fanboism taking over. so help me out here, what am i missing about stock that everyone else sees? if i were to eliminate the generic answer of “you can download this app or this launcher” what argument could the stock enthusiast provide?

          • MicroNix

            Its hard to argue your points. I got the whole minimalistic thing when a 800Mhz single core phone with 256mb ram was high end but to say this is how to sell phones in 2014 is a laugh. Somewhere between a Nexus and GS5 should be the sweet spot and the G3 looks to be right about there.

          • geedee82

            How many times are you gonna post this?

          • Nikuliai

            -rejection of number: there are THOUSANDS of apps than can do that, nothing to do with stock or not stock
            -Quick toggles: again, if you want a toggle install one, otherwise just learn to freaking use 2 fingers at the same time to open that panel
            -volume: yeah, tbh I haven’t even noticed until now, why on earth would I waste time setting on a big panel when I can put the volume I NEED FOR THE SPECIFIC TASK?
            -notification badges: no idea what you’re talking about
            -sms: again, APPS, and Hangouts is taking that part too now.

            If you want the system to do all when you buy it you would be better on iOS, you can do much more on Android, but Google won’t just force functionalities that won’t be useful to everyone, want it? install it, that IS the magic of Android

            Stock is about having performance and a basic setup and TUNE IT UP ACCORDING TO YOUR NEEDS, you’re missing the whole point of stock man…

          • MicroNix

            I hate to sound like an Apple user (for the record I don’t do iOS devices) but I want to be dazzled by new technology when buying a phone, not a boring looking interface like iOS. I want it to do stuff I never could do with my last phone. If you are happy to have the same minimalistic UI phone after phone with little progression other than a basic OS on a smart phone that you can tweak, that’s great, but that doesn’t sell phones man!

          • Nikuliai

            Wrong, Motorola went with a minimalistic UI (which I love, I hate the shotgun paradygm) and added FEATURES to that OS, and sold almost nothing.

            Samsung did the same garbage they always do (but making it suck a little less) and they sell MILLIONS of units, TW offers nothing new, LG offers some stuff, and right now they are last spot on the top 5

          • MicroNix

            Actually besides a couple gimmicks, Moto didn’t add anything and that’s a problem. Gee, what is the reason why the Moto X isn’t compared to other high end phones when doing side by side photo comparisons? Why is it the Moto X screen isn’t compared to other high end phones. And those are just basic standards everyone else excels on. What sells phones is looks (screen and photos) and a long feature list whether the geek in you and I denies it or not.

          • Nikuliai

            that “gimmicks” are the fact that makes me think only Motorola is doing the right thing, innovating in SOFTWARE when everyone is forcing themselves to be the badass hardware OEM (and nobody cares about that, Samsung will win anyway for simple brand recognition). They compare high end phone, and if the reviewer isn’t a total idiot (specs fanboy) the results will always make Motorola the winner in SOFTWARE, meaning ANDROID, the machine powering it up is not relevant at all right now, almost nobody uses their phone to their full extent

          • Missingthepoint

            Oh so no one cares about hardware huh? Is that why your rocking a single core phone with 512mb of ram? These gimmicks you point out are useful and are a big reason why samsung became the face of android.

            If Google really wanted people to use stock android than they should make sure stock android isn’t inferior to everyone else’s software

          • Nikuliai

            I did until this january actually, I have a Moto X now and I had a Huawei Y300 before that (and tried every manufactor before that).

            I disagree, those gimmicks aren’t useful TO ME and it’s one of the reasons I don’t plan on getting another Samsung device unless it’s a TV, too much gargabe you can’t get rid off. For me the only players left are LG and Moto right now (Nexus too but I don’t hype about anything from it so I don’t really care about the nexus anymore) Samsung and Sony actually destroy good hardware with their UI (LG has the shotgun approach too and it mess up less with the performance)

            PS: didn’t mention HTC nor OnePlus cuz I haven’t owned a device from them (not available where I live) so I can’t actually have an opinion

          • Jprime

            samsung is ugly inside and out, so i think its more advertising and camera.

          • blahblahblah

            You’re missing the point. He wants it to come ON THE PHONE. Not having to download tons of apps to get the same features. Stock android is by far the worst OS to run by itself. Which is why people like me and rectangularcircle actually prefer skinned OS’s.

          • Nikuliai

            stock android is not an OS, it’s the UI customization of the OS, and of course it’s the worse, if you take away performance and oversaturation of stuff you don’t need but can’t uninstall, which would leave you with… waait for iiiit… SOMETHING PRETTY SIMILAR TO STOCK ANDROID, minimalistic is better for lots of us, and the UIs made me change and change ROMs in the past to get one that actually focused on the important stuff (performance) but since it’s not made by the manufactor it always have some other bug, I rather have the near stock UI and put the loader and apps I want, since I don’t need most of the garbage the OEMs put in (and yeah, I’ve tested all UI’s but HTC’s one)

          • Missingthepoint

            You seem to be missing the point and from what you have played I can tell that you are a fanboy, have not used anything other than stock android in a very long time, did not read his entire post, and lack the intelligence to understand the little you did read.

            Having to download an app to get a feature that is present on every other skin and mobile os for years is proving his point.

          • OpinionsAreNotFacts

            “Having to download an app to get a feature that is present on every other skin and mobile os for years is proving his point.”

            You wrote that wrong. It should have been:

            “Having to download an app to get a feature that is present in the pre-installed, not-uninstallable, ad-ridden, and butt-ugly bloat-ware on a few OEM devices with a bunch of other useless pre-installed crap is proving…oh wait…I get it now.”

          • Nikuliai

            Thanks, I was about to type something similar…

            I really don’t get why people think an oversaturated UI with performance issues is better than having something that works perfect on its minimalistic way AND offers you the possibility to change all you want.

            PS: funny that he bashes on people’s intelligence when he’s the one missing the point

          • Nikuliai

            Nope! having to SIDELOAD A ROM to get the performance toll away is proving mine, more is not always better, the only scenario when you can actually benefit from it is when you have a flagship device and you don’t actually benefit that much, so I still rather get near stock

          • Lumia Nexus

            what the heck are you talking about? Android is forcing us to use Gmail, chrome, google music, movies, books and other craps. they are intentionally not updating the email app. use before you open your mouth.

            why should one be forced to install an app to get a new functionality? why make a bloated phone more bloated? why cant OS’s offer the basic functionalities that are needed?

          • Nikuliai

            Well they give you apps, you can use or not use them, the UI is a lot worse to me (and tbh I use most of those apps you listed), that’s bloat but it’s just apps, and not really relevant

          • vzwuser76

            So you want an OS that has everything built into it, so you don’t have to install any third party apps to accomplish it? Let’s say they do that, and there are a number of apps you don’t want, but it comes with it anyway. Then we’ll hear that it’s so bogged down with bloatware that it’s taking up the advertised storage. The point of android is to tailor it to your needs. One way they do that is give you the bare necessities and let you install what you need from the Playstore. That way the storage is occupied by only what you need, and only what you want, rather than throwing everything they can think of into it and making the phone run slower and using up onboard storage. If there wasn’t an app that could accomplish what you want I’d agree with you, but the point of stock is to let you set it up as you want, instead of what the manufacturer thinks you want.

            After using nothing but phones with skinned versions of android (4 HTC & 1 Samsung) it’s so much nicer to only add what I want to my phone, instead of apps I’ll never use that bog it down and take up space from what was advertised. Usually my phones would start to lag after about a couple of months, but my Maxx and X run just like the day I bought them. That’s what really irked me. All these other phones I had kept coming out with high end specs and yet they ran only slightly better than my previous phone. And now a phone with so called “midrange” specs runs significantly better than they do. So I have to go to the Playstore for a few things, at least they’re what I want and if they start to give me problems I can simply get rid of them completely.

          • thartist

            Stock Android is last in terms of features but it’s the best in performance (of course aided by the lack of bloatware) but STOCK UI is the best in terms of looks and speed. That’s what people claim for, it’s quite easy to grasp.

          • younailedit


            You can have stock UI *and* pre-installed crap-ware (which is really what he’s whining about…it has nothing to do with the OS or UI; He just really really wants his pre-installed bloat.)

          • Doesn’t know OS from App

            FFS…you do know the difference between and OS and apps, right?

            You don’t want OEM “skins”. You don’t want a different OS.

            You want someone to pre-install all your “bloat”.

            Hey – fine. You can have your cake and eat it to. Buy a Samsung.

            It has *NOTHING* to do with the OS. (Hey, guess what? Samsung and Nexus devices run the same OS!)

            Your ire is seriously misplaced… /smh

          • Chris Hannan

            Oh no, I have to actually download apps to improve functionality? That’s just awful!

            That’s why I choose Samsung. They pre-install all 1,000,000 apps from the Play Store so I don’t have to.

      • Ryan Chapman

        You are crying about the look of a button?

        • Mike Aurin

          No… Im debating the look of the skin.

    • No, Motorola is way better.

      • FY2014

        that’s why Motorola is sinking!

        Lenovo would go bankrupt if the deal goes through, because Motorola is a VERY BIG PROBLEM.

        Lenovo can’t sell its own smartphones.
        Motorola can’t sell its own smartphones.
        What’s the point of their combination?

        • Nikuliai

          HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA what an ignorant douche…

          Lenovo is ALREADY the fourth OEM outhere (12.9m on Q1), and if you sum Motorola they transform into the third one (yup, Samsung>Apple>Lenovorola), it’s a decent invesment

      • Aiden Richardson

        It’s a shame their phones are nowhere near as good. Looking at a comparison of the Moto X and LG G3 makes the Moto look like a toy – http://versus.com/en/lg-g3-vs-motorola-moto-x

        • So you’re really comparing last year’s phone to one that hasn’t even hit the US market? Seems legit.

    • PoisonApple31

      Considering LG’s skin still looks like Touchwiz, even after the redesign, it’s definitely an “improvement”. The G3 is just as deserving of a third party launcher as any Samsung device.

      • Maxim∑

        you’re right, forgot LG likes to copy samsung

  • Ray

    Knock Codes and Camera sound great. I don’t let other people/kids touch my phone though

  • Buckoman

    Maybe it will change, maybe not, but one thing that kind of irks me here is the status bar. It’s an obnoxious light grey (when not in a compatible application), and the icons seem too big and cartoony-sized. Not to mention the odd spacing. Things like the signal bars just don’t look natural, and it just takes away that immersion, in my honest opinion.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m still buying this phone as soon as it releases, but I’m just wondering why those little things made it into the software.

    Am I going insane? Does this look fine to anyone else?

    • anon

      could be because its a korean model. I hate the status bar of sprint phones and tmobile always has a notification in the bar for your minutes usage and lookout. could be carrier specific.

      • Buckoman

        Yeah, but I also know that Samsung used to use grey for their status bars before Kit Kat.

      • Mathew Colburn

        You can get rid of both lookout and the usage notification.

    • cz

      You’re not insane. The icons are definitely taking up too much space horizontally. My stock android 720p device has 4 icons that barely surpass the right 20% of the screen. These things are going almost 50% of the way. It has bothered me since the announcement day.

  • aye_winchell

    does the wireless storage feature still exist, this is one of my favorite things on the g2

    • duke69111

      I agree completely.

    • Ray

      whats that?

      • duke69111

        It works like airdroid if your familiar. I basically allows you to connect to your phone’s internal storage through wifi and add or remove files to the internal storage through windows explorer.

        • Ray

          oh nice

        • Mudokon83

          AIRDROID is similar if you are looking for a solid app.

          • duke69111

            I disagree. I used airdroid on my galaxy nexus never had very good luck. It would always disconnect during file transfer and the interface was kind of a of a pain. I like wireless storage way better and ive never had any trouble with it.

      • aye_winchell

        allows you to mount your phones files system like a samba share and connect with a username and passowrd to its ip (\192.xxx.xxx.xxx)

  • duke69111

    Isn’t it the shutter button… 🙂