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Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (SM-G906) Stops by FCC?

A Samsung device under the model number SM-G906 stopped by the FCC within the last few days, with support for LTE bands 17 and 5. As you may recall, the SM-G906 has long been rumored to be the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, or the premium version of Samsung’s 2014 flagship with a Quad HD display. The listing doesn’t tell us much, but does give us three potential models of G906K, G906S, and G906L to keep an eye on. 

It is an odd listing, because LTE Bands 17 and 5, along with GSM compatibility on 850 and 1900 doesn’t exactly scream “US carrier!” If these were devices headed for AT&T, they would support band 17 and 4. If they were headed to T-Mobile, the GSM compatibility would need to change. They certainly aren’t Verizon or Sprint phones. So what are they?

Well, they are either the Prime or just another variant of the Galaxy S5. There is a model number listed for the battery used (EB-BG900BBK) in the device during testing by the FCC that brings back nothing by Galaxy S5 hits.

I guess the question now is – does an FCC sighting mean we are closer than ever?

Via:  FCC | PocketNow
  • JoshuaAuerbach

    S5 series vs G3 has been all about the tease. Like a flirty date who give it up. NEXT!

  • Octopus

    Sansung, STOP!

  • elisaharris

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  • JD

    Swore off samsung devices after realizing their were much better options out there.

  • Android_Silver_Google

    Galaxy SF5 Megazoom Prime!
    with Touchwiz Prime S.
    and Tizen version!

    Only from SAMSUNG “designers”:

    Band-Aid feeling plastic looking like a brushed metal ceramic!

    Well, is it Android Silver beginning?

  • pyro74boy .

    I really wish all of this Samsung hate would stop. I get the fact that people don’t like them because they are making the most amount of money vs EVERYONE ELSE. LOL I’m also not saying that my next brand new phone is even going to made by Samsung because I’m waiting to use phones like the LG G3 before I put down any amount of money on any phone regardless of brand name or price. Really my next phone that I buy is going to be the one that I try and like the best regardless of brand and hype.

    • glimmerman76

      um band 5 is what att is using in my area in central IL. I’ve only ever seen band 17 and 5 myself. I thought band 4 was t-mobile

    • BillySuede

      don’t sweat it too hard, dude. it’s human nature to root for the underdog and then want to knock them down when they reach the pinnacle. if lg were to supplant samsung as android’s top dog, watch how quickly the tides will turn.

      ignore the background noise and support the oem that has the features you feel benefit you.

  • Matt G

    Prime= Extra TouchWiz

    • Mike H.


  • cjohn4043
  • chirst on a cross, SK Telecom, Korean telecom and LG U+ all three main korean carier variants
    THERE IS NO G906x VERSION FOR United States – DEAL WITH IT ALREADY god damn it
    906x IS A VERSION MADE FOR KOREA FROM LATEST SAMSUNG FLAGSHIP, it happend since GALAXY S1, every god damn year !!!!!!!
    and no it does not have WQHD display but FHD like Samsung’s own wap profile suggests
    but heeeeeeeeey, why make some researh prior postin an article huh?

    • Scott Tucker

      You mad? You mad.

      • trolling is your job or hobby?

        • Scott Tucker

          Posted from my Crackberry

      • rals

        i believe it is “u mad bro?”

    • Mike H.

      Well if these are not meant for US then why are they showing up at the FCC? To my understanding that is a US agency.

    • You takes phones just a little too seriously.

  • I still want the G3 and Note 4 but can’t wait to see this baby.

    • PoisonApple31

      It’s probably going to rock the faux-metal just like the G3.

  • Maxim∑

    Done with Samsung

  • T4rd
    • Gato Mafioso

      Apple’s strategy

      Edit: Ummm yeah not sure how it appeared 3 times. haha

      • Maxim∑

        *brings Apple into completely unrelated article*

        • Android_09

          *Proceeds to whine like a baby about other people’s post*

          • I’m a joiner

            *Proceeds to join in because…. well, because that’s what we do here*

          • PoisonApple31

            That’s what he is known for here.

  • Tim

    Verizon Version?

    • Marikel

      Did you not even bother reading the article or

      • Has that ever stopped anybody from posting here before?

        • Android_09

          You’re a moron

  • Jeff Miller

    As long as Samsung sticks with crappy capacitive buttons its a no go for me….two steps back in my opinion, doesnt matter how “Prime” it is.

    • MH

      I agree, I’d love to see OSK…but they’re not gonna change their galaxy line. It would be more likely that they launch an entire second line of phones before they change to OSK on the galaxy line

      • funny because samsung scored quite a line of smartphone designs patents with no captivate buttons

        • MH

          Yup. They dont want to mess with their bread and butter it would seem. Despite how awesome OSK would be.

    • Pinpointer

      what’s wrong with capacitive buttons? They aren’t wasting screen space for no reason other than to pretend the screen is bigger with a thinner bezel

      • Yup, I actually like them too.

      • rawr

        Capacitive and hardware button can’t disappear, on screen can.

        Capacitive is no different than hardware keyboards… I heard the phones famous for them are doing well…

        • Pinpointer

          except missing the clicking noise and spring action and the entire alphabet right?… that’s showing your ignorance like you just said betamax and vhs are exactly the same systems, but I’m sure you already know the difference between those old magnetic tape systems.

    • rawr

      If this did away with hardware and capacitive buttons, I’d probably get it over the G3. But after the gnex I can’t have anything other than onscreen.