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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Receives “Biggest Update Ever,” Brings Unlimited Worlds and Tons of New Blocks

Minecraft, the world’s most beloved sandbox game, received an major update today, which Mojang is calling the game’s “biggest update ever.”

Inside, users will have access to a ton of new blocks to build and play with, as well as new mobs to die from. 

The list of additions is so long that it would be rude for me to spam you with the list, so check out Mojang’s blog post for the full list of additions and new features.

Feel like being a Minecraft tester? Of course you do! Sign up for the Google+ community, then grab yourself the beta apk from Google Play.

Play Link ($6.99)

Via: Mojang
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  • Eikast

    No nvidia shield support 🙁
    Me so sad.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Updated version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition hasn’t hit the Galaxy Note 3 yet. Guess they’re slowly rolling the big update out. Hopefully us GN3 users will be getting it by tomorrow.

    • debonu

      Did you sign up for the beta community and app beta? Otherwise you won’t see it til it goes prime time… I got it right away on gtab pro and S5 after signing up.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Topic headline is a bit misleading as it said nothing about needing to be a Minecraft beta tester in order to receive the big update.

        And Tim didn’t even write that you needed to be a beta tester until a few paragraphs later. What gives, TIM?!

        lol Just givin’ ya a hard time.

        Still cool though. I’m gonna have to sign up and get that beta APK installed on my GN3 pronto! The last time I played Minecraft, I had built this crazy three-tier themed(three themes) rollercoaster, but then started playing something else and gave up on it. But now that I know a big update with lots of new additions will be making its way to the game soon(after beta period), then I might just have to start playing again. I just hope that the update will still be available in pre-existing worlds, not just new ones.

  • miri

    Also immersive mode. Dig it.