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Samsung Releases Teaser for Next Week’s Galaxy Premiere Event

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Next week in New York City, Samsung intends to host a press event, asking attendees to “tab into color.” More than likely, Samsung is going to launch at least one (probably multiple) Galaxy tablets, rumored to be the Galaxy Tab S 8.5 and Galaxy Tab S 10.5. 

Of course, yours truly will be on hand in NYC for the festivities, so tune in on Thursday, June 12 for all of the details on what Samsung announces.

And no, the event is not for the Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S5 Prime. Sorry to crush your dreams.

  • Matt G

    Wait Samsung makes tablets?

  • hyperbeatser

    enough already

  • And this Droid Life geniuses is why Samsung is and will continue to dominate the Android Market. They have a product to appease every customer in every market. You guys keep complaining about Samsung putting out too many products but maybe that’s why other Android manufacturers are drowning in losses, they aren’t doing enough. You don’t like one Samsung product well guess what we have others for you to choose from. I say keep it going Sammy show the rest of the Android world how to make money..

    • Bryan Mills

      And how to make Android look like a sh!t OS. Nobody wants a low end, over bloated, slow pos product. It’s crowding the market and hiding the good products.

      And NO, companies don’t need to make more product’s. That’s asinine of you to even suggest that.

      • 213ninja

        “nobody”? they sell billions of devices. i’m not saying i need more tablets, but someone sure as hell buys them, or they wouldn’t freaking make them.

        • Bryan Mills

          Okay “smart people” don’t want them. And I’m sick of the asshats who go into best buy and shrug off a Nexus 7 then buy a Tab 7 pos. Really shows how stupid American consumers have become

          • Yea because you’re a genius because you own a Nexus. You guys are comedians. I knew the “people are stupid” argument was going to come out sooner or later. Can’t state facts so the go to insults.

          • Bryan Mills

            Never said I was. I work for Google demoing their products to customers.

            People are stupid. Who else would drop money on a device with the shyttiest specs when a product infinitely better is only $20 more?

            Oh that’s right. Stupid people.

            Samsung sure has done a good job brainwashing.

          • 213ninja

            and someone who doesn’t have $20 more to spend, and someone who doesn’t understand technology at all and couldn’t even tell you what RAM is, which is like 70% of the world’s population…

            i’m not saying i’d buy a galaxy tab over a nexus (i own both nexus 7’s and a nexus 10), but i do see there are legitimate reasons why samsung is able to dominate with their marketing and flooding the market with devices.

          • Crappy specs? Samsung has been leading the American market (not knowledgeable of others) in specs. Samsung was the first to implement USB 3.0 in a device, keeps pushing camera specs, first to implement 3gb Ram, display technology. Are you serious. Nexus devices are the ones with the Crappy specs that’s why they get overlooked. But you work for Google no wonder you got your panties in a bunch over the Nexus line. I want all Android Manufacturers to succeed but in order to do that you have to raise the bar. Hopefully the Android silver line does that

          • People love Android because you have choices. Unless of course you choose a Samsung device then you’re just brainwashed and stupid

          • michael arazan

            I wish samsung with all their phones and all of their tablets, would offer 1 phone and 1 tablet with stock vanilla android. I like their hardware fine, but TW is awful. I do like the fact I can drop my phone, without a case 20+ times with damage to the glass and internals. And I mean full blown battery pops out and back flies off.

      • Right. And all the reasons you stated is why they’re selling hand over fist. Because people like low end, over bloated, slow pos products right? Let me guess everybody is also an idiot too huh. Yea you’re argument is getting weak because the facts (sales/market %) state otherwise. Oh and what other good products, if a product is that great it’ll sell right?

  • htowngtr

    Hoping that the S8.5 model will be VZW LTE compatible.

  • Mark Aaron Collado
    • bogy25

      You can prepare and eat Spam in many different ways – How many ways? About as many types of Samsung Tablets there are out there.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    LOL More tablets? . . . I CAN’T any more samsung lol. I don’t understand them at all.

  • Shane Redman

    How many tablets have they released this year? Serious question.

    • NoCountryLeftBehind

      How many different markets are there?

      • Shane Redman

        More than they’ve built tablets for.

  • Maxim∑

    Not enough Samsung tablets.

    • Jonathan Williams

      Just like cowbell.