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Friday App Sales: AirFighters Pro, Bombcats: Special Edition, Camera 2, and More

It is time for the weekly app sales post. This week, there is a massive list of apps and games on sale through Google Play, so be sure to look it over if you planned on doing any app shopping this weekend.

As for big titles, meaning ones you might be familiar with, we have AirFighters Pro (a sweet fighter jet simulator), Fast Burst Camera (self explanatory), as well as Clean Calendar Widgets Pro, Bombcats: Special Edition, and Camera 2.

We have the full list below. 

Friday app sales:

Go gram ’em.

  • vgergo

    Touchless Notifications Pro $2.19 => $1.09

    Speaking full screen notifications for driving + MotoX “What’s up?” style summary
    Pentecost weekend SALE: 50% off!


  • gambit07

    Anyone know any good real time multiplayer games for Android that aren’t MMO’s?

    • T4rd

      Clash of Clans.

  • moew

    Are any of these good?

    • jrstark

      Fast Burst Camera looks interesting. Seems pretty easy to use.

      • michael arazan

        F-18 is fun

        • DanaRoaredi

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  • Brady

    replace “Go gram’em” with “Go grab’em”.

    • Pat

      And I was thinking he meant to upload them to instagram. But I guess your point is valid.