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Deal: Nexus 5 16GB (in Any Color) for $334 on eBay, With Free Shipping

Nexus 5 deal! In a daily deal on eBay, you can pick-up Google’s latest Nexus smartphone (maybe their last, too?) with 16GB of storage in any color (black, white, or red) for $334. The phone retails for $349 through Google Play, so this isn’t a massive discount, but if you factor in the $15 savings on the phone, plus the free shipping, it actually is a pretty solid deal. Google charges $9.99 for their cheapest shipping option.

As you all know, we love the Nexus 5. In fact, we called it the 2nd best phone of 2013, right behind the Moto X. The Nexus 5 is a phone that both Tim and I couldn’t wait to go back to after reviewing the Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8). It may not have the best camera on the block, but it runs stock Android, is already on Android 4.4.3, and may be the last of our favorite line of Android phones.

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  • souren

    Motox better than nexus 5?
    No way ! …

  • Inoitbettur

    €289 and decreasing on eglobalcentral.eu 😉

  • Jesus Elle

    Considering I bought this phone for close to 400$ in October ( 350 + shipping + taxes) its a pretty good way to save 60 bucks. Best phone I’ve ever used.

  • yankeesusa

    How is this a good deal? For around $350 you can get a mint condition 32gb model on swappa with extra accessories.

    • Disqus_n00b

      Mint is subjective. New in wrap is a guarantee

      • yankeesusa

        very true, that is why I said swappa and not ebay. Swappa does have new in box also sometimes. That is just an option though. This is still a good deal although like someone said, if warranty is needed it will be hard to get once they know it was purchased on ebay. But it’s good to have option though, especially for a phone that is just amazing minus ok battery life which can be half fixed with custom kernels.

  • Jared Denman

    BTW just a note. If you buy from eBay you will have a hard time convincing Google to honor the warranty.

    • Blue Sun

      Honor the warranty?

      • Jared Denman

        If something happens to it. I’ve had issues with my GPS not locking and had to get a replacement.

        • Blue Sun

          Ahh, I see you corrected your original post.

    • evltwn

      http://stores.ebay.com/Blutek-USA/FAQ.html. this is from the company selling the N5. They are claiming it comes with an LG warranty.

  • Danmheadache

    Is it the active display that make moto x better than nexus 5?

    • Bryan Mills

      People want a smaller screen, lower resolution, older processor, that’s what makes the Moto X amazing!

      • motoxfan

        People want touch less control, active screen, moto assist, ergonomic design, performance and not paper specs. That makes motox best phone of 2013

        • Bryan Mills

          Less than a million people want that.

        • grumpyfuzz

          moto x’s performance is good, but the nexus 5’s is simply better.

      • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

        So people want a sub-par phone?

    • yankeesusa

      They have a similar active display app in market that can be used on nexus 5 and it’s actually pretty good.

      • Jared Denman

        No not really. I’ve had both the x and the n5. The amoled and the separate process paired with the always listening is what makes the moto X.

        • yankeesusa

          That’s why I mentioned “similar” not full compare. But the active display and great os is what makes the moto x one of the most loved smartphones even though on paper it’s not the strongest. I would even buy it now except that I can’t go that small anymore on the screen. I barely got used to the size of the n5 after using the note 2 for 2 years.

  • TopXKiller

    Sorry DL but the G2 was the best phone of 2013

    • Tony Byatt

      And you are entitled to YOUR opinion…

    • Bryan Mills

      Yeah, I’m still LOL’ing at how the S4 GPE got ahead of it. A barebones $650 device. Ha, you funny DL.

    • yankeesusa

      Very true. Its just all that bloatware and ui really messes it up. Now just imagine, a g3 coming out under the “rumored” google silver program. That I would be interested in for sure. 🙂

    • enigmaco

      My moto x is.

    • Alexander Anteneh

      imma let you finish but…

    • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

      Xperia Z1. It would’ve been the G2 if it supported MicroSD cards.

  • Disqus_n00b

    And the taxes! Da Finger thing means Da Taxes!

    BTW…does the red Nexus 5 have backing like the black or white version?

    • Blue Sun

      Based on the Toast cover website (http://toastmade.com/Android.html ) the White & Red have the same backside material composition.

      • yankeesusa

        I can vouch for that. Ive had all three colors at one point. Only the black has the matte finish which I love.

        • Blue Sun

          I really enjoyed the black matte finish before I installed my Ebony Toast cover. Was the white back easy to clean?

          • yankeesusa

            Yea, its not completely smooth but its easy to wipe down. I keep a spigen ultra hybrid case on it all the time so I really don’t let it get dirty.