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Aereo TV and DVR Service Now Available for Chromecast

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Aereo, a service that allows users to cut the cord from their TV providers, is now capable of streaming through Google’s Chromecast HDMI dongle.

With Aereo, you can stream live TV, record shows with a cloud-based virtual DVR, then access those shows remotely on your Android device. Now, with Chromecast support, your shows can now be watched on the big screen in your living room. 

Ready to cut the cord from your cable provider? Here are the subscription details taken from Aereo’s press release.

Aereo membership begins at $8 per month, for access to Aereo’s cloud-based antenna/DVR technology and 20 hours of DVR storage. For an additional $4 per month, consumers can upgrade their membership and receive 60 hours of DVR storage for a total of $12 per month.  Consumers who join Aereo will currently get their first of month of access for free.

For right now, the Aereo subscription service is only available in a select amount of metropolitan areas. Those areas include New York, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Detroit, Baltimore, Cincinnati, San Antonio, and Austin.

Throughout 2014, the service will be expanded to additional cities, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements regarding your city.

To get started, you will need to grab the Aereo beta application from Google Play. If you are an Aereo customer, let us know what you think of the service. We know a lot of people here might be curious to hear your experience with them.

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Via: Aereo
  • Synacks

    If anything, charge for the app. But I firmly disagree that they should charge monthly ($8) for free basic cable that can be had with a clothes hanger. Yes a clothes hanger, I actually used a small coax cable last night and casually hot glued a clothes hanger to the wire on the plug and I receive like 25-35 channels. (I really wanted to watch the NBA finals)

    So I am all for charging for the app, just not a free basic service that anyone can get for free that you don’t own.

    I’ll wait for the SCOTUS ruling because they will at LEAST agree with me on that part.

    • gunslinger

      what this service does is allow you to “rent” that coat hanger in another city. Philly fan living in arizona? want to catch the latest eagles game but are blacked out due to markets? “rent” an antenna in philly, have that signal sent over the internet to your home. bam you get local coverage.

      how much would it cost you to drive/fly/walk…to philly and watch the game?

      so again, they aren’t charging you for the broadcast of the content. just to maintain the equipment. basically they are putting up an anetnna for you (which you can have just about any handy man do) and you decide what you tune into.

      • Synacks

        You would have to use a VPN to do such a thing, no?

  • xsoldier2000

    Thanks DL, this reminded me to cancel my free 30 day trial. Tried using it once. Nope.

  • steve30x

    Works in Dallas Texas but I live south from Dallas at about 2 hours and it works in my area .. local channels are cool and live.. some I never heard of though, well about half of them I never heard of. Either im just to try out it anyway until the trial ends.

  • jimt

    You just have to put a slingbox on a cable or antenna or both including tivo’s and then watch those programs from anywhere. You don’t need Aereo or anyone for this. I have two slingboxes, one on the Tivo at home and another on my mother-in-laws cable plus her tivo, works great and I have full control of both boxes.

    • MasterEthan

      Do you understand what “Aereo” is? It’s Over-The-Air Broadcasts. It’s much cheaper then buying a DVR, a Slingbox, and a good enough antenna (one that gets all the channels in 100% clear).

  • Katie Pollard

    Grrr!!! Mad this service was blocked by the courts here in Salt Lake City.

    • MasterEthan

      Yeah, same here for Denver. It’s ridiculous! And this just puts it more in my face as when I did have it all I longed for was Chromecast to be available for it.

  • Guest
  • Wally

    I don’t understand. If you have an HDTV all you need to do is buy a $10 antenna. I’m pretty sure all HDTV’s have built in digital tuners. Why would you pay a monthly fee for something you get for free?

    • luke8400

      Again…not everyone conveniently lives within a stone’s throw of a major city. Pretty much anyone more than an hour away from a major metropolitan area is going to have trouble receiving some or all of those OTA signals.

    • MasterEthan

      Because a $10 antenna sucks unless your really close to the tower your wanting to watch. I’ve spent upwards of $30-$40 and still couldn’t get many channels in clearly or consistently. Plus you can watch it on any device not just your TV. Sadly the courts of Denver Colorado got paid off and blocked it…

  • luke8400

    If SCOTUS rules against Aereo, I’ll be disappointed but not surprised. As John Oliver noted in his viral net neutrality piece, cable providers pump a lot of money and lobbyists into Washington, and I do believe that influence extends to the Supreme Court. They may have found a loophole to avoid paying retransmission fees, but they’re not doing anything illegal. Finding loopholes is kind of what lawyers/businesses do to get away with much worse.

    Aereo has done some pretty cool stuff given the obstacles that they’ve had (this is not their first lawsuit–which is why they haven’t been able to expand their channel lineup or coverage area as quickly as they would have liked). They’re worth supporting. Anything that aims to break the cable company monopolies is worth supporting.

    • Ryan N
  • Kiril Vatev

    Hmm… what if I am completely fine with watching local content from another city. To be honest, the only things that differ are local news, and I don’t think most users will have any interest in watching those. However, where I live, I need a high-power rooftop antenna to catch any TV, so I effectively have to pay for cable or not have TV at all. This kind of service is great to be able to get network content, and I really don’t care if that is coming from a different city or not.

    • SCOTUS will ruin this

      Unless you’ve got a VPN, you have to be in your home coverage area.

      • Kiril Vatev

        Indeed. I already tried that when the service came out.

      • MasterEthan

        I used it out of my home coverage many times. Simply installed an Chrome Extension to allow me to mock my location and it believed I was in my home coverage area and worked like a charm.

    • I actually like watching the news from different cites/states I’ve been to or going to.

  • sagisarius

    Hmm… since Aereo may or may not exists in a few weeks… my excitement is a bit muted.

  • Randy Young

    I’ve been thinking of cutting the cord with Comcast and using Aereo along with Amazon Prime and Netflix to replacing it. It’d be so much cheaper and now with Chromecast support, a lot easier to do. I just wish all the legal battles would get finished over the service. I’m a little scared to jump ship just to have it shut down in a few months.

    • SeanPlunk

      Or you could do this: http://www.motorgen.com/forum/showthread.php?t=58654

      Not that I would recommend doing such a thing. It is quite amazing though 🙂

      • jwildman16

        That app (at least the updated version) wants your precise GPS location. I’m gonna pass.

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          i noticed that… i just turned gps off. What do you think could happen? not being sarcastic btw

          • jwildman16

            Mostly I just don’t like letting random people know exactly where I am (and where I live if I use it at home). Why would that app need precise GPS location to let you download videos? Sounds too fishy for me.

          • michael arazan

            I’m surprised we haven’t seen a GPS spoofer app that tells all your location apps that you are in a different place than your current location..

          • j

            revoke the app’s GPS access then using app ops.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Thanks man! It works great

      • DanThompson87

        thanks, you’ve made my life so much better

      • Synacks

        I installed it and updated, but when the app started all of the categories are blank.

    • I just ordered cable again for the NFL package and I wanna ditch it again but Internet alone is $80 with cable it’s $100-$130

    • jpfrasier

      I ditched satellite back in August. I bought a Roku and use Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and Aereo. I wish I would have done this sooner, though I do miss my sports sometimes. Still worth it. The Supreme Court is supposed to announce their decision on Aereo by the end of this month, if they lose then I’ll consider Simple.TV or get a Tivo.

    • luke8400

      I haven’t had cable for a year and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. I have Hulu, Plex, Netflix, Amazon, and Aereo, and even with paid subscriptions to them all I save over $500/year compared to cable. Even if Aereo shuts down, I can still watch pretty much any TV shows I want through Plex or Hulu. Of course I’m not a sports fan, so if you are that may be something to consider. But now I’ve gotten so used to the streaming/”on demand” model that live TV is kinda boring to me. I really only use Aereo for those few shows I can’t stream or local news coverage on occasion. Even if I had cable, I’d still probably be streaming the majority of the time.

      PROTIP: If you have a friend/family member with a cable subscription, ask for their account password. I know Comcast has an app that streams a ton of shows on demand, many of which are not available through standalone streaming services, and several cable channels live. No Chromecast support on their app, but I’ve tabcasted from Comcast’s website a few times and I can tolerate it.

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        Agree with the acct credentials. Been doing similar since we cut our cable in 09. Sports is the one thing I do miss. But I’ve learned to live.

        Only thing I wanted to add, I just checked out aereo channel list here and for the very most part I pick up most/all their offerings with a small inside powered antenna free ota without paying their service charge.

    • JRomeo

      if you don’t add Hulu+ to your collection, you’ll be severely handicapped on the TV Shows you can watch…. Hulu+ is far superior to Amazon Prime tv.

  • Daistaar

    It’s live OTA TV. Do people really want to pay for basic OTA television?

    • luke8400

      $8/month plus DVR service is worth it, particularly if you live outside of a major metropolitan area where the digital signals don’t reach. I’ve been an Aereo subscriber in the Atlanta market for a year and it’s very much worth the price. And it’s not just for those who live in the boonies; I only live an hour from Atlanta and I can’t pick up any OTA signals. Aereo reaches many more miles in every direction, and it’s generally been very reliable.

  • Alex Griffith

    Not available in my area (Arizona) 🙁

  • Chewy789

    More Chromecast apps I don’t use

    • JRomeo

      simply using chromecast for pandora/youtube/netflix/hulu/ is all that matters to me……. any other app that has chromecast compatibility doesn’t interest me at the moment.

  • Mordecaidrake

    So Hulu? What makes this different from them other then DVRing?