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Sony Intros SmartBand, Now Available for $99

This morning, Sony introduced announced the SmartBand (model SWR10) for Android devices. The band is NFC enabled, allowing for easy one-press syncing with Android device that can install the Lifelog application from Google Play. 

The band is “waterproof,” made to be worn all day and night. With its lightweight design, the SmartBand can track an array of activities, such as running, walking, and even sleep motion activity.

When paired with the Lifelog app, SmartBand can act as a wireless extension to your smartphone, providing users smart alarms, vibrations for incoming calls, messages, calendar events, and much more.

Sony even threw on quite an aggressive price for this hardware, as it sits on Sony’s online store for just $99. In the coming weeks, additional band colors will be available too, so keep that in mind.

Sony Store Link

Press Release

Live smart with the sony smartband, now available in the U.S.

The Sony SmartBand SWR10 is available beginning today for purchase at Sony Stores and online at store.sony.com for $99.99.

SmartBand is designed to be worn all day, every day. It’s waterproof, comfortable and stylish, with a removable core unit inside an adjustable silicone wristband. The core’s accelerometer technology tracks your motion and sends the data to the Lifelog application in your Android smartphone.

Lifelog collects data from both the SmartBand and your smartphone to tell a broader story of what happens in your life — fitness, location, weather, photos, music, personal notes (life bookmarks) and more. Lifelog displays the information in a colorful, versatile interface that helps you reflect on what you did each day and set goals for the future. Lifelog displays your activity in a colorful, multi-faceted interface that lets you view your information in various ways.

In addition to tracking your walking, running and sleep motion activity, SmartBand also works as a useful, unobtrusive extension to your smartphone with functions that include smart alarm and vibration notifications for incoming calls and messages, calendar events and more. With the smart alarm feature, SmartBand can silently wake you up at the best time in your sleep cycle without waking up everyone else.

When listening to music on your smartphone, SmartBand can also be used to play, pause and skip tracks through a combination of pressing SmartBand’s power button and tapping the band.

You can also think of SmartBand as a wireless leash for your smartphone. Whenever you get to the limit of Bluetooth range between the devices, SmartBand will warn you with a distinct vibration pattern. You won’t have to run back to the restaurant in a panic because you left your smartphone there.

Setup is easy with one-touch NFC pairing, or you can use the standard Bluetooth pairing process.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof1, rated IP55/58
  • SmartBand communicates with your smartphone to provide vibrating alerts regarding calls, messages or other notifications.
  • LifeLog is available free for download from the Google Play Store
  • Automatically records your physical, social and entertainment activities to set activity goals and monitor progress
  • Smart alarm tracks motion during your sleep cycle to wake you up at the best time with a gentle vibration
  • Life Bookmark key lets you capture moments worth remembering
  • Sony SmartBand is compatible with Android 4.4 smartphones
  • Available for sale in Black
  • Additional colored bands can be purchased from Sony Stores or online through store.sony.com later this month
  • Bryan Burch

    Dear fitness band manufacturers: Why no heart rate monitor? If you want it to really be used for fitness, then measure something useful.

  • Kevin

    someone on an amazon review said it didn’t track their activity on a treadmill… can anyone verify that?

  • DJyoSNOW

    Well that stinks the app reviews are one star with lots of issues… Grr to buy or not to that is the concern. With a faulty app how the heck am I gonna justify the purchase :/

  • corgimas

    press release? it looks like this has been on Amazon for awhile now and is in a couple of colors…….
    oh yeah…and is also cheaper too…..

    • Kevin

      it wasnt available (functionally) in the US…you could buy it but the required apps werent all available for the US play store.

  • thom

    I’ve been using this for about a month. It does monitor sleep. It gets dirty from lint and other things very easily. It also cleans off very easily. IMHO it looks nice and almost premium when clean. On the flip side, when dirty, it looks like a cheap toy. Battery life is 3 to 5 days depending on the number of notifications you have set up to be alerted to (and how many you receive) on it. There is currently no way to differentiate alerts aside from basic notification and out of range alert of single or tripple vibrations respectively. It does allow some water inside the silicone when bathing and the micro USB port does get wet, hasn’t caused an issue yet. I tend to check and drying fairly quickly after getting it wet. That said, it is what’s recommend by.Sony. It would likely be easier to simply remove it before getting wet though. It’s relatively comfortable. It tracks steps and sleep even when not connected to a phone and syncs when the connection is restored. It does extended some app functions like remote control abilities for the media player or presentation control in OfficeSuite among a few others. I paid more than the US MSRP, and certainly more than the Amazon price. If the functionality is sufficient as is, then it’s a decent buy at the US pricing. If your hoping for more features I doubt they will be added even if they could be. I’m curious to see if the Razer Nabu will still happen early this month. If so, it might offer a better value.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    what ever happened to Razer Nabu ?

    • akellar

      The Razer Nabu I assume you are referring to? It’s been delayed until later in summer (July?) for even the developer preview to go out. No word on retail release.

  • DJyoSNOW

    If I’m not mistaken I see it 89.49 on Amazon…!

  • Rand Paul 2016
    • Joseph A. Yager

      I like the Brazil Edition

  • Joseph A. Yager

    I thought it was called the “Sony Intros SmartBand” at first

  • KB

    So, Sony has made a FitBit knockoff? Same price as FitBit flex, same changeable color bands.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      But more features.

  • Cael

    I want this now. I wonder what the other colors are.

  • gambit07

    Very cool, I am going to consider this for fitness tracking.

  • Jared Denman

    3 LED and vibration alert for incoming call, message, device out of range, alarm clock, etc.

    Just wish it displayed time!

    • Curtis

      …Nice try!

      • Jared Denman

        Huh? I really do wish it told time

        • Curtis

          I believe you. Its just that what you’re looking for is a smartwatch.

          There’s no need to reply wondering why this has gone this far. I’ll stop here. I was only playing off of what I thought was sarcasm.

          • Nought

            Many activity trackers tell time. You don’t need a smart watch for that.

            I think what you’re looking for is a sarcasmtracker

  • Does it track steps? Not sure if it was mentioned

    Nevermind ! I read it lol. Very enticing.

    • Bryan Mills

      The device, which was announced earlier this year at CES, tracks everything from steps taken to your sleep cycle.

    • Joe M

      > In addition to tracking your walking, running and sleep motion activity

      Looks like it

  • Bryan Mills

    Finally a fitness band that’s waterproof. I like it.

    • JBartcaps

      For only $99 as well. That’s a great price tag for something like this.

      • Agreed. Not sure why Tim thinks this is an aggressive price. Seems modestly fair to me, as long as you use it consistently.

        • Android_09

          He wants a free one to come with his phone 🙂

        • JBartcaps

          It’s aggressive because it’s lowest anyone has gone for these devices. I think

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Well the fitbit flex and fitbit one are both $99, but they don’t do the notifications.

          • Pakmann2k

            I am sure they could if someone wrote the software for it. They do have a vibrating alarm clock which lets me know, it is just a few software commands away from being able to do notifications.

          • That would definitely make more sense lol

      • Bryan Mills

        I was about to pick up the Lifeband from LG but that one isn’t waterproof and it’s almost $149

        • akellar

          Lifeband is getting horrible reviews on Bestbuy.

          • Bryan Mills

            Looks like most of those people didn’t do their research first, ha. Complaining about iPhone, size, etc. Go try it out before blind buying

          • akellar

            No sleep tracking (very common feature in these devices), terrible water resistancy, etc. For the price there are much better options available.

      • Might actually pick one up at that price.

    • verZion

      the Garmin vivofit is waterproof and the battery lasts a whole year. you never have to remove to charge and is unobtrusive and attractive. it’s also $30 more, but charging a gear 2 and s5 everyday is more than enough, so the vivofit works perfectly. I wish my toq provided a bit more information than what the activity tracker currently provides.

      if the Sony has a one year battery life then I’m sold, otherwise, the vivofit is hard to beat.

      • Kevin

        sounds like 5-7 days for battery.

    • Pakmann2k

      It’s ironic because this was a confusing problem for me with the fitbit flex. I own it and according to their website, they say it is water resistant to 30 meters and is sweat proof and can be worn in the shower. In a Q&A section, someone asks about swimming and they clarify that while not designed to be used for swimming, it is fine to wear while swimming. From what I have gathered, you cannot scuba dive with it but everything else goes. I have worn mine in my pool plenty of times, wore it skin diving in the ocean, and obvioulsy, wear it in the shower. For all practical purposes, it is waterproof. Just no scuba diving…

    • Laymans Terms

      Misfit shine also waterproof

  • JBartcaps

    Did Sony introduce or announce? Oops Tim