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LG G3 for Verizon Stops by FCC

Back in May, we saw LG G3 models that looked destined for AT&T stop through the FCC for approval. Yesterday, the Verizon variant joined them as the LG-VS985.

The FCC documents don’t necessarily provide anything new, since the device is 100% official, including specs and carrier availability (sort of). Instead, we get confirmation on things like LTE support on bands 4 and 13, plus roaming on GSM bands 850 and 1900. 

Oh, there is also a mention of the FCC’s need to test out a wireless charging cover, since the standard cover more than likely does not allow for wireless charging. Instead, that will need to come from an additional purchase of a QuickCircle case or official wireless charging back plate. The Verge reported earlier in the week on US variants not having wireless charging built-in because carriers have agreements in place that prevent such a thing. In other words, they want you to pay for features like wireless charging.

Still no official launch date, but things like FCC approvals certainly make things a step closer.


lg g3 no wireless

Via:  FCC
Cheers Ncrypt3d!
  • JoshuaAuerbach

    Currently owning the G2. I’m not expecting much of a difference out of the G3. I’d rather sit and wait for LG’s team evaluate both models, and user responses to each to then release a G4.

    Taking into account that I’ve had to replace my G2 a number of times in the first few months because of burns on the screen from it overheating. The G3 having a stronger battery and it being a model that’s practically testing this Quad HD screen. It’s just a huge concern for me that I’ll just come across the same issue and maybe even worse. And putting down almost a thousand dollars to go through the same hassles in returning and replacing to just eventually settle for a screen with yellow burns is just not worth it. I’d rather wait for the G4. But that’s just me.

  • Trailers Trailers

    LG are increasing their sails and becoming so much better. I like the new LG G3
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  • bogy25

    Was waiting for the DL review 🙁 will settle for this:


  • Release

    June 19th, 2014

    • Brady

      Need source

  • fritzo2162

    Well the VZW LG G3 better pass the FCC PDQ or I’ll be SOL LOL!

  • They should’ve released the phone when they announced it. The hype is dying.

    • Alan Goldman

      Agreed. This “pre” trend is getting ridiculous.

  • viewthis66

    no Verizon logo? have our prayers been answered?

    • jc

      Wow no, that’s just a random render. We know from Verizon renders that it will have a front and back logo.

      • viewthis66

        thanks buddy.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Scroll down my friend. Keep scrolling.

      • viewthis66

        ahh thanks. what gives Droid Life?! don’t tease us with these images hahaha

  • yummy

    Every day I cant buy this phone is an opportunity for another phone to impress me

    • Biff Ducman

      It soulds be too hard with that last gen adreno 330 trying to drive qhd. What a joke.

      • Derrick Jefferson


        • Peter Blanco

          The GPU.

      • John Davids

        If the 801 / 330 are last gen, then where can I buy a device with current-gen 805 / 420? Oh right I can’t because 801 / 330 is still the flagship, current gen and 805 / 420 is still in development.

        Is it hard being so ignorant or does it just come natural?

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  • mistergrub

    I won a LG G3 from the T-mobile Sweepstakes! Got a call from LG today. So AMPED!!! Thank you guys for letting me know about the contest!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Show off!………….. Sooooooooo how much are you selling that for.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    Can’t wait till this baby hits US T-Mobile

  • Justin Everett

    So, if the wireless charging part is just in the backplate, couldn’t someone order a replacement on e from oversees where there aren’t money hungry douchebag phone companies, and not have to buy the ‘authorized’ chargers?

    • Ray

      yes ebay sells qi recievers for around $10 you just still it to your back cover or battery.

  • pyro74boy .

    I think that LG made a mistake by not making it so you could buy one right after the announcement of the G3. I’m not hating on LG I just think that they would have maybe been able to sell more. I think it was a great idea on HTC,s part to sell the M8 the very same day of the announcement, Now let the haters start attacking me now because that’s what they do better then anything else. LOL

    • Justin Everett

      I agree, they are going to lose a lot of hype and momentum in the US because they are delaying the launch here until some unspecified date.

      • Bryan Mills

        Not far away.

      • joe23521

        Agreed. They need to set a date VERY soon or it will lose a lot of momentum. Regardless, I’m getting it the day it shows up at the ATT store.

    • Bryan Mills

      It’s selling way better in their home country, so no, they did the right thing. Boo boo, can’t get a phone right away. People wait for Samsung, people will wait for LG.

      • pyro74boy .

        Sorry but like it or not I have a valid point. I’m not even a big fan of H.T.C but other companies like Samsung and LG should really have learned from them and should follow their lead. So in the mean time keep on crying and hating LOL I hate waiting for a phone forever that sucks regardless of who made it.

      • Colin Huber

        By “people,” do you mean the general public or mobile tech fans? People wait for Samsung because of how they have established themselves in the market. LG has much less of a foothold, and to me, needs to do something different (and quicker) to get noticed. The quality of their phone is a good start.

        • Timothy Sang-Hyun Ahn

          Lol LG doesn’t need to get “noticed” in the U.S. to survive. They’re as EQUAL with Samsung in Korea, and I know this because I’m korean and have lived my entire life looking at these companies grow together… It just happened that Samsung has pushed more globally which LG is trying to do so as well. I applaud both companies but I just can’t trust #shitwiz to be stable and smooth…. im sorry lol

          • Colin Huber

            I especially love the beginning where you proclaim LG doesn’t need to get noticed in the U.S., right before you rant on how they are equal in Korea to back your argument. That makes no sense. Good try, good game.

          • Timothy Sang-Hyun Ahn

            Lol i wasn’t ranting, i was just stating the truth. If you’re good in English, i clearly said “NEED” to get noticed which proclaims to my opinion and the 2nd part is that they are “trying to push globally” which is a good thing. Please get that straight.

    • I agree. I’m starting to lose interest and thinking about the Note 4

      • Jon

        But the Note 4 will still be huge compared to G3.

        And last year G2 came out before Note 3 and I still regret getting the Note 3 instead if the G2. The phone held up very well to the Note 3…and I think the G3 will easily hold up to the Note 4.

        • pyro74boy .

          I feel the same way about the Note3 I think it was very laggy when I compared it to my Note2 the lag on the N3 was so bad that I returned it back to the store and am still using my N2. I’m still not to happy about the G3 not having the 805 CPU because it’s not ready for prime time yet. I want to try out the G3 before I decide if I’m going to buy this phone or not because I want to see how well the G3 performs with the 801 with that QHD display and how well the battery performance is. I know that LG claims it has %20 percent better battery life but I want to tests these claims before buying it.

          • Jon

            Have you read The Verge review? They report battery life as excellent and performance is excellent as well.

            There aren’t many reviews out yet, but there is mounting evidence that the battery life is just as amazing as the G2 before it and that the device is also as snappy performer.

            The 801 processor freak out is moot. The 805 isn’t ready yet, and it was a mistake for Samsung to not go qHD already. LG has proven that soundly.

          • pyro74boy .

            I don’t buy into any of these reviews. I want to test and review any of these phones before I put my money on any of them.

            I don’t think Samsung made any mistake because I have seen the leaked specs of the Note4 and it looks like it’s going to be an even better QHD display then even the G3,s at least that what the rumors our. I also use caution before buying any first generation product regardless of the brand.

            I’m also not saying that the G3 is going to be a bad phone I’m just saying that I want to test it before I decide if I’m going to buy it or not. Many people have accused me of hating on LG and the G3 but this is not the case I just think it’s going to be underpowered with the 801 CPU but will wait until I use it before I make my final judgement on it,.

            I sure hope that LG makes it so I can buy this phone ASAP because the G3 might be my next phone depending on the performance and battery life that is.

          • Jon

            But not buying into reviews is silly at this point no? The Engadget review is up and basically confirms The Verge review. This is a great phone. Not sure why such skepticism.

            But of course go check it out. But the fact that greater phones will come is inevitable fact and doesn’t detract from the reality that this is a great phone.

          • pyro74boy .

            Sorry but I think that not checking out any of these devices for yourself before buying it is stupid and being that I have to pay full retail price on these phones because I’m lucky enough to still have my unlimited data plan I’m not buying anything before I test and review any of these devices for myself because at full retail price these phones are costing in upwards of $600 bucks and more, I also made the mistake [NEVER AGAIN] of buying something based on hype and what a so called expert said about without doing my own homework and ended up spending more for what turned out to be a poor performing product so I have already learned the hard way not to rush out and buy ANYTHING based on hype and miss leading reviews alone.

            I’m sure that the G3 will be a great phone but I want to try it out first and make up my own mind about it from that point. I also wish that LG would not make us wait and make it so you can buy the phone now because there are other phones in the works like the HTC M8 prime and the GS5 prime and the Note4 and the Moto X.

    • Derrick Jefferson

      I wonder if they are delayed because of problems producing the QHD display in large quantities. Wasn’t the original plan for all these flagships to come with QHD in 2014?

  • Jkdem85

    I’d kill to buy this phone today!

  • Ben Murphy

    My LG G2 has wireless charging built-in. But yeah, this is coming from the Verge… Salt, grain.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      If it’s one thing the Verge doesn’t do is post unsubstantiated rumors. They are saying it’s related to carrier agreements…aka how the G2 is the only US model to have wireless charging.

      • Ray

        Doesnt verizon have some type of agreement about wireless charging it seems their phones always get it. Either way a qi reciever will be available for $10 on ebay so no big deal.

        • Big EZ

          Verizon had that feature removed from their Note 2, I’m sure others as well. They didn’t just include a regular back so we had to buy a wireless charging back from them, they had the plastic molded over the terminals so you couldn’t use it at all. That is, unless you modified your phone.

    • BSweetness

      The G2 didn’t have a removable back cover, making it more difficult to not include it and charge for a back cover that supports it. On Verizon, the Droid MAXX, Droid Mini, Lumia Icon, Lumia 928, and others have wireless charging out of the box. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint also have devices that come with wireless charging out of the box.

      The article from The Verge is talking about the G3, and at no point does it say the agreement applies to all phones.

    • Alan Goldman

      remember the Verizon model has a slightly thicker case than all the other G2’s from other carriers.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Come on Kellen, don’t hide the truth from the kids. Show of the Logos!


    • Somedude

      Good phone, iPhone 6 will be the best.

      • Matt G

        Yeah makes total sense a phone that you know nothing about and is at least 3 months away from release will be the best

        • Somedude

          Knowing apple, I bet iPhone 6 will be the best.

          The WWDC was awesome. I believe that when they introduce the new hardware, it will be awesome as well

          I know all android users are jealous of the new feature called continuity. Apple is the best.

          • Brady

            continuity…you mean like, google voice?

            the remainder of your comment seems subjective and misplaced in response to an article re: LG G3 coming to VZW.

          • Somedude

            HAHAHHAHA google voice? You clearly are full of misinformation.

            Check out what’s the feature called continuity apple introduce in the WWDC.

            It’s great. You wish you could have it. HAHAHHAHAHHA. Only apple ecosystem have it.

          • Brady

            uh…I can have it when its released. trollolololol! some of us are fortunate enough to use more than one device and OS.

          • Somedude

            iOS is the superior system

      • wtd2009

        remind me why that post was relevant to this news post and thread?

        • Somedude


          • wtd2009

            heh, says the troll.

      • You’re an idiot.

        • Somedude

          Says the insect


          • You’re still an idiot.

          • Somedude

            At least I am not a mosquito.

      • tu3218

        great, go obsess over a non released phone with all your apple friends. i guess all the great android news has you interested here though. Cause I have never found myself once poking around in an apple website. Either that or you’re just a douche. I’m thinking the latter.

        • Somedude

          I have encounter some android botgoats on apple websites. So I am being reciprocate

          • wtd2009

            what a noble gesture to take on that responsibility by yourself! let’s be a bit more mature and just have a conversation that is appropriate for the given news article.

          • Somedude

            I am a amazed after the great WWDC 2014. Apple rules.

          • Eddie Spageddie

            Get a clue, please get a clue…or go to your room son.

          • michael arazan

            I thought WWDC was hilarious, first rip on Android, and then show off everything Android has had for years on your new features.

        • bogy25

          I couldn’t agree more – I have never gone to an apple related site – ever – why bother? To join a forum and talk trash? Really? Makes no sense.

          • tu3218

            It’s for the people who are pathetic and desperate for attention, and feel the need to boost their self esteem in some way. But yeah, it’s just insane. I almost feel bad for the guy/girl because his/her real life must be really embarrassing lol

      • Telco Terry

        That is tru, somedude. The A7 is already more powerful than the 801. And the A8 with probably be 12-18 months ahead of the next gen 810. If apple really does come out with a 5.5″ phone then the high end andrids are screwed.

        • Somedude

          Yes. I think apple will release some bombs with the 2014 hardware. In software they release awesome things (like a new language to code, and a new way of making graphics 10x better called metal, it will make the iOS games superior to ps3 graphics, android with all the fragmentation can’t do that at the moment)

          Apple is the best.

        • ImmaDroid

          Why would highend Androids ever be screwed? Not like people who prefer android over iOS will run out and buy an iPhone because its 5.5″ display with new processor that does nothing for the average person. What is so special that the iPhone 5s can do over the iPhone 5 because of the A7 processor? Exactly, doesnt make a difference in the world.

    • Matt G

      Are you sure Verizon would let LG put their logo on it?

    • King of Nynex

      I’m happy that Verizon is progressive and hires blind people to design their carrier-specific phones, but can’t they have someone with 20/20 look at them so the Verizon logo isn’t slapped on every which way?