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Sony Announces the Xperia T3, its “Next Big Thing”

Yesterday, Sony was teasing us with an announcement of an upcoming device, promising that it was going to be “the next big thing.” Apparently, Sony had its announcement already queued up, because this morning, the new Xperia T3 was announced. The Xperia T3 is an incredibly thin 5.3″ device, coming with what will be seen as mid-range specs, but it’s not all bad. 

For a phone with as big of a screen as the T3 has, the resolution is not that high. The T3 features a 5.3″ screen, but only packs 720p display. Inside, there is a quad-core 1.4GHz Snapdragon processor, 2,500mAh battery and 8MP rear-facing camera.

The T3 may lack specs, but makes up for it in looks. The device is only 7mm thick, hardly the slimmest in the world, but as it only weighs 148 grams, this phone was made to look high-end.


Sony is placing a lot of emphasis on the T3’s camera. Yesterday’s leak was a promotional shoot with German photographer Benjamin Kaufmann. Sony boasts the ability to take quality pictures in any light with the 8MP Exmor RS rear camera, speaking to their camera history as helping them with the device. 

Sony announced that the phone would be available globally at the end of July, but declined to give a price for which we could expect. Since Sony is known to have interesting carrier strategies in here in the States before, Americans should not get too excited to see it hit our shores too soon.

Once additional launch information is provided, we will keep you posted?


Via: Sony
  • bogy25


  • Azi

    we have to wait for the price.

  • coolsilver

    Kinda has that modern sexy minimalist look. I like it.. Spec wise not so much. Maybe if I was sure I could get with bootloader unlocked. I’d wouldn’t care as much about stock android or not.

  • HotwingCindy

    Haha as if

  • aBabyPenguin

    After reading the last line of the article ;p

  • Trevor

    The only big thing here is the let down.

  • Jprime

    Looks like a nexus 7

  • calculatorwatch

    Hmm, so instead of releasing “Mini” devices like everyone else, Sony is making their midrange devices bigger than their flagship and then making smaller devices with flagship specs.

    I’m not saying it’s smart or not, but at least it’s something different.

  • Johnny Steele

    I don’t really understand.

  • Dave

    Not that i care, but more S5 were probably sold in the first 30 seconds on the market than this will sell globally. Nice try Sony, you guys are the cute smartphone company.

  • Droid Ronin

    These companies need a new tagline.

  • Daniel Russell

    I’m pretty sure the only ‘Big Thing’ about this phone are those bezels.

  • anon

    Im over the bezels of the Sony devices. I just dont like the candy bar style.

  • Sony icons really bother me

    • bill

      Then change them. Welcome to Android.

  • Steve Ungeheier

    The Next Big Thing……Much Less of Everything From The Thing Before.

    • Frettfreak

      “except bezels… we give you plenty of those!”

  • aQuickBit

    If you could just go ahead and bring the Z2 to Verizon that’d be great.

    • xpyroxcorex

      To America period.

  • mug

    sony doesnt play around with build quality

  • moew

    People buy the purple one?

    • aQuickBit

      I definitely would.

      • moew

        But I’m sensing that you haven’t.

        • aQuickBit

          “Would” implies that, yes 😛

          • moew

            I’d probably buy one too in purple just because. But I’m wondering if people actually buy it, since we can’t get it here in the USA without importing.

            I used to buy tons of sony electronics…. can’t name one thing Sony that I’ve bought in the last 7 or 10 years, hmmmm.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    how is it they all look the same?

    • Bigwavedave25

      Bullish head Brand / Design Manager getting their way on consistency.

  • Matt G

    Maybe its their Mini version with a larger screen…

  • p0k3y

    Why do we bother with SONY, since they never care about the US market. I don’t want to buy a phone from ebay if I can avoid it…

    • Twski

      So what? Is this website open only to americans? Oh forgot, US is the center of the world, right?

      • p0k3y

        Chill. But yes, like it or not – US is still the largest market for phones now. I doubt SONY cares about CHINA either, which would be in the top 2 with the US. If they don’t care about the top markets, they won’t survive, or matter in the long term.

  • Ben Murphy

    Holy bezel!

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    “The Next Big Thing” is a midrange phone from a company that gets no traction in the smartphone market even with its flagship devices? Uhh…ok then

    • Frettfreak

      “the next big thing” – BIG bezels?

    • Daistaar

      I guess the “The Next Mediocre Thing” isn’t that attractive a slogan?

  • cizzlen

    The next big thing after the first big thing.

  • Guy Pierce

    I like the so called “Leaks” that come out just a mere day ahead of these types of announcements. I find it highly suspect!

  • Alan Paone

    Isn’t 7mm thinner than the Droid RAZR was?

    • Eric R.


      • Alan Paone

        so “hardly the slimmest in the world” is true, but probably not as good “way too thin” :p

  • Kyle Miller

    Sammy’s is bigger! Wait that came out wrong. Wait no that…shoot!!!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Very confused by the need to release this device right after releasing the Z2. . . Is Sony trying to Pull an HTC?

    • xpyroxcorex

      This obviously isn’t their flagship. Companies release low and mid tier phones all year long.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        My point remains.

        • xpyroxcorex

          It sounded to me that you were saying this phone is replacing the z2. Not everyone wants to spend top of the line money for a top of the line phone. Companies like to give choices for people who don’t want to spend $600-800 on a phone. Your point doesn’t really make sense….

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            You missed my point.

          • xpyroxcorex

            Care to explain then?