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Render of Samsung Galaxy S5 in Blue Leaked With Verizon Branding

It looks as if another colorway for the Galaxy S5 from Samsung is being prepared to launch on Verizon’s network. Thanks to @evleaks, this is our first look at the blue-hued GS5, sporting a couple of Big Red logos on its backside. 

If you have not already guessed, this phone will be exactly like the White and Black models that are currently available, with the only difference being the color. You will still have a 5.1″ 1080p display, Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16MP rear-facing camera, fingerprint scanner, dedicated heart rate monitor, and Android 4.4 with Sammy’s TouchWiz running on top.

No word as to when the device will launch, but if history tells us anything, it’s that the blue variant should launch quite soon on Verizon. Given that this render was probably taken from Verizon’s site somewhere on the backend, then it’s likely Verizon will announce it soon.

Does the color make the GS5 in Blue a must have? Doubtful, but there is probably someone that really likes it.

Via: @evleaks
  • Cole Frycklund
  • Cole Frycklund
  • Cole Frycklund


  • Cole Frycklund

    I found it only listed for Verizon on Samsung’s website not Verizon yet.

  • Peanuthead22

    I plan on buying the blue back plate separately online if my carrier doesn’t offer it soon, the official Samsung version is available, just be sure you get one that has the water resistant gasket, some Chinese versions left that out.

  • Street Beefs Fightvideos

    I still wouldnt take it over my MOTO X 🙂

  • Manbearpig

    This will be Best Buys black Friday deal! Free S5!

  • Trevor

    Good thing they still feel the need to advertise LTE all over their phones.

  • Cesar

    Definitely my favorite color variant of the S5 so far. Of course, I’m never going to give up my Moto X for it, but if I were forced to get a S5, this would be the one I’d go with.

  • JSo

    I can do that too. Look, GREEN

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Is it weird I liked that

      • JSo

        How about red? lol

        EDIT: Awww, the image isn’t showing.

      • Peanuthead22

        beautiful, I might buy it.

  • teebone

    I’ve been waiting for the electric blue, what a beautiful color. If I wasn’t waiting for the galaxy s5 prime lol

  • Fuglymonkey

    I think at just threw up a little, that phone looks FUGLY and the color doesn’t help.

  • Sophia Bennit

    I love this color of Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy S5 Golden Edition

  • Thomas

    Still waiting on the 32GB model !!!!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      LOL. Samsung just doesn’t seem to give a sht about the 32GB. Same thing as last year.

    • dsignori

      Yes , exactly. Release the damn 32 GB model !

  • ROR1997

    When I was 5 and I got a cut my mom gave me a blue bandaid.

    Now Samsung want to give me a blue bandaid?

  • BobButtons

    Someone should just create a png of those 2 logos and anytime a ‘rendering’ of a new phone comes out just copy and paste it. Voila. You’ll know as soon as a phone is leaked what it’ll look like on Verizon.

  • Ryan N

    There is also probably SOMEONE who likes their mayonnaise grape flavored. Doesn’t justify bringing it to the masses… Just sayin…

  • LiterofCola
    • Bryan Mills

      Don’t insult the intelligence of consumers :p

  • BigTexas

    With the Samsung S5 PRIME nearly confirmed and soon to be released if you have an upgrade on Verizon WHY IN THE WORLD would you jump on this? If your desperate for a phone you are better off buying a moto G for $70 using the *228 activation and waiting till the PRIME gets released. If you are going to be buying it off contract then I understand because the price on this will surely be lower than the price on the PRIME. But who in the world would burn an upgrade like this knowing the PRIME or at least a new variant of the S5 is coming.

    • Bryan Mills

      Confirmed…….to never arrive in the US.

      • BigTexas

        This is not 6 months into the s5’s life cycle like the Samsung Galaxy J to the S4. Some Variant will hit US Shores, Trust me buddy I wish that was the case. I burned the upgrade on a pre-ordered Samsung S5 and had it on april 11th but fact of the matter is Samsung has many US variants released. I do not believe they wouldn’t undermine thier own S5 sales and release a “PRIME” device to cater to the tech enthusiast niche.

        But here is to hoping it never see’s the light of day in the big USA.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          I don’t understand the argument of buying early. Especially of you got it on contract and only paid $200. Keep it in a case and you’ll be able to sell it for 450-500 within the first 6 months. At that point you’ll only be paying about $150 for the newer device if that’s what you really want.

  • leftiphone4droid

    Why don’t they just release all the colors at once? This is a little ridiculous…..

    • TImm

      Because that would make sense. Samsung has so much money that they do not need to make sense anymore. Hence the Samsung Galaxy K, or the Samsung Galaxy Gear NEO, That is like saying why doesn’t Samsung also include wireless charging in there phones then sell you a wireless charging back plate in a month. The phone is made for wireless charging. But why include it?

      • PoisonApple31

        Samsung isn’t the only OEM that releases different colors after launch – they all do it.

        • LionStone

          Yea but Sammie is the only major OEM that charges extra for wireless charging whereas the other don’t, they include it without charging extra.

  • OMG


    • Big EZ

      Or at least announce what colors will be released after the initial production run. I get that they can get more produced and out the door if they don’t release 20 colors at launch, but at least let us know so we can decide if we want to wait a month for the blue, red, green, or doo doo brown.

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        • Someone who hates this crap

          Stop spamming this site with your phony “make tons of money working form home” scam!

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      The problem is with exclusives. Once again Apple is the only who does this right ):