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Shots of the Galaxy S5 Active for AT&T Leak, Looks Like a Tank

The clearest images yet of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active leaked today, courtesy of @evleaks. Bound for AT&T, the ruggedized twin of the Galaxy S5 looks to endure all of the concrete and liquid you can throw it at.

Nothing was revealed beyond the new pictures, but we do know a little about the upcoming smartphone. The Galaxy S5 Active will reportedly lose the fingerprint sensor, but gain a dedicated key that acts as a camera shutter button or can be used to launch apps. The Active will also have a removable back cover, as well as a reinforced exterior to lessen the impact of accidental drops. 

No word on when the device will launch officially, but if Samsung chooses to debut the S5 Active around the same time as its predecessor last year, we should learn more very soon.

Untitled  s5a_5  s5a_1  s5a_2  s5a_3

Via: @evleaks
  • scotch1337

    I actually like how it looks. No it isn’t sleek and sexy, but it doesn’t look like the Casio android device or the Kyocera Briadier. I see it as a good phone for people who work out on the field and can risk damaging their phone.

    Its reminds me of a Jeep Wrangler

  • Red Blazer

    What a bunch of dumb MOFO’s This is a RUGGED phone NOT a “fashion” phone. You trolls need to get a life!

  • james watson

    Touch screens don’t generally work well if even a little wet.

  • 213ninja

    another comment section fail…..if you hate this phone so much why not keep it moving and let people who are interested in it discuss it like adults instead of clogging up the comments with dumb sh!t. did the first kid to call it ugly win a droid-life T shirt????

  • Pedro

    Needs more rivets.

  • Michael Bassett

    Really need this to come to Verizon, We have alot of field people that work in dirt/dust that could use this thing not to mention the drop protection.

  • damn…that thing is fugin fugly….why even bother just make your own samsung sotterbox and sell that instead to use on the reg s5

  • hfoster52

    Even the Casio ruggidized phones looked better.

    • 213ninja

      stop, no they didn’t.

  • Jérôme Besnard

    No wonder the Samsung mobile designer chef got fired not too long ago…

  • Carl W.

    And the winner for ugliest smartphone of 2014 goes to….

    • Red Blazer

      Apple iPhone 5 series of phones…

  • NorCalGuy

    Don’t know about any one else but the one person I know who got the last active broke his screen in just a few weeks( said it was a simple slide off the pants onto a wooden floor off the couch) I know its not an indestrctable phone, but I am some what confused as to why this would be a better choice over just getting the s5 and say an otterbox?

  • ugly phone 🙁

  • Eddie

    Should used on screen buttons instead of the hideous ones they included.

    • M3D1T8R

      True for every Samsung device released in the last 2 years.

    • Red Blazer

      WHY? so it can be like all other phones and get pressed accidentally ALL the time? Wise up. Also, with Samsung if they say it’s a 5.1 inc screen it is a fully functional 5.1 inches unlike all other android phones that have a 1/2 inch at the bottom of the screen useless as the function keys are there LOL

  • teevirus


  • flosserelli

    Looks like it was designed by the Toyota 4Runner team.

    • Pootis Man


      • flosserelli

        It does to me. Both are chiseled and angular, like they were sculpted with a chainsaw.

  • jeryd

    I think its kinda cool looking… However, the argument on why to have physical buttons is still a wash. If you are too wet to be using the capacitive touch buttons, you still probably can’t use anything that is on the screen, correct???

  • RoadsterHD1

    UGLY phone. Hideous.

    • Kayungjoo

      Says the guy commenting about the phone and not designing phones for billion dollar companies.

      • OF

        What? What does that have to do with anything? In his opinion the phone is ugly, regardless of whether he designed it or not. Were you the lead designer of the monstrosity? :p

      • . . . . .

    • Maxim∑

      its meant to be more rugged… people who buy the active care more about durability than looks.. If not they would have bought the regular S5

      • RoadsterHD1

        Then they should get the regular one and buy an Otterbox.

        • Maxim∑

          honestly S5,S5 active,S5/Active+Otterbox

          all ugly lol..

        • 213ninja

          you’re not in a position to prescribe that solution for everyone. otterboxes are ridiculously massive, and anything more than a commuter turns your phone into a brick, and if you add the clip, a block.

          having these protections built into the phone make for a much more pocketable device.

  • Miguel

    Uuuuuuglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and 1/2.

    • tu3218

      Well will be people learn. If this phone is to sustain being under water, dropped onto concrete, dust, dirt, etc, it has to be made rugged like. So yes, it may be not the most appealing phone, but the customer who is buying this phone, understands that and knows the strengths of this phone isn’t in the looks. It’s to be able to withstand their daily life, that involves being in harsh conditions constantly(police offers, military, construction workers, environmental workers, etc). When has this genre of phones every looked great? There’s a reason behind it.

      • Miguel

        Then don’t call it Prime, call it rugged, Prime stands for premium in all aspects, looks, internals, etc.

        • tu3218

          What are you talking about? This isn’t suppose to be the S5 prime. This is their “Active” version of the S5, same as the “active” version of the S4. It’s their rugged/tough versions of their regular Galaxy counterpart. The prime you mention is suppose to be a bump in specs and screen resolution of the current S5. As you state, suppose to be a premium upgrade of all aspects of the regular S5.

      • no its an ugly phone nobody will buy…when they can buy a reg s5 and an otterbox…which is better protection and a better looking phone(albiet still ugly)…and prob cheaper

        • 213ninja

          you think Samsung decided to make it again on top of an already IP67 regular s5 because nobody bought one last year and nobody is going to buy one this year?? they’ll probably sell a million of them.

          and not everyone wants a ridiculously massive otterbox case. having these protections built into the phone makes the device much more usable and pocketable and overall, practical. there is nothing practical about the size of a 5″ phone in a defender with the clip.

        • Red Blazer

          YOU are obviously even dumber than your Avatar… Wise up

          • Keg Man

            it looks good. why are you the judge?

        • Munky

          I will buy it.

  • Voltism

    Wouldn’t on screen buttons be better than three dedicated buttons in terms of the likelihood of them becoming damaged?

    • HaveSomeVodka

      Touch screens generally do not work too well under water, so maybe the three hardware buttons are for usability purposes as opposed to onscreen keys. Plus, Samsung seems to be holding onto their hardware buttons for dear life.

      • T4rd

        That’s exactly why they use hardware buttons. Touchscreens are basically useless when wet.

        I wonder if they’ll use an LCD for the active this time? Either way, with the S5 being water resistant itself, this seems much more pointless than last years S4 active, esp since it’s still only going to be on one carrier.

        • HaveSomeVodka

          Yeah, it’s puzzling why they still have an Active variant. Wouldn’t it make more sense to make the Galaxy S5 more rugged, as it is already water resistant?

          • Resistant but it can’t be submerged. Hopefully the active can be

          • Red Blazer

            The regular S5 CAN be submerged.

          • Forrizles? Didn’t know that. Thought it was just drizzle proof

        • Eric R.

          Will the screen crack if you drop it?

          • T4rd

            Sure, just like any other phone.. these “Active” phones included, esp. if you drop the phone face-down.

          • Eric R.

            I don’t see any reason to get this over the regular S5 then

          • T4rd

            I don’t either. Put a then TPU case on the S5 and it’s just as good, probably with better update support as well consider the GS4 Active lagged way behind the normal GS4 in updates.

      • grumpyfuzz

        If the touchscreen is useless, you can’t do much with 3 hardware keys.

      • MistaButters

        Touch screens don’t generally work well if even a little wet.

    • Guest

      I think it’s just due to the fact that physical/non touch-screen buttons are more rugged. Besides, after moving from an HTC One M7 to a G2, I honestly do wonder why the touch-screen buttons were implemented in the first place. Although I don’t mind on-screen buttons at all (I had a Nexus 4 before) I still think physical buttons are so much better.

    • Red Blazer

      The short answer to your question is NO

    • michael arazan

      what if you crack the screen and cannot use the screen buttons but can still see the screen?