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LG G Watch Gets Fondled, Well, an Early Barely Functional Prototype Did

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A German tech site managed to get its hands on the LG G Watch during the London unveiling of the LG G3, giving us a glimpse into…well, not much. Even with translations turned on, there really isn’t much to see (or hear) other than what appears to be an early prototype of the G Watch running an incredibly early build of Android Wear that can’t do much.

You can see a settings menu with a white background and blue icons. There is a dedicated button for voice commands. A clock makes an appearance at some point too, though only as a tiny icon that can’t be read. And yeah…oh, this is the gold and white version of the G Watch.

Am I missing something? I hope we see something more polished than this at Google I/O in a couple of weeks.

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  • Lucas Berger

    Would you guys from Droid-Life be interested in a (probably better) translation?

  • Gothan Mako

    The video is offline now! new vid: http://youtu.be/2ARLLqA_MBk

    • michael arazan

      It looks like the first television watches from the mid 1980’s

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  • Cruz R.

    That thing leaves one big fingerprint smudge all over the small screen. MeH!

  • crazed_z06

    I know I’m a fanboy, but my Galaxy Gear seems a lot nicer than this.

  • Nikuliai

    Not even if they pay me to use it…

  • NexusMan

    Oh DAMN. I was set on getting the white LG G Watch as a casual companion to my Moto 360, but that does NOT look as good as I thought. It REALLY doesn’t look great. I guess it’s just a Moto 360 for me.

    • needa

      i had the same thoughts.

  • wmsco1

    At this point, pass. Just not feelin it.

  • AbbyZFresh

    it seems to lag looking at the vid. Looks like we’re back to 2009 Android all over again

  • SamBoy

    With The Moto 360 floating around this thing better only cost $29.99 or its a flop.

  • jimt

    Just NO.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I have a couple ideas for Wear. Once I get some hardware i will try to profit.

  • RoadsterHD1

    MOTO 360 please.

  • santy83

    Of all the OEM’s, LG had to put in such a big bezel on smartwatch.

  • normmcgarry

    Look at that bezzle!

  • mcdonsco

    Here’s to hoping that with Android Wear when you clear a notification on your watch it ALSO clears it on the phone…biggest gripe I had with Pebbles.

    • Andrew Thompson

      One if its main features is that it does that. If you install the early Android Wear apk on your phone it works the same way.

      • mcdonsco

        Thank god! That omitted feature on pebbles made them more of a headache then a help; “now which of these notifications did I already see? hmmm….”.

        Too bad pebble didn’t do a better job working out the kinks like this early on; now they’re about to be completely CRUSHED by Apple & Google.

  • Sean Walton


  • mcdonsco

    Moto360 Prease…

  • Josh Clarence

    This would need to be significantly cheaper than the 360 for me to consider it.

  • Ray

    Too Square

  • Dale

    I can’t wait for Android Wear! Hopefully one manufacturer will come through on design and execution. I don’t think LG will be it.

  • Cory S

    Seems to perform well though. Transitions were smooth.

  • Bionicman

    that font is super tiny. if you have to put your watch to your eyes because the font is too tiny, then forget about it. maybe they’ll be a way to increase the font? also i know this is a super early prototype.

  • T4rd

    You sound disappointed.. would you like something to fondle as well, Kellen? =p

  • Allyn K C

    Another ugly brick.

    The Moto 360 looks promising; hopefully it will deliver a good user experience as well; otherwise I’ll be sticking with traditional basic watches.

    • Bryan Mills

      Prototype. Do you understand that word?

      • Allyn K C

        I do – but, considering it is very similar in style to the G Watch promo video that LG released a couple weeks ago, it’s unlikely that the fundamental ugliness of the design is going to change before release.

        If LG comes up with a new design, I’ll comment on that hypothetical future design as well. For now, what they have is an ugly brick – I’m not going to sugar coat it or give it a pass just because this particular video was of a prototype of their design.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Software definitely looks incomplete. Seeing that he can’t actually do anything with it.. . . .

    • Andrew Thompson

      That was probably from months ago, plus it wasn’t even connected to a phone.

      • Nikuliai

        still, the sensitivity of the screen really sucks, and he is “showing off” the device and the device literally just shows the time and battery

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    Hmmm still leaning towards Moto 360